J. N. Henderson, delegate election, The Bryan Eagle, 1MAY1890

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J. N. Henderson, delegate election, The Bryan Eagle, 1MAY1890 - n T) t ^\7 7T TVT I? Ä ri T? ! entniBtcd to a...
n T) t ^\7 7T TVT I? Ä ri T? ! entniBtcd to a man wlio will do as T> . jRYAN HAuLh .mndi honor to the district as the: ¡district does to him—and such R. M SMITH, store. Publisher and Editor. 18ÍX). a man is .John X. Henderson. The; Tablet ])roj)Oscs to have its still! small voice hearkened to, when the time comes to elect delegates to | the congressional convention. H'l the above named gtmtleman does; iiot desire to rej)res(>nt us, wo can | Cov. Throckmorton is in favor point to another goo.l man and ofa railroiul lommission, uml his 'I'""' "f MAY 1, TIIROi kllORTOX «V A (OMMISSIOX. views as to its duties an* {»lain ¡sensible, temjierate and conservative. conservative. He says: ! “My views as to the powers and Ahe duties of a eomission are sim- i])le and easily umho'stnod. I ; would have tin' commission fully anthorizeil from time to time to establish establish and arrange a uniform classification of articles of freight, and also from time to time to aflix to each class maximum rates of freight charges for (‘ach road ac- emalingj to its circumstances. Thi ) X, and to • eeed the present inenmbent, the ; lirst district of Texas would he he _ the X" eu Oin.E.vxs, La., Ajiril 24.— i A s]K'cial to tlu' Daily Stati's from ' Bavon .'^ara savs: T1 h ‘ steamer In known far lieyond its boundaries. » ^ » ------THE ------THE HEAL tOMJITIOX. Xo IVii Equal to the Task of Pift- uring tlio llcvaslation. Daeotah has at last reachetl the .................................................................... ... u. .u.-t .v.o uro u.e , I elassifii-ation and these rates, when 1 .■ , r,,, , iestahlished hv the commission, pomt ot di^tiess. I he boat ^ jslmuhl he prinia fa,-ie evidence of ■ •"t'-'riuy p.issago up the river,; their lieing reasonahh' and just,; store. residence. many tlelays ill furnish-¡ and ill ease an V railroad eompanv ing assistance to weak and break-¡ .should refuse'or neglect to ailopting kvees in the West ip.ton I r‘it (“8 tlii* <*()iiÌÌÌÌÏTb 1 1 li ■i î i he re.iuircl t„inst¡tuté'.-uit> in the ! & or oe le.iuiieu UMU.MUUU- .-^Uius io UU She has made I tri I) I pia.jier <amrt to cnioree eompliaiiee • and ree<)ver such penalties as the|t‘> Pointe (’oiipce :ind h law shall providi' against them, liack to Bavoii Sara. Her as conn':‘teariv r nrrivni ' J . . ......... .......................................................................I ‘.1 i\t I ai I ^ ■ lives are in ¡eopardv, lor she has' the legislature and can not now he }»ro- , , ,, ¡lerly di.seussed. This eommissioii an incaleiilahle, shoiihl he empowered to examine amount of jiroperty, hut a goodly | ii... ..c +1... ........... 1............1’ 1;......... the hooks of the railroad eomjia-: number of lives. : nil's, and also to examine tlie otli- , .. . e • • i I . W ^ 1 1 1 .1 1 ho real eonditioii of thiiig.s in ' not U'lals of such roads and aiiv other i ‘ * noi ^ persons that thev might ehooso in tPv overflowed district is just com-: ' , . ‘ 1 . X- . , . 1 ... order to arrive at a knowledge of ing to light. Xo ¡len to ¡>4 and thè true eomhtiou of thè luisincss. thè task of pieturing thè devasta-' , j. De onìi>rowt'ri*tì wìthiiì ♦* * 1 . and ,i,p ¡¡.„i,, .......J ì I h -,! l.v law I.. f make an,di nil, > .a. mav l.o nee, s- “ I"’"!’''’' sary to enable it to cafry out the t’^»"te C’oupee es umler water. , ¡nirjiose.s of it.s eroation. and exer- Most of th»'h-vee.s have'gone. ei.se such supervision of the rail- course the entire str<*teh of ei<di-' ^ roads as will require of them a toon iuile< r.f frntO i.rc E mu strict eomjdiance with the laws. ; * ?, • ■ i I All railroad comjianies in Texas I should he retjuired to obey the law luimerou.' j and as it has been demonstrated , that j that this can not well he done by ¡the ordinary jtroeeediugs of suits j by citizeiLs the slate slioiild take the initiative in this matter. By ¡ this meaiLS the ¡leople can he jiro- I tectcd from wrong and the ' levees is ,so deep now that luind- ' a . s. on as rema la're and there, .showing above tlie Hood. The water hack of the j and corporations secured in their rights , ,-eds of lives are in danger. The to he heard in the eourts of the L.....,, ^ : the eountrv and have all ■ till .tand-, tliatmay he infiieted upon theni!'vomen I ¡adjudged hv a court m the due' and children, side by side with , are near ■ course of law'. There is no reason-1 horses, mule.s