Colored officers help break up fight at political convention - part 2 - Pgh Post 17 Oct 1878 p4

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Colored officers help break up fight at political convention - part 2 - Pgh Post 17 Oct 1878 p4 - f )ur ho, unit r v a-increased a-increased to...
f )ur ho, unit r v a-increased a-increased to seventeen bor.-atiie bor.-atiie bor.-atiie was rui:od wii.jurirtf-8, wii.jurirtf-8, wii.jurirtf-8, f:sr ibr tLro igh in Governor. to the civil President, a tno- tno- kery the lacr, al of the an i 1111. He not to allow brethren last liur Republican c'.aiuied to of the man 11 that h every eil rr aud to see abolishett an hour a gt od llii- llii- IN MA1.TII ANNOUNCE- ANNOUNCE- to-nigbt to-nigbt to-nigbt gatherings Patter and th on baud to CH'B. the Sixth on th by Captain first, and organized it created They were uniform and an appropriately Tli'ty to the Firs received. On in fr nt cheered for & Best's the elul music which employes. wil and at corner Aut-Kt.eny. Aut-Kt.eny. Aut-Kt.eny. Hay anl and Kirtii eiiker?, !. K. P. Uutt AbPttheny. Jirtil and South SI-t. SI-t. SI-t. i. .i. t Hun. K. A. avenue. wenry-i-e-. wenry-i-e-. wenry-i-e-. wenry-i-e-. wenry-i-e-. wenry-i-e-. er.i n H. Hul-Lint Hul-Lint Hul-Lint H. Parkio- Parkio- niiin an.j Penn av wenui a r.i . M. tiil.sur, . South Col. J. K. P. l'r. K. A. postponed l T F. Mi1- Mi1- tJH.-on tJH.-on tJH.-on and H.-p. H.-p. H.-p. J. IX. P.itttrx-n. P.itttrx-n. P.itttrx-n. jil. Wools TuUe;i, J . hall, c ri er i.-iioin'-i i.-iioin'-i -Tie', -Tie', , K.ot-nlc. K.ot-nlc. K.ot-nlc. F. M-'- M-'- M-'- M-'- . aihf. k:, y m. w . ciark-. ciark-. ciark-. r.iM ie-r ie-r ie-r iwiwu uu mreiir-ip ior i wn- wn- ctm. k U!U-on( U!U-on( V. f. speaker! lny ! it "-'.if "-'.if "-'.if ;-j ;-j ;-j 1 S3ll.lUfli throO-th throO-th throO-th ,iiiJil.1-:ti ,iiiJil.1-:ti ,iiiJil.1-:ti tt: vl Aii men should Utitik kitK t-iit t-iit t-iit tuiersa! ot ear;, 'ih'f puiitt.'i opinion to ('oi;-'l ('oi;-'l ('oi;-'l iu relerein'f to the inrerest oi ttio .! ored esatv p. educiiiionaii v iudusin ally, social iv iiioriiV ahd riio-i riio-i riio-i v. " .: t'.e ?Hine Hire, whii? nt' S T?ot a polttieal H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: in -eii -eii deO'i;, wo dety and -inrf -inrf l ;.r i :t-ri :t-ri :t-ri I any it -- -- -'i -'i - ta u ndr tlte lend ul a !(- !(- a'i;t.! deiifnici nien, wtn Kiift Chat e rlt.ili aui.-pt aui.-pt aui.-pt a .litif-ai .litif-ai .litif-ai te-t te-t te-t t.t we ran If p rontiyito e.'itr our own sL.r;aa.i uiveimz t vi.-u.l vi.-u.l vi.-u.l i. i;-;tlier i;-;tlier i;-;tlier cp- cp- n dtu' jt'.on, iii lu-?r lu-?r lu-?r irit1e-i. irit1e-i. irit1e-i. Ft;.;ai dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. mo-aluy mo-aluy mo-aluy or rei'ij oi;. f T.'.'iA lU -. -. I'.i- I'.i- 1- 1- tM.t mereij a d'-priv;!! d'-priv;!! d'-priv;!! of ruiiln i ui a d -r; -r; it "!ir u.d t ' 'In a! lree ioui ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H u: ; d 1' i.dtnc? and hert; uikii;i i. tiii.e- tiii.e- iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i ol men. l yield to fu-h fu-h fu-h petty tvra'iuy v-f'iilt! v-f'iilt! v-f'iilt! be To render u? uft worthy o! our nntr ant o tho ptjop.e wtin wlioui we nre ,j,m-iieil, ,j,m-iieil, ,j,m-iieil, And e propi-.-e propi-.-e propi-.-e propi-.-e propi-.