1921- Texas-Texas A&M / Texas slept in Hearne before the game

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1921- Texas-Texas A&M / Texas slept in Hearne before the game - THE BRYAN DAILY EAGLE VOLUME XXXV BRYAN, TEXAS....
THE BRYAN DAILY EAGLE VOLUME XXXV BRYAN, TEXAS. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1921 (ASSOCIATED PRESS) NUBER 115 LONGHORNS SLEEP AT HEARNE TONIGHT! CONGRESS WILL ADJOURN HSSSL SPECIAL SESSION TONIGHT ™ «ES« Tax Bill Will Not Give Any Relief Until 1923 When Millions Will Be Cut From Taxes of the People—President I larding Signs the Anti- Beer Bill Today. (By Associated Press) Washington, Nov. 23. Sine die adjournment of congress is expected expected tonight at midnight bringing to an end the extra session called on April 12. i ne regular session will be convened inDe- cember. The debate on the tax bill was resumed early today un- uer unanimous consent and agreement for final vote notlater than 5 o’clock this afternoon. Immediately after the senate acts on bill it will be sent to President Harding and become a law w’hen he signs it. None of the tax reductions provided will be felt before before next year and the full force of many of them will not be reflected reflected on tax payers pocket book until 1923. By that year it is estimated nations tax bill be cut $835,000,000 from the $3,400,000,000 $3,400,000,000 estimated from the load this year. The anti-medical beer bill was signed today by President Harding. , EXECUTIVE SESSIOPT LANDRLrSTRI ALHA S ARMAMENT MEETING TRAGIC HAPPENINGS (By Associated Press.) Washington, Nov. 23.- Delegations of five powers went into first executive executive conference on land armaments today with French group hoping negotiations negotiations will be pressed to point to a formal expression of some character before the departure of Premier Briand Briand for France. Col. Bernard Bone, formerly of A, & M., but now of Dallas, is here to root for the Aggies tomorrow. (By Asociated Press.) j Versailles, Nov. 23.—A small tin ! box containing a pound and a half of i bonis was passed around today and I examination by jury trying “Blue j Beard” Landru for murder of ten women women and a boy. Prosecutions claims j that contents of box are all human | bones of victims. Some fragments are I so small they had to be examined with ; miscroscopes. EAGLE WANT ADS—THE BEST. ____rS"—1— -T iti no picture ever exhibited on the American screen has there been a wider appeal nor has any picture carried such dramatic dimensions as 'CHARGE IP” in which Clara knnbail Young plays four distinct characters with a dramatic dramatic tmesse that has earned for her the title of “Queen of the American Screen.” From dazzling society queen to lishwasher in a cheap restaurant is a far cry, yet truth is stranger than fiction and is proven so in this elaborate photodrama. (By Associated Press.) Washington, Nov. 23.—The follow- j ing Texas counties were released from quarantine of cattle fever by the department department of agriculture it was announced announced today: Bandera, Blanco, Brazos, Brazos, Edwards, Fannin, Freestone, Gregg, Harrison, Kendall, Kimble, I.e- j on, Morris, Raines, Real, Red River, I Robertson, Smith, Titus, Travis, Up- j shur, Williamson, Wood, Remainder of Comanche, portions of Anderson, i Leon and Milam and following counties counties were requarantined: Galveston,; Madison, Harris and Houston. MARINES KILL TWO B.&0;TRAIN ROBBERS (By Associated Press.) Pittsburgh, Penn., Nov. 23.—Two men were killed, another wounded In attemping to rob the Baltimore & Ohio mail train No. 9 near Washington Washington Junction, Maryland, early today, according to reports reaching postal j authorities here. The train was de- ! fended, the report added, by marines ; who repulsed the attack of the bandits with deadly fire. Private Wiasserman of Marine corps guarding Baltimore & Ohio mail train u from Washington to Pittsburgh early today near Washington Junction, Maryland, Maryland, discovered two men at the door of the car. He fired on them with a shotgun. One man dropped off the train and the other swung out on hand rail of car. He was later captured captured and brought to jail here. SAME OLDT l OODY IRISH STORY REPEATED (By Associated Press.) Belfast, Nov. 23.