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WW1 - -V ! THE WEATHER . Fair today; partly closdy,...
-V ! THE WEATHER . Fair today; partly closdy, warmer Tbarsday: moderate east te southeast wind a. . 7fw fstt w tar rmrt m r-e te. "All tho News That's Fit to Print." i l::iii...:;o. 0,647. NEW YORK.! WEDNESDAY, 'AUGUST 5, 1914. TWENTY PAGES. ' nKP rPVT laOmMUMTM, f tew. T1 '- .-':: .: . 4 . ' ' ' - '"-'' -: '' ' " ' ' (Cl mm v XJ " f 1117 e. viS ev W J. i '! I . WAR ON GERMANY;. BRITISH DEFEAT mERMAN, BELGIUM ' . : 0O.DBO- MEN ENGAGED IMGREAT WAR OF EIGHT ;. : '.2 AT ENGLISH ' 'AlND GERMAN .NAVIES ..: TAL " WARSHIPS OFF THIS PORT AS I f " " " - - J JW DECLARES . 'INCH ' : SHIPS1 i!::;,3 Two Armies L-' -'um After "7 k III. lefulsed H: ported to Z :;lh That :: to ah:.:s ':.'.r.3 King's Ap-I C:f:n::. Oczr 17,C:0,CC3 Fighting Ilea; of Eight Nations I Nov) Engaged in the Colossal European War Germany . . . AustrU-IIungary 1 DUAL ALLIANCE. Rjrular Army. ...... 870.000 390,000 I Total Reserres. War Strength. 7oll .. ... ....... 1,260,000 4,430,000 1,610)00 6,040,000 5,300,000 2,000,000 700,000 TRIPLE ENTENTE AND ITS ALLIES. ; ' - RcRTilr Army. Hussla w. V.. '1,290,000.' France 720.000 Knjrland i.. 254,500 Itoljrium ,42,000 ervia 82,000 llontenesro 60,000 ,, "Total i Rewfrvea. War Strength. 4,500,000 3,300.000 380,000 476,500 180,000 208,000 7,444,500 . ::::r clashes n r r t: I :rc;s Crcs$ :vl!!3. ? i ToUl ........ . . V ...... 288,500 ; Grand ToUl The above figures do not includa the naval forces of the nations. 4,000,000 731,000 $ 222,000 S 240,000 s 60,000 ti . . I 0,8:5.1,000 17,133 JOOO is- v ! I ! f ' ' ' ' '' i ' ' j '-"' Vr' GERLl WARSHIPS HEAR Cunarder Slips Out: Will gemm fleei sjvxs nt-i. i iL riuLiloL..:.l BWIBH JUOtE LAYER i as tscor Liner ; to Head ' for Newfound land, Where Other English! snips win Meet Her., FRENCH CRUISERS ' l :,ron. ' Rlr'.lll ... (i. . . 4.--Tt. C'rman ! t;. r.-n Gov- : v.'n niornlrij that i i r v'd f'iM''t . f'r t ! :r 'ry m unwiU t a n'at rf war x- i; ' T-i .i ti y an.! IVIrIuttu 4 t Ut'C Irt ti n outsiJo . I t' Mintatrr at tha . t, mi l t re.l Ilka 'i strft!!. whUh 1 lth crowJa of - ;ry of Wr Count Ton 1 Yi I. id newa that I v .- a'.rrajy on I1- r I.!, i . .:! tV-.tt response to f-'-i t. K'.r.K of tht : C'itc I.hJ r.t a erla-f t f f wnu!. riFpct .-. I. :.v:ri:y, nl neu- . j , . -a- rv!.iu. nthuB!am ; i t .- CI an.'n'r whn tha 1 t'. cv-opratlon of all 1 c:'!" !-."'' that th Klnf 1 ;t. Vt iL-rvfl.tn. tha -. it I'-, nilwr of the Allnld- r i : I thnt the work-. w-u'i 1 Wnd thplr i with the rn . v : v t,,y had drffmled i I i 1 1 J n-.t. ' , t' l'"r i.rr'n. ya: . w ... Ii r '-..n. !!i) U anM-p ..It f . !m off.T . ! x ,' ', i f thcr roun. . It h r-v ' ary to - : ' i. I ' . an 1 faml-' ( . i t I r ,..!..ni at tha : i n f. r to d'.a for Ik ' ;:r t IMn unlor . f I i ii' 1 f n an.l imvs I .'.'re It rr"iit ixcttfm!nt it tr n rar'.taJ. . All t - f o ar f.Ilcd with t.i 1-find thrlr . t ' I I . 5 In T'rotirtnr Or-i Hi '!t r.;!y atntlona. . 1.1 ' tit t)m t(.u of 1 : r , I" ird Jrry l,a I v t mi!, m by all : i r -i, ment enaxiod. la which tha German! I were repulsed. AU Germana have h-en axpi'llel from Llece and Naiur. : Thla vltilaiton of Iteljclan neutriiSlty followed tha fallura of a aecond Qcr. man ultimatum to lnduca Beltutn to permit the paarage of tha Kaiaer'a troops to tha French border. , This ulttmatum atated that Germany vii prepared to rry L through by forte of arms. If i.ecefsar.T, any meaa-orr cha considered eBscntlal, It waa delivered by the. German Minister In t'-rMHxda lHt Monday night, aa the reply of Germany to the refusal of pelRlum to accede to Oermanya flrat ultimatum. . ' , . : Germany further stated that If Bel-plum adopted a hontila attitude against thn C rman troops and put difficulty I i V. woy of t'. ''r advan. Gf-r- .. .- 'i.j,. i i;e i.u.,.'t l t r'.,.ua i.