and eow's. ahh' ground to believe that a com-1 mission would he unjust in its; At Colonel Claiborne’ ; {ilaee, . ideaiing with the railroads, for R | •‘^^'veral miles above Bayou Sara, j I is not the desire of the ¡leojde that Jhe water is waist deej». At the they should he .so dealt with, but base of the levee in an old gin-, . as in every other ease due guards should he provided for the jiro- teetioii of their interests by a judical investigation whenever thev mav see fit to invoke it.” Congro.ssioiial Consideration. * house dOO negroes were found hud-; (• iiom died together, while humlreds of head of stock were standing in the water up to their necks. Theeon- ning ........................................................................... dition of the unfortunate ^ was pitiable. The water wasj'’ ¡gradually rising, and their horror; a,),! Xavasota Tablet. ' Ere long it will be the ¡irovinee j afraid of their lives and were knew no bounds. Thev were I ' . . _ - of tliis congressional district toi 0 opy]v heg'^iiif to be tiiken to select a sneeessor to Col Stewart i ‘ i He exneets to liebi'^ own ^lieee^sor ! ^ ' satetv. ; public crib for eight years is likely | b- ''bcelcr, .''Ueec'ded yesterda\ , to rc*lin(|uish involuntarily what j in saving 200 |)eo])le from tlie hack he has come es])eeial ¡iro]» .session. fill in discharging his „oUov..;..,„„..j,a.,,oc„«eu„ai,> ............. for it, whether gave an jilete. Xot a jdantation is etiuivalent or not, having received .^p„y0 jn,t a levee un$40,0(KJ, un$40,0(KJ, beside mileage, and heaven knows Avluit amount of broken, wliile hundreds of families that away .side’ the from meager rei)ort.s received from ■ .1 • i ■ 'i 1 I 1 i The the interior it is quite that human life has been .sacriliced ',? ,?] I to the Hood. i was The Daeotah is a hu.sv boat to-1 t '1 day. After discharging her him- her and other material at Grand . , 1 1 1 - .1 . grade bayou she iiroceeded directly to \ 1 „'soon Old river and rescued ¿00 head of | pppg legal practice that came to iRni ^ ^ because he was a c?)iigressniaii. ot .stock have boon drowned, and Imilt But we think it only just that a man wdio has served a decade in congress w'ithout attracting notice outside his district, should retire upon his laurels. We have talent in our district that w'ould, if opportunity opportunity oifered, he blazoned elsewhere than upon the dreary jiages of the Congressional Record. The work done hy Mr. Stewart is appreciated hy the people of his district, but w'c have yet to learn of aught that he has done which any lawyer of fair abilities could not have done. There is no doubt that if the oiiposition to Stew'art could be consolidated, he could be fairly beaten in the convention. To this end we would w’illingly direct our humble eflorts, and any good and able man who can w'eld the opponents of Mr. Stew'art in a solid phalanx—just so he does ! this within the democratic fold— ; can command us. The Tablet is not given to dictating to a district, cattle that had been in the swamp same for four days. Corning down stock and people ‘ the were picked up everywhere, and when the Daeotah reached Bayou Sara she had ICHJO head of cattle I the and nearly 100 people on board, " ' ’ ’ ... They were landed and the boat immediately left on her return yoyage Co. water but claims a right to express a prefcrc-nre. Wlmt is the matter ’ I With Judge Henderson of Bryan ? Xothing, whateyer. M'e know of no better man, and helieye he is the most available man upon whom to concentrate. The Stewart Stewart regime must expire soon from sheer inanition, and when properly properly hearsed and entombed, the interests of the district must he The Daeotah is doing noble work ; kiln. and not only is she blessed on i burn every side, but the corporatmn i on which sent her as well. , loss, E^STRAY" NOTICE.—Taken up by j the fh J. H. Suber, jr., and estraye?! on | are the 7th of April, 18W, before AV. II. ¡there are Harman, justice of the peace for precinct precinct No. 4, Brazos county, Texas, tv\o mares, one a bay, 5 years old, 13 liands hicb, branded 1-C on left shoulder; the other a dark hrowu, 13 liands high, 9 or 10 years old, and branded AV^ on on left shoulder. Appraised at $30. J. W. B arron , 27t3 C. C. C. B. C. fifty fifty So river The

Clipped from The Eagle01 May 1890, ThuPage 4

The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)01 May 1890, ThuPage 4
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  • J. N. Henderson, delegate election, The Bryan Eagle, 1MAY1890

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