1921 Texas A&M Football Player. Right before the 1922 Dixie Classic bowl game vs Centre College

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1921 Texas A&M Football Player. Right before the 1922 Dixie Classic bowl game vs Centre College - BRYAN DAILY VOLUME XXV. BRYAN, TEXAS, THURSDAY....
BRYAN DAILY VOLUME XXV. BRYAN, TEXAS, THURSDAY. DEC. 29, 1921. (ASSOCIATED PRESS.) NUMBER 145 BUCKNER OF AGGIES HAS BROKEN L NEW FEDERAL TAX LAWS TAKE EFFECT JANDARV 1 ' ' ' 1 Many Changes In the Laws Covering All Activi- tives of business and Amusements—Movies Under 10 Cents Will Not be Taxed—l ax on Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes. (By Associated Press) Washington, Dec. 29.—Changes in federal taxes voted by Congress last month will come into full force January 1. Here’s how they will effect you: When you ride on a railroad train or an inland or coastwise steamer you no longer will have to pay the government eight per cent, of the amount of your fare and eight per cent of the cost of your seat, berth or stateroom. When you ship freight you will not lie assessed an extra three per cent of the cost. Likewise you can send packages by express or parcels post without having to give up a “war tax.” When you visit the corner drug store for a bottle of proprietary medi cine, a tube of tooth paste, a toilet preparation or the like you will escape the vexatious stamp taxes. When you go to a soda fountain you no longer will find Uncle Sain holding out his hand for a penny on each ten cents or fraction that you pay the clerk for a drink or a plate of ice cream. If you want to sport a pair of shoes costing more than $10 or a shirt costing more than $3 you will not have to lay out a tax. These and all of the other so-called luxury taxes on clothing, as well as those on umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, picture frames, trunks, valises, pocketbooks. etc., go into the discard on January 1st. If you live in a place that can boast of a ten cent movie show or other place of amusement you will not la1 assessed a penny tax. If the charge exceeds ten cents, however, you will continue to pay a war levy at the present rates of a cent for each ten cents or fraction. All heads of families families with dependents will get a slight reduction in their income tax during the new year, the extent being $8 for each dependent as a result of the increase from $200 to $400 in the exemption on account of dependents. If you are married and your net income in 1921 was $5,000 or less, however, you will get a still further reduction in taxes as the normal exemption for married men in this class lias been increased from $2,000 to $2,500. Single men arc given no additional exemption and can deduct only from their net inconn BONDS ARE FIXED BY JUSTICE HAMILTON Leb Daniels, a former state convict, charged with the burglary of Col»1 Hardware Co., had an examining tri»i before Justice J. W. Hamilton and hisi bond fixed at $500 which he has failed to make and is in the Brazos county jail. Daniels took many guns, knives, locks and ammunition. Wes Cramer, charged with manufacturing manufacturing liquor in an examining trial before Justice Hamilton, today gave bond in the sum of $300. The case goes over to the errand jury in Feb ruary. % In the cases of George and John Ellis arrested by Sheriff Morehead, Deputy Sheriff Whceless, Chief Martin Martin and Officer Franklin, the bonds were fixed at $300 each which they gave and were released. They were charged with making liquor on their farm on the Henchley road. Henry Smith, a negro charged with disposing of mortgaged property, had his bond fixed at $800 to await the action of the grand jury in February. The bond was made by Burleson county county people. SPIRITED DEBATE AT WASHINGTON OVER NUMEROUS PROBLEMS Dallas, Tex., Dec. 29 .— Dogged by hard luck through a season which has seen him nursing injuries on the side lines a big part of the tiro#, 1 rank Buckner of Weatherford,- the- 152 pounds of pile drive tackle that cut George McCulloch down from behind and saved the Thanksgiving game for • he Aggies, will miss his coveted chance of playing against Centre. The injury that compelled Buckner's removal removal from scrimmage practice yesterday yesterday afternoon was pronounced today today to he a broken leg. Buckner was j Coach Bible’s second nomination for all-star fullback. The loss of Buckner removed Bible’s Bible’s second fullback nomination from the game and INCREASE IN EDUCATION AND AGRICULTURE 'By Associated Press) Austin, Texas, Dec. 29.