Colored officers help break up fight at political convention - part 1 - Pgh Post 17 Oct 1878 p4

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Colored officers help break up fight at political convention - part 1 - Pgh Post 17 Oct 1878 p4 - THE DAILY POST : PITTSBURGH, THURSDAY. OCTOBER...
THE DAILY POST : PITTSBURGH, THURSDAY. OCTOBER 17. 1S7S. that run nii&bt , to some of th i j Labor-Greenback: move- move- j as projectors ol commencing at tity diverging angles ot the comps-t-s, comps-t-s, comps-t-s, comps-t-s, comps-t-s, Butler, Greene. c inn'ies. Ho showing th it lemonstrate.i a increased Dem be follv to ex itepuoiican candidates elected, could except the election of the could in Savor ct tue pa'.iic in this community. sua.' it. , tbe Democratic was neit mine a bnei address, troubles was ... imp-oved imp-oved imp-oved or.. anniiuisiraiuu Government tor taia ii ii.d :-s :-s :-s iu their He claimed tb?.t had ever been the Republican tight, battling against the combine aud adhere was routed other- other- stares both armies. strategy of in dividing tne party and de ot the attacking urged Greenbvkers column and insure camtniate ior As E-q E-q E-q , candidate also delivered brief A lare number colored men were themselves well tneir pany was speakers. GREEN OAK K NOw-NUTiI NOw-NUTiI NOw-NUTiI I ' HILL CHAKLKV Sl-KECII. Sl-KECII. Sl-KECII. he P Ittshurjfli Poi-Lj Poi-Lj Poi-Lj It'., A lare aa.l me;tiug -a.- -a.- -a.- h- h- i.I The meetiisg Bigley, who, in a introduced the G.aika, who delivered and logical address the present campaign. of the Republican the past founcfn unanswerable, ami over oue ruiiiiou presidential election delivered tbe venii. r the infamous p'l-icy p'l-icy party. His de-ttnitton de-ttnitton dix trine on ibn as Hspoial'y appeaiei to lemo-cratic lemo-cratic U bo carriei away and "fUt money" every vote cast fur virtually voting Repub.icau misruif. ;'aisiati'n ei:ncii fious Itprfsn-toLives, Itprfsn-toLives, bill intrvdm: -d -d manufactur ing, industrial was either op niy Senate or imot.hrmd party. to th charges ot Mr. I.ii ajid it, and in the same au t di'oriai winch LwUt which d i i?ijusiice. It placed fwjirion of tri d-nyiU d-nyiU a Kuow-Noth-intj Kuow-Noth-intj Kuow-Noth-intj Kuow-Noth-intj for b iii oi4h denied tear ii-a.1-know ii-a.1-know of the stau-ui stau-ui stau-ui nt not acl;nowietV yrani'wj fvr tl-if tl-if oue. .nhowt-J .nhowt-J .nhowt-J how 1 men roHpou:oit erroi s of tl;ejr to pvt-ral pvt-ral pvt-ral em it; phi iu the l'athoii-chnrch, l'athoii-chnrch, their entering Thai Utters aird delivered btiit'r ao l atj'h'-r-ity, atj'h'-r-ity, atj'h'-r-ity, atj'h'-r-ity, were exactly m rh,. supposing th.i n- n- Know-Nothing Know-Nothing party, denied. SPPKCH. was Charles for Cmre?-, Cmre?-, Cmre?-, h ou th- th- party as applied of PennsyHacia. Cameron dynasty. of Pittsburgh ar PU:.bars;u f )ur showing ho, unit r indebtedness v a-increased a-increased a n.iliion to seventeen Treasury bor.-atiie bor.-atiie bor.-atiie abroal was rui:od its wii.jurirtf-8, wii.jurirtf-8, wii.jurirtf-8, was created f:sr ibr a law tLro igh in upon the Governor. aliuded to the civil oWu President, de'uniou, a tno- tno- kery of the lacr, al of Secretary of the t" Pittsourh. an i labrary 1111. He not to allow brethren EHGKS UP IN A BOW. The Colored BadicaN Don't Capture but Break Up tbe Convention. The Republican "Brudders" Draw Revolvers on the Police. Tvi of them Arrested find IMaced Hi-hind Hi-hind Hi-hind the Bars. Htormy Scencv- Scencv- He Addres of the LeHKue-rniKHHiloni. LeHKue-rniKHHiloni. LeHKue-rniKHHiloni. The Tuple's League Conveotioti was broken up yesterday through the combined efforts of the elackers hired by Judge Fet-t- Fet-t- Fet-t- Fet-t- ruia.u and th so sent h-re h-re h-re from Philadelphia Philadelphia and Harrisbarg