—Belfast’s long list ; of fatalities, the result of factional j rioting began to grow early today and ; one victim added almost at the outset j to the thirteen killed in outbreaks at-1 tending assumption of governmental powers of the new Ulster parliament yesterday. There is more bloodshed j predicted. MR. BRYAN BANK DIRECTOR. At a meeting of the board of direc-1 tors of the First National Bank held Monday night Mr. Travis B. Bryan 1 was elected a director of the bank to I succeed his uncle, the late Guy M. I Bryan. Mr. Bryan is receiving the congratulations of his friends on his deserved promotion. RedCrossRoll Call Continued Until December 5,1921 Workers in rural communities have asked for this extension of time. All committees will resume work on Monday November 28 to continue until the goal of members is reached, i* College and Bryan have reported to date as follows: - *0 College T $418.50 Bryan .................................*.................. 676.00 0 TOTAL ............... $1,094.50 • <• ■ * **> (By Associated Press) Austin, Texas. Nov. 23. —The majority of the University of Texas Longhorns left Austin for College Station today to play the Texas Aggies on Thanksgiving Day. A few of the players will leave on the special rooters train tomorrow, arriving at College Station at about noon. The main body will spend tonight at Heame and arrive at College Station early tomorrow morning. They will go to the Bryan Country Club and stay there until time for departing for Kyle field where the game is to be played. Coach Berry Whitaker will be in charge, assisted by Assistant Coach Charles Sedden- Trainer “Doc” Ekdahl and his assistant. “Doc” Weisan, will accompany the team. About 30 Longhorns will compose the squad going to A. & M. College. Will Get Wireless News. (Special to the Eagle.) Austin, Texas, Nov. 23.—That Austin fans who do not attend the Longhorn-Aggie football game at College Station on Thanksgiving Day may hear the reports of the game play by play, the radio station of the University of Texas will receive the reports as they are sent out from the wireless station of A. & M. College. This announcement announcement was made by George A. Endre^s resident architect and radio director of the University, after receiving a letter from W. A. Tolson, chief of the radio laboratory at College Station. It is estimated that this report will reach Austin several sec oiuls before the regular telegraphic telegraphic report. Mr. Tolson plans to stretch a wire to Kyle field from the College Station laboratory. laboratory. and by the use of a system system of remote control to operate operate the apparatus from there Special instruments are being constructed to withstand the three hours of continuous work and another complete set will be held In reserve for use in case of a breakdown. j Longhorns Record Since 1893. (By Associated Press). Austin, Texas. Nov. 23.—Recapitulation 23.—Recapitulation of football at the University of Texas since the game was inaugurated In 1893 shows that the Longhorns have played 180 games Including all games of this season played thus far. Of this number Texas has won 139, lost 45 and tied 4. The Thanksgiving Day game is the only one remaining to be plaved this year. The feature of the tabulation is the small number of games tied, less than one every every four years. In the 29 years of football the Longhorns have either won or lost games, tying but four. The outcome of the classic of the present season, the Texas-A. & M. game Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day, will add one game to the total played. "PRAYING COLONELS" PLAY TULANE UNIV. SELLS-FLOTO CIRCUS CO-OPERATES FULLY WITH A. &M. COLLEGE MODERN SHOW THROWS TRADÌ* ilU.N TO I HE 1ULK VHNDh AND STUDENTS i'UE-DOM- NATE IN PARADE. Thanksgiving Program The Thanksgiving Service will be held at the First Baptist church at 10 a. m. tomorrow. Everybody is cordially invited to be present. The sermon will be preached by Rev. H. C. Willis. The program is as follows: ( Song—By Congregation. Scripture reading. Song by the choir. Prayer. * Special song. Reading of Proclamation. Sermon. Song. t Offering. Benediction. The members of the various various choirs of the city are invited to be present in the choir. | New Orleans, Nov. 23.—Centre Col- j lege is not to play any post season ! 1 games this year was anounced today' hy Coach Charles Moran who with his Praying Colonels, arrived here for , the Thanksgiving game with Tulane.! The big Sells Floto circus arrived in Bryan early this morning and the Hryan railroad yards are tilled with cars belonging to the three trains used to transport the big show with its DIG people and more man 500 head of horses around the county- Hundreds of bryan citizens lamented lamented the fact that tne circus chose this day for its exhibition and thought that the circus wouid suffer through the fact that tomorrow is foot-baii day and that the classics of the year is about to be played here. It seemed that the citizens were the ones who grieved and mt the circus management management for the first