New York Evening Times Sept. 18, 1851

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New York Evening Times
Sept. 18, 1851 - I m:v-vouk daily time Ar. f.Ttl v';..a tl Old...
I m:v-vouk daily time Ar. f.Ttl v';..a tl Old Park The- f'ii erT JKL??.fatl?hJ- r'l- V7r -" - "V 4. I M -Ti a i It P. F. a i ..... . r r.vnRK WEEKLY TIMES. A H Y V" wnraiM. tt the low or-ee 0i T jZZrr Sturv Af on., tt the li topics, for 8, u1KAYMom JONKS k CO., Fubliattcrt. jj VY KVKrt, THHEEOXLTOCKiV tKf-an one f H6p !chrul Ligkfninf Pr'4tt,utit fipr?' ilii rntftblifchuu-R jn! j$mt jwit uj in tlie frr rtta u . Ui ba-iutiit'of N'o. 113 N4afsu-U'et. Tlx P" ' "" Tlnrnt ever buat,hut a it i rfiirrtty nw, Bvi-r having Wu wcrkrd until tuig mr- jit-, iw-wcrk Ihot food it vriU be aftr litd ' i!wr. Tlic Qrruiet prt cf the iiuprehiou thin morning j " inijwffctUy rinUi, part being clrarcr atiid more iunt .than' thr rf, TbiS. i unavoidable fl-otu the rp.rauonK tl iiew l'rfr, but few Cajn will cflectoal ) rt!H;d) it ; 1 - ' .'- ; ; . 1 T!.T!i riiMMindic of th-Iaj 1 crttiuc- itir, Prr4n oper uww., 7 ' Timrt yu rdar n.orrnnir xva' wiivej t a hte i)?-Tif.. This thJRcvilt. vUI jtgou be rnnc-uni hn to drjjvr (hf patimiui'iTinJy a an boif, Jttr'y enough to miit tbn ronvrnirnca ol' all,' SuMcribflr t;nir k..t'avir rvportoit aiiy ftaJun-ii to receive it iat TOriCS OF THE DAY. 4 The Cut', t tttd Enquirer has a euiritcd drtiri!c ft tfeeroioa-iiic ajtt cth ." two armipo, each larger slMr thuf w S'hkh Juu coijiierd Caul, ' a that with whirh Wiluam of JSrmandy- ab,jujfttied: SrUam," now Euilier.d, Uw one a: Ktk.hrWur and tfie thr t! lhi.HH). I marks the litiuctwa between ihexe' jttjW,vhfh up KubluTttApon!nt9 of what America tvt iltme and vti& do in the great work of rnodfrn civili-atiou" and the religioeiUa!( of the ancient a hi i6 fr-ai (aim of ITurojo. Tlitjr object trss simply' to jtrilitate buincia : . ' , . Tfie idea of holding ft public exhibition of superior pdu- of niHiiuliM-turiin or agricultural stjut wr -tttiiif lit any 1hi a triuumh of industrial enterprise, t entered the. ininda of ojrr .grandfatttera,' or V airy m llirir Mvetor Rat'k to the' time when Eve sewed hei ' i ?tnary apron, and Adnin tioe4 hia-s primative tow i, . jBrr tMiet pgonn hve ail bexn the birth of lb.- iine-' urnlh rt ntury of the ChrUliait era ; and evifx now thry t-1 poatraned DAVPoinoaratively a very amalt portion of i ipounmn fumiiVl he, Americans, tbo EngliKh, and Fren.-n are I Ik- only people that share tbein to ah y . intent, and thoy only jut tn rlie pmporiion of their re- i ipeclive activitiea iu lire niareh of iutproveinent. Tlic Anierirann are Ktmflaig forward in the way of enter- yi iw r 11 u n ir nviai. u i: 11 c i jt , nun i iiTry III ITU 1 mil 1 J taKR peculiar aatmfartion in theae drmonatrationa and extit-btuoii". ,nduMtry and skill are Ixld iu higher honor here " than in any other country on earth, and outward testi-iMniiaia of the fact are-every where apparent. Every! rtate and alino every county ha ttm aricultaral tori- iy. en I luting tltn interest of the people, and rondtfeted ith viKotand bttrreaa. ., AVhera else in the wide -world : , ild you pitlier such an 1innene tbrone to au a?ricul- i dral fair, ahd keep thetn tliree days, aa are now aaaem-' bled 'at Khesu:r J W'liere . else could you rally such j celebrate tae triumph of inochanHal enterpnae, ) re now niii'ijcling their pride and joy in Buxton J j ihVca are routined to no cluxs or callinr. Ttte I ol tlw 1'hiIi d Mjuch participates in them aa! he huiiibh-Kt laborer. All alike irlory in hont be- ea'tftj th-y are the token of glorious achieventent,.ahd' lie3 u roiiitiHHf ptory ujioit a. coinuioa country." hi a well-known correspondent of ft Tin Courier, Utu depict the uitraclive quiet of a Bos ton fcncality: . , .' . . 