by Recorder Quay Afar more stormy time was bail yesterday, if possible, than on the day previous. One of the "ciackors" lr3W a revolver on a police otiieer, but dared, not to use it. The interview published iu The Post yesterday was denied by J. H. Adley. tha delegate who gave himself away, To an evening paper reporter, but the proceeding of th Convention show that the true sMry was told iu The Fot. IC, however, further evidence be demandtd our reporter is willing to make an affidavit affidavit the interview did occur and was truthfully reported. But here is the detailed report of yesterday's proceeding: proceeding: ON FDUCATION. Tlirt TVoole's Iacue reassembhd at tan" j ant nine o'clock yesterday morning, CM. Brown of H arrisburg, iu tbe chair Prof. Oay Kubmittftd the report from the Committee on Koucation, which demanded epial opportunities f-r f-r f-r the etlucation of ciiiltireu without regard to color; that col ored teachers shall be aliowe! to enter tbe sun. compel tive examination as white tii-!iKM: tii-!iKM: tii-!iKM: that the legislature abolish all htws tcakiug di-criniinaiions di-criniinaiions di-criniinaiions on account of tj:-r: tj:-r: tj:-r: that wherever separate schools are ftim-d ftim-d ftim-d noon the colored ietple, by r.-asv-n r.-asv-n r.-asv-n r.-asv-n r.-asv-n of the prejudice) of a community, colored teachers have tbe preference; that it separate separate schools be insisted on, the houses in their aomHiitiuents and surroundings snai be the very best that can be furnished, Cost what ihey may, ana that wnere wie uiu-e-.t uiu-e-.t uiu-e-.t uiu-e-.t uiu-e-.t grades ate not provide.! iu city schools. tbe doors ot exislii-K exislii-K exislii-K hih ra-le ra-le ra-le tschools lie! thrown cDt-n cDt-n cDt-n to tnetiuahhe! youth i'f the State, even if these doors have to be. Ton--.! Ton--.! Ton--.! Ton--.! liv the dec-i-ion dec-i-ion dec-i-ion dec-i-ion dec-i-ion ot a court ol law report was signe-1 signe-1 signe-1 by Pr-jf. Pr-jf. Pr-jf. W. H. t ay and A.dermau Wiliiam But i of Harrit.urg; William II. Stiil. National candidate for Ctuuicis- Ctuuicis- tiioiiT iu B-rks B-rks B-rks county, and Daniel Dorsey kn.i li. A, iiin of Pittsburgh. The report w.m adonttd, and a little row afterwards rnsued as to whether it bad boen adopted ASSAM. 10 A DEM'H' KAT. Mr. T i:. Younger of Harri.-.burg. Harri.-.burg. Harri.-.burg. now anoar-vl anoar-vl anoar-vl to the front a series of rso- rso- 1-iiiiitiS 1-iiiiitiS 1-iiiiitiS whi-h whi-h whi-h he declared he would read Tins was th- th- t-i-ial t-i-ial t-i-ial t-i-ial t-i-ial f r tremendous coafa fiin. t'ti V ui:uer maititaineii that tbe ac Ut-ii Ut-ii Ut-ii of ;.ibrjoth on the day previous was a j.rectr-at-nt j.rectr-at-nt j.rectr-at-nt j.rectr-at-nt j.rectr-at-nt which was warrantea iy bis acd u. then cominenced rea'liug but in a moment was surrounded by an angry tnob ol hoWiinsr nd i(stlmr men. Hn triei then aMisted him up to tbe stage where the reaaniz was tiuisued. The resolutions harwi the lic pubiican party with having U-travtvl U-travtvl U-travtvl the colore! peiple, ami conciuue, by pledging the Leagutt to the support of if.e Oeiiio ra:ic ticket, Scarcely had the ii-t ii-t ii-t mi b--u b--u b--u b--u oir-ere-d oir-ere-d oir-ere-d oir-ere-d oir-ere-d there were i-hii i-hii i-hii ks, -I -I iimw liiuu f-nt f-nt f-nt the window,' fr ku biui," -N;--'., -N;--'., -N;--'., -N;--'., -N;--'., v.i. iia man said "He rant stay in th;s i'.ujven ti.di av hingcr. In a twiunjing the Nt te was rrowdt by the nid, which pressed around Yonnper, making rut.-t rut.-t rut.-t f-:irfu f-:irfu f-:irfu threats against him V.joi -r -r fiuai'y mad b:s way to ihw trout thr-s'a". thr-s'a". thr-s'a". w hi'ii ha was caught by tbe fct ar-.d ar-.d ar-.d jtrKd ot: the j-'ae; j-'ae; j-'ae; in laomg, be I;.'Ltv u j.irr.d his back. The next in ?aut iie turn-d turn-d turn-d r.m the tioor, in tbe centre -f -f a i:r-'Uii i:r-'Uii i:r-'Uii ot" fr.