November 12, 1912

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November 12, 1912 - tMlt EAQLE. TUESDAY; HOYZMEXa IS, 1813. $40,000...
tMlt EAQLE. TUESDAY; HOYZMEXa IS, 1813. $40,000 BLAZE THIS MORNING AT CAR BARNS flt( - itv Ten Trolley Gars Are Destroyed and "the Firemen. Have a Hafii Fi Origin of the Blaze a, Mystery. - ,, te&itirpiftM , ,'. A, myaterlou whUb itarted' luHa trolley car In tbe - car barn of th. Pwigbke. pels City and Wppln - gera - Fall '.Electric r - 'Haliwajr - Company Company about 1:13 o'clock this morning dectroyed ten trolley, car. and, the now plow; and did damage etlmate4 at orer $40,000.' The fire - ;: depart ment" reapooded promptly and In lee than an hour after the Bre Parted It Va: practically extingulthed. William boran and Jay'Secor,.the nlght - men at - the car barn, were - encaged encaged In' putting new pane of glas In.Car Na 10 when Mr, bora i noticed noticed ablate In car No. V The men found it'imponlble to extlngutih the Are and an 'alarm waj Immediately tent In, the Bremen being summoned to 'putr'lcuix. While wilting, fof the Bremen .the night men and Officer Officer Martin and Kimlln, wboiwere near at hand did good wort "Three of the trolley car were run out of thai barn to place of af ety" and the two officer went to the liable In the basement, broke In the door and tared th few horica t tabled there. A Veritable Furnace. By the time the Bremen arrlred the blaxe we burning fiercely and the rear, of the big concrete building was a rentable furnace;, the big opening frorn; front to rear aerrlng aa a "Its' lde. Tbe flame we're: awept from the rear to Main Street and - atflrrt'the' Bremen found It - dlfflcnlt' to' approach the blase: Finally heavy, atreama.were played on, the flames from Lb front and rear and the fir was: elowly brought' .under, wntrol. Niagara' a ateamerwas itatloned near tbe corner corner of Clinton Street and. the terrific force - of , the stream from the team - er soon made tbemaelrea felt, tearing the bamlng trolley cars ( to pieces anl - maklng.'K Ttowlbl for. tbe Bre men to get toe names unqer conirpi. In tbe meantime the power bad been hut off, afe for tbe'Bre - men td eater - th boildinglb tne dream with. great effects apply BY Tv Lou orro,ooo. . - - .; Silai' Hlnkley of the trolley , company. company. was early on th. scene: and aided the firemen In directing their woft - JJr..Hlnkley catl mated that about ten ears, the enow plow ead a "ileeper had been coniumed Each of thcar la 'valued at f 4.000. bringing the loea to over 40,000on which' there I, considerable Insur ance. Car Nat, In which the flre.trt - d,: ba bid teyeraijery, thrilling ae - capr. "' Some 'years ago It got away on Main Street hill and ran Into, tbe river," causing the detbof one man by'drownlng.' On the' Car : it the tlmevere County Judge Samuel K. Phillips and Michael T. Baombuach. who. with' the motonnan escaped wlth.thelr lire. When U, trolley barn was burned about elk years ago. Cor, No. was the. only cat'saved. Thla mornlpg.ltwn one of the car dcitroyel ".'"""' - , ,. 84 Cars lit the Barn; ..There .were twenty - tour;; cars .In tne car barn - the" ten burned. care being being of the open 'type. Alt ealt - pait three thla morning, eight o( the remaining remaining tara had been hauled to the streeW: "Some, of .them: ', were.. '. eome - what. - damaged by being scorched by the intern heat," 'Six cars, were ittll la the building but the Bra had been ciUnguUbed. The six. remaining cira,'all closed, are believed to be all right, with th Exception, of "being somewhsl eorcbed.: : Early. ,thU morning mMrg. Bliss HInkIertUt4'lt"thi.len7,;open cara wera Dractlcatlr a .total l These care; are valued at 4.000 each but they were largely Insured. When the ninth car, wa banled frpm'Lhe barn at quarter to four LhU morning th. roof of the caf waa at - most wrecked. The remaining car In the. barn are thought. to: be badly damaged which Wlll.lncreaae the lose. Mr, Hlnkley aUted that' the company company would be' afls'; to give almost full ; aervice todays H will have nine or ten'cars running and perhap cne'or two open cars.' "'" H. that bfen - also abllMjr thati libera ot which, uch r pension preceding; of $ 1 or tu to all all who the 1 pany years.; 1 bany or term; . Jury and th and while for. . A years and . B 10 half C S days aae

Clipped from
  1. Poughkeepsie Eagle-News,
  2. 12 Nov 1912, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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