The Arming of the Freedmen in NC and the Resignation of Union General Ed R.S. Canby.

Add to the end of the second column, "in North Carolina, write uponthe records of the State their own infamy---and write it in blood."

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The Arming of the Freedmen in NC and the Resignation of Union General Ed R.S. Canby. - THK WILMINGTON JOURNAj wiLMixQToy. y. SATIUDAT....
THK WILMINGTON JOURNAj wiLMixQToy. y. SATIUDAT. AUGCST 8, 1S68. ysiDEXT : HORATIO SEYMOUR OI-NEWYOBK. OI-NEWYOBK. OI-NEWYOBK. F0i? XICE-FnESIDXXT XICE-FnESIDXXT XICE-FnESIDXXT : GEX. FRANK P. BLAIR, OF AITSSOPBI. Tins New York World puts the case neat-It, neat-It, neat-It, thns: "Tennessee is reconstructed. "Tennessee is bankrupt. Can't meet her .'July interest. And wants troops. Can be carried for Giust without 'em. Let us have peace." Allen md Sedition Uwi j It is almost impossible to keep pace tL acts of tyranny by which the Radicals of this State are attempting -people -people into riot and . bloodshed. Having by the power of Federal bayonets, seized the control of North Carolina, they will endeavor to seal their possession at the expense of the prosperity of the State, and in the life-blood life-blood life-blood of its best citizens. The work of the Legislature is entirely devoted to .-establishing .-establishing .-establishing new offices with large sala-nes, sala-nes, sala-nes, and creating unheard of offences ',w heaw pains and penalties, and nrmintr ono portion of the population th other. We do not see the pas ufirro n f laws looking to a just, equitable and economical government ; wo see noth- noth- ing intended to develop and promote iu resources cf the State ; nothing to add to its wealth ; nothing to provide the means iiecessary to meet its increasing expenses ; nCtLing to promote agriculture, commerce, immigration and internal improvements ; niothing to foster the natural advantages in which North Carolina is so rich, and which, i properly! developed, would make her great and prosperous ; in short, nothing is done in the interest of industry, quiet, social order,- order,- prospeiity and peace, and everything for idleness confusion, internal disorders, ruin and war nothing for North -Carolina, -Carolina, bnt everything for the Radical party. Tyrannical and oppressive police brills are followed by Pedition laws. Crimes nre established, punishments adjudged, "aWl offices, executive and. judicial, are created to suit the purposes of party. In ?Very way the most odious and offensive distinctions are drawn between different portions of the people of the State, seem- seem- icgly with a view to create tuscora ana turmoil. ' It we are to judge by the acts'of the present Legislature, North Carolina has no enemies moro to be feared and provided against than those of her citizens most distinguished for their intelligence, virtue and wealih none who seek to destroy her prosperity bo much a3 those n&tire htre, i And to tho maimer born." ! TliA T.pmsl.atii-e T.pmsl.atii-e T.pmsl.atii-e proceedings record D 1 nothing but a warfare waged upon our best 1 citizens with "all the mendacity and : iialignity of fiends, who labor in the interests interests of their master with demoniac love. These men do not anticipate, as they do not deeire, a prosperous and peaceful solution solution of our "present difficulties. Born amidst tho throes and convulsions of the State, and nourished by the diseased and disordered condition of society, they desire to prolong their evil importance by anarchy f nd revolution. "We have heretofore published in full the . Military .Tolice Bill, introduced by the . Welker. We give below the Sedition Sedition Act, presented by another warlike preacher. Reverend -Blythe. -Blythe. This jrill has ' been.referred to a select committee, and ill doubtless pass in this or some similar shape. These men are indeed organizing hell in North Carolina : . an act to rrxisn coNsrnucr, sedition, in- in- ! KUIUiECTION. REBELXJOX, iC i Whzbeas, '1 here are believed to exist in this State treasonable orsanizationa in. which the spu-it spu-it spu-it r h rhUinn it inr'nrpd and cherished, tbe purpuee of wbich is to create and enatain a spirit Irt oar State and National Got- Got- - Krrm(,ni n,l hv ibrpftt and intimidations, to pverawe the freedom of elections and of speech: : and whereas, there are in many, parts ofoorHtate a licentious abuse of the freedom of the press in viritiiicr a BDirit of disaffection, sedition and iL- iL- surrecuon against the National Union and the LojalPtatoi GoTernment of North Carolina, as was done in the year 1S61 : Therefore, to protect the poplo of ihis State from the Horrors or war, rapine and cruelty, and the reign 01 terror wmcn , Sec 1. lie it enacted by the General Assembly of Lcrfl larvitna, mat 11 any person, uy epiu8, writi