-Tds. fr.-Tds. fr.-Tds. with a gr;n wn his f i .-. .-. .-. Tlh tcrnii. howling present ah.t-d. ah.t-d. ah.t-d. and The President dexHare! the rex- rex- ini:i:s on f.f ordr-r. ordr-r. ordr-r. The rei..rt of th Committee on Business was next presented antl adopted amid tbe Citation. Iv4ch member wa assessed twenty -five -five cents to defray the expenses of AIM'lif.-iS AIM'lif.-iS AIM'lif.-iS TO TltE PEOI-LB. PEOI-LB. PEOI-LB. IV. f -sor -sor Iay. Chatrm n -f -f the Cjtnmit- Cjtnmit- tee on Address, next read the following I .-! .-! .-! i v tv.iiiM-ai tv.iiiM-ai tv.iiiM-ai rt filii.,!, we ae:t In S'.sie ' ' .nvc!iV''j. 1"-vbic 1"-vbic 1"-vbic liberty. to!U-f to!U-f to!U-f nis u-li. u-li. u-li. t j.o-r? j.o-r? j.o-r? vari"U pi:t..l rtie. aud "r lny ! it "-'.if "-'.if "-'.if ;-j ;-j ;-j 1 S3ll.lUfli throO-th throO-th throO-th ttieiu ,iiiJil.1-:ti ,iiiJil.1-:ti ,iiiJil.1-:ti tt: vl Aii men should Utitik kitK t-iit t-iit t-iit tuiersa! ot ear;, 'ih'f puiitt.'i opinion to ('oi;-'l ('oi;-'l ('oi;-'l iu relerein'f to the inrerest oi ttio .! ored esatv p. educiiiionaii v iudusin ally, social iv iiioriiV ahd riio-i riio-i riio-i v. " .: t'.e ?Hine Hire, whii? nt' S T?ot a polttieal H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: H-v'.-i..tL,.r,: in -eii -eii deO'i;, wo dety and -inrf -inrf l ;.r i :t-ri :t-ri :t-ri I any it -- -- -'i -'i - ta u ndr tlte lend ul a !(- !(- a'i;t.! deiifnici nien, wtn Kiift Chat e rlt.ili aui.-pt aui.-pt aui.-pt a .litif-ai .litif-ai .litif-ai te-t te-t te-t t.t we ran If p rontiyito e.'itr our own sL.r;aa.i uiveimz t vi.-u.l vi.-u.l vi.-u.l i. i;-;tlier i;-;tlier i;-;tlier cp- cp- n dtu' jt'.on, iii lu-?r lu-?r lu-?r irit1e-i. irit1e-i. irit1e-i. Ft;.;ai dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. dej;re-.-ioii. mo-aluy mo-aluy mo-aluy or rei'ij oi;. f T.'.'iA lU -. -. I'.i- I'.i- 1- 1- tM.t mereij a d'-priv;!! d'-priv;!! d'-priv;!! of ruiiln i ui a d -r; -r; it "!ir u.d t ' 'In a! lree ioui ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H ii.-dut-H-H u: ; d 1' i.dtnc? and hert; uikii;i i. tiii.e- tiii.e- iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i iU-'-A-i ol men. l yield to fu-h fu-h fu-h petty tvra'iuy v-f'iilt! v-f'iilt! v-f'iilt! be To render u? uft worthy o! our nntr ant o tho ptjop.e wtin wlioui we nre ,j,m-iieil, ,j,m-iieil, ,j,m-iieil, And e propi-.-e propi-.-e propi-.-e propi-.-e propi-.-e to repudiate ?ue(t hi-doii hi-doii hi-doii Jiiitf ttitsautiiois ot it hy ail the meang iiur tHiver. ciii-relv beliere that th Interest of tt.e the roam. But the policemen through a liberal use of Th mace tinaiiy becarr makers of the struatioo by clearing the stage. RKVOLVEB3 DRAW OX THE POLICE. Then the jostliu was transferred to tht noor or the hall ana tne mis anu con. us;, t. became stiil treater. Tne i rautic iel- iel- oatiH crowded toother, rushed, p ished. jammed shouted till they were hoarse and gestlCUtaT.eU UUUl greu.i wwa ut jjrisj-ri.v jjrisj-ri.v jjrisj-ri.v tion stnoii out on their faces. Tbe police rushed into the mid-t mid-t mid-t of the crowd, and some of the delegates again turned thdr assaults to tne othcers. One colored brue-der brue-der brue-der struck at Officer Dorsey .Tone-?, .Tone-?, .Tone-?, and th latter promptly pegged hitn one on ti pat. lhomas Washington ant ueore oune. two ot the PiitsDargn rerrermn delegates were most disorderly, and Ohi , cei Frank Kuntle proceeded t Iksuec-- Iksuec-- Iksuec-- them. oung pulled something: from his pocket which th crowd saw flashing f'T an instant, but no person could tell wht it was. Then Young struck Outlet r Kunkle, the latter alleges, whereupo - other policemen came to the rescue