magdalena bachman 1917 obituary 3 at Calvary Cemetery in Wichita Kansas

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magdalena bachman 1917 obituary 3 at Calvary Cemetery in Wichita Kansas - 10 2 . AGREEMENT OR SUIT TODAY IN RAILWAY CASE...
10 2 . AGREEMENT OR SUIT TODAY IN RAILWAY CASE '.i j of the-Civil stex end vas a member - of the A. O. U. W. lodge at Emporia. j A wife: and five, children, nineteen V j grandchildren and one gTeat-Erand- i child survive. The funerai arrange- , ...... . . . j menta -are 15, charse 01 uie Aiuener nounced ' later. - ' -. Compromise, However, Appears Likely Syndicate Said to be . Willing to Pay $35,000 - and Give Land. v , raiOS OF LAND tfOW BONE 0 CONTENTION. PHILLIPS Erie Phillips Gied ; at Headton, Oltla., on Monday October 8. He leaves, a brother and three sisters, Mrs. TV. J. Easton of Wichita. Mrs. CE. 'Gillespie jaf Garden Plain and Mrs. Lee Lucas 6f Jackson, .VTyo.- The announcement of the funeral will be. made later. - r- ' It appeared at a late' .hour -last j '. night, after both parli03to the-case j ... had' been in c jn'erence intermittent-i ly for two days; that the controversy j ! between the city of Wichita ;anel the Illinois Traction system' over the pay -.;' rnent of dividend .percentages' under 'H tneierftis of. the francjse of; the .Wich- Hta Railway & Light company would j , To settled by agreement,--. today, ii, ' however no agreement-, should be rea.ched today," it is practically cer tain that tho case. win., go Deiore ' Judge SIush, j master in . chancery, parley between tho without further contending parties. v. - THIXti IX THE WAY . ;Tue status of the case,, according -mi..,.,... t TV Plnnn liafl tint altered .materially since- Monday-night, when nxea ai. - certain tentative agreements , had J three men were placed in jail. . an unofficial '..but I ' Beca-ase ne -count noi -ivc u, im-hu it war learned1 101 uvu jamcs fu;ic.ioxsii.B ..w.v. ... BACHMAN The :' funeral : of Mr7-.' Lena Bachmari : will . bo - held- this morning at 10 o'clock at Stl ilary. cathedral. Burial will - be made in Calvary cemetery. Flanagan & Boar-, man have charge of furferal arrangements. :" J ' -;' ,: ' ;'!' siTililo, ; 1 APPEALS HIS CASE . . v ' - Charles Smith was fined $100 and costs and' given a sentence of sixty days in, jail yesterday v, in j;ity court for violation" of the; prohibitory 'law. Me gave an appeal' bond of 1 1,000; and was released.',- V-'-'""J .-.v. ' Li B. Ladd, C. P. -Mitchell arid Dan L. Harris wete- arraigned yesterday by Judge; Pierpont in, city; court on a- charge of - grand larceny. - The? are charged with stealing " a Chevrolet car belonging to "Adam Kunzm-kn, of 229 Ellis avenue. Their hearing was set: for October 16. Bonds were are required them at . ounce or ' cards -are; cents, and; postal . cards postage, dtition to' the impressed on soch mailing cages must prepaid on -offices "of rate" up postages due offices with prepaid.'; ' -;VV It. having' to" pay yesterday force, in the to be. sure name spelled one to when he name on an assumed noon for. four courthouse' he changed Miss booK-keeper, has Charles bookkeeper, retains her 'v -. . WOOD From Kouree leen made, authoi ative tliat the principal thing in the way of a ina agreement now is. a dif foresee of opinion as to the value of a piece of ground in Central Riverside park, which the traction company has offered in part payment of its debt. YVII.I, LAXD-IIE TAKE.f According to this information, the traction company .would pay the city $50,003 providing the ground In question would be accepted as payment for $13,000 of this money, Some of the commissioners are raid to hold that the property is not worth move than $7,500. . . . The land is a triangular . plot alleged Ly th traction company to contain fourteen teres. Its acquisition hy the city would make possible an extension of the park, the removal' of the y.oo to a more desirable " location :ird tho connecting up of an impor tant lmrt of llie projected park and boulevard system. i:i'or? the parlc property enterei the controvers;,- as an important factor the railway company ha'd offered tho city a cash i settlement of $35,000 ' it is asserted. - Th .Commission has luild- that the payment of $50,000 vould be a reasonable "settlement. 