g. printing, or in any other means, shall lun.Uavi.r cxpitA mnnteniDee. or enconrace. anv rpirit of rebellion, sedition, disaffection or ti. thn state (iovernment of North Caio- Caio- iin ,,w tn thn r!nn administration of the laws tfi Government of the United States or any law thereof, shall, on conviction, boimprisoced at hard labor for not less thtn , three jars nor more than ten years, and be fined not exceeding two thousand doliars. . tsec '2 lnat it auy person snail, Dy mrci, m-iimidation, m-iimidation, m-iimidation, or in any other way attempt to prevent prevent any citizen from voting his honest sentiments, sentiments, or to compel him to vote againstjus sentiments sentiments in any election, or who shall leave his home and ehU atumpt in the night time, to intimidate, intimidate, frighten, or alarm any peaceable citizen of the State, every such person, in any of the ways aforesaid, thus offending, shall, upon coa i'viction, be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than twelve months nor more than three years. And be lined not exceeding five thousand dollars. I bee 3. That if two or more persons shall con-- con-- con-- spire together to overthrow, or pat down, or to destroy by force the Government of the State of North Carolina, or to Ipvy war against the Gov-r Gov-r Gov-r rnnient of North Carolina, or to oppose by force ,the authority of the G vernment of North Caro-' Caro-' Caro-' Una.' or bv force or by threats or intimidation, to prevent, hinder, or dlay the execution of any law : of the 8 ate or North Carolina, or by force or (fraud to eeizj or tnka possession of anv firearms ;or property of the State of North Carolina against 'the wiU or contrary to the authority of said Mate, ! every person so offending in any of the ways 'aforesaid. sh4ll be guilty of a high crime, and upon convii-tion convii-tion convii-tion thereof in any Court having ju-.nsUiction. ju-.nsUiction. ju-.nsUiction. shall be imprisoned for not lees thu three yeara nor more than ten yers, and be 'fined not ex ceding five thousand dollars. ) Sec 4 If any p-reon p-reon p-reon shall incite, set on foot, 'assist or engage in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of th mate of N rth aro-,'lma aro-,'lma aro-,'lma or the laws thereof, or eh ail give aid or com-;fort com-;fort com-;fort thereto, each and e ery person so offend. ng ; in any of toe ways aforesaid, shall be guilty o1 a high crime and upon conviction thereof - in any sTVinrfl' havinm lnjittiin aholl Ka nnntohBrl Kv : ua w um r lug j ui lOUlt liUUy DU sua w uuki.u J imprisonment at hard labor for. not less thn rive years uor more than fifteen yars, and be fined not . 1 L . - i .1 m 3 11 'iaun uuui icu luouaaou aouars . Caaby' Frcvrll j It gives us pleasure to publish the final oraer of tbe Commander of this Military j District. We 'may need the presence of j 'the military to p.beek the revolutionary ! !8chemes of the Radicals, and if so, vre trust I i we may be favored with an officer and not ! :a partisan a soldier fall of honor and jus- jus- 1 I! 1 a A t . a 1 m . ' ,uco. anu not tne 1001 01 designing and bad , man J Headquabtebs 2d Miutabt Distbict ! CH A RT.F.HTOV . 8. C. Anont r. o ' No. 160. f In obedience to General Orders No, X, from th m : . i.' H b. Mdered hereby i m - a . u . maud or the troops m " - District iiC',M cf the ncrl .Uff on duty at the T1 rvat Dittrict wui repori w.-t w.-t w.-t St'rimoandinK the Departing. of Brevet Major-General, Major-General, Major-General, U. B. A. OfficUl : In the face of the moat significant and n warnings, the Radical majority of ' v AmfliafnM inatiffated by the Denl our licgio'-i licgio'-i licgio'-i o- o- - - and iaiauy ueu . - . i a ftlaaa of our Citizen bermuieu w . . .?nt the other. With a majoruy -r -r ;t, onnrnUhinCr IWBUhJ nf the entire Executive voies , tuu"- tuu"- t:.;i Tpnartmenta of the govern ment ; in possession of two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds of the county civil organizations," and with every ..JL-i ..JL-i ..JL-i Mvnmtirm in the Stote under officers appointed by their Governor, and :.i. - rBtitntion of their own'frammg arid laws of their own making, they declare it absolutely necessary, beyondthis. to arm preserve the peace, xne . fntation on its face. Nothing carries z . . , , can be plainer than thai the leaders desire to use these arms to intimidate vote nn strife and disorder in the SUte. IU OM " i' At the late election, although there were not a tithe of the troops proposed now w be organized and armed in North Carolina, in the face of the' numDeness juu hallot-box hallot-box hallot-box committed by the Radi- Radi- U. there was not a single instance bf dis ,n,K,n,fl throughout the length ; and K.