a d both Young and Washington were march u up to the Ceutral Police station and thrust behind the bars At tha Station house the revolver was found ou Young's person. In the midst of the confusion numerous motioos were made to ailjurn, but were not recognized by the chair. Then was heard Delegate P-ttencord P-ttencord P-ttencord of Philadelphia, shouting at the top of his voice, "You've pet the thing up on us. You have run a lot of ring fallows in on us here to-day. to-day. to-day. Their initiation fees have been paid by outsiders. outsiders. We will get our work in ou November November Mh, and don't yon forget it." P rese nil y tbe i: oi .-e .-e .-e a a bs i d ed somewhat, and then it was di.-c di.-c di.-c tvercd that one of the Cam rou-Maekey-Fetterman rou-Maekey-Fetterman rou-Maekey-Fetterman rou-Maekey-Fetterman rou-Maekey-Fetterman delegates b'ul startetl the, and as it was irajv.s-siblo irajv.s-siblo irajv.s-siblo to take action on it. a motion w;jh put that the Convention adjourn to meet at Philadelphia attheeailof President Brown. This motion gave rise to more confusion, but amidst tbe cries of "No," "No," the waving of hats, the nervous gesM-Milaring gesM-Milaring gesM-Milaring of cienched and dusky ti&ts, and the tattoo of canes upon the tioor, the chairman declared declared the bwly adjourned. FROSECCTIOyS STRAY POINTS, Later iu tue day Otii'er Knnkh preferred preferred charges of disorderly conduct against Thomas Washington and Gwrge Young, and also charged the latter with striking hiru. The accused remained in the Ceutral Ceutral station house for several hours, when some Krpublicau frieuds put up fifty dollars dollars for their apjearance at a hearing this mornifig and they were released. Subieouentiy one of the noisy delegates whom Officer Irsey Jones had struck, preferred a ch.irge of a.-sauit a.-sauit a.-sauit and battery against him letore Aldruiau Mil- Mil- liken. ihcer Jona attendeAl the Convei - tion as au ofiteer aud not as a delegate. The reporter met President lirown yes terdav aflernon, aud he star-d star-d star-d kthat no meeting will bes caded until an the election. He also stated tiiat Iho Ke- Ke- tiubiican Slate Vnnuiit''e and the Nation ai State Committee had furnished rail toad ticket to aii of their delegates. Mot ol the delegates from easiern cities have already left for their homes. LOCAL UKIM N Weal?ttr Jndictiwn for ToDcy. For the Tennessee, the Ohio Valley, elondy and rainy weather and winds reenis to etlder northwest fuiiowed by failing; barometer. Tue funeral of Michael Keardou will wdi take piatre tomorrow. ( oi.. Wm. K. Mrkhill of the I'. ?. Knifiower Serv ice, i in the city, Hon. S. II. Mas iS, National candidate candidate lor Oovernor arrive 1 ia the city lat niht. Iu. X. V. Chkhhiiwow, who was down with Use typhoid ffcver tor ome time if -n -n hi? pic? aAin. Ir- Ir- 1)e L Matyk, the Indiana Con- Con- rrer -a-. -a-. -a-. -a-. n eict, ad-ires-ed ad-ires-ed ad-ires-ed ad-ires-ed ad-ires-ed a Jreen';i-i Jreen';i-i Jreen';i-i mertiiK '.o Hie Al.eheny l!:i--rsd l!:i--rsd l!:i--rsd l!:i--rsd Ut eveuini. Thk total collections for the Pitts- Pitts- btOKh i'atiicoe d :.-- :.-- :.-- tn- tn- y i.w ft'.sr )-u-iereri )-u-iereri )-u-iereri )-u-iereri )-u-iereri are reprti a: 1 i! hy liev. Father Kitted, Treasurer. Vm. M. DknnistoN, Supcrintctiutnt ofthe Lat Fnd ! rr.pauy. i- i- ateJini the .nventon u the AmericAii tit-i:trht tit-i:trht tit-i:trht A-x'i A-x'i A-x'i Hon, WliKrfci it. ia set-'lo set-'lo set-'lo in New or t i-y. i-y. i-y. A lako e ftrce of carpenters, ma-and ma-and ma-and Uborers cou.inem ed jr-ter.isy jr-ter.isy jr-ter.isy It- It- pre pare the foundation lur the building ot the new ptttt.urh and lKe rJe Kiir-tnd. Kiir-tnd. Kiir-tnd. J. I. Sci u,v, treasurer of the yell jw Iver tund, reiortj m ldiUon;t.j '-..i '-..i '-..i iw .juii trora l P. t-nureh. t-nureh. t-nureh. Harruit die, Ohc. a-uc-u a-uc-u a-uc-u a-uc-u a-uc-u r ' unj loan's. The t.ital c .i;0-:iiou3 .i;0-:iiou3 .i;0-:iiou3 now rta-h rta-h rta-h Tmw. II. r.MUir., newsboy on the billimure aud h;o K.u -road, -road, v,-t,u v,-t,u v,-t,u ?