- i-r! ; . ns hrr enemy. la that case, Ger-r.y-my would not entfr Into any under-Uiklv.z whh Iinlelum, .'but "would have the final relatione of tha two t'lales to the decUlon of arms." ; j Following- thla ruian troope crossed tho frontier at (Jemmenleh, near the Jumtlrtrt of tha Dutch, liclg-lan, -and (Irrmnn frontiers. . " ' . i Ariith-r report nays that German forc Invaded Bolglura near Ver-vler, east of Liege. ' '. Klnir Albert prealded ywiterday over V Joint srnlon of the Benate and jm!r of Deputlea. and In an ad-stated that never since 1S30 had ver situation confronted a neu-, l tiailon. lie eald It was lmper-! Ive that every Belgian should do his i ity and resign himself to every, sac-' flea that might be accessary to pr-f ent the violation of Belgian aolL I The King went on: ... ' " : ' ; i " Our Fatherland la In danger. Let e m an appeal to you, my broth-, rn. At this supreme hour the entire ration must be of one mind.' I have railed together the two housee ot Par liament ao that they may support the Government In declaring that we willl maintain untarnished the sacred patrl-j.tl.'m of our fathers. Long; live Inde pendent Belgium! f ' i A scene of stirring enthusiasm followed. Deputies and Senators atnod and nhouted in chorus the closing -orda of King Albert's speech, j TYrmlrr de Broquevllle then made a atatenirnt as to Germany's ultimatum to Belgium and the reply of Belgium, atattn that ihe Government would nnt aicrlflce the country honor, and th'.t the nation would resist by every means In He power all encroachments on Its rights. Ha added: i " The word la. therefore. To arms! In thla land of eura we shall not weaken, and even If we are conquered j.-, . . j Into French territory near Mars-la- Tour, where one of thelmont Important battles ot the Franco-Prussian war was fought cm Aug. 1(1, 1S70, ' Another German detachment enteied the village of MolnevUle. In the Department of Muerthe et Moselle. A parish priest waa killed, f ' Other detachments visited outlying farms at Lepulx, nears Belfort, and requisitioned cattle. Several Germans were taken prisoners and brought Into Belfort. ; ; - German troops today :cat. the telephone and telegraph wlrea on French territory along the border. No engagement In force was reported, but the French ortponts have boen harried since lust nlirht by-na- mi'rous ralils of the men y. ; Th French, however, refused to be drawn beyond the slx-mlle aont left unoccu pied along the frontier, s j A German army aeroplane; last evening dropped three bombs on the French fortified town of Luneville. southeast of Nancy. Borne damage was caused, but there were no casualties, : ! : ; A squadron of the Eleventh i Dragoons, stationed in Belfort. rendered funeral honors today at iJoncherey to a German Lieutenant, the first victim of the actual conflict between France and Germany. . r The Temps publishes a resumA ot the Incidents on the frontier'. It aays Wireless Code Messages from Telefunken Scouts hip Pathfinder It Chased By the Kaiser s Warthipt Bat Makes Its Escape, i , IX)NDON, Aug. 4. A British niine- I laying ship has been sunk by a. Ger man fleet ; ! The British ' scout ship ' Pathfinder was pursued by the fleet, but man aged to make her escape. i There are seven fnlne-lawra l tha Brttlnh Navy tbe intrepid. Andromache. i.eiona, i netia, iphlgema. Apollo, and Naiad, all of 3.4fl to ..)kiO tons. -Only the Intrepid and Naiad carry any gun. SHIP SUNK; ATTACKED; NATIONS; ABOUT TO . GRAPPLE; ' LUSITANIA ! SAILS State of War Exists, Says Britain, as Kaiser Rejects Ultimatum. MUST DEPEND BELGIUM King George Issues Call to Arms and Thanks the Colonies . for Their. Support. ' OUTSIDE . BATTLE INJHJNORTH SEA?, BERJN London Paper Reports One ' Goin j On, Saya Wounded Are Landed. Station jat Say Dupaua .to jja cMtrai ... or British Foreign .Office. Makes i British Declaration of, War With Germany, ' ' ; ; Following Rejection of Her Der.zrJ . : : . -i. LONDON, Aug-. 