thing which happened happened this morning was the purchasing purchasing of dozens of wards of red and white for decorations of the big eight and ten horse teams. Then officials tor the big show motored to the College College and returned with more than a hundred rooters with their chief yell captain. When the parade started; the boys climbed aboard big cages, dens and wagons and the very air was split with college yells and plow-share racket. Every time circus ladies eith-j er on cages or horse back passed; the J boys would render a military salute while the ladies would bow their prettiest. prettiest. The college boys enjoyed themselves, themselves, all of the 916 circus folks en- ' joyed themselves and the enormous down town crowds of spectators be- hel dthe first circus parade ever staged in which a College held a prominent part. Tonight the 62 \ piece A. and M. college band will be at the big circus with their hundreds 1 of rooters and every one will get their j voice in trim for the yelling tomor-! row. The parade appeared on the down ! town streets promptly at 11 o’clock and ‘just as advertised”. Every den and cage was open to inspection and , Sells Hoto displayed all the different species of wild animal life in their prime. The one feature which made a great impression was the magnifi-l cent condition of the grey Percheron specimens in wonderful condition. The scores of circus ladies were not the usual circus type but were really pretty. It was a parade worth looking at. A Big Snappy Program. When the doors to the big circus opened at 1 ’clock; the midway was nronged with enthusiastic circus fans. It did not appear tnat the football game tomorrow had any effect on their desires to be entertained. The circus is replete with its three rings and two stages and from the time the whistle blew; it was a constant buzz of ‘something doing.” The Sells-Floto circus program is strictly a straight circus entertainment entertainment consisting of aerial, acrobatic, tumbling, leaping, statuary, trapese, roman-ring, flyingladder, cloud- swings and iron jaw acts all mixed up with the wonderful bareback riders, riders, trained elephants, horses, ponies, mules, seals, monkeys, dogs and donkeys. donkeys. There were seven ‘’thrillers in place of the customary and seven times the big audience roared forth their approval. Mile Berta Zeason, a charming French girl presented the most wonderful tight-wire dancing act ever seen here. She completely won the hearts of terpichorean lovers. The famous flying Nelson family of aerialists aerialists performed “high over-head’.’ and were even more daring than ever. A man named Shubert; dislocated himself a dozen times from a lofty swing and a cute little Jap woman made quick work of six "thugs.” Taking the Sells Floto circus program program as a whole; it w’as thé cleanest and largest circus performance ever seen in Bryan. Not one word or act could be termed off-color. It is really a circus that is different and is symbolic symbolic of the color of its cages, uniforms uniforms and even poles. Whito predominated predominated every place and white is the color of purity. Mayhap the slogan of ‘’the purity circus” would be a good line for the circus management to use in their advertisements. There will be another performance 1 this evening at eight o’clock and with | the college boys band in attendance dus their mob of loyal rooters; there will be plenty doing at the final show. C0TT0NMÀRKET Cotton market closed 60 points up. Local spots were selling at 17 cents, middling basis. Cotton seed $28 per ton. THE WEATHER New Orleans, Nov. 23.—For Bryan and vicinity: Tonight and Thursday partly .cloudy and unsettled. Continued Continued warm weather. AGGIES ALWAYS WINNERS OVER TEXAS LONGHORNS 1 Respite the Bluster in Austin Texas Longhorns jviiovv mey nave a Keai name—Aggies nave iNever JDeen neieateu on lnanKsgivmg nay oy Longnorns on Kyie rieiu at nonege station. (By Lloyd J. Gregory). Austin, Texas, Nov. 23.