-noi ?-noi ?-noi I aiiut ih-tujc ih-tujc ih-tujc time sm-e sm-e sm-e t t'a:ot.;"n. ha re'-o re'-o re'-o ered and is aga at in.- in.- u3 tne i'u'intowa hxprev-f. hxprev-f. hxprev-f. The tail mill at the works of Jones i. l-.iUKi.ltn l-.iUKi.ltn l-.iUKi.ltn s Aiiicr.cAU Iron Works !:- !:- r s-tuijed s-tuijed s-tuijed fperatu-ts, fperatu-ts, fperatu-ts, itrtet' upepT. u v.iue ruon t i The bet mills fire uu ruL!orK tnrce luin.- luin.- in twcnty-!our twcnty-!our twcnty-!our hours. IUihs have been hud on the new Pi tod hi run at lake fc-ie fc-ie fc-ie ru.d e lax as liajfVtile and yesterday the engine on the new ed aboffe Sewtr-kiey. Sewtr-kiey. Sewtr-kiey. The r..-- r..-- r..-- will biiJ ib:o tlii city in a lew day?. Mr. James M. Ukinhart, who was elected S.-cretary S.-cretary S.-cretary and J'rta-arer J'rta-arer J'rta-arer -d -d Use Pt hariih At i-ike i-ike i-ike tr;,,,,, h-x h-x h-x de-Huel de-Huel de-Huel the aiujointmenL and M.-. M.-. M.-. Jh U .inn' u, o! the Al leheny alley read, elected U ti.e Tin s far there has been but little, if any beitfn on tlie M rce which laker? place at four oVp-:k oVp-:k oVp-:k rrow uttern.'On on the Hultur. cir. ld;t c.- c.- are tv-uiliu tv-uiliu tv-uiliu 311 VENGEANCK. iMuIel Majhew ob Trial lor a Murdtr i ommltted Kleveo Years Ago. Testimony of the t imnnunwealib and Uefeuite. The trial of Daniel Mayhew, a man about fifty years of age, charged w ith tho murder of Henry Downs, occupied tbe attention of the Quarter Sessions Court all day yesterday yesterday aud will not be concluded until noon to-day. to-day. to-day. The circumstances of the murder are briefly to the etfect that a q'larrel had taken place between the Mayhew family and the Downs, residents at that time, of Becks Run, near Brownsville. That on the nicht of June 9ih, 167, Downs went to the house of Mayhew, aud being iatoxi-eated iatoxi-eated iatoxi-eated stood in front ofthe house holding an animated conversation with Mrs. Mayhew when he was struck on the head with a brick thrown from the window and supposed supposed to have been thrown by Mayhew. pawns died from the effect ef the blow a week after. Mayhew was arrested, but escaped from the officers, and since that has served a term of three years in the penitentiary of "West Virginia for lar-cenv. lar-cenv. lar-cenv. John Matthews, the brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law f the murdered man, has been on the trail of Mayhew, aud recently found him in Allegheny, where he was arrested. One of the counsel for the prosecution made a statement of the facts to the jury alter which he said that tbe Commonwealth, Commonwealth, in ail probability, would not ak for a verdict higher than the second decree. decree. The evidenee would scarcely establish establish an intent to kill and a le&al presumption presumption to that effect could hardly arise from the use of the weapon. THE TESTIMONY. Alfred Liston was the first witness. He was a nest door neighbor to Mayhew, Down had come to bis houe first and wanted to know if lie saw the man who said he could whip any Irish on the load. Wunes replied that the man be wanted lived next door. Downs tbeu said that be would "tlx the first man that showed up." He then went to Mayhew's house. Mrs. Mayhew came to the window and they had some talk. Downs started awav aud she cahed hitu au lrUa . He then returned ami sat down in front of the, bouse and commenced a tire of words, in ibe mid?; of which he was struck with a brick. He staegered