4- Great. Britain declared war on German v at .7 o'clock tonlg-ht i An -earlier announcement that Germany : had declared war on Great BriUin was a ue to an error in tho Admiralty's statement. . I Tho Foreiffa Offke'a StatesaenL ,Tht Britiah Foreign Office hag Isaued tht followinc atatemert: " Owing; to tha summary rejection by the German Cmrmnt f Ithe request made by his Britannic . Majesty's Government that the neutrality of Belgium should be reapecud, hU Majerty'a Ambaaaador t Berlin hag received hla paasporte and hU Majesty's (kremment nas aecurea to the uerman Gorernment that a state of war exiiti between Great Britain and Germany from 11 o'clock P. M, Aug. 4." . i i Declaration Aaaouaced to Geraany. i BERLIN, Aug-. 4-Shortly after 7 o'clock thia evenlnr Wi!'l Edward Goechen, the Britiah Ambeaaador, went to the Foreign Offire and Announced that Great Britain had declared war with Germany. He then demanded his passport. . . ville Aid German Cruisers. TO BE SENT TO WASHINGTON LiONDON, Aug. i 4. A special of The Star, published at 11 P. L. as- aerts that a- naval battle has been go ing-on some hours off the north of I Bootland and that several wounded matinee and seamen have been landed af Cromarty. Final Announcement One Hour Before Time Limit. i ... j. .. VOTE i $525,000,000 FUND The Dresden Reported Off Cape TWO GERMAN WARSHIPS England Takes All Foreign War- TAKEN, ANOTHER SUNKl Mp Building in Her Porta I ' . . I: Cod in 'an Attempt to Cut i . j - -- - . - French Cable. OUR DESTROYERS PUT OUT Liner Olympic jSalla In Under Cen- j voy of Cruiser Enex German French Fleet in the Mediter- .... rantan RenarleA fa Hact Won a Victory, j Two from Turkey. JAPAN TO AID ENGLAND England Calls All Unmarried ' Men From 18 to 30 To Serve King and Country in This Hour of Need i : ' LONDON, Wednesday. Anr. 5 A War OffV- -..i . appears in the moraine papers headed: -Your Kin a-td Countrr The advertUement ayt that the empire U on the brink cf the greatest war in the history of the world, and appeals to all unmarried men between the ages of 18 and 30 years to join the array Immediately. . . . quietly dispersed.' and by 11 o'clock TO Smash the Kiel Canal Probably J Fleet Street was as quU-t as usual. Warships Outclassed'. . i . 1 - J J ' Crowm 0H tht Cast j French.feruUers Conda and Dee-cartes. ! . British. Cruifers Berwick, Eases, and lAncaster. i ! Oerman.-M 'misers Dresden, Btraae-burg. and JKarlsruha. t - f ; ! . Atif, An unofficial re port from Algiers says that a French fjecthaa captured two. German. exu- ; era, the Gocben and the Breslau. : A llavaa dispatch from Algiers say that It la reported there that , FremOi warships have sunk the German cruis er Panther. ' ' A previous report from the Governor of 'Algeria. In a telegram to the French English Fleet's First Attempt Aoslntt Cf rmtwy. :' i'; r' ' Weal lauk Kiel CaaaL "rremlr Asqullh's statement in the the raUway farnitWe. bt ;.w ( the military and naval req iirrm-rT. tM the need ,f the dyO rtimmun:;l,t The staff cf t(h railway rtrr.-.,, f fr. ft :i Moma i s . House f Commons yesterday that thel- " ITT . ln eommltte com dumI of ih. r:-- ,.. Bpclal Cable te Tk Kbw Tosk Timss. LOKDO.V. Wednesday. Aug.' 8 War fa on between England and Ger many. - An ultimatum to the German I morning, she was picked up outside sjin dy llook byj thej British cruiser Essex, which had uat convoyed the White Star liner Oympto to ;the end of Its transst lantlc Journey paat three German crUls- several German reconnoitring parties era off this jcoast and almost Into New crossed the frontier to ascertain the York Harbor, strength of the French covcrina- I Th LultanU troops. . It Is assumed -by thei mlU- l1" fclk. . It waa expected; at tarv authorities here that th: Ger. thtt Um Hrelesg. message would mans would have made a sudden at As the Cunard Iner Iiusttante left thU (about sixty shells) into the French port for Liverpool at 1 - o'clock thla -r r . j vns man was auiea ana some ouua- Government that the neutrality of Government. suU . that the , German I Belgium must be respected was re cruiser iiresuu fired, eight broadsides M-cted by the Kaiser's Government and the British Foreign Office an. nounced last night that a state of war existed. , "i i The time limit for Germany's reply waa set at midnight, but the Foreign Inge were damaged. '!' 