1 '. " 1 tie re r ne locality in Boston, which !m j ouiet kri il hk featurex, that 1 am runou to nee if the lir and sin. even of thia jeiVival crowd (the Railroad jubilee,) will reach it. . PrjnWyson SJirtnre, easily reached fxhiit ' Tr oiont Mreet, in the most placid of all iuhuhited places In the midit of the amall preen that i in the centred t Vre Hliould be a tit at u re of. Rip Van Winkle the rnan i fciiiiKf tallied by I be Bleep of twenty veara, ahould fiinl Us liieinorinl here. H set m out of tniie to walk fast or . tread ht wvjly. IrviitK'a Ktont nrteman would haVvab Maisad fruiij his uxoal energy of movement. . The houpea I have a hiality reKja'ctable a)iM arHn e,.hnt evince noKign f inteiuoifri lire. I never heard a lond laugh lwak in ; uptm the nilenre and wheu thecrier. who in other quari Vr tricn tlie firll volume of lung and the power Of brnff-t bell annoutiee tiefe, the (Usappcarance of some wahrtei ing elultVnetore ita own: ?rtam evil day, aeeing the r world or itwttJio.ut do it m ientle on?sestive whia- prrw. It is a 'Culm pol in'a rtorniy sea, and in the ei iitmlct alljlhal the iiewpapt-r Wvertiamtnf5i 'inea'ii by a ptia nvrKhlorhoo.l, i wih the cteat pryresbion of Friday woulTagitate tlnti Hilent square ponrih' in upoit It it thronged hosta of the lierce (soldiery of .Masai lni. aetia. It would be nch an ere in hisiory, and llteiicej. Imvard. would le the event,' hanging; on which alt other ' -memorie Hftaetl. The President ia a grave and" oufct '. .. omu, nun iTcmon uniiuiii a-Carolinian gentle- BiaTi o Mr UarrHf Orandixon lxk and manner.. They would like .this part of the route.- Your city has; ' no mich nil e nook and'eoruer of genteel 'Bolitude. The cir eurtion of News York is all arterial a pulbaiitMt that 'ever ' leajAt onwtrd".7 -s : ' i The Eyhts rfi-'ouuixeutls'tHc Albany' rjlat-! form,'' Miran'irig thereby thtf acnthnenta . embodied iir the call. for a State C'opvaitioii, agreed tfpon by The rwo . u hig cotiuuitleea at Albany , to general ftivor, Rhd-ieeka -todifrhd it agaiutt nuiKOuMructtou. It thus poaka fit:" , ;.:V.' -V' :,' The"" Albany riHtform'! might' have been more clear , ; lv expresmM, and u.i-lit have fane furthfT than it dm u and we confess Hint wc ahonld have heen better batuTied ' 'lied if It tali. Hut it is, as it rJads, and u we hare . n asMWQneea it mdjnjiaud. it pj a good enough platfOrin iir any JyatiowiiihrjQo a'id upon, 'aud one worthy to .lit! copied aid tir tH TV v. itiga every wto. om& iu--terpr. t the free dwcfiisiuti jteaohjt ion aa a promise to're- aritirf the ."lavtA- qhoiw anevc, "but iU ut-Hheir isava; f i of t he mo.,! h or m wrekn nast proveM that iw Mieh Wu' ii a rmrre uiia naimiation than these CoinprtKuisc niiius- m., jixot-s irr eirniema ot uiscoru arc to be created M a means ol disturbance. . . :.i . i - f wrcr, w'rer, that rin; Democratic Stat? Conveniioidid not eii-' Vo;ilir Compromise uwiisures, andjiat . " there lie any noelly-braJr.l party now In this State. it w the Democratic party, in whivh John Yan Uuren nn-l his cohorts have full away." , . I i j ft adds: .;... - ; '.' " ' ? : " ! j: "'fl Plate now soumhT ankrj -more ctNistn aiie !iuKiiatioiml,aliii the Democrats fare w. iuns, r lunai aa well as State. They do no. . party, whatever niV be tlaf e'xeepiioms'iuteiid or f: fre . er.r-agp:ate alavery maturs, and tliey Will llOt'0 doi alld in dnimitimrtlnmsplvu nt tiii: )a hoxt to 'n-U i a . Ilmi ill! VI i i'remilrllt (i Hell t 'j - l" i nixin me impure ,"!rovrr' "w's eomprotuise , measures cannot ' M'"'Tlrept py the common consent of all par- - 'la NtrfTiTi ui.,1 C.. tl. - i'i...