1'OIXT.S At'RKED IPOX. T'oints teiitallv"e1y agl'eed upon ,have reference to the future relations between the city oC Wichita and the Wichita Hallway & Light Co. The finality of these agreements depend3 ' upon a compromise being effected in regard to the money settlement. ' The. company has agreed that its pay- incnts to tha city shall bo made an-, nually on" the first of April for th6 previous calendar year. It has agreed that tho taxed value of the company' ,hall bo the basis on which settle-' meats, with the city are" made. And it has agreed to extend Its line to the Orient shops ar.d on South Emporia avenue, and to otherwise improve the physical condition vf the local property as well as the service. I'IIXI,EY II Ell E j William Tt. McKlnlcy of Champaign. t (11.. congressman from the Nineteenth district and head of the Illinois Trac-; 'ion system McKinley syndicate lias .'been In Wichita during the -attempt to effect a settlement out of court, i lie and his attorneys, . and the city manager and the city commissioners nnd their attorneys have been doing ! litllo 1;k: this week than confer in an effort lo unravel and-, knit -together tho weny threads' of a 'complicated '. case. Last night T. F. Boraifof To-, peka, Kuiisan attorney for the traction company, and Kos and Vermillion Harrb;, local attorneys for the raijv.-uy eonfpany, met 'With Robert Foulaton. city attorney, to discuss , some -of the lrgal aspects of the mat-' ter. It wns reported that, some p nog re S3 was made. ' ; . o ' . the county'.' He was arrestee Monday, night ; by Frank Fisher, deputy marshal, on a charge or non- support or nis wue. : " : FIRST CLASS IlL I - 10 COS! 3 CE1TS Rate on Letters Goes SkyrocketingPostal Cards Two ; . .. Cents ih air Major , was brought bsclr to a private Division Rock hat the m to pffered'the ... It was division Island, passenger that these obtainable. CARRIED ' It was only, a shortjtime ago that a large majority of the people who frequent the letter; chute were clamoring loudly for penny postage." I But times change and now all hope of, penny postage on first-class let-ters has vanished along with some other pipe dreams that were dearly cherished by the American people before the war.' Hereafter to send a letter home will cost 3 cents. Drop,-or local letters are still in the two-cent zone', but the regular letter rate' is now three cents par ounce- or fraction thereof. Even tha lowly postal card ia hard hit by the war and now " requires double the postage to carry it through Uncle Sam's mail. . ' ' The official order explains the new rates: "Pursuant to an order from tha postmaster general amending the postal regulations, postmasters shall, on and after November 2, 1917, see that postage is iMid at .the rate of three cents au ounce or fraction thereof on letters and other first-class matter except drop letters. AH drop letters; that isj letters maile'd for delivery from the office at which i osted,- including those for delivery by city, rural or other carrier of such office, Jeruel . Jeruel is here his brother. of Bitt,ing veteran was ago and carries bullet "another V Deaths and Funerals Mo?4sa ! Community ? r.SiWer , 1847 . Reed aad Rogers' Barton Si!7crw2rc S Silverware . At the Clock Keit to Kreis Jewekr 222 E. Douglas A?e. 1 . Ready oecrer iiT' ' BATES Elijah Granville age 71 yearp, died yesterday Bates at the home of his daughter, Mrs. It. F. Watson at C03 Everett! Mr. Bates had been here for a weak visiting his daughter. His home is at Crescent, Colo., where he has been postmaster for eleven years. He -was a veteran WE OWN AND OFFER SUBJECT : TO PRIOR SALE- 1D0-C0O Oil fi Gas of El Dorado. 1.C0C-2.000 Union Oil.." 2,500-";,0CO AVichiia-Iridependent.-Will buy Union 'Oil, THickory, and V-l. Wire ijs your order. . WOOLF TiETEL & CO 209 Republic Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. Telephone Main "829. Kefercnce: "ati6nal Reserve Bank.

Clipped from
  1. The Wichita Daily Eagle,
  2. 10 Oct 1917, Wed,
  3. Page 10

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  • magdalena bachman 1917 obituary 3 at Calvary Cemetery in Wichita Kansas

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