onto th porch of witne:-s witne:-s witne:-s and es claimed I'm killed!" witness witness did nd go out ai the time but found bloc-d bloc-d bloc-d on the porch the next morning. Drs. Dutt and Miller twiiued that the skuil was fractured, and that death re-saiu-d re-saiu-d re-saiu-d re-saiu-d re-saiu-d fro til the wound ou the head. They bjKik s;xteen piece of Imne from It. John Matthews tettted that be found Downs on the porch of Lhston on the day afcer the diaturbauce, acd t-xk t-xk t-xk hiua home. ItoAus waa uneorsc-.ous uneorsc-.ous uneorsc-.ous at the time. Wit ness wrid out iiiUi the kitchen, leaving Can wi' h him, wht u I owns rou?el him- him- self sud ien'iv, and witoess heard hitn say 10 Car r, "Where is Matthews.' I want to i-ee i-ee i-ee him.'' Viine.s went to him, and lowii aid, "Matthews, I'm killed,' He then became unconscious. Witness had a conversation with Mayhew in Mayhew's Mayhew's house on July t, lHt7. He was with a jK'iiceutan who went to arrest him, and Mayhew tried to get out of the ba k dor. Mayhew anKe-i anKe-i anKe-i 11 Downs was dead. He ak.-d ak.-d ak.-d two r three timn, and when wtt-r:e.-"4 wtt-r:e.-"4 wtt-r:e.-"4 wtt-r:e.-"4 wtt-r:e.-"4 tid he wae dead, be replied. 'I'm d d giad to hear it. You p.jde ay that I hit him with a bandy -bill -bill v, but 1 uid not. I bit him with a brick. There's the place where 1 got the brick t pointing to the c hi nine ) . When he said he was glad lo h'far that Dawns was deal, he add- add- ni, "i'hai's the se-'oud se-'oud se-'oud lrih l'v k:l'el." Witness left him in charge of c itftatiles, and al.ut half an hour later '.card tiiat he bad e.vaprti. He next baw hir.i iti August, llo, in the HauoiH-k HauoiH-k HauoiH-k county county lail. V-t V-t V-t ;r!nia. Witness hal been huii'.iti h;m f..r rive yeara aud had a warrant warrant for bis rret. Mr. Cath. Ua, iagher, a near neighbor of M it; Lew, examined and corrtdiorated the tej-tinndiy tej-tinndiy tej-tinndiy as to what took place ou the 111 hf of tie disturbance. J diti ian ti-s ti-s ti-s tided that be was at home on ttie eveu!iij of th row between Uiwdh ami May hew. The nis tx-canioned tx-canioned tx-canioned ti- ti- mturbane awakened hiui, au he heard Mahw sayn g that his mother wa.4 a rt-siH-taule rt-siH-taule rt-siH-taule rt-siH-taule rt-siH-taule woman. Krt-d. Krt-d. Krt-d. K -gel -gel nwore that he a--i.ttel a--i.ttel a--i.ttel a--i.ttel in the arre-.t arre-.t arre-.t of Mavhew tnw-n tnw-n tnw-n after tbe ditiieui'y .w.'nr-'-a, .w.'nr-'-a, .w.'nr-'-a, .w.'nr-'-a, .w.'nr-'-a, aid th.t l. eea.irl from hiai and Joliu Sander, who aisj assisted in the arrest. They cap'; a red hiui at Lis hooe. if id had guiu about, a mile with him lien he .u,th-d .u,th-d .u,th-d lii'-m lii'-m lii'-m aido aud ran off, saying as he did s t, b-vs, b-vs, b-vs, vou can t catt'h me. John Senders corroborated the u-etimonj u-etimonj u-etimonj Of Foei. iu Mi ( uity t.tatei that h wa an i fitter in ! i, and with others weut to W liiirtmburg to arrest Mayhew, but b hd air ady et:i' d when McCuliy 0 tht-re. tht-re. tht-re. iho witness saw him running over th.- th.- bill. to. Mwney testified that h nai in M-:Cr.jkey' M-:Cr.jkey' M-:Cr.jkey' tavern when Ottieers Suders atid Fi'gel trame in witii tbe r risoner aud caiied ior a dnnk. Tue otlieern wore on th ir way to the city with Mayhew. 1 titienian pre ser t said, "Mayhew, you have treen beliaviufir bal aain ," when be r'piied, "yes, I Uoa dey'u hang me thi hn". Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Df-t-eetive Jerry Stintb of Allegheny, ts titled thin he arretted Mayhew on the 7th ot Sep-em Sep-em Sep-em iH-r iH-r iH-r last at his Lum?ot Perrvsvilie rfivnu, A i-vhenv. i-vhenv. i-vhenv. Witns had a con ver-at. ver-at. ver-at. n w-th w-th w-th him alkut the killing ot Down-. Down-. Down-. When lie arretd the accused the latter said. 