- in .. 1 - Brm.111 t fNIiniM I..- I . . " e i, v n "ill. lie I'.tx'ttMlltPU .iin.i7t ' .!rl ""I'rt f the Administration, they com- I fh'"Vrlieir HH-asures. j Jf l e KtckMut iwii-n-HiMi turn recreant to Southern -passtonsand prejudice, and Jhos goea over to the Van rf urrn of New. York, we. shall haye to pro- IHTtii A!,0,'!itn Wr," and call upon tho pfoiae her. .here, to look aller trean, elose'by mci l, "T- - -i iif j. . The Rtpvllic, it Waslunglon, comments fojxi-.. tly upon the contrast exhibited by Messrs. CABWAtti-Ea, Swift and other geiulcimn of PhiladetpUa in, ' . Ihrir rejard for lawjartd onk r in the ChriMiaiut Ira-ed and their disregard of it it in the ease of Cuba. ThW that ciliM-ii of a rs lhoring State have been crue llv twui.uinHlii.t V. a fr...a - f - j . ... ..... 5 ut. , - V . C .wuuavta, o.c; " mat m tustirrectiotuiv micment In one of tho nm! potm- : r : mrwt m uar siicrrssiiu as in HIW IM lonl tiin utrr. nf umiin. ...t , L, l-'jor. m nH. ,aw , 7 an.ftlM T request the Governor -lo - 'mT f",kl'raiion te necessity of rindicatin the' u, rated la.-a, and austaining the dignity of the Commonwealth, on tlua immmani and melancholy occasion " This, 7e il'imbHc aaya. is all very well ; but iitre-Tneinber that nfy a tnonth ago a public tneeting.wqa ; which Mr. Capv ali.adh reisjrtcd to. ime aid that " it U the riLt and, the dwy of the -peopla of A ihtse I'nllrd State to rouipel the Government tn .wi.. - . . . . . ... "vs uaiinnruiB -ftheiiisehres'npon tnu own jpwernintnt principles;, In .. A. merles." Amd a resolntion adopted af the same aieet. ing declares jo be the duly, of the Oovefnfncnt of the I ulicd. State to adopt such may secure tlic Pfompt lihermioii oV that portiou of AnH'tifa (Cuba) Vw, thetjtanuy of nn opprensi.e iraitsailautie Govern . went, auataincjl by military despotism !" Cpon llhia TeiJeectintnejitsthust ; "'",'"' it j -Can it he a matKt af Wowkr to ay on when 'aitch - i,T,UOnM ,U"-e "e ata puWic meeting, lv - Ilf .,Wf ' V," roin'y having some standing aual InHuotiee. that we sumiU hear of armed resistance1 loihe UwK and oMhromct ol the law aiid their '''"'"i wins an a iiitun. m e.. u. uiptotukiir - r" .HJIJUL 11 SillllS HIT 12,1,1V "TT" Tr"r- J"y"ly J', in terror armed 7ihV."l'rai,,e,rt',l'i.n'il by iiuluarr !lc- ewiabtiatt uni- reaislanre 1 Toe truiU u.. iLto V, V" T.'" !."iary desiKHm y nned Ua.nseh to rosist i?'.. w ii rea.oU ,d m,S I' t him f .-4" 'KrehtSr so va thld rcsprm to tSoyrroWioVimiClTr. ll)E11' tat-fleet, calls ujani tho iiu. i . i i. " . iwihht sup resist ilov Snftl- '"f"'- . U,a?ir i- niJH! vr fi fii toxica nur: r.rr n ,nnrirannr!rnT.;n nr.nnrir nn: II i I f X- 11 U r 1 1 1 U' 1-3 I 3 i.J 1 r 1 . t!V", ; tf II LI Mi ir II II ill I I I 1 '111 r I I r r I i II s. I I I I I I ' i i- - r ir- yoL; i.....Ncm. 5C .im u:u , ju. w-reiielt'!'