-e to repudiate ?ue(t hi-doii hi-doii hi-doii Jiiitf ttitsautiiois ot it hy ail the meang iiur tHiver. We ciii-relv ciii-relv ciii-relv beliere that th Interest of tt.e r i jred e.tiifch.- e.tiifch.- dfu.rtt'da tLe esL-l-nf.- esL-l-nf.- esL-l-nf.- esL-l-nf.- esL-l-nf.- esL-l-nf.- ol our i-iva!.i;;Ui...ii. i-iva!.i;;Ui...ii. i-iva!.i;;Ui...ii. tt:ac we .-ball .-ball .-ball therefore -n-. -n-. -n-. -n-. n; i ; e !;cre;:re na:ike our ors;iniRatloit a , .-fj,in .-fj,in .-fj,in lit u:.e, and e appeal to you I-r I-r I-r y ur e;4'P.e-t e;4'P.e-t e;4'P.e-t c .-operation. .-operation. .-operation. In tbe Peop:"f Le-.ue Le-.ue Le-.ue we shall not ppend time t i ii.tiul:e HLal outiL-aS outiL-aS outiL-aS vto.- vto.- the iuetu;-eri iuetu;-eri iuetu;-eri hold :tit m.-tead, m.-tead, m.-tead, e fhail devote oureivei to the t'd nent.oiial interest of tbe colored cititene. i 1 li i- i- wa . si.iiiied at length. I We.-hiiJ We.-hiiJ We.-hiiJ tiideavor t (-cure (-cure (-cure the reenjjnitton f i,ur faille 1 iulvT n th t rk-hops rk-hops rk-hops d tne ST;,To fLf'cji orin.r to ffi-urc ffi-urc ffi-urc a tT ' wuaec ii,r ii i.nritu) 'a w-.ik. w-.ik. w-.ik. Ve t-hud t-hud t-hud teaeuourchil i reti I rj;:e--. rj;:e--. rj;:e--. rj;:e--. We h.iil. it rn-lhle. rn-lhle. rn-lhle. induce ttie e dored riti ?.!) ti. avail tiiem.-ei tiiem.-ei tiiem.-ei w. ot tho of purtunitlee now .-o .-o .-o iiiu-rHv iiiu-rHv iiiu-rHv a!j rded the euiortl c;u2eti .lev; le iiie!i! iiie!i! iiie!i! u,ore nenerafW to akrirul line at ho:ne or oil the broad arre td our Wtct: t encouraue icdu.-try icdu.-try icdu.-try which nuike?tw t':aiit-Boi t':aiit-Boi t':aiit-Boi tra.-yr-jW tra.-yr-jW tra.-yr-jW tra.-yr-jW tra.-yr-jW woere only one icrew Ptlore l, ui.crow.i our vttien where we luiwt doairare z;tte: an-l an-l an-l ty ttie cultivation ol the t?o;l either In :-ur :-ur :-ur irnrdeiir or on broader acres, to improve our fx'ial coudilit-n. coudilit-n. coudilit-n. t.'i.jif eior-enf. eior-enf. eior-enf. our destiny Is In our own bunds. Tue re.-ponslbii. re.-ponslbii. re.-ponslbii. ties of citizens', tree -vuierien'1 -vuierien'1 eittzoFoi, are ours. We are looking for vnrd lo tiia lime when the politic- politic- ol a col .red c.ti.en shall be Kr.own oniy ry ooeri i;oii. No .-et .-et .-et ot men. Colored or white, can die Uitftoui. We ire ffte. oh willed u tree uieii: man wtiSed u. iave-; iave-; iave-; we will as tiod wills 'iod's wtil be done." OI!ECTION3 TO THE AIDIiUS.. The "last phrases in the ldrrss elicited prolonged and most vociferous applause nut when the noine had died away Oavid W. Simpson of Philadelphia, one of the etnp loved ciackere, piu hea into tne aa He said that while the State's ivjUH.1 Kitrhts Jjatfiie was not named in the aotlrtHS, it was plain that the ad- ad- l;t was aiuieii at that associa tion, lie further felt that the Fqual Kihcs L-aiiiie L-aiiiie L-aiiiie (the k orten-Mackev orten-Mackev orten-Mackev colored orizaui gallon) had done a oxl thmgin indorsing the Kf-iuibiican Kf-iuibiican Kf-iuibiican candidates and piattorm. Thomas K. Younger also objo.:ted to the adores. When he hati signed it the Stat) Kuual Kipbta Ieajjue was named in thede nuuciaf.on and the organization deservei to Ite 1-ramied 1-ramied 1-ramied ; it had used "tyrnical methods" in indorsing the Republican party, and tho speaker therefore objected to the ci-iiimitVee ci-iiimitVee ci-iiimitVee