1 1' The German gunboat Panther,' which la reported to have been sunk by French erulaers, waa one of the smalleet vessels Ijn the Kaiaer'a navy, but alao one ef German Government had been asked to give satisfactory aaauraaos ea tbe question of Belgium's neutrality by midnight waa Vene rally regarded aa meaning that England was prepared to strike at once U the reply waa un favorable. The German fleet la concentrated for the defense of the Kiel Canal. Its destruction will be the first object of the Brtalah fleet, l German y a compliance ' with t the British 'ultimatum was sot expected. Germany, according to a statement Office announced that e-T Germany emanating from her London embassy. had given hla pans ports to the British envoy at an earlier hoar, the state of j the mostjdnowned, for It happened that war existed from 1 1 o clock. four times she waa the storm centre of varioua ' incidents or International : poll tics. It was the Panther that blew, the King George has Issued his procla mation mobilising the army and has Haitian gunboat Cret-a-Pk,rrot out of message to the colonies thank the water In Bnaives Bay In 1902. In the fall of 1906. when she was still stationed In South American waters. her commander aent a aetatl of Bailors aahore at Itajahy. Brasll. to seise a de- be received i from . either the Berwick. T jinpa.tr. or Vliunx' the thru Ttrltlsh tack in great force on Nancy if the cruisers now off the Atlantic Coast, French troops In the vicinity had been that one or ill of them would escort the found In minor strenath. ' ' I Lualtanla on its trln across the Atlantic Several partlea of Germans entered ' Word that the! I.usltania could leave jerter. Thla action waa disavowed by .. . . , . . .. I . .w...w w the Uerman Government and the vea- tne zone to rouna up tne cattle. nisei's commander reprimanded. T h. nnt Int.rf.rM -ith w air at 12 o cloclq. Ca pt Dow had not , . - et received the! word, to cast off. j It M Qtnn'Z T7 believed byjthe crowd at the pier crossed the line near Belfort. a thmt th. nilnut, H ha4 Wn "UBUI"U Vl rreu cavs.iry sent, dded that the danger was too great, out and the German troops retired. land that the sailing! waa jto be pbst- The first town entered by the Ger-lponed. I mans was Longlavllle, near Lohgwy. - A few minutes before t o'clock Chief I according to a dispatch received at Later they Invaded Clrey-sur-Vezouze. Officer Johnson,; who had been sent to the French Embassy. me cnunn won.uiaiB. . rriurnea in .an Thoaght the Breslaa Had Eaeayed. LONDON, Aug. 4. The Breslau bombarded Bona at 4 o'clock ; thla morning, and afterward steamed off at full speed In a westerly direction. tag them for their hearty support In the hour of national emergency. . The Government has aaaumed con trol of all the railways and the Ad miralty has taken over all the foreign warships' now building in . English porta. The House of Commons has voted a fund 1 of 1523.000.000 for the emer gency. ; " ' ' s Eaalaad Cool la Great Crisis. would nave consented to refrain from using Belgian porta and would have confined her violation of neutrality to the Inland districts If Great Britain would agree to hold aloof. It Is ob vious that a compact on such lines would have been useless to Great Britain.' Belgian neutrality Is stra tegically Important In two ways by sea to. Greet Britain and Germany end by land to Germany and France. If England abandoned It In Its land aspect, nobody, not even the Belgians, would have been willing to defend It when It was threatened Is Its see aspect. "'. "'.'." RUSSIANS ATTACK MCMEL. ; BORDEAUX. Aug. 4. Two German steamers In this port have been seized. we never shall submit. Belgium. sup--?S? Garrison at German Seaport town -' Beat Off Their Assailants. BERLIN, Aug. 4.A body of Russian frontier guards from Krottlngen was driven back yesterday by a part of the garrison of the German seaport of Memel, the most northerly town In Gentian territory. f ' CONSPIRACY SCARE l. ON THE VATERLAND n 1 . (.,rma. Attack. . A-.'.'i-i 1'rnts. '. V.'. -luemlny. Aug. 5. by ".rmany upon I -I.ir4tli.ft iif h"a- f.nin'r has been , ...