—Increase in part-time or evening school work for j adults, is expected in 1922, according to C .L. Davis, director of the work in the state. Texas receives the largest allotment of any of the states for vo- agriculture — $91,952 for j 1921-22 and $107,277 for 1922-23— | according to Mr. Davis. The allot- j ment will increase until 1925, remain-; nec«3tatea a ink constant after that time. During ARMS CONFERENCE HAS ITS HRRIZON RECLOUDED Disagreement With France Brings on Attack on Very Life of Conference—Balfour Talks Plainly Plainly Regarding Proposition From a British Standpoint—Crisis Standpoint—Crisis Is In View. shift. In reserve he. has. Johnson. Beesley and Miller, all half backs and none of them with the ability to smash a line possessed by Buckner in spite of his light weight. Otherwise, they can be easily shifted to foil, and while Johnson is the probable choice for the vacant place, it is possible the past year, said Mr. Davis approximately approximately 12 per cent of these funds lapsed to the federal treasury and about the same amount will lapse this year. Last year there were 75 white schools and 10 negro schools teaching vocational agriculture, while this year there are 90 white and 15 negro that Miller may be given a chance to schools. These schools are as widely prove the adaptability of his kicking separated as Burkeville in east Texas, and passing game. Miller, dug up by Miami and Fort Stockton in west Tex- Murrah jn the interorganization as and Falfurrias and Harlingen games last fall, twice rose to heights south Texas. of greatness in the last season. In More than 1,600 boys are enrolled the Arizona game, he achieved a 72- for vocational agriculture. They are yard punt and averaged well over 50 cultivating more than 1,100 acres of yards. In the Baylor game, his ac- ]an(j an(j feeding more than 1,400 pure curate passing defeated the Bears, br(,d animals. Last year these hoys Sent in against Texas, he fumbled a made a combined profit of $48,000. In number of punts and was withdrawn. to 1 subject of spirited debate. (Bv Associated Press) Washington, Dec. 29.—Direct issue, | whether future submarine warfare ! will be conducted under civilized rules * was raised today by the American delegation delegation in the arms conference of the I naval committee. The American dele$1,000 dele$1,000 | grates urged adoption of Root resolu- Whether you are single or married, if you tion and won the support of Great made a gaiii from the sale of capital assets, such as a building or j Britain but French, Japanese and ital- stock or bonds, you can pav the tax on this gain at the corpora- ; ian delegates urged reference of the tion income rate of 12 1-2 per cent, instead ot at the surtax rate if matter to come before experts. Root vou so elect If vour income is such as to put you in the surtax resolutions which regulate use of sub- paying class you will pay in 1922 at the old war rates, but in marines against merchant craft was 1923 you will pay at the new rates, which become effective morrow, and wlrtfh provide for some reduction all along the line j with the maximum at 50 per cent on $200,000 instead of 65 per cent of $1,000,000 or more. Some classes of business, big and j little,, get some relief under the new tax bill, but other classes will , have their taxes increased. Corporations which did not fall within within the excess profiting making class during the war will have their taxes advanced through the increase of 2 1-2 per cent. In the corporation income tax. Corporations falling within this class include the railroads and public utilities, the income of which are regulated bv federal or state commissions through the control over rates The excess profits tax is repealed, effective January 1 st but Dm result will not be reflected in federal revenues until the calendar year 1923 as next year this tax will he paid on the basis of the profits made in 1921. Likewise corporations will not begin paying at the increased income tax rate until 1923 PEARLS FOUND IN OYSTER, j Shreveport, La., Dec. 29.—Twelve j years ago Dan Kumarich, owner of: the De Luxe Cafe in the local Elks’j 'lub, began shucking oysters, and has been at it ever since. At times 1 he has found pearls in bivalves, but his “catches” never amounted to more than two or three until yesterday, yesterday, when he opened an oyster that ielded sixty-five white pearls, some arge and apparently valuable, and ne big black specimen believed to be worth a substantial sum. But Monday’s game may give him the chance to redeem his showing on Thanksgiving. I'nder any circumstances, circumstances, Buckner’s defensive ability will be missed. A hard, sure tackier, he made his presence in the backfield felt. Against a rushing, tumbling team of the type of Centre, Buckner was especially needed. His broken leg is a sore blow' to the Aggies as well as himself. The Aggie visit to the stadium was made in expectation that Centre would arrive Thursday and use the playing field the remainder remainder of the time. The Kentuckians, however, will put in a belated arrival on Friday, washouts on the road hav ing interfered. The team is expected at 4:10 o’clock Friday afternoon. The tardy appearance will cause the Centre Centre players to miss a dance given in their honor tomorrow by Gus King, Centre student and last year manager of the eleven. many cases, the returns on the projects projects were sufficient to pay three- fourths of the cost of the course. The teachers, who are employed on a 12 months’ basis, receive special training for this kind of work and during the summers they are required to take special courses at teacher training institutions. The schools are required to buy the necessary equipment and books. The classes devote 90 minutes a day to vocational agriculture, dividing dividing the time betwen laboratory, field (By Associated Press) Washington, Dec. 29.