scratching out the Tiame "Si-ahe "Si-ahe "Si-ahe Kipiftl Hi;htj League. He further charged iliat the Philadelphia Itepubtican .ieiei'ates bad captured this Convention, and tney had no riut here, because most d thm beior.2 to tne erai iaaue auo hi was organized for the benefit of tbe coitireii people, not to boost the Republican par: y. The Fwiple's League, he added, had l-e l-e l-e n sold out. Frank WimhI of Philadelphia, said the address had thrown open the doors for po- po- iu -fil -fil iiBCiiMi(n. Hh said that the K"- K"- j ublicans cotiid notallow the address to go u record. Ji tuere was to Iks an muorr-e muorr-e muorr-e m -ntof -ntof any party it was very pliiu what prty shouid be indorsed. Jl any party wa to b maraea it, was tne Ji-'puoticau Ji-'puoticau Ji-'puoticau p:rty, len tuousauu uuaveujjeii muraers nt to the iniloroement oi me liepuuiican party. A FRABFt'L HOW. These )-peeohes, )-peeohes, )-peeohes, made amidst cret con fusion, were roe signal for still greater dis- dis- order. T wenty dusky driest tes jumped to their feet and be cm veiling at the Up of their voices. v hise liovtnng lift tueir great thruats were distended like balloons and till the baa ecnou ana re-ecuoea re-ecuoea re-ecuoea wnn the terriric noise tbeexcit a del-gates del-gates del-gates wioi-lv wioi-lv wioi-lv Gesticulated, shook clenched lists into of e anoiber's laces, pushed and jostled anil imped till the noise was dealnmg. tour PhiiaJclf.hians jumped upon the stage and r. in them Al. lietteuc-oni, lietteuc-oni, lietteuc-oni, trteu to sih-hk sih-hk sih-hk but. he couid not possibly have made his (,r. intelligible bud be ps ;essed a iarynx of tilt v fodiorn power. The Chairman d(Hptratt:y i lutchinga hugeciub kept con-;aut!y con-;aut!y con-;aut!y poundms on the tabie like a madman madman and at tbe same time kept constantly yeliinsr i.r ord- ord- r. J wrsey Jones and Scott Taper the colored noiitemen rushed to the state to jert the swarm cf enfuriated darkeys who were now tu-:iiug tu-:iiug tu-:iiug there and rinding ex p:-Mn'.a'.icn p:-Mn'.a'.icn p:-Mn'.a'.icn vaiu the colored oftictr Fumuicned white policemen to their aid and the bevy hcau to clear the stage by sheer force. ''Put the police out' "knock the polic down" antl kindred fi-preenions fi-preenions fi-preenions and threats resounded through fperatu-ts, fperatu-ts, fperatu-ts, itrtet' upepT. u v.iue The bet mills fire uu ruL!orK tnrce luin.- luin.- in twcnty-!our twcnty-!our twcnty-!our hours. IUihs have been hud on the new Pi tod hi run at lake fc-ie fc-ie fc-ie ru.d e lax as liajfVtile and yesterday the engine on the new ed aboffe Sewtr-kiey. Sewtr-kiey. Sewtr-kiey. The r..-- r..-- r..-- will biiJ ib:o tlii city in a lew day?. Mr. James M. Ukinhart, who was elected S.-cretary S.-cretary S.-cretary and J'rta-arer J'rta-arer J'rta-arer -d -d Use Pt hariih At i-ike i-ike i-ike tr;,,,,, h-x h-x h-x de-Huel de-Huel de-Huel the aiujointmenL and M.-. M.-. M.-. Jh U .inn' u, o! the Al leheny alley read, elected U ti.e Tin s far there has been but little, if any beitfn on tlie M rce which laker? place at four oVp-:k oVp-:k oVp-:k rrow uttern.'On on the Hultur. cir. ld;t c.- c.