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JJ Fahey Jr Law Partner Convery Named DC City Atty by JJ Fahey Sr - ^ Judge, Chief, City Attorney Selected by Daly...
^ Judge, Chief, City Attorney Selected by Daly City Trustees t Convery Made Legal Adviser GOOFY TIP GETS KIDNAPER Speoljtl f o The Tlwts DALY CITY, Way 12.--A. new police judge, police chief and city attorney were appointed at a meeting meeting of the Daly City council last night. Ellis Johnson, who has been police police judge for twenty-five years, resigned and Justice of the Peace W. H. Clay was named, as his successor. successor. Partner of Fancy Jr. Daniel A. Convery of Daly City, law partner of John J. Fahey Jr., was appointed city attorney. Arthur J. Dalton, who two weeks ngo vtas named police chief following following the resignation of Chief Jack Dalton, likewise resigned last night and Officer Jnmes Ecardon waif appointed to head the department. department. The appointments were unanimous, unanimous, apparently having been de- cide'd before the meeting, which WPS free of friction. They met with general approval on the part of the large audience that packed the small council chamber. Judge Johnson, in resigning, said he planned to rest after serving the city for a quarter of a century. century. He Icoekd back, he informed the council, on his long term of office with great pleasure. For Harmony Dalton,.police officer and former councilman, .asked the council to accept his resignation as police chief in the interests of harmony. ·He said he understood there was some opposition to his appointment and rather-than be the cause of any friction, was willing to retain his present office. Reardon has been a member ol the police department for seven years. Chief Doyle, who has- headed the Daly City police department for fourteen years, resigned two weeks aso*and asked to be made a patrolman" patrolman" and Dalton was named as his successor. Several days later DalUn failed to post the requiret $10,0.00 bond and Doyle was namet acting chief. Appointment of Convery, wcl known in Daly City, was moved by Council man 'John Fahey Sr. Split Rumored Previous to the meeting it was . rumored there would be a split on the council over the selection of a city attorney. J. W. Coleberd o South San Francisco, was name' temporary city attorney following 1 the-resignation of J. E. McCurdy. His^permnnent selection was said to b* opposed by Couneilmen Fahey and Edmund T. Cavagnaro. Following the meeting Coleherd said he did not seek the appointment appointment and was there only at the : · icvitation of former Mayor Hugh Smith. Coleberd declared that, when an attempt was made to appoint appoint Mm permanently and opposition opposition developed, he advised the council to consider the appoint- Tient in the interests of harmony. The council will meet Thursday night to consider modification of the anti-firework ordinance to allow allow Daly City merchants to dispose of large stocks -which they claim they have in their stores. Under the ' * recently-adopted ordinance, sale or discharge of fireworks in the city without special permission is prohibited. PASADENA, May 11.--When I ,/as informed that Thomas Robin- ion, the Stoll kidnaper, had been :aught, I knew it vras n man I had icen in my drug store- last April Iressed as a woman. I was sure at the time it was a man, and that he was feigning a lisguise. The thing that attracted my at- :ention was his extreme height, )nly a few women as .tall as 5 "eet 11 inches, or 0 feet, come into ;he store. Kilted Description I started scrutinizing him care- "ully when I waited on him. It was one o? the few times 1 am alone at :he counter, and I believe ho came in at that time for breakfast because because he sow the place was almost deserted. Pasadena Drug Store Man on Robinson Trail (Cop; 1938, by United Press) I remembered tad heard in the description I 'gang- buster 1 radio program. This man fitted the description, even to a dimple on tis chin and a disfigured ear. I didn't dare call police and let lim know what I was doing. After ie picked up the menu, 1 aslced him what his order was, and he pointed to the menu. 1 noticed l.is lands which were short and stubby, stubby, not like a woman's, lie had a G-Men to Ask 3 Boys Hurt Robinson Death (Continued from Faga One) Bunk Gardner announced in Louisville. Louisville. LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 12.-(LP)--Thomas 12.