—With it’s horizon beclouded by many elements of uncertainty the Arms Conference today entered the phase of its negotiations that will determine whether it will be successful in imposing limitations on any class of war craft except except capital ships was the immediate proposal before the Naval Committee today was the plan of American government to limit the tonnage of airplane carriers maintained for future navies powers. It is on this proposition and on the proposal to restrict the use of submarines and size of individual warships auxiliary classes that the American delegation now' pins its hope of amplify amplify the capital ship agreement already received but to which in | France yesterday attached reservation as to replacement. Naval experts are preparing to take up the capital ship replacement program program as soon as the Naval Committee reaches a point that w'ill permit it to turn to the subject. BALFOUR TALKS PLAINLY ON DISAGREEMENT. Washington, Dec. 29.—Efforts to limit the naval strength of the powers in submarines and auxiliary warships came to an abrupt end yesterday after they had drawn the French and British arms conference delegates into a plain-spoken exchange over the possibilities of a future war between France and the British Empire. Empire. The French, acting under renewed instructions from their government, told the conference naval committee with an air of finality that France must remain free to build a submarine flotilla nearly three times as great as that she now possesses and to construct, construct, in addition, cruisers, destroyers and other auxiliary craft tip to a tonnage of 330,000. To the proposal, the Americans, Japanese and Italians replied with expressions of surprise and regret, while the British charged openly that such a building program must be regarded as a menace to British shores. Arthur Arthur J. Balfour added that he had no doubt, if occasion arose. l7t\ea"tdimTird°evotetd to" ju.S Great Britain would te equal to it, butonly ^e resert-ed com- wcrrk, poultry culling and construction Manv of the special or excess taxes imposed upon manufac - turers in many lines o fbusiness also go by the boards January 1st The framers of the new tax law believe this will lighten the burden of the public generally as they hold that these taxes, with but few exceptions, have been passed on. Manufacturers who have their taxes repealed are those turning out chewing gum articles made of fur, musical instruments, sporting goods includ bilbard anti pool tables and ball, pleasure boats and canoes coating less than $100 each: electric fans and thermos bottles and »""■other taxes which come off include those on Insurance pre mlums and on bonds of indemnity and surety, while sharp reduc tions are made in the taxes 011 cereal and carbonated her crag*, «old in closed containers; on candy and on works of art. Some new taxes are put on manufactures, the rate being a nor cent of the amount bv which the sale price exceeds given Hums in the cases of carpets and rugs, trunks, valises, fitted toilet c-i^es pocketbooks, portable lamps and fans. Other new taxes arc cases, 1 * fountain avrillYH H 11(1 CB1- imposed on manufacturers of finished fountain syrups and car honic acid gas. Taxes imposed under existing law which will b rot lined are* Those on telegraph, telephone, cable and radii retained ai ; cigarettes and snuff; admissions and du?sSafstates- automobile trucks and wagons, other automobiles and motorcycles and parts and accessories therefore, cameras and luoioiiyiit , i /* i , q « mnv ntr nieture tilms). STATE LOSES BANK CASE AGAINST TEXAS PRISON COMMISSION GEORGE M'GONIGLE WAS LOST AT BROWNSVILLE and repair of farm equipment. The subject matter will vary widely, depending depending upon the needs of the community, community, said Mr. Davis. The courses at Fort Stockton and Del Rio deal with certain phases of animal husbandry, husbandry, while the course at Falfurrias deals with dairying and that at Granger Granger with staple crops and at Seguin with farm shop work. The supervised practice work, or project work, may consist of five or six dozen laying hens, two baby beev plete freedom of action as to the construction of all types of auxiliaries which might be useful against underwater warfare. t By Associated Press) Brownsville, Dec. 29.