- are tv-uiliu tv-uiliu tv-uiliu 311 now aud nt much interest La. hcea Uiantie;ted in the race. Tiik Sixrtsmen AsKciation oiler doutde -barreie-J, -barreie-J, -barreie-J, -barreie-J, breeeh doadm hot kt u n oi the teit make to the persoa tunr.ffhinir tt:e sis..:p ol the lantest numter ol ( irds ot prey such a owl and ia n captured in Allcheny ur ad juintng tx-unties. tx-unties. tx-unties. Sister M. Anou (FeiMg; of Johns town, tuado her ntii, and Si!:er ft". li-ri;:tr li-ri;:tr li-ri;:tr dtna, formerly Mus fori 1.. Haters cl Nuu voo, liilnot. received Uie hiaek en ot the Wen da tine Order, at St. Benedict's church, " town, the other day. Bishop Tci adtr.inistered the Sacra ment ot OoDliriiiatH'n to twtnty e -ht -ht pers..n?. three ul whom er adults, at St- St- Ann' "ath He church, Millvale, last Sunday. Ol the adult? one wa." a conveit, who fait rwcivtj into the t -hurch -hurch after solemn mas on the nioriiinu: ot the s a, tue day. Slits have been entered by tho liquor pe.ple against the condu:t-r condu:t-r condu:t-r and engineer ot the Mt. Washington Inclined Plane, and the cngi neer? of the Ifumone and Mt. 1 liner p!, tor .loifttiaif the Sunday law. Five ond uctor- uctor- ct the Oakland line have been ftned by Aldernut KaddoL-k. KaddoL-k. KaddoL-k. The single rcuII contest on the Allegheny Allegheny river on Monday, In Which lirennau defeated defeated Clang, in tiie dtunee between the Sus pension bridge an 1 the Kaflra bridge, doe-not doe-not doe-not appear tj eati5fy (lang. and he hai therelure Ufued a challenge to row the raca over again. D. 8. McDonald, the Chicago caramel caramel man, and Mips Fannie E. lici'-h, lici'-h, lici'-h, niece ot Hugh Flernicu: of Allegheny, were married on Tuesday right by Kev. lr. John Mr Lilian. The happy cjuple leit yecterday morning tor Boston where they later id to take up their renounce. The young members of the Sandusky Street M. K. Ohurch have oranted a society to be known as the William t -ullen -ullen ilryant litera ry Institute, and elected the following officers : President, .1. S. Young: Vice Pre-iden Pre-iden Pre-iden S. Woodhurn: Chaplain, Kev. B. F. Woodiiurn: Seeretarie, Mistiea Annie liippiiicott and Cora KlliotU The meeting of the Chautauqua Liter ary and Scleutlne C'irWe will be held to-ni;ht to-ni;ht to-ni;ht in the lecture room ot the Firft Presbyterian church (Ir. Scovel's), on Wood street, In-t In-t In-t nd of theY. M.(. A. rooms. It is cvpeciaily re quested that all who winli to join this new literary literary organization hand in their names at the meeting to-niht. to-niht. to-niht. Hp:nry Wilkes was killed hy a loco motive on the Pan Handle railroad, at le:nis- le:nis- ton. on Monday night. Wm. F.diat was kuook-ed kuook-ed kuook-ed from the top ol a far by bridge No, M, fifteen iu'des weat of DenniRon. yesterday mo'-nin. mo'-nin. mo'-nin. He tellunderthe wheei.-' wheei.-' wheei.-' and wa killed in?tsntly Both of the deceased were employed aa bra .e- .e- menon the Plttburb IJivlsion ol the Pan Han dle road. James Power, the "Wylie avenue sa loon keeper charged with disorderly conduct hy !etetive Iick Fewer. wa? di?chirued by Mayi.r Liddeli yesterday. Powers and fewer cal a little dtupute during which the detective knek- knek- ed the -aloonist -aloonist down. Powers hai preferred a charite agiinst Fewer before Alderman i'-s-ulv i'-s-ulv i'-s-ulv i'-s-ulv i'-s-ulv and a hearing will be had to d:iy. Ix.teet;re Fewer and Wm. lieard- lieard- n als haj a d:,:put Tuesday nlirht, hut it dulnt amount to mueia. ItoMlwn tioihiiiK