'Thi ia lot that I downs' busi i:-Kf4." i:-Kf4." i:-Kf4." Witness auswerl yes, ani M;iyiiew then said that Iowua and an oi her man had come lor the purpose THE riHTIi CHAPLALX. Death of Kev. Father Christy at Co-lt:mhu Co-lt:mhu Co-lt:mhu Brief 6 ketch or tbe Mo(,ller and Clergyman a Life. The sad intelngenc was recurred in the city last evening lhat Lev. Father Kicbard C. Christy, the well known Catbolic clergyman clergyman had uif d at Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. yesterday. The announcement of his death will cast a gloom over Western Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, throughout which he was so weil kuowu as tbe Fighting Chaplain. He waa attached to tbe Seventy-eight Seventy-eight Seventy-eight R'giment Pennsylvania volunteers, commanded hy Colonel William Sirwell of Kittannmg, hich belonged to Megley's brigade in tho Army of tiie Cumberland. Well does the writer remember the day that the brigade embarked from the wharf of this city on steamboat, and the crowd attracted to witness witness their departure. Much to their horror tke hurricane deck of one of the boats broke and a number of soldiers were injured. The Catholics 00 that occasion were proud to know that the faithful Priest was on hand to give spiritual consolation to the wounded, and cheer the alUicted. Through the entire war Father Christy was devoted to tho of the Union, always on hand to givs religious counsel to the wounded, and equally ready to take his gun to make common cause against the enemies of his country. When the war waa over the ''fighting chaplaiu" returned with the Seventy-seventh, Seventy-seventh, Seventy-seventh, Seventy-seventh, Seventy-eighth Seventy-eighth Seventy-eighth and Seventy-ninth Seventy-ninth Seventy-ninth Regiments, and resumed the charge of his old congregation near Kittanuing, Armstrong Armstrong county. When tiie annual re-union re-union re-union of the heroes of the war held throughout this country tbe Fighting Chaplain occupied a prominent place in the front ranks with bis comrades, (fen. Phil. Sheridan and oihers. and has on several occasions enlivened enlivened The assemblages with his happy anecdotes of camp life and the triais attendant attendant upon long siege-. siege-. siege-. After a short stav at Kiltanning, Father Christy took chaigeof the Church at Khons-burg, Khons-burg, Khons-burg, the countv seat of Cambria, where he was stationeu for many years, and buil t a fine church and pastoral residence and established a preparatory school for young children. A lew years ago be was assistant assistant at Sr. Patrick?, where his health failed, failed, and for a time was stationed at Merey Hospital. Afterwards he was Killed to take charge of a Church at Ciumbus, and tuns he hands over his flock to tue keeping of the Lord, who has relieved him of his good work. Father Cnristy's life is a lesson for the rising generation. He wa one of five brothers, and two sisters, viz. Dr. Christy of Oil City, John A.Christy, M.J. Christy, Andrew Christy, Mrs. Andrew Butler and Mrs. Wm. J. ikmuer, whone ancestors are among the pioneers of Cambria county. Father Christy was about fifty years of age, and during the half century he lived he contributed as much of the milk of human human kiudnens to those he came in contact with as the most noted philanthropists. 1 HE COL UTS Yesterday Proceeding in the State, County and t'nMed States Courts. A. Trial Brought to a ISadUen Termination Termination Ye-terday Ye-terday Ye-terday the ease ol" John Kel'y, charged with larceny by Marret Mctrarry, waJ interrupt interrupt ed In the 'riailhal C urt by a motion of t he District Attorney to d l'hinre the jury, as the intre-;t-i intre-;t-i intre-;t-i intre-;t-i intre-;t-i of public pi!ie would bedeieatedby want of whk-h whk-h whk-h esuld hereafter be obtained. obtained. The finst!tTJtinaiitr of thi will come tip at the net trial, and Id the meantime the motion wu granted and the prisoner recommitted recommitted t vaH. 