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International their pro-f pro-f of the member tried at before the de- de- the) com-i com-i Kos-tinued, Kos-tinued, accusa-tl accusa-tl own con-1. con-1. con-1. intentionally I to real-i real-i " -Major -Major rumors, but base knowledge obstruc-L obstruc-L gained orders and knowl-f knowl-f while General Captains objectors issued fy the public obstruc-rts obstruc-rts as one of;0' of j hat these said. in tne could officer Hillsboro Slayer Ends Life When Trapped By Officers; Arrest of Accomplice Near ni in unriirM To Tyt unciicl. ,. - Hillsboro;- Hillsboro;- March 21. Before Harry Lovett.. self -confessed -confessed murderer, of John Moses..' local merchant, cheated thJ,,'.w T1" InK hi Oiroat -.whefc -.whefc ht? aaf capture wras- wras- inevitable ha w rota a note that probably will result In the arrest of his 1 accomplice within the next 24 hours. 1 "Tt.ar 1. .Hnlhffp nartv in it" f Jiv ett told his wife and family In th note he. wrote- wrote- a few hours before fleet ins to his father's farm, where he ended ended his life when Sheriff Henry Krvin. Deputy Sheriff "Banty" Schweiti.be r- r- i ger and Marshal William Walker closed in on him. i J Carefully linking up the clews which led to the uncovering of Uovett as one, of the principals in the crime the Highland Highland County and Hillsboro officers pursued pursued an "unusual course of inveatlga-i inveatlga-i inveatlga-i tion." with the result that to-night to-night to-night they are aJle to state that further arrests arrests may be expected. j 1-ovett's 1-ovett's 1-ovett's accomplice in the murder 3"- 3"- under; surveillance, officers whi'e they refuse to divulge the source of their information concern- concern- ing the second person connected with the crime, they j admit "tears were shed" by the Informer during the ex- ex- amtnation in which the knowledge waa obtained. . Iovett cheatej tht law in a spectacular manner. He was traced to his father's farm, .several mile from, llllbiboro. 'ihe fore dawu." ,'SUerlff trvliT l"vpu ty BheriOt Bchweiosberser and Marshal Walker went to .the front and side of the house and Hammond Falrley. driver Of . the Sheriff" s automobile, watched the rear. FaJrley saw Lovett rush from tne kitchen door and across the fields. Deputy Sheriff Schwelnsberger antic ipated Ixvctt's avenue of "escaps. cut across a ravine and stood in the murderer's' murderer's' path when the 1st tor came out Into the open. ' "Better surrender. Harry." Schwelns-berger Schwelns-berger Schwelns-berger suggested, eovering tovett with his revolver. I-ot'tt I-ot'tt I-ot'tt wheeled in his tracks, tood for a moment looking back at his father's home, then slashed his throat with a raxor which he haJ been carrying In his hand. He died almost Instantly. Officers found that Lor.-tt's Lor.-tt's Lor.-tt's shoes fitted the impressions made in the soft ground back of Moses's store when the murderer Jumped from a rear window of he Syrian merchant's store after the crime. Marshal Walker learned several days ago ' that Ivett had purchased a pair CONTIXtJED ON SECOND PAGE. the Kast. of Kuropv be a strong ski, the In outlining Poland and FM-ronean said:. " "Importance a strong exaggerated.' honor and raw material. 10.1. Sci-hersstf flu V.mmt . " "The sam irra?iVfjuf sia In ttHir, they will and war they will and great forests of Iron deposits, platinum "With Inevitably the whole the splendid paid labor directed, the cheap No one production. "What France or distant. disorganised with the Russia', as site peace time, A strong plan. I "From the task; civilisation from Organized by

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer22 Mar 1919, SatPage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)22 Mar 1919, SatPage 1
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