! are il.ntia Hiwl t.v ; A eiona i a tUt iniiH!nt.iVw tjart i'uniOi and kc. :on, to-aectjrc an ea!r vi ttn'.M j : . j I J T R'gUlfr al.6mmili itpoii trie twcto tra-rer at ;a:ltefiana,'hviir'"l " loi i' ' i-', -Lj-j, ;l The' conduct of the offira and their ftem'infa ii. awful throttchoti. an! thai of the Watkwiiiawiu: ffoin he begiuouig. To Uphold to -iiMtiV. to en ueio oiili- t the proeeedtngaof the Lasted, i to inv :tean uvefihrow of the CuiiKtituiiuit and a dixoluiKia of the I'nloii, or a !ervile war.; e lutve muiI, e tliinlt tttem jleaa to blaine thah thf whit AbriitionitB, who (touiitc-nancd ihelr dwtia of nnirdtr and. rotary, and waved thrm on to the cotumUMoit of treason. ' It Koine ot't!i ineeudiarieci shall he i-augtrt in the fefcltec they no richly . merit, it will v no canae for lanintanon: A nd if j$nre ! of the preairher and fumeiiltr of treaw.i rould'he ni.le to aerve their couutry im vonie- Mich wav, the iialiou would not Miliar by tjieir tallle.',! . ' -. j " . ! f - 77f Jwtirnal of )dmiY,uce ilevotea ll leattno; roluinn to a notice the ym-ht Autt riea and to tjhe jrtia-' apporhtmenta Eliglisliinen hate sustaiaed aa to the eed j of Amcricaa vMel. B lore opening their port ito jfree ! competition, the House of l-orda took evidence, and tade tip their minda fna, even tf their restrictions were taken I 'oflVtbey-wioui atiB iarry ff the palm. ' - f . .'f NTiat mani bave been ihd astoniMimentof rhaiw4ilfl of Loudon w lion they found that the Urientn!, a new-York clipper, wrts the fim ahip to arrive wiAhi herilocksiout riiina, loaded with the then new cwp f teas It jsvas tlie Bhorteirt rnn to London ever niade, arid tunny Wrre the doubtn, now for the firt.t tiuw; enter! uiiuil, of theAria-Ooin otjopeniiigthe door to the -nlrpri of Arnc'ricij." The; performances of ouf aieautwiiips deepened ths in'i-prcsRion tliUM etrated; bift it ivim reserved for John fj. SrtvEs, Eaq.. arouse jlhe! erithusiaMn of both nations on this subject to the higlitnt degree ; and of htm i The Jttirnnt a4j'':f ' - ' ';-',.. : - ' His fuiihpri Robe rt I., iktcvens, of llohoken.V-ail the fim peMOH who, veilturedi with, a steamboat bevOnd t!i limita of ai river. He wa a coiniietitor with ruitoh. and when the latter and Chancellor l.iyingf-tbn had procured a auppoaed xcluniv right lo iiavigtite the Hudson, boldly deteriruncd to; take hi boat frotn the Hudson, to1 the Delaware.,' :. lit the Infancy of ateam navigation he raWd the rate off peed from ei jfht to thirteen miles per hour, and waa th author of many and great improvement n the forni and eomrtructiott of steamboats. , Ills remarkv abe letter, written i many ear iictbre Jlaiiroads had befn thought of by Ot hern, declaring the leasibiUtyaud rii'uuuiiuv ui coiiMiruqiiiip a. rauroan a.ou. the Jlndsoii RAer, and operating it at a speed of from tortyto fifty ru ilea per hour, w ill lie ret ollrcttd by many of our real-eri. To the linii of thia o'isting-.iixhed rnan do we owe ih honor jof Signal victories, gracefully won in British witer over tlieir faateat veaaela. Their effect iwas liriratly enhanced b lite high tone and delicate bearine or-, the winner-iu v i-ry encounter, and in every step of lua prognmn. ' : - ; i-. i f - j- -1 . f The America wj teviied by MeSTa. John C. f Ste-vena. Geo, Schuyler llauiillion, Wilkes, and J. Beck- man iuuav, and Wui bum at the ship yard of IL: Brown & Co Her archttet l waa Mr. Oeo. Steers, who planned the Syrrn,1 Cornelia and 'na. She was beaten lv the Msria, built 6y Mr Sterena himself, a fvejieel which could not have been entered in the yacht race, owing to her construction, i ;30,(00 wa to have been paid, lor the America, to her luilders if the could bent knvhing at home or abroad ; uthefwise out $20,000; and anjfhu va beaten here, lo ' course she cost only the smaller tuin-l Ai'-,' ) l " !: - i l ' Us Cclrjjrap6J to Cfic XrtolTorfe Cintrs.. . : ': Liberty Party Convention at Buffalo-, j ; j iil l- BcrrAlo, Wednesday, Sept. '17 P.M. f The Convention riH'tiqjain at 2 o'clock,; when, after