Moo i-e. i-e. i-e. Mr K. A. Kosidter, the prop-rietor, prop-rietor, prop-rietor, has succeeded in laying in a supply of ready mad clothing, for lad and winter wear that rivals his previous efforts. This is saying a great deal, but a visit will convince convince any one that tuth is the fact. The clothing includes a fine line for men, youths and children s wear. A careful icrutinv ot tne siock solicited. ibis house is at 9." Smithrld street. Allegheny"! Merc-bant Merc-bant Merc-bant Tilor, C. Meckel, Kil Federal street, never fails to please ail who order suits. to. Mwney testified that h nai in M-:Cr.jkey' M-:Cr.jkey' M-:Cr.jkey' tavern when Ottieers Suders atid Fi'gel trame in witii tbe r risoner aud caiied ior a dnnk. Tue otlieern wore on th ir way to the city with Mayhew. 1 titienian pre ser t said, "Mayhew, you have treen beliaviufir bal aain ," when be r'piied, "yes, I Uoa dey'u hang me thi hn". Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Jerry Stintb of Allegheny, ts titled thin he arretted Mayhew on the 7th ot Sep-em Sep-em Sep-em iH-r iH-r iH-r last at his Lum?ot Perrvsvilie rfivnu, A i-vhenv. i-vhenv. i-vhenv. Witns had a con ver-at. ver-at. ver-at. n w-th w-th w-th him alkut the killing ot Down-. Down-. Down-. When lie arretd the accused the latter said. 'Thi ia lot that I downs' busi i:-Kf4." i:-Kf4." i:-Kf4." Witness auswerl yes, ani M;iyiiew then said that Iowua and an oi her man had come lor the purpose o; whipping him but t;iat they hatt maie a m:sfaKrj and g;t into tue wrong j-niau j-niau j-niau bty eaiue to his house and be asksd him to go to the asai: lance of his father and mother. Mayhew said he went out of the U-n U-n U-n k door ntoi when he ret ur tie I fouDd D.jt ti iu Iron! of bis house kickn g at tue ib r. lie ( May hew ) tbreupou took a IfioK from the nre plae and threw it out ot the wilolow at Downs. This was the last lie siw of Downs. M r. Col-igan Col-igan Col-igan ws cal led and said oay alter tue occurrence she heard a con versitioii IvtwHru M.yhew and bis wife. Mayhew sid he bad struck lkwiis with siing shot and hop-rd hop-rd hop-rd he bad killed him tie tino said sLai he had heard lKwus was dead and h- h- ped it was true, that he had struck hitn and wou'd do no again. Patrick WaHace testified that he kne Downy, and on one occasion was in his company, going towards W illiamnburg, wbr-u wbr-u wbr-u they met three men. He could not positively state whether Mayhew was oue of them. The counsel for the nros-ution nros-ution nros-ution offered the dying declaration of Downs, but after c onsuttat ion withdrew it, and the Com monwealth rested their side of the THE DEFENSE. W. C. St ill wagon, Eq., ojened for the -lettuce. -lettuce. lie i-aid i-aid i-aid it wouid te shown by testimony that Mayhew acted iu self de fense, lhat he found his h.'e was m dan ger and therefore df aided himself. John Clark, a resident of the South Side, lesuneo mat iu is i ne nveii near the pris finer. About twelve o'clock on the night id the ditiicuity three men came to his houseand captured him. They warned to know what he had to say about tbe Irish. Alter they had abutted him, they discov ered they were iu the wrong house. It was Mayhew they were after. While the men were in Lis house he sent his litlle boy out for assistance. They were in the house. about five minutes. Ou crosa-examiuation crosa-examiuation crosa-examiuation the witness could not say that Downs was one of tbe three men. He had never seen him before or afterwards. Witness could nor teil what transpired at Mayhew's uoue. 