-r's Government, t. 1 imn of German l t! frontier. . r that UjS cities of - nr already being . ml rs. 1 til foiiouintr a rte- i ; -mi. ins fi.r the eur- c. I Uc;. aa ecgage . t . - T r ' ' ; t t' I I. Ivi ! in ported by the united energy of her sons, will not perish." j Another prolonged patriotic demonstration followed, the Queen and her children, who were present, being lomlly cheered. - ! The Chamber afterward passed a bill expropriating $40,000,000 for purposes of defense. , ! M. Vandervelde. the Socialist leader. has Joined the Belgian Cabinet, ao that all political parties may be rep-rrinted In the Government. A sieclal train, carrying- all the ae- r;-HK-i ot the National Bank of Bel- slum, left for Antwerp during Mon-ilfty nljiht - j Queen Elizabeth and 1'rlncess Marie also left Brusaole yesterday for Antwerp. ' t ,. .. .. ' ''";; The newspaper Chronlcjue aiinouneea that the authorities have seised the wireless installation set up 1y the German School here. " JkV , MORC INVADERS IN FRANCE. t ' (icrman Activity Increases, but Only j Outposts Are ; Engaged. jPAUIS, Aug. "4. Increased aggresS stveness Is being shown by German forces on the eastern frontier. t - - I One body, of troops toUy. croose4 r-Adit, SERBS WHIP 10,000 AUSTRIAN'S. Heavy Loss by the Invaders at :. . Semendrla Reported, j PARI 8, Aug! 4. A dispatch t rom Nlsh. 8ervla,'to the Matin says the Austrian troops were defeated; with heavy loss In a battle with the Servi ans on Sunday near Semendrla, ; be shown. Three regiments of Austrian infan try, comprising nearly ; 10.000 men, supported by heavy artillery, ad vanced against the Servians, but were repulsed, leaving many of their num ber dead and wounded on the field. A large force of Austrian troops, aided by a flotilla of monitors, com posed of twenty vessels, has been trying for six days to crops the River Bave'lnto Servian territory, but has not succeeded In landing. "; LONDON, Aug. 4. Servian mobilization has been completed," according to a Nlsh dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph Company. ' Ninety-five per cent, of those liable for active service have responded to the call. I '. The Servian Government has pro hibited the sending of press dispatches, I Jaquin which Is taken as a prelude to an invasion of Bosnia, i ) automobile to the pier and hurried 'on board the I-usltahla. , i . i ! Captalav Order Lights Oat." . i i- A few minutes 1 later Cap t. Dow gave the order. f'AlI jllghU ouC" Those i at the pier heard the order repeated again and again from one end of the boat; to the other, and then, practically dark, the big ship glided out Into the river. It waa net known te be a certainty tikt th. T.,i.lt.nl. daiiM V. . .. . . U voy of the Essex .until after the Olympic -DTI ftJS LaunchesWlth Search arrived. j The lAisltanla, has on board 100 paasongers j In Ithe first cabin, i 90 In the second, land 80 In the third. and carried 2,2x) sacks of mall. All passengers were notified that lights In the staterooms must be ' blanketed when the vessel Jpaaaed Ambrose Channel, and in the passageways of the ship oil lamps were td replace the customary electric lighting. The ship Is to make the trip with no lights showing except the running lights at the masthead and en' the sides. Passengers were allowed on deck, but warhed that no llghta mUst ale of Plot to Blow Her Up tings LaunchesWith Search lights, and 50 Policemen. It seemed unlikely from the start England Is facing thla, the greatest that rmT would desist, becauae It mmm m miner ,.11 'ling am iDiuiarr plans of her General SUff. The whole Gerrpaa theory of war Is to make plans years ahead end have every because her honor and th,n' dow" to th iAia' reaay xor uieir execution ana to carry them out without deviation. It Is probable that the present plan . was made as long ago aa when Anglo- German hostility waa an axiom, and there was no question In German minds of so shaping their strategy aa crisis In her history, with calmn and courage. Sir Edward Grey's ex position has made It clear that the war Is none of her Seeking, and that she