the lTanaaction of some imtmportant busiitess.' the Business , Committee, through its Chairman, Ckrbit S5tiTH,reported.'aerie of reHolutions, fnrmng a ' platform whih embraces the creeds of tlie extreinest Aboli-tionnrts, tho most ultra of all the oppower of the Fugitive Slav L, the! Temperance nn, Peace men, Laud Relormers, Women's-Rigliln men. and Free Traders ; land it calls npon all theae diilerent classes of Reformers to come and join their party, and thus unite all the great Reforms of the day ou a broad basis. They denounce the Colonization .Society, and both the old political! 'parties, in the strongest terms, ahd call the President, and the uiejitbers of l be! late Congress who voted for the Fu-. giriye Mave Law, pirates and murderers. : .. IS; ; The Cmrvention waft addressed in the afternoon by Professor' IlndHon, if t lrtiU, Mtssrs Cling, of Oswego, Prjnnr, of Waync.Co Smith, of Mailin. and Adding-ton of BufTalo-lall advocating the above plailorni. : A committee wa then appointed to report suitable' n:tmcs Utr the nominees tor Preadent and N'iCe-l'resi-dent, the first tlilna to-inorrow iiiiniiig, w lieu tho Con-Tention adjourned to tea. ' i . i i ; - ; . At the Kvcuiiig Mewsiou the nice ting was nddred by fierrit iiiilh and Fnw!erick DoiisIuum in c Impieut tenns. Their speet ltes were perfectly charairteristie of the men, declaiming loudly against everybody and every thiiiif tuut does not belong to their party, or square with their peculiar idea.; In short.. they were a repetition or ihrir old Kioechef, nuide; at tlie various Liberty meeting fur a inn;il r o( years' past. ,V - :ti ".'; i j . Tlerewa a very Cslim attendance in the morning, but nine in the alternoou, while in the evening there was an audience of gome eight or nine hundred. ;There are, howeverSer jfijMf frotM other States, and the nominating eOnimittee is composed chiefly of j New Yorkers. The nominations; will probably be'inado "to-morrow. Anti-Slavery books and carirattire- are publicly mr tnie ut uie nostrum, ami ,tue auuieiiee invited to cons ti and pflrehaxe the in. ! fi ' , r - ; . j j ! ReigHatiii of le" leimrlvauia Charge j t A, F. . . : I :cnoirik .i ' ' ; - ij..-. WaaiiiNoros, Tbiirsda-, ISth SciH. vanl the ,Pcn?wylvania Cliare a iv aitr ?r orwanli the .lViuuivlvania Charge at Deijmark, having' iendered )iia resignation sonle weeks since, and reimesied. tViHit fiovcrmmnit nennissioa to ro- Uirn home, the. Preshlent fast wTek- accee.d his resig nation, and Uirtctttl It'Herw of recall to he traiisinitu-.l htm.- i;.'-!: -;.ti i- -i- : I VS i ' If 1.1 i J.J ; Vr iJ . i 'harlea II. I.a.ld Portsutuuth; IS. 11 tints '"Tt PT"1wmi iary 4Xm Rl vii-e MWier, tfiied. ! . ii U'ire at the )e unison House, Ciucimiati. i '. jr1. ij-vilr,; ' I I C'isctxSATiH1 Wednesday Stipl. 17. The two iiiper ptones ol the DennLson IIihT were ii:troyorl lik-jfirc t one: o'clock this inominir, tuid the lower pnM ; ti, I louse w as greatly dam-ngttl. fyonie .baae. va dtttroycl,"anil c;Vcr:il Urdcrsi lost' Vanciiis eun jof money. Tte fire in an adjoining li cry stuMe, whicji was uej-troyetl.1:; 1 ltc 1 la heavy; J Market-. NEtvORLjASS. Si lit. Is. . The leeofCoTTTNto-l(iv hard" been t.lind ilej at de-cluilnr pru-es; MKldliu Inline st 84c. hikI Java at sJo." Small sales if les Fork are iiiuhimr at &l-.ui. Htisiuess of ull kinds is dnil. The T'.ujtpa's new has just bttu receivptl, but itscKcctiwit.yet 'iipiart'iit. ; ' ? i ; ' '' ' if . J Mrket..l(-'H..i.ESTO!. Sept.' it. ' Sale Were matlo t U:a uioriuns; f ItiO bales of Co r ryx at 5!;:.nk!ildrrs liavji)j;jhomehat rtlmqidihed ihrni 1'o.uitr finiwcs;j , 1 1 . f' i : I . . -i j , l. ... " COM,MkltCIAIi AXD MONEY AFFAIRS. ; ' "tb j'i..: ...M : ; i'J Sale at the ik ExchanKc SErr. U. f-f V. S. H. '56. Jt. U i. . M do ;67..'