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W r' to toI wasiv b - j aI d , i th c to i at i of can tile le else and rest The has te they tact it I" tile uIpon ofr. of treie the a cer. as of the can old HENRY ST. JOHN. t Iho Last Letters of Jules Guidry. - The Lake Charles Echo, of the 2d t inst., publishes the following letters, which were written by Jules Guidry, Guidry, just previous to his execution:I Mr DEAR BROTIErIl AND PRIEDt-V.'her. PRIEDt-V.'her. I iam dead you can this to a New Orleans reporter, I say that the Govrrnor has taken the life of a braver braver iman than lie ever was or ever will a be, and after I am deat lie can c - . I do not regret having kil'ed John. I will die perfectly glad, but t not on the gallows. Do not think that I I am a cow:ir.l. I do not g. on the I gallows it is thait I do not went any one to ever tell my children that your fthelr was hung. I am too much of a i manlu for tailt. I know you all have done all that was in your power to save tee from the dead fall gallows, but it was all in vain. I do not want you all to regret me, for I am all right. I can cut my artery, and before I die I will ask my God to forgive me, and I feel that IIe will. I will do thlis to i keep the shame off of my children. I I die to-dlay for love, and Delia, you I know full well that you have put the rope around my neck, buit you will not - hiive the pleasure of seeing me hung, anid to all of them that would be glad to se hung, they can take --. I temsini, JULES GUIDRY. P. S.-T ask of you all my friends to write to Captain C. C. Cain, and thank him for his kind care of me, and also Dr. Moses, hlie was a good friend to me, and tell C.'C. Duson that I never in tended to harm him or any one else; the two years of my imprisonment had made a good man of me, but yet I will rot die a coward like Louis Rousseau, to try to take his life, and let his cowardly cowardly heart fail him, but you know that I have courage to the end, and I will keep it until death. I am going to heaven, and hope you all will meet me there. Tell my mother that I die really happy. I have forgiven everyhodly everyhodly in this world, and my last prayer ior everybody on earth, for I rememr rememr ber the Lord's prayer, forgive to be forgiven. JULES GUIDRY. LAKE CIHARLES, July 25, 1877. E Ernest Potier:S Potier:S Mr I)EAEtST BROTHERLY FRIEVD--I Scannot thank you einongh for what you Shave done for me, and I pray to God to bless you for what you have done foir ue, and In the last moment of my Slifo, I will not endeavor to write nimy ' sincere thanks to you, for it is beyond Srthe power of pencil. I pray that God will be with you and family now and Sforever. Good-bye. I remain your I brotherly friend, JULES GUIDRY. P. S.-Give my love to my mother, Il little brother and sister, and all inqni ' ring friends. If I die on the gallows SIt is that my friend Potier has made me take another step. I was ready to ' take my own life, but he begged me to eL- ont the gallows, and I will do anythinig anythinig he ask of me, for I think more of him than any one on earth, in the last hour of my life lie was standing by my side, and may God have mercy upon Shitm. I remain your brotherly friend, JULES GUIDRY. I LAKE CHARLES, July 25, 1877. ,: 8herit' A. L. Reid:r. Reid:r. I tiank you for you kind care of me. r- I know full well it is yourdoty to hang i me, and may God bless you and famid famid ly. Ido not know of anything else I r- could say to show you that I have no as hard feelings toward you. I look upon of you s a brother. I just want to show je the sirld that I die contented, with no 1h hard feelings against any one. May i God be with you now and forever. Id Amet. I remain your friend until o- deltb JULES GuzIDR. to to and tItis i was take Chlicago and and Govaernor the --I M. Fleming the Iof a I is t a prohlibitoSry Is J. B of

Clipped from The Louisiana Democrat15 Aug 1877, WedPage 3

The Louisiana Democrat (Alexandria, Louisiana)15 Aug 1877, WedPage 3
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