—Nearly a hundred persons in automobiles are today searching the gulf coast for twenty-five miles north of ’’ere for George McGonigle, a prominent Brownsville exporter, who was lost from a party of deer hunters Tuesday. His companions arrived here last night exhausted after a long search. oecrease T freight RATES ON BUILDING MATERIAL FOR ROADS machines ami weighing machines; jewelry ami ai precious metals, except eyeglasses and spectacles. pawnbrokers, ship mu ooms, Suecial taxes retained arc those on brokers, pawnbrokers brokers custom house brokers. Proprietors of theatres „„nms concert halls, circuses, bowling alleys and bdliard i< Zoting galieriès. riding academies; manufacturers of obacco, cigars and cigarettes; persons renting autoniobdes for hue on the use of bouts, and on the employment of child labor. Stamp fives retained are those imposed upon bonds of mdebtednes-, t l ctfipk issues- capital stock, sales or transfer; produce, sales of on exchanges drafts or checks (payable otherwise than nn sintit or demand); promissory notes, conveyances, en r\ on sight >ii ctomai withdrawal of goods from the customs housed passage tick,';,s. powers of attorney; playing cards and foreign insurance policies (By Associated Press) Austin, Texas, Dee. 29.—The Texas Railroad Commission today ordered a 15 per cent decrease in rates on road building materials v.hen consigned to county or state * officers for use in building good roads. The decrease applies applies only to the Southern Pacific lines Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe, Missouri Kansas and Texas, Panhandle and Santa Fe. Houston and Brazos Valley and Texas Midland. The decrease applies applies also only when the county or state pays the freight charges and not applicable to municipal work. (By Associated Press) Houston, Texas, Dec. 29.—Holding that the Texas prison commission can be sued here, Judge J. D. Harvey of the 18th district court Wednesday decided decided a plea of privilege filed by assistant assistant state’s attorney general in an effort to change the venue to Walker county in the debt injunction suit instituted instituted by the Houston National Exchange Exchange Bank. The decision was an initial victory of the bank which is asking a temporary injunction to restrain restrain the prison commission from pledging its 1921 or 1922 income unless unless it pays three notes for $31,250 each, which were issued in payment of the much discussed Fort Bend cotton oil mill at Richmond. At 2 p. m. the case to be resumed on a general demurrer, special exceptions exceptions and a general answer which T. L. Breckenridge and W. W. Caves, assistant attorney general, stated they will file. He declared that the state had no intention of paying the notes, that the former prison commission commission which purchased the mill had no authority to do so and that the purchase purchase was illegal. They cited an act of the last regular session of the legislature legislature which they said expressly prohibited prohibited the prison commisison from expending funds for alleged indebtedness indebtedness of the mill. They further declared declared that the suit was, in effect, a suit against the state of Texas and that the state had not given its permission permission to be sued and could not do so without legislative enactment. a field crop, one acre of truck, etc. The project is at the home of the pupil and is visited frequently by the teacher. Many of the projects are quite profitable, profitable, according to the teachers, and so stimulate the interest of the boys and hold them in school. They have the opportunity also of testing some of the theories of the texts. They keep a careful record on the project and so at the end of the year are able to show definitely how profitable their undertaking has been. At the Fort Worth Fat Stock show, judging contests have been conducted WOMAN LOST HER LIFE IN THE CADDO FIRE (By Associated Press) Breckenridge, Texas, Dec. 29.—Mrs. Ellen Sydenstricker, aged 61, lost her life yesterday in a fire at Caddo which destroyed six frame buildings at an estimated loss of $25,000. Mrs. G. Sam Houston today. Barker arrived from OBREGON DECLARES DR. GROSS IS MARTYR Mexico City. Dec .29.— President Obregon ordered official honors to late Dr. Howard B. Cross of Rockefeller Institute, who died at Vera Cruz from yellow fever and the body will be brought to the capital today. In orders orders to the Sanitary Department President President Obregon referred to Dr. Cross as a martyr to science. GAME JANUARY 2nd, 3 p. m. Wallace Building Thrilling word picture of every play and player from the field by wire to the audience. audience. Admission: Adults, 50c; children, 25c Brazos County Poultry Show, January 6 and 7 Realizing that it is not practical for very many poultry breeders breeders to attend our larger state poultry shows, the Brazos County Poultry Association have arranged to hold their show January 6tli and 7th„ 1922, in Bryan, so that every one may avail themselves es, several hogs, five’ or six acresTof oi opportunity of attending a good local show and gain new inspiration. The educational teatures of the show will be stressed stressed anti you will come to see that good poultry husbandry means more abundant food production, thus creating better living conditions conditions