goes Into It her self-preservation alike compel her to do so. There Is neither any sign of panic nor flame of war fever. All partlea and all classes present a united front- . The few exceptions are not worthy of mention. The' protests tht . the lienor members of Parliament and a few Liberals have made In the House of Commons ' do not represent the prevalent feeling either In the ranks to keep Oreat Britain neutral Utrsua Skips la rerll. , i As was aatldnatad. Oemvanva flrat of labor or among the avowed pa- MVa, ,ffort WM lo deal m heavy blow Cincisis. X ne peaoe-ai-any-pnco aa vocates are submerged beneath ' the 1 . : jFlfty policemen and detectives, eight scout launches with . searchlights and a j great number of the dock employes were on guard last night at thai piers etj the Hamburg-American: Line j after u.., w" situaUon as Inevitable., was a plot to blow up the Vaterland. Bode went to Chief Hayes . et T o'clock sad said that a man had told him of overhearing the plot being hatched la huge majority who would have wel corned peace with honor but prefer war to dlahonor. Liberal newspapers like The West- minster Gazette. The Dally Chronicle, and even The. Daily News accept the "'Here we stand, and we can do no other.' The Oermana will recognise that famous phrase," says The Westminster Gasette, " and understand Among the prominent passengers' Isla resort in River Street. The i man, I that It expresses . the feelings, of the T. iiolllngsworth, member I whose name Hods refused to tell. gave I vast majority of the Britiah people.". . i He Is going abroad for his daughters, and one son, who William P. of the American jChamber of Commerce In France, wife, five are at a watering place on the northern coast Of Normandy. , O. Menler, the chocolate manufacturer, who owns the Island of AnUcosti In the Gulf of St. Lawrence; Is als returning for his family, who are at the same watering place. Alice Gutterman, daughter of Mrs, Blmon Stern, widow of the dry goods merchant,. Is going abroad to seek her mother, who Is in the north of Italy. Lieut C. K. Lockhart. R. N., Is going b:k to England to Join the navy, under 1 ! ir. . - . M. oraera . jj 4. mwmr oi xoromo. Bdnllla, I Consul ; General . of i Coatiaaed oa Paso S In Haselten Player-riaaew ve wr nj t'-t quallir at costlj tsieerooaia. M-U Viaall rL rhas. K. Hatthewa, the 1ek Maa. New zsui au complete uuice VuUltter. , to the Ruaalans In the Baltic, but as yet there la Insufficient evidence that It succeeded or that the Russian fleet was rendered powerless. Germany's most urgent need, according to experts. Is to assemble ail her available naval forces on the west, principally In the North Sea, but. these experts say, tho Germans are not likely to tek battle, hoping the strength of their adversaries may bo reduced by the action of mines and torpeda. Two German cruisers seem to be In pertA. The battle rrulaer Goshen, on the way front the Mediterra nean, le reported te have passed Gibraltar.' steaming westward, fh will not venture through the . English Channel, and must travel homeward the namea ana aaaresses or the men In I Tha demeanor of the crewda last ChhSf ''Hayes rushed a detachment of " morning began to men to tne piera. Tne mirns iwtectlve I oetray growing excitement. A pro-Agency, also notified by liode, sent menMaann . thnnaand vnuna? imr who were stationed on the Vaterland P"""1 or lnou"na youn ran mm th. r.l.-a ftwlfft mAA l.uMkui I marrhl . tnn m , wnltehAtt tM tin with searchlights were sent for. and .w o.u- i , t. v..4. I via the west coast of Ireland aad north w thln an hour the river was being pa- r" u"" of Scotland. An attemnt certalntv win troled for aeveral hundred yarda "it&er by a squad carrying the Union Jack BcoUano. An attempt certainly m war rrp m. me piers. in. inreo arrest of EnsUnd and tha tricolor of Franca. " w l"" V oi carrying aasisiance to ner may was some booing, but the cheering " '""'"""-'-" '-vu' outweighed It. Fleet Street last even- cruleer Bretdau la reported te Ing was Jammed by crowds watching nv aneiieo lions, oerore proc-nuag