'I he Court said lhat this wae an un-ufual un-ufual un-ufual mrtion, and ft lj the Dc-urt Dc-urt Dc-urt to do an set whh4i it should not do eic-pt eic-pt eic-pt forstrontt and ur- ur- Kent re.-vsiinn. re.-vsiinn. re.-vsiinn. lint the Cot cutnmunicated the Court by the Jiistrtet Attorney, under fcis (.ifih of ortico. and represent nc this Nroinoo wt-iilth. wt-iilth. wt-iilth. madetiKi caf? aa ex eptlon. Tne de- de- fendsnt'? a juittal w;I! result In the e ape of aevcral other panie a-ain?t a-ain?t a-ain?t whom he think ttie-e ttie-e ttie-e l a clear en.?-. en.?-. en.?-. 1'iseharjcm the .Miry will fimpiy delay the cae lor a ?hrl time. SI'AiK 1 PKtiMKCUl K T t hikp Jtsticx AON KW M) JliTICBi MtKi l It, SHAlteWOOD, UoaiM?i, Pa.W, WOOllWAKU AMD Tars K KV W ilUam lt7rll v. A. C Psttenn. K-mr K-mr K-mr to 1 ''-melon ''-melon ''-melon P.ea) N. Jonn irton h-rtfiAto h-rtfiAto h-rtfiAto t it in errur atd Joepb Huyi tor deieudant iti trrtT. J. li. Hsrr, S. Hare. Jsium Kelley and W. B Brown vs t'omtnonsref 1th ot Pem- Pem- Ivania. for ueot H. K it'r ai.d A. Klerer. Krror To t'om m -n -n Pi! iX". 1. Argued bv s. eyer tor plain till in errt.r and A. at. Brown for deiendaut in er.i'f. 4 . m aion wealth ft rel. vi. Annie M. Kuettner. Ai-:' Ai-:' Ai-:' 1 t 1- 1- 1 Smith fp-tn fp-tn fp-tn imu-in imu-in imu-in f!ea No. 1. Avucd bv r. P. i uiton and V. V. Taylor lor appellant and J. K. r. run contra. Ot'AKTKK SKSSIONS COCKT Jrofli W HITK. Thij ('urt wa Kuiid a'd tte mornin'r and ! "Mil er.r on le Mayhew murder CHue.aiid did 111 tnitiii ex.-ept ex.-ept ex.-ept xmnt a oioi-on oioi-on oioi-on ot tne lis- lis- tict Attorney iromnic the trial ot John Kelly, charged with iareny. Till At. I 1ST Fi'K TMt'KOT. f Vtrtmonwe'th v. John Schmidt et at J -uph -uph N- N- i in el J:nne Carn-; Carn-; Carn-; .1. . Me&s ri-r: ri-r: ri-r: Kui:ha .liok- .liok- u: 1-d. 1-d. 1-d. S. liarttnent et al Walter I'nnn-cv; I'nnn-cv; I'nnn-cv; (1 UOeb Kueker; .L-tiD .L-tiD .L-tiD S. i'iT- i'iT- on et ux; itriaruiO rUurniuii Oeorte Kurt?; John Liaturotfi. OKPH NS' fOrKTJtin Hawkins. Jr. Ktte ol IiaviJ ISeae. deceased. Keturn of jsterioai Some days Mary Doyle track, near was that she t;r, at the veloped that wheels. The mystery, but has throw some charges are however. The investigated. Ve have F. B. Peterson new (L'Aimee) manuscript fifty c-nts. c-nts. c-nts. The Srreftt Allegheny p-pointtd a empow-eri to ran-cbeoter tbe right to station. The visit Fremont ailvi.iability Val-lry Kail way tracks on which the does not than once 6ri and titt Hoard Why pay a hotel wben da-tloni" at the near the rnton well ventilated that could lie to the eoojlort waiters take putronft. n.tlgned they city. "Oh. how 1 oft as your?," en easily 'How?' mtju-redtue Bitters, that bk-ou:-mirj health. through should never teeth forever their decay to use and supremely It is Spalding's The r oar These four in the United They can Bro.'.s, 122 at factory Verms. Ve are permanent!)' rurei ut tbe bowel mother, which perfect bealtti t'ni-versity ave., eol-uiun. ot Autumn oitnueoli i iab-rt'5can be O.mer W-Kd W-Kd W-Kd THitS Bottlers of leer, Kuglish and ale, port-r, port-r, port-r, for ftmilv Pittib;irh, prom fitly, promptly ( To tbo add two cups butter, one Hour, haviug taking four eggs pans. For the plain chocola. white starch; one tablesfioon-ful extract boil until it Wben cold, cake. Each Powder contains of a i-fwion. i-fwion. i-fwion. I) Hop U i 'arter' FeUw' 'J nooipaoi Meeper'ji Plautn"ri Am? Humphrey1 H Uiiaui'

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