..... J.-1M0 Read, olort. Btbii.. 5df Erie 7s, W,3.,... TOfiO do lor; Bils.. si ". 4HHl do Couvertiie. . ia 300; d. . ; . . J.bfiO IS so Reading RK....;.l.sie i; .115 vi . fr? . SJ' 2iHJ do I'HI A A I.H) lOSi 'tool ttui. mo (iSI do d. do d-.. ( do do do ..1 . ..... y;, I .sjii 1 ::...B3 lA 'i....:..J.j..kS irt .-. i i.UbQ ij s30 5ji 117 l i Bk, ol C a..,J.i. S. ...I:ti .Li..s3 Ail in racrnc ...1,-... 1,0--ttu ...J.:. 5 Ports. Co. . .... .'. :i . oo N. J. SlOiins Co .bui. : w do i . to do ? . . a; Pie do I 'j do do lOOido i ,r! do do 3.. Hi IM Slums Cai&t. i 13; H" ildtyorth Co.. sl. : it r do do, boa ,. - sill syr. It Vtira RB. 4. .! S.,iSt1ftil.6liinRR.,s3, ... 4?i li Nor! t Wor. RK.,ta. ,50 ..-.e AjJ . .0 do Tf uo j .. j.i..s ; ! . . J. M xiL RBi... ...j. . iv o Eric 109 ; - do 1W) do . i7j : do :. ij- i do. 1 ...... -1 . .sj ixt j.bltt 7Si ...i.J.l .".3 781 .i..,.,.... 71 .....i.t.s6ff78 l0 lo,.... 100 ' do . .j.b2 78 ..L..C csj 3. Harlem RK.. do. .'. . . . tJt 1 s si.. ...68 iw uummV". . i,. tiM 60 la 50 lis! 'Jisi ISO do.,'..,, : do .4 . . . do.'... i : i 4. . .... : loi......i: 4j0 Long ImIhuJ... ..s3 Xl i.: 8: .1 .060 . t " I I 1j4 1 I A MtrJ 100 ; i j. . tiGI MO; do ZV9 : ' do 3UU .:. ,i .....,l.(ini OBj. do i e ftii! .1 '".', :"' J TitrSHT1r. Sent 1 Th Stock Market was tolerably active tin forenoon, but with inconsiderable rariatiohin priees. I nited Statea Ca of 7 declined V ; do. do. of 3J adviinc-el i; Reading Bonds-oTTO eloeed at 7U ; Erie shares 1 closed at yesterday rates - do. Insurances do.;i do Con- eniwea ojchned j.aml '59, advanced 1 ; Edgemorth de- Syracuse Canton i ; rl diwa.l a. ! There waa no alteration to notieo in the rates of,foreign;:xohanse. Quoiationa eonjinUe inn at 1101 SM0J, but sot mncat activity was expected tin the close of the present week and the beginning of nexti : Kwrai to sail fr6m thin jiort on the fejta ias4 la the next steamer tor Europe, aiirf will no doubt earry oat more oe less specie, t. f , j lit jIonrytjtJi4counts, rate aiul negotiations may be said to' be' lesa difiicult 011 gd securities, yet we cannot alter the current rate for loans, which stand f about a followa i'i Iawdh raH.'stue!; secnrities.i. , I .iT .7 1 mli .Uell I Umiis si call, (.tin r rssl seeurpius Kriioe riHlometl bills. Wrl dais "... fttiw rilorejl lulls, Vt montio. , . A iw-t loueem' tiills . , . . . f . J. . .. OThre pissl bill. . . i!, . ' Ji , : , Aauieras kriavvii. .. . . . -L. i; ... ... T- : j.s. ..Ij elS .j T...IB 23. J- ..SI a 1 li elS The piisif Tracdkr of ycnterdNiy iiotices the ffllouiut; OMilUt-rfcK ; '. j : . A' Coiniterf4t i' nnyltWat lani1UuV-. SoimfWortb, N.' If . ; al ?' '.iu ae W cstera Bank. KoruitrticJd. MSf . are in cm 'iiim kurtw tb Sta!. iifptiisticis, u think, ti f ia- ? - . - r-. -- -i-ii i-i i i.i-ii ituai i iCtiiOtt.: cn a ',-n i : . -ur runs! ik1V:v. if hrt-ii. oeu at per cent Morria Canal improved i i auyatireu j ; stoninjttoa dcclinea ; Lwig Island advanoed 1 ; Readin 1-fl : Ifarie,, m;w-yuuk!. THURSDAY- CITY. :i L th)5 MtHDLRER. In th cane w ho was to haye been executed to-tnor- rw pii-nijiC, i lien. Judge irk 'Harrix: of the Snureuie I t 'oirrt, nii:iii; at .lllHtny, granted the accused's council a fay t- j roci.f di.j,-infnrfiiai!oit f; which ! juit Iwut leierepliMl to SlierifT Camleyi Full par-j tkular will aipear in Titt TUtiex of