the bulletins. Oocaslonallv thev sans Westward toward Gibraltar. Her po- The Marseillaise" and "God Saveltlon m" perilous In the extreme. the King." I . Coatswl af Rail war LI Soon after the announcement of Ger- I Tho Government took over the rail- many'a declaration of war against Bel bulletin aearchllchts of the brought Into play, and every vaterland i were approached was watched cloanly. i The men on guard were relieved at midnlxbt tV . another foroe. Sipt. llode i whs alarmed and spent the niatit at the jpitra. Chief liayee aent detectives lo; Ctnd the alleged plottera, and said he-expected to arreat them bv' noon today. He said that he was fearful- of inter national complications ll the Vaterland were - damaged or destroyed - whUe tn dock at HoooKen. The Hers of the North German Uovd were also under strict guard Uat nle'ht I glum was displayed on the I ways to complete the co-ordination of M i. .v. . j ., i i, . . uk ii iTnr.rrers tnrri . . . i - . . . 1 UMTUB LI IB ClUWIia, . V LUB11 T DDU.NU . " " " cuuh btivb an account or aimreii Tn.i i - , u., . ,sm. a, Bikuif. J '-was eauaiaciorjr (gnus an a waico. - ao grcaiei: newa-waa ummj vt mni Msnagera f the chlf rJlsi i'm . A-iing (.-hatrman U 1 . x. Walker, manager of tbe Lonlnei , Fouthweetern, whe U well kt n among American railway men. The commutes waa formed Some daya ar. The Great Eastern Is imt fej .reeented. ' possibly beasuse Its tKnral X?n.' ager, IL W. Thornton, Is an AmerWen, W, l lM.M I. .,,. When the announcement of ue o war was made by the Foreign Offive, and the quietness of the Hummer night was soddenly broken bj the raucous cries f the nee s veio.ra. the streeU were practically empt. The ordinary troops of theatregoers were conspicuous for their absence Midnight was considered the fateful hour when orders would be f-ajlud by wireless to the British Navy to begin operations. . Reports which had spread during the evening that German warships hsd sunk British mine finder. an chased the destroyer Pathfinder, were taken as another Instance ef Germany's method of taking sn un fair advantage and acting before wsr actually waa declared. Sir John Jelllcoe. who has btn lo.g' regarded as predestined to bead the fleet In ease of war. has taken supreme command, with Rear Admiral Madden as Chief of Staff. Fir John Jelllcoe. who Is familiarly kne n aa "J. J-. Is a typical, keen-faced f-ncer. distinguished for bis personal courage as well as for scleotin.- gunnery. He has tbe German decoration of the Red Eagle. Lord KHrherx-r Is taking the Administrative part cf the work of tbe War Of flea, where Lord Haldane Is assisting Mr. As'juUh. The only panicky note which struck the English press hard came from Tbe Evening News, which came out In a poster heeded "Treachery" and stating that Lord Haldane's (Wmu sympathies made his apolntment In tbe War Office a matter of s-upi ln to France. Two Nrw Toag Tin re correspondent saw . Lord Haldane at Whitehall yesterday afternoon walking toward Westminster. When accosted he said there wae nothing he could say. Lord Haldane did yeoman errrice when at the War Office, and a Lib.nl paper says the worst news Germany could receive Is that he has returned to ins department. England s war with Germ say Is likely to be purely a naval er f!!t for the time being.' Oermaay wta keep her fleet sheltered at Wl'.helms-haven and t tat to her subroartnee and torpedo boats to redoes tbe strength of the British Investing fleet. The reported sin Xing of a minelayer probably Is due te thla. The feature of Ihe Anglo-Oermaa war will bo the a Ire wing or tbe North Sea with Boating mine. AeejallSi's I pro sales Speeek. The first ' chapter of the crlJral events of the day waa enfolded when Premier Asqulth read his statement tn the House of Com moea, Tbe Premier read In a firm and mesuri I voice, and his hand shook as be held the typewritten coyy.f Uts words were I l

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 05 Aug 1914, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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