—Determined to overcome the jinx wmcd nas proved so disastrous to Longnora elevens ot otner years which assayed to achieve victory on Kyle bleid, the Varsity Varsity eleven wnl go into Thursday’s game with the Aggies prepared prepared lor a better struggle. Oüds which are being quoted on me Texas University team to win are being discounted by those laminar witn tne Longhom-Farmer games of the past, always on Turkey Day. It matters not how the two teams have conducted conducted themselves in games played earlier in the seaspn, the two elevens tight it out on even terms. For this reason, no overconfidence overconfidence prevades the members of the Longhorn squad. The Longhorns nave never defeated the Aggies on Kyle field. it is expected that but few changes will be made by the Texas coaching staff in the line-up which has started the majority majority of the games already played. The work of the Longhorn forwards has featured every encounter of the Texas team. Against the huge Vanderbilt linesmen, alone, did the Varsity forwards fail to clear a path for their backs. Upon the work of the Longhorn first line of defense does the victory or defeat of the University of Texas team depend. In George McCullough and Joe Moore at ends, the Longhorns Longhorns boast of two of the most efficient wing-men in the Southwest. Southwest. McCulloch is by consent of all the greatest wing guardians guardians seen in Southern football for many a day. He combines every essential necessary' in the make-up of a great football player. On the defensive, opposing backs find his wing invulnerable. invulnerable. While on the offensive, McCullough runs fine interference, interference, and is the surest sharer of a forward pass on the Varsity Varsity squad. Captain Dennis and Pena will likely start at tackle. Both of these men are big, powerful, fast and have the added advantage of long gridiron training, tl was the spectacular catch oi a forward pass in the last game with the Aggies by Dennis which made the Varsity victory possible. In all likelihood, Hill and Gray will get the call for the guard positions. Hill is a veteran, and although rather light for his position, has no superior in Southwestern football. Gray, playing playing his second year at football, has been developing fast, under the tutelage of Line Coach Seddon, and Aggie backs will find his side of the line hard to penetrate. Swede Swenson should give to the Longhorns a tremendous advantage of long gridiron training. It was the spectacular and most consistent center in the Southwest. His steady pass ing can not be eclipsed. On the defensive, because of his great reach and strength, he is most effective in backing up the line. Just what combination of backs Coach Whitaker will elect to send against the Aggies is problematical. Elam may start at quarter; on the other hand, many think that the veteran Rats Watson will direct the team on the field. Other quarters who may see action are Townsend, Gardere and Brown. Because of his punting ability. Townsend is the most likely selection of the last three named. Should McCaUum, the sensational half of the Longhorns be unable to go into the game, the chances for a Longhorn victory' will be materially decreased. It is also, doubtful doubtful whether or not Robertson, upon whom the burden rC punting and passing has fallen in previous games, will be able to play. With both of these men incapacitated, the most likely guesses for halves are Hemsill and Sens. The presence of three capable capable full-backs upon the Longhorn squad would indicate that the Aggie forwards will have plenty of chances to stop line plunges. Dominguez, who threw himself across the line for the only touchdown of last year's Turkey Day game, Gilstrap and Tynes are all terrific line rippers. At present the greatest problem be tore the Texas coaches is the solving of the kicking and passing problems. Townsend and Dominguez will probably do the greatest part of the punting while Hemsill is an accurate pass hurler. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Barron and ehil- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kurten, Jr.. dren motored in this morning from of the Kurten neighborhood wen their farm home in the Wellborn com- shopping with the Bryan merchants munity. today. French Manufacture a Flying Automobile (By Associated Press) Paris, Nov. 23.—A flying automobile is the latest development in the French aero world. A successful demonstration of the ordinary automoblie with folding wings and two engines, one for land going and the other for air travel was held recently at Buc- Seine Et-Oise. The machine performed all the usual feats of the airplane also the automobile. Phone 480 and let the Exchange Tailors do your cleaning, pressing, altering altering and dyeing. W's reblock and clean bata Foot-Ball! Bryan High Champions Sections 9 and 6 vs. Eagle Lake Hi Champions Section 11 KYLE FIELD, NOVEMBER 25, 3 p. m. Both teams are undefeated and are two of the eight contenders now left for state honors. A great game is assured.

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The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)23 Nov 1921, WedPage 1
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  • 1921- Texas-Texas A&M / Texas slept in Hearne before the game

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