to-morrow iNoming TaRgkt r4rTTcr. L7eif iJYly a faybrit; with rtir. If raring citieue, is ife aitinie of r.Uooting at the target. Front f' rosy ntorn ta tljcwy eve," our ears are filled with the Rounds frriin hrill fifern, rolling dram and stiiieVons biisoni",leadUig-valiaiit'nien iotheenio-Imon of inoffrnsive pine, paint and putty. Fire Couipa-Titea, Muchhusts,' ( -arpenter', ,Sh?i-BnildeM, and even rriniers, appear to be infected with thjt .4ejire to burn jK.wder and eCaic lead. WeU, It uVuerto bore duIIh'-yrs than bunum carcaKticai and much utore safe, so we hall not ijuari l with the prevailing epidemic!, but rather nconrge it, f .y recording; the different orc&liiiaiinnit ' . resulta attained by tlie . the jack Gcarm, Capt. R. Jt. cea, returned frotn Stat n- TsJand last evening with awe!"-riddlel target. . Reaiirr H. Nes whow-on tlc first priie, of a silver goblet' drove ball very! near tae inner circle, and TV. Pcvirnji wa. within iwte of the centre. Thomas Crey wan thtj winner of the third prize. ; Seventy-five muskf ts Were iu the line, beside a siiiull brigade of invi-. led gheftr and Adkina's Oaiid i ' j j .' - " Tlie Isbi.iE.DtxTTi JtNER OiAhus, C.-ipt. Hubert's. tvi, visiwd; Bull's Ferty, -festenluir. At tlie shoothig-ruatch. EnWAKp HnExiK was the winner of the first prize. Ront-RTf UyHSEs tonk;tlie sciflimd, and George At-UATtft tlie third. ShrHpha Brass Band headed thepro-cej.s.oh. , y; ;,) j ; ..." j . TT'lRK. INTII 8EVEKTH;Pl8TRIC-riJ Tliin moni- iDg at 1 o'clock, a fire broke put In a two story brick dwelling honse, situated in tho Seventh-avenue, between 30th and Slattreet, and before the flames were extinguished "the premises were nearly consumed. Tho fa-luily whb occupied t he building were in a sound sleep at ' the time, and it was w ith great difliculiy they escaped with their lives. ''l : sr '!.'!" 'j !. - f. j , - r', It'"; -T-i- ;!- "'! '-I-' " V . SkRiouis I accibkxt ivc Uroaiwav. At an early hour thu morning a rnaaoii by the name or Thomas Coldeh was terribly iujured by falling frotn the scatlold of a ew brick brii!din?. cor.! of Hfoadway ainfo Franlt-lin-st.fliis head was badlv cut! several of his rih. kmUi, andbeTis conveyed to thej . Y. Hospital in a dyinsr eoDdifion. j vi-- j -, , FiBK.At H.i.Ri.eM.-rlaRt evctiinf a,Sreiwas : discovered in a wooden dwelling at the corner of I20th-at. ami Ttiird-sven ie, whM-i is owimd iud Occupied by a eoloreo; clergyman, named Edward Ferris.) Engine Co. .No. 8j were promptly on the) ground and soon succeeded in subduing the flames, with! trilling dani8ge. ' : ' .. -1' I ' - ; -' ;! ' 1 !' -!''". ''i, MvisTERious.'. At 6 olvlock,! thl triorniisr, 00-ncerna Connor,, of the 1st Ward Police, found a box on the sidewalk, in : Cdar-t wlrieh upon being opened, was found to contain the dead body of' a male uilant. that has undoubtedly! Jell a victim, tn it cruel . mother. Coroner Gcer.wasjiwthled and will investigate the cause of death.. . 1 . j. r ; i , . .Sr.i;m$ Fractvkk. A French gentleman, by the name of Englebelth Kintae,reiihnz at No. 101 Eliaa-lieth-st., aeverely fractured: bis skull last evening by falling on a curb-s-one in! Oranre-st. Dr. Simmons ilreKhed the wound and oflieer Curiy of the Vlth Ward conveyed him home. H ' '- j .1,.. j- -i- . Suiemit Bv DROWMvtiJ On Titcseluy evening, about eiglct i o'clock, a: young French lailv, by the flame of Lcnori Franck,, residing at No. l'J4 Fourth-at., lelt her home, without being observed by any member of tho family;; and at once proceeded to the wharf, foot of Jaue-tn Mi R., w here she deliberately throw herself into the water for the piirpoNe of putting an citd to her existence. 