-(LP)--Thomas H. Kobinson Jr., the pretty-faced kidnaper of Mrs. Alice Speed StoH, Louisville society woman, woman, stepped from n. big TWA- Douglas silver plane today into the diamond ring on the little finger|han4a o£ G-men who hnve been of his left hand and a square-cut\ scouring tae country for him for 19 stone on the ring finger of his right hand. Had Lots of Paint He was heavily painted, apparently apparently to conceal stubble on his face. The only time he spoke was when I ai only isked him if he wanted grapefruit juice or orange juice, lie said, "Orange juice." His voice was that of a man, although although he tried to conceal it by making it high pitched. He paid with n SI bin, took his change and left. I called police as soon as possible, possible, and told them I believed I had seen Robinson. They brought me to the police station and after seeing the photograph, there .was no question in my mind that it was Robinson. He was wearing- a black satin blouse, black skirt, a silk jockey hat and was about five feet 11 inches tall. ase in'the dep- salary from Salary Budget (Confirmed from Page One) that of his reord clerk from $1200 to $1500.' The new hog ranch inspector's inspector's salary is set at $1800, which will be reimbursed, however, by fees from the hog ranch licensing. licensing. A 5600-a-year refractionist will replace a coastside health nurse in the service. Hospital Budget The largest single budget, that of the Community hospital for its staff of scvetal score empCoyes, represents less than a ?4000 increase. increase. The sum of ?118,997 has been asked for the hospital staff salaries, compared to $115,132 allowed allowed this year. Proposed raises in the pay of the nursing service account account chiefly :for the increase. The county librarian's requirements requirements have jumped from $12,480 to $13,320 because of the addition of a cataloguer on half time, 5720. The county executive has 1 nsked for $7300 as against $7730 this year. An increase in his stenographer's stenographer's pay from $1130 to $1800 " oposed. Thi Colma branch health office nsked $3000 against $2700, oposing" an in ere a y health officer's 500 to $1800. County Clerk Request Proposing 510-,-month increases the salaries of his chief deputy, o court clerks -^and assistant avd clerk has asked $24,440. He as allowed $23,600 last year. . To permit a proposed increase the courthouse exchange opera- r's salary from $1080 to $1200, lary requirements of the court- UL3 maintenance staff have been ·aised from $8100 to $8220. i county recorder has asked J2G.200 against $24,700, to eet the cost of uddiitonal copy- t3. The purchasing agent has esti- ated his requirements at $6020 gainst 55720, because of a pro- osed raise in his chief clerk's salty salty from $1200 to $1600. Would Rai.se Nnrscn Herrschers (Continued from Pa^o One) just because the family could not care for them properly. "So we decided to help and that's all there is to it. We didn't realize that there would be so much interest interest in our offer or we would have made it in another name." Sirs. Herrscher is the former wife of Charles S. Howard Sr., millionaire millionaire Hillsborough automobile dealer dealer and big game Imnter. She married married Herrscher in San Jose ifter he acted as her counsel in her Redwood Redwood City divorce action against Howard. Dad Outshadowed months. Th c plane arrived here from Glendale, Calif., where Robinson was captured last night, and after n five-minute wait, the kidnaper and his escort of four department of justice agents stepped out. They were met by six other agents who had gone to the airjiort. As Robinson hurried down the lane formed by Q-men and phbtogi raphers, he lowered his smirking face. He wore a blue hat and brown suit. A crowd of 200 had gathered at the airport. GLENDALE, May 12.--(LP)-Thomas 12.--(LP)-Thomas H. Robinson Jr., 27-year- old female impersonator wanted for the kidnaping^ of Mrs. Alice Stolt, was flying eastward today with four G-men, en route to Louisville, Ky._ Captured Last Night ' """ In a scries of dramatic and secret moves, the government man hunt- ;rs captured Robinson in Glendale ast night, hid him ^successfully from newspapermen and Local law jnforcemeut agencies, then bundled him aboard a chartered plane al jlendnlc airport Robinson, who In Crime Wave A IG-year-old Daly City boy was in Community hospital and his two youthful companions had been returned returned to their homes today after an escapade that resulted in serious serious injuries to the former and a narrow escape for the others. Shirley Olson, missing from his home since Saturday, received se- itous head injuries, possible concussion concussion of the brain and severe lacerations of the face when a car In which he was riding plunged IOC' feet- down the Gianoni grade near Pescadero. INSIDE STORY OF ADDIS ABABA ItcHy Waited for Plea, Says V. P. Writer [The dliputrh I" f'om BCH A»r», Vetted Pr«i» · f n f f corrr»poii4cBt who Ticked hi* Hie fcy i*d*v IK ·· mmtomoblle Ihronnh bandit horde* o Meet the HaUa* »ra«rt *c«oiup»»T hfr advance gunrd to A4r!N Ab«1m mm* »«»* out th* tint complete alary ot the occupation. .Now AM» fcrfnn hi* mtotr ·» 1» *»t*. It IN that »mt*lng »»d the Ic ftla fcelKCtn By BEN AMES United Press Staff Correspondent i, who frequently used women's clothes tn his hidt and seek with the federal men for approximately approximately two years, was heavily shackled as four secret'service men literally threw him . aboard the plane. His arms were bound with chains and one foot was in a heavy steel Oregon boot. Facts gathered from reluctant irport attendants dramatized the effective coup. Orders Plane Robinson was captured at approximately approximately 8:30 p. Sirs. Herrscher rma three sons by her first marriage, Charles Jr., Lindsay and Robert Howard, all of Hi) Is borough. PASSAIC, N. J., May 11..