'w. Clark, son of the preceding witness. corroborated a portion of his father's testi mony. It was be who called for assistance. fie ran to Mayhew's home where the three men had cone to. A 1I1 rr Lint on was recalled, and j-aid j-aid j-aid he heard w m. Clark at Mayhew's hollowing, uy uou, uiev re Killing pap. Joseph Walton was the next witness. He te-y,tinVd te-y,tinVd te-y,tinVd that ha resided near Mayhew at the time ot tbe disturbance, and on tbe night in question heard three men talking in front of bis house. They threatened to kill some one. After standing there for ome time they began moving about in the weecs, one 01 them say icg "May be the - is lying around here." Subsequently be beard the disturbance at Mayhew's use. This is all witness knew of the afi.tir. At this juncture vourt adjourned until this utioiuing. Corner Stone Lay luff. On next Sunday afternoon, at half past tLree, o'c-ock, o'c-ock, o'c-ock, the corner stone of the new Catholic Church, which is being erected at Thirty-second Thirty-second Thirty-second street and Liberty avenue, will he laid with imposing ceremonies by Jiishep Tmgg, assisted by different Catholic Catholic clergymen of the two cities. Lev. Francis L Tobin, pastor of Su James' Church, Tnirty-sixth Tnirty-sixth Tnirty-sixth ward, will deliver an address apiiopriate to the occasion, and we fe-1 fe-1 fe-1 certain from thewell known oratorical oratorical abilities of the reverend gentleman, together together with bis merited popularity in the district named, wiil ensure a large attendance attendance at the solemn ceremony. 1.. 1. ttay. Broker and Commission Merchant, oilers to the trade at special ra'es big sea oysters canned gocds, etc. 2-4 2-4 2-4 Pena avenue. Ai-:' Ai-:' Ai-:' 1 t 1- 1- 1 Smith fp-tn fp-tn fp-tn imu-in imu-in imu-in f!ea No. 1. Avucd bv r. P. i uiton and V. V. Taylor lor appellant and J. K. r. run contra. Ot'AKTKK SKSSIONS COCKT Jrofli W HITK. Thij ('urt wa Kuiid a'd tte mornin'r and ! "Mil er.r on le Mayhew murder CHue.aiid did 111 tnitiii ex.-ept ex.-ept ex.-ept xmnt a oioi-on oioi-on oioi-on ot tne lis- lis- tict Attorney iromnic the trial ot John Kelly, charged with iareny. Till At. I 1ST Fi'K TMt'KOT. f Vtrtmonwe'th v. John Schmidt et at J -uph -uph N- N- i in el J:nne Carn-; Carn-; Carn-; .1. . Me&s ri-r: ri-r: ri-r: Kui:ha .liok- .liok- u: 1-d. 1-d. 1-d. S. liarttnent et al Walter I'nnn-cv; I'nnn-cv; I'nnn-cv; (1 UOeb Kueker; .L-tiD .L-tiD .L-tiD S. i'iT- i'iT- on et ux; itriaruiO rUurniuii Oeorte Kurt?; John Liaturotfi. OKPH NS' fOrKTJtin Hawkins. Jr. Ktte ol IiaviJ ISeae. deceased. Keturn of tale euunrrned ahtojuffy. K'laieol JViarv yi- yi- iiritle. deceased. "itation kwarae.l n.ii.'W e ipe why a previous order of ale should cot he ir ran ted: retu:uatie jetn in?t rt:ed J site- site- A Wadee and Samuel Jrl W'aiUee. uiinr, Arthur Ju. Wallace appointed tfiai-ol tfiai-ol tfiai-ol Mary A. Forrester, deceased. le-cre le-cre le-cre made tu uintu-r uintu-r uintu-r ut account ot aduiiuin- aduiiuin- trt ir. 1 'ecrees ef distribution were made In the es- es- tatt ! ( L'hn Waddle, deceased, and Jiiaics lHmnei.T, deceit -ed. -ed. r.Mbte t .1 ph Walker. In pirtition 1 rrif .1. HiKtr !aKK purpart io. o: .0 Walker tk nuroart N . t l-.via l-.via l-.via Walker tHkes purpart No. 1. i'erree made ia acvurd- acvurd- anee. CMTtr STATES I1S I HU'l CUUK T J CDOK Ketch am. J. C. Switt. f-mlirui f-mlirui f-mlirui t. Ie!