(Uh nf the State. ' We have never yet i,. f thA slightest interference of Radi w. a . t - . a.i nmpaxinna. nor oi tne cai meeiiugs uu tct inlAnrta offered to any man, however V - . l- l- n YT-ra YT-ra YT-ra rA aFI UliCUoi c auu : " - lit Anrt and his speeches. Our people .a- .a- mnaiarv may nave submitted to disfranchisement ; have seen their governments torn down, ana bastards, the offspring of Federal bayonets and Yankee impudence and negro igno nM At no in their stead; have seen their well-known well-known well-known and well-beloved well-beloved well-beloved leaders KannMi ftnd Droscribed ; are ready to respect the laws of this usurping govern ment : have paid, and stand reaay 10 pay, the taxes which have and may do npon the property of the State by mendi cants now in office. For no good purpose, therefore, can these men find excuse to place arms in the hands of their partisans. partisans. The white citizens have, many causes for irritation and excitement, which they have wonderfully confined within peaceful bounds in order to secure the general good, and it is the height of folly and madness madness for these causes to be increased beyond beyond the point of reasonable and safe endurance. endurance. It was to be hoped that our Governor and Legislature would heed the lessons which cotemporary governments are teach ing them. Compared to Louisiana ana Tennessee, the quiet condition of North Carolina is to be envied. THe outrages and crimes which occasionally occur in our State, and shock the ear with their horrid recitals, have their foundation for purposes purposes of plunder; into which idleness has nrrrAi in certain portions of the State. But in tbe States named, secret political soci-1 eties upon the one sidehave given life tothose upon the other. TheUnionLeague Has given birth to the K. W. C. in Louisiana, and the Ku-Klux Ku-Klux Ku-Klux in Tennessee, and assassinations assassinations and violence, lawlessness and disorder disorder have been the result, until there i al most open warfare. In Louisiana, with at least more show reason than with us, it has been proposed to arm tho militia, but the Radical carpetbag carpetbag Governor opposes and desires to avert this movement. 4 The organization of militia," he says in his communication the President, "is of very questionable expediency, inasmuch as it will be, under "the present excited state of mind, "political party armed to support "Government against the other." closes his anneal for aid by a recommen dation that all secret political societies broken up, which he regards as the source of all 1 the trouble. With us there are no secret political societies, except those in the interest Radicals. Loyal Leagues among the negroes, and Heroes of America among whites, constitute the only oath-bound, oath-bound, oath-bound, cret societies in North Carolina. JLneir influences are working much evil, and yet be the fruitful source of much more. Unarmed, they have not been able to provoke provoke riots and bloodshed; but place in their hands, and protect them by and a biased Judiciary and Executive, and how long will peace be maintained ? Elsewhere we publish an abridged 'account of a meeting of ex-Confederate ex-Confederate ex-Confederate officers in Tennessee, in the interest of order and quiet, and to prevent, if possible, possible, the arming of the militia, as has recommended by Brownlow. The members members of the Legislature agreed that arming of the militia was attended many dangers, as had been shown the before. The conference has done good and there is a hope of a peaceful lation of their troubles. The latest advices represent even Brownlow as enlisted in cause of peace, and there is even hopa of his recommending the enfranchisement enfranchisement of 'the eighty thousand whites denied the right of suffrage, which is pregnant cause of all the trouble. j Without the causes which operate j those States,' in the midst of great excite ment, unattended as yet with violence outbreak, when, the best portion of people are chafing under insults and miliations; when strangers are usurping places of honor and profit, destroying ofdst highly cherished institutions, tramplinsr upon the most sacred feelinirs of the heart, it is gravely proposed to and equip six thousand men, uncontroled except by their own licentious wilL responsible only to those whose evil saries they are. These men who thus saries they are. TheMaeawhotlrrablj-rtim the prospects of p'iLnd toipiiiW

Clipped from Wilmington Journal14 Aug 1868, FriPage 4

Wilmington Journal (Wilmington, North Carolina)14 Aug 1868, FriPage 4
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  • The Arming of the Freedmen in NC and the Resignation of Union General Ed R.S. Canby. — Add to the end of the second column, "in North Carolina, write uponthe records of the State their own infamy---and write it in blood."

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