--(IP)-Bewildered 11..--(IP)-Bewildered Emil Kaspnr, father ol the first quadruplets born in New Jersey, had one thing in common today with Ovila Dionne, sire of the Canadian quintuplets: He, too, was b e i n g shunted unceremoniously om the spotlight engulfing his uUiple offspring. The Passaic boatd o£ comrms- oncrs met today for' this momen- us purpose of congratulating mil and buxon Elsie, his 3G-year- d wife. It may be Emil's last iportant appearance. Already he as been all but obscured by three ayors, one governor, doctors, urses and squads of police. Off Strong Drink The central figures in the case --Frances, Ferdinand, Felix and rank--lay in their incubator to- ay and celebrated their fourth day life by switching from a diet of hiskey and sugar to mother's ilk rushed here by plane and mo- rcycle from Boston and New ork City. They are in good con- '.tion, it was said. Mayor F, H. LaGuardia of New ork and his police and health "mmisatoilers had the milk sent al ie urgent plea of Mayor Daniel urncr of Passaic. t ap- time. At 9 p. m. a federal spokesman spokesman called Grand Central airport and ordered Douglas Aircraft company company to warm up a transport plane and "have it standing by." The Douglas personnel, trained 1 to obey government orders through frequent work with the "G-men," 'heeled put a speedy cabin plane nd conditioned the craft at an iao- ated end of the huge transcontinental transcontinental landing field. At approximately 9:30 p. m., nvernment automobile d.rove up a.. alley near the isolated hangar. Four ederal men hauled the shackled Robinson from the car. No Time Wasted "They had him inside the plane vithin three minutes," said one o: he few persons who observed the tart of the kidnaper's sky ride ·They shoved him around a little hey didn't waste any time or move ments getting him aboard." Few words were spoken by the ;nvily armed secret service men "We got him on a goofy tip," one f the government agents said. "We :ook a chance, followed'a lead, ant caught him/' The airplane took off as s«o: ;he door slammed. Shadowed for Months Robinson, who made frequent ap pearances in Southern California lisguised as a woman, had Been shadowed by federal agents fo more than two months. The ti . J u m p to Safety The accident' occurred yesterday morning. Olson's companions', Earl and Eddie Ward of Daly City, escaped escaped unhurt by jumping from the car before it left the road. Olson watt taken to the Santa Cruz county county hospital for treatment before being transferred here last night. Previous to the accident; the three youths, who were driving an automobile which did not belong to them, according to police, set fire to a shed housing A tractor belonging belonging to the stave highway department department in Santa Clara county The shed is located 18 niles soutl of Pescadero on state property. ; Constable Moore of Pescadero said that" the boys 'were digging underneath the tool shed early, yesterday yesterday morning, when one, of. them lit a match And the shed caught firt, They ( were attempting ,to obtain obtain gHSolme for the car, said Moore. . Hoover Place Threatened A ranch home owned by Theo- ore Hoover, former Stanford uni- erslty professor and a brother of irmer President Herbert Hoover, as endangered by the flames. Fleeing froVi the scene, the trio ,ter stole some gas, police said, ·om a school teacher's machine at wanton. On the way back their ar planged off the highway and own the Gianoni grade. Olson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. dward Olson of 230 Vista Grande treet, Daly City. --- o Divers,* Planes Search Lake (Copyright, 1936, by United Press) .DJIBOUTI, French Som'allland, May 12. -- IIP).-- It Is possible for me to give today the uncensored, true account of the Italian occupation of Addb Ababa and of the days that followed. I arrived here last niglit, the first newspaper correspondent to leave war-torn, blood-stained Ethiopia since the conquest. In a previous dispatch from AIdis Ababa, I told how I went out 35 miles to meet thb Italian army and ccompany it in. Here is the rest of acc it: Was Held Prisoner I was treated courteously by the Kalians, but I was a prisoner be- use I had arrived from what con- tuted the'enemy lines in effect. While I was with the Italians I as told there were specific reasons r the unhurried advance, in addi on to the difficulties of progrea d transport I was informed the Italian high mmand had knowledge of the pil- ging and murder in Addis Ababa, t-it waited until the legations, cept for the well armed and most oof BrHiah legation, had implored Birhed Whe Up Then, I was toltl, the Italians halt- 1 their casual building of roads and idges and went on to Addis Ababa find the capital in even more de- orabte condition than they hat ipected. S. F. B a n k e r Takes Own Life .Siiedal (o The Tlmri REDWOOD CITY, May 12.