among our people. You will also understand more clearly the problems confronting the poultry* industry. With standard bred poultry the industry can be made a much more profitable business and in fact will turn a liability into an asset, as scrub poultry will be a liability so long as scrub poultry* is tolerated upon our farms. The weli-bred fowl is the one efficient efficient item in poultry success. Our future policy should be that we determine that the day of the scrub was yesterday, as the standard bred fowl has come to stay and good business judgment is going to force us to keep only the best from now on, especially if we expect to derive a profit. There is a steady demand for poul- for the pupils enrolled in the animal I try products and there is no apparent likely hood of the demand husbandry classes Last spring teams being over supplied any time soon. With standard bred poul- from eighteen high schools competed try and better and more efficient methods of handling poultry for a loving cup, six teams competed j products, better markets can be developed and thus better profits, at the Waco Cotton Palace and eight j We trust that each year we will have the pleasure of making at the Houston Fair. At the Georgia j another chapter ill the history of the development of the poultry>. state fair a team representing Texas | industry of Brazos county and to all those interested in the indus- high schools competed with teams | try ancj have an earnest desire of becoming a part of something worth while, we extend to you an invitation to become an active member with us. One dollar will pay your dues in the association for one year and this is given back to you in the form of a year’s subscription to the Reliable Poultry Journal. Our premium list will be found elsewhere in this issue, to which we call your attention. You will note that we are offering liberal premiums and amateurs will not have to compete with Houston county and two in Brazos j professsional exhibitors in order to win them. The show will be held in the new Sebesta building next door to M. Bonneville on Bryan Street. We trust that you will render us your hearty cooperation cooperation as the show is open and free to all whether you are a member of the association or not. For any additional information information address: W. t). SANDERS, Secretary. Bryan, Texas. (\ E. JENKINS, Superintendent, Bryan, Texas. from other southern states. This team won easily over all competitors. One of the interesting developments of the past tw0 years, Mr. Davis said, has been circuits of three or four schools taught by one teacher. This itinerant teacher visits two schools each day. There are two of these circuits in SOME DEER STORY TOLD BY FATHER COX IN CROCKETT COUNTY San Angelo, Dec. 29.—The season’s season’s prize hunting story came out today from Crockett county where Bascomb Cox, a prominent Ozona ranchman, is reported to have the speed of his horse against a deer on the open prairie prairie and overtook the animal, roped roped and tied it unassisted. Father Cox branded and released the deer, the report said. THE WEATHER (Special to the Eagle.) New Orleans, Dec. 29.—For Bryan and vicinity: Tonight fair, colder. Friday Friday fair. _____ j£~ i county. A number of small schools that could not afford a full-time teacher are thus benefitted. Part-time or evening school work for adults is now making progress, according to Mr. Davis. This \?ork has its beginning in the recognized need of a group of farmers for instruction instruction along definite lines, he said. For example, a t Wnelder a group of farmers meet two evenings each week for instruction in dairying. These men are vey much interested and the number number in the class has increased from six at the first meeting to fifty at the last meeting, according to the director. director. At China, Texas, a course in ’poultry was given last year an«i at Farmersville a course in poultry pro duction is being continued This type of work, said Mr. Davis, which meets a need for instruction after school days are over, is expected to increase throughout the state. BIG IMPORT DUTY IS URGED ON CRUDE OIL (By Associated Press) ( Washington, Dec. 29.—Import duty of $1.00 per barrel on crude?* oil was urged before the senate committee today today by Harry Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, for Midcontinent Oil and Gas Association and National Association kof Independent Oil Briidueers. To the Trade We are now handling the CASINGS and TUBES. FEDERAL We have a full line in stock and will appreciate appreciate your calling and letting us show you the best casing on the market regardless of price. Chambers-Wilson Motor Co.

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The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)29 Dec 1921, ThuPage 1
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  • 1921 Texas A&M Football Player. Right before the 1922 Dixie Classic bowl game vs Centre College

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