-iraninif Ie!-iraninif Ie!-iraninif nrder K run ted SKau.-C SKau.-C SKau.-C Jha Ai it.'hell. Sherifl ul Butler county et al., returnable 2''ti litl. Joiseph i'. .MeV'her-on, .MeV'her-on, .MeV'her-on, bankrupt. Proceed inys ttijseontlrt'ied rttul !':n:e ordered to re. eover property to bankrupt upon payment ol cost. B. H. Ta lor At Son, bankrupt Leave granted granted provisional a.s.i-nee a.s.i-nee a.s.i-nee tu jay tne claims ol cer- cer- hred. T. Bite ne.'.e Is. bankrupt. Order made fur tlnil exaiuina'.ion Ut:w;idter W It lard on the 2 1 p:-x. p:-x. p:-x. r. F. iwitt, bankrupt. Same aa above on the in prex. 1. 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The lirailferd oil operators have deter mined to build a fix-inch fix-inch fix-inch pipe line from Frisbee on the Buffalo, New York and Pbiladelvhia railroad, through Potter county and over the mountains to Wiuiauisport, a distance distance of 114 miles. There will be only three pumping stations. From 8,000 to Hi, 000 barrels a day will be snt through the line. The work of putting up a tele graph line will be commenced to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, and as soon as the iron is at hand a strong force will lie employed to lay it before severe severe freezing weather commences. On all cultivated land the pipe will have to bo put order pround, through the moun tains it will be laid on the surface. The t Ntitnated cost of this enterprise is about six hundred thousand dollars. It is expected expected that one or two large oil refineries will be erected at Williamsport. Colonel John H. Liikes of Clean, is tbe general manager ot the line, assisted by H. C. Iteatuer. This will give the Bradford operators connection with competintE rail road lines. Fire In Allegheny. About six o'clock lat evening, a fire broke out iu a two s ory frame dwelling located at the m per end of Charles street, Allegheny. An alarm from box. 1 brought the department to tbe scene iu good time and they extinguished the flames, but not before damage to tbe extent of 1,000 hy fire and waiter had been done. The origin of the blaze was tho x plosion of the con tents of au oil can, which it seems an inmate inmate of the boute had carelessly placed in close proximity to a lighted lamp. W. II. iiliheatl. of ' and iH Federal street, Allegheny, has made special arrangements to take pictures for the holidays. starch; one tablesfioon-ful extract boil until Wben cake. Each Powder contains of a i-fwion. i-fwion. i-fwion. I) Hop U i 'arter' FeUw' 'J Meeper'ji Plautn"ri Am? H GEORGE Flral mi. Kecelreil FOK SPECIALTIES. A full set than any 27 Complete latect styles dren'a Hosiery TJxa. 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Clipped from Pittsburgh Daily Post17 Oct 1878, ThuPage 4

Pittsburgh Daily Post (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)17 Oct 1878, ThuPage 4
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  • Colored officers help break up fight at political convention - part 2 - Pgh Post 17 Oct 1878 p4

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