-- 'rom the air _and under the water, catchers today sought the body oJ cott Smith, 20-year-old .San Fran- C3co student, -who apparently rowned in. SearsVille lake Sunday High and low altitude flights vere made over the lake by Fr« larvey, Associated Flying Service lilot, and Walter A. Rosenfield Stanford university student, in i ilane belonging to the SUmfpn lying club. They reported seeing no sign of tha body. Meanwhile, Sanderson Scott o: J nlo Alto, using diving equipmen 1 telonging 1 to Stanford university )egan a search of the lake bottom At a late hour this afternoon hi lunt had been fruitless. It is planned to employ a profea stonal diver tomorrow if the body i not found by .then. Searchers in joats have dragged the lake fo nore than 18 hours without success Young Smith, with his brothe and three other companions, c^ani' to the lake to swim Sunday. Th youth became separated from th SAN FRANCISCO, May 12,-LP--Gilbert 12,-LP--Gilbert Strndley, 46, assist- nt vice president of the Savings nion office of the American rust company, ended his life a s home today with a shotgun, po ce reported. In a lengthy note to his wife sobel, he assured her "there i othing wrong" at the bank ant aid he was taking his life becaus c was in ill health and afraid o ing his mind. 'Why prolong the agony, living n a feeling of futility and irre ponsibility, brooding day afte ay, and finally ending'up as urden on" you/' he wrote, "th onorable thing I am now doini or your sake while you are sti oung and beautiful. You hay piritual resources which will ring you out on top, when travel- ng alone. The British put a barbed wire ob- iruction in .the legation grounds 00 yaids from the roadway in or- er to avoid a possible incident with ic actively anti-British Italians. B In Addis Ababa the Italian au- tiorities had great difficulty in uppressing the widespread snip- ng and pillaging. On one occasion I left the Italian palace and was ambushed in the Lain street by five Ethiopians. 1 hot down and fled up the street o join the Itali ana, a hundrec 'ards away. lOOO.Casuilties Rioting and sniping continue. 1 stimste the casualties at not less ban 1000 in all, including at least ,0 per cent of mutilations. More than 50 Italians. I am informed, informed, h'ave been killed in Addis Ababa in the work of combatting ootihg and dragging natives from mts in which European goods were 'ound. Such natives have been lined up igainst a wall and shot. Italian native troops, I im in- 'ormctl, have been accused of committing committing robberies at gun point and shot "summarily. It is my information that some others among the arriving Italians mve been shot for similar reasons. Shortage of Food Addis Ababa and the countryside are facing an acute food shortage. The Italian command, I was informed, informed, refused Mrs. Cornelius Van :!. Engert, wife of the American ninister, supplies which she sought Tom the one remaining depot. Orders Orders were that Italian needs must · supplied first. Ethiopian gasoline dumps have jeen destroyed and Italian trucks with supplies have been bogged and crippled in the muddy roads. Hence for the present it is impracticable to fuel a considerable number of Italian planes here for the flight back to Asmara, Eritrea, I was on the first passer ,, to leave the capital. At every holt, foreigners crowded in with the remnants remnants of their belongings, their money and valuables. Traffic Head Firing Flayed SAN JOSE, May. 12.--LP-- A special state assembly committee which investigated the dismissal in 1933 of Jack Pacheco a captain of the Santa Clara county unit of the state highway patrol shortly will recommend his reinstatement anrl condemn proceedings of his trinl, it was learned today. The report will be laid before the state legislature and the matter also will be laid before governor Frank F. Mcrriam. The committee, composed of Assemblyman Assemblyman C, G. Cottrell OL tiaii Jose, William Hornblower of San Francisco, anil Jnmes McBride, Ventura, is prepared, it was understood understood here, to recommend that Pacheco Pacheco receive back pay for the time he was off the traffic patrol force. The report was said .to contend that the evidence presented at his trial in Salinaa should have acquitted acquitted him and ilso to condemn the system u n d e r which the trial was held. Pachcco, a traffic officer for 13 years, was accused of leaving Santa Santa Clara county without permission and of permitting a woman to wear hi s'badge. Speaking personally, and not as lairman of the investigating ccrn- nitteOj Assemblyman Cottrell vir- ually verified the report of the ommittee's findings by stating he elieved "Pacheco was not sruiMjy." Pacbeco has maintained consist-. ntly that lie vras "framed" by wliticians. Cottrell said he "felt 1 * iis might have been so. KOLLINS ON VACATION Street Superintendent W. A. "Bert") Rollins and Mrs. Rollins £ Burlingame arc spending* a two ·eeks* vacation at the Grand Can- ·on. ump# Suck Canal Swimmer To Death BAKERSFIELD, May 12.--(LP) --Powerful undertow from irriga- ion pumps in a canal near the PHUL Muni

Clipped from The Times12 May 1936, TuePage 2

The Times (San Mateo, California)12 May 1936, TuePage 2
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