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FF SLAIN  - V Average Daily Circulation for the or A1 month...
V Average Daily Circulation for the or A1 month of May ZD.Uvl FORT WAYNE JOURNAL - GAZETTE. ' .mis? cinnu iitVDl Ulvwe urru lllcirr Vain uaimn TI.E SLOGAN "FORT WAYNE WITH MIGHT ND MAIN" H DeJirered Every MorningMorning - of the Year for 10 Centi Per Week. FOUNDED OaaU 114 Journal 1(U (NEWS OF THE WORLD) MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 29, 1914. 14 PAGES. (BY ASSOCIATED PRESS) price two cents: TO AUSTRIA - HUNGARY II AND WIFE SLAIN BY SIUDENT AFTER ESCAPING BOMB; ASSASSINS CAUGHT SARAYEVO, Bosnia. June 28 - Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austria - Hungary throne, and the Duchess of Hohentorg, hi morganatic wife,, Were shot dead by a student in trie main street of the Bosnian Capital, a short time after they had escaped death from a bomb hurled at the royal automobile. They were slain while passing through the city on their annual visit to the annexed provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, The archduke was struck full in the? face and the Duchess was shot through the abdomen and throat They died a few minutes after rearhjTng "the palace To wTuch they were'KurriecTwTthliH speedT Those responsible for the assassination took care that it prove effective as there were two assaulters, the first armed with a bomb and tne second wiw a revolver, The bomb was thrown at the royal automobile as it was pro ceeding' to the town hall, where a reception was to be held. The archduke saw the deadly missile hurling through, the air and ward' ed it, off with his arm. It fell out - fcfside the car and exploded, slightly 'wounding two aide - de - camps in a second car and half a dozen spectators. It ww on the return of the proces .doit that the tragedy was added to he long - list of those that hav darkened the pages of the recent history of the llapsburgs, Aa the royal automobile reached a, prominent point In I he i route to the palace, an eighth grade student, Garrio Prlnslp, sprang ut of the crowd and poured a deadly fusillade of bullets from an automatic pistol at the archduke and duchess. "" t,Frlnip and a fellow conspirator, a compositor from the Treblnj named tlabrlnovlch. barely escaped lynch Ing by the lnfuilated spectators. They ilnally were seised by the police, who Both AT NEW ORLEANS NEW OJtl - EAJfS, Jn 28. Tollow. ing the death bars today of Charles liundene, whose malady yesterday was diagnosed as bubonic plague and the discovery of a second case, Governor Hall, of Louisiana, Mayor Behrman, of New Orleans, members of the legislature nod health authorities held a conference to determine ort methods to be employed by the tlty and state in stamping out the disease. While definite announcement has not bee made it is known a cam paign for tne extermination 01 rat ME FOR MISSOURI fjg TRUST BILL FIRST IN PATH TO OVER - T WASHINGTON, June 21 Con vinced that there Is no other path to adjournment but the one which begin with trust legislation, the senate will settle down this week to the steady grind of work on the federal trade" commission bill The senate Is far from resigned to the thought of six week or more of discussion of (rust legislation In mid - eunrtmeri. but Jtja ,not prouabl. that T CONSULT BEFORE WASHINGTON, June 21 - General Venuatlano Carrania, first chief of tho Mexican constitutionalists, has replied to the Invitation" extended for pertlcl - patlon by bis sgents In ah Informal conference with representatives of General If uerta and the United State concerning plana for a provisional government In Mexico asking that hS be given time to consult with, his gen erals ,. General Carransa, it. was learned th spirit f open revolt wllf show lls her to - night. Informed "h mediators self on the floor, and unless senate! In his latest communication that be leader are at fault in th predictions, C"""? tn P1" of Guadalupe under IsnKlnh ha sua as nhnaaH ! kU t SB a the three house bills or legislation - .v - onntitutionallsts. It would he nooe.4 algnated to rover the same bill will be put through bV the Usual senate process, weeks of debate, fruitless ef fort to amend and then passage i mere is no aouot Whatever mat it the president would relent In his in sistence upon the (tntt - lrust program, congress could and would get away from Washington In two eeks or less The pouse Is In such shape that it raiuM It rttv fi rt awv it, a fw days and the senate Is not far behlrd. as fsr aa approprlstlcm measures are Concerned. Many of these bills are still In conference, but If there wss any real chanc of adjournment. It would not take more than a few days to have them Anally disposed ef The trade commission bill Is tha unfinished buslress of the senate, the Clayton anti - trust bill Is still unfinished bv the Judicial - committee and the railway capitalisation hill Is In about the same shape In th handa qf th Interstate commerce committee. Just when the latter two meas ures - w III get to the senate floor is still a problem. Th Judiciary committee haa found tho Clayton bill, already nassed by the house, a difficult problem, and haa remade many of Its sections Th bill deals with Interlock ing directorates and holding companies, wrth pric Axing with labor union exemption from the anti - trust laws and with the question of Injunction sary for him tq ronfer with his ssOW elates In the movement before enter Ing upon auch Important negotiations. Acceptance of any proposed provision ai government to succeed H uerta. ha said necessarily might require soma Chang In th terms of the Guadalup plan and thla could pot be don with out th consent of th narlou military leaders In the reolutlonsr moiemcnt. Assurances are said In hate been gilen the mediators by General Car ransa mat. ne would Hasten the pro posed consultation with hi chiefs in ordei that some definite understanding could be reached quickly as to th position to be taken with regard to - th Informal mediation conference. Sotn of th constitutionalist representative, In Washington still insist thst General! Carransa has been Influenced to look: with favpr upon the proposal to confer with th United Stales commissioners) and 11 uerta representatives. Others, however, are not certain of this outcome and they insist that, whatever happens th military campaign against fluerta is to be pursued with renewed rigor towald, Mexico City with Aguas Callentes, San tul Totosi and Quera. taro as th next objective points of ths rebels. Many perplexing questions have d. veloped tn the question, however1, many of them lielnn - anbaroni tl - agreemenls between Carranxa'a Stents r mr relent Dreas; witn Villa snd the publication or th isiemenr U l

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 29 Jun 1914, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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