City campaign notes (February notes?)

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City campaign notes (February notes?) - f I ! ''i'. ' ..hi o? tit I - i tl : i . i - .i...
f I ! ''i'. ' ..hi o? tit I - i tl : i . i - .i mini 1 1 1 - far M.M. - r are rti.uvin ing i lu - ir tune. 'I hey hive !. - .. rr. - . I with - ' ill I He 1.11 Il'IV ll.t V - i M..i! l!u - I.Vpiili'ii - in party is in jfn.i.l fill ) 'f fir liilsinrs jill.l will (fite it ; - - : - !. .iiv.ium of iNrlf a i 'In in lYbrii.try. Ii w,i expecle.l ii cr'aid iiii.:' there would ,if ilie t ! !,!!, Inn realizing : In - nf :l l sor; of unfit voters line determined !.i 'ii - U i.i their r - t ' v an. i vnii' a m r.tijii! i;. - i,ni. of t r ill is di ippoiiii ing to tlii' iM i'tii iiu ii who ar,. managing tlie in pi i nil tin - im'ut miU - , hut thi'.V will p'...!'" as thf fli'ciioii day a - ;t'o.ii !ii s that t!n bi - st laiil plans of miff ami nu - ti ft a - yli - i - . Or. 1 1 a ! r lias itnirisiil Ins htsoii;U - i - y .iion ail with whom ho lias O'lnitf in f.miaft ami is runnia - m, wfll in nil p.ins of ,1. fity thai thf astute party Ifinlfis wi,o an - ai - .f to falf.i - latf o,o i - iy aiv ..onluiftit that h.. will haf a m.ii.iriiy of not - s than hix i - i - hi m.ii.lrfil in tin - city. I". llassler has inaile his w n way in the worhl ami has done so woll thn; he i - i now rearileil anions men f li; uw it pr iVmoii as a skiilt'itl p'.: - :.van ami Mirireon. He lias iisit iii'in a favorite of foriiine, 'out lia.s been eonipeileil to lijln his way. JIav. iny reeeiveil 'the regular nomination of his party for ;i n oiliee of hiirll honor li a rijht to expect that. he uiil be uivi n the nnhesita: itifj np - l r: of a'i Kepi i lic.iiis. He will like. wNe iv. 'five the votes of many Demo, erats lo are sanliiil that hp will y - ie the city a e'.f.ut ami progressive ailmiiiistration. JVa.Vs Cfy Campaign. i.ccioig i iii. irk - ali.uii tlit l. - - r. ,.f il. !:.'i.ilij,.an .iriy and ih, r. - jju - nominated candidate butter no j'.if iiip, a tho.i who ai'o o frci" wi'h t ht - i p toiiifiii'ii will ilii'iiifr lu - n. I!. l' linlii'rT U jri vi I'ri'xUlt - iii II - Ult'ill, lf I'oillllloil i'ouilt'il, a Jivi - lv r.u o in i lie S:tli war, I, t j Kiron,'. Iv iii..rU'.l ly i In - i:ciiililiiuu of I'll - warl mmI will ri'i'iMM1 many l' nioi raiii' voir,. Mr, I'mliiTtrer 1" u jmihir law vi - r of lil - li i - harartiT a ii't uiiiiiiy ami 1 a pmirri'x.Mve riiifii. IU i nre to win. .1. I". Hanson will b ivi.iiriifil to ilu ' Ii"f'I Una nl by a lar,'i majority if 'In vott'rs of ilu Ninth ward, lit lias ; "unie a fim roconl for liiinso'.f ami lias carcfally looUiil after thf inior - . osm of his eonstitiu'iits. , j T1,re , littJ. ,,,,, nlmlll thMUn. of pu,,5it. inipi,v,mt,nt ,an. Ml) of lart.H eirnoM huv?ort nml it j,. aall!t t.,.r,lin tn i,o i aiithoriei by tlu? pi - oplf. It i a ' pnlib - n opiortuni:y for Harrisbiir whifh the voters appreciate. i It is quite the common thing for certain newspapers to speak well of the personality of Republican caiuU - ilates ami lihcn attempt to discredit ihein by aliening that they arc the mere tools rf a corrnjit political machine. machine. Perhaps these saiine papers could regale their readers with a re - ,.i - ,l of certain corrupt iransactjons which were not laid at the door of the machine aforesaid. Deiuinciat ion on a reform basis is easy, but. care should be token that the boomerang does not return wit.h redoubled force I to the thrower.

Clipped from Harrisburg Telegraph28 Jan 1902, TuePage 4

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)28 Jan 1902, TuePage 4
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