1 She struggled and cried aloud, w liich was heard by weral citizens in West-sti, wlo quickly hastened to her a.ift-ance, and found her almost dead-with exhaustion. They finally extricatea the unfortunate female from her perilous 1 situation, and) conveyed her to the iXlh-Ward Police Station, iu a rarriago, .where the attendance of a Physician waa immediately procured, and all the necessary ; remedies were applied to her body butjthvy proved nf oo avail, sod si mi r-nired ut 4 w.4ock the. satMte night. Coroner Ceer .hed,aii, inquest jcM.rday on the: body of defeased, and the j'lry rendered a verdict iu ac-eeiniance with the facts art above slated, i The deceased' waa born in France, i years of aze, and the cause assigned by her relative?, for her committing the rash cu appears to have been temporary insanity. j T j" - ' f I ' - . "j- ; . Over tvxn, Tkrminkr. WetlncsJay-r-llcfore Chief-Justrce Envo.vns and Aldermen Kel-lv and Cu.vrr ma" In rr Mickurl Hulvry, charged utlA iMtnler.rMr, A.. A. Phillis, 'counsel rot .the prisoner appljed to' the t'9urt to postpone the trial, which stood tor this day. Mr. P. said he waa tisj unwell to proe-eed. : ;, Mr. Blunt, District Attorney, said, that as a principal witness was absent aud sic,!; the prosecution could not proceed this day. - "M: ! 1 '' The Chief-Jiibt ice said ii would be well for'the pnhUv prosecmof to have ready in case one should goon: I i - . )r-;""! V iv Mr. Bhuii said he was jre adylh the case ol" John D. Itrown, cttarctd with the inurdet of tlie polioeman Cil-!pie, on Ihe Third count df the imliclmeut as aidiiur and abetting, i In his, Mr. llliiat's opinion, alter. the evidence taken iu the trial of Clarke on Tuesday, it would be uw-salb'lor a mry to lin.l a venlict of guilty of murder, and Brown could not be tried lor any lesser grade, except assault and battery on that indictment. . Hon. Rill. Morris, who had defended Clarke the dav previous.xaid he bad cnhsidted with the prisoner, and. -.1. : 1 1. ... 1 . j . . .. 1 L . 7 . an itlim m jn' ."I f:uiil If! amuilli UIIU IIHIierV. . . Chief-Justice Edmonds-Why, asvanlt and battery ou au olheer in discharge of "bin duty would bo felony. . Mr. .Morris id lie did: not mtau thai, j lie only plcitd gmlty to assnult and battery. .. .- " The District Attorney intimated that tlie assault bv Brown woald not be of that grade of offence alluded to by the Court ; and added that he thought he was acting Jf in the diacbarse of his duty in. accrptiug' the Pica of a4rT saiilt aud battery - ' -! . 1 I ! . Mr. Morris said it was due lo his client to state tbat lie had nothing to do with the previous fracas- which led to the riot in Oliver-st. Tlrat he was coining out of hi own house and the first tilting lie knew was the sal mo from a club. . He (Mr. M.) had portrayed to his client the danger he was in 'frotn the excited state of the public mind, and,; under his (Mr. M.'s) advice, he (Brown) had consented to plead guilty, j ' 1 ' ' 1 he Din tnct Attorney told it would be .proper to State that the testimony of Michael Wi)tn, which waa not prodiic-ll yesterday, went to prove that after the death of Giltetipie. Wogau had said pointing to the .bodv to Clarke, ? There are your deeds of last night to which Clurke replied, 4IC can't bo helped now,, but it waa Brown who brought the rung and gave it to inc." ' Alter a few further observations, Brown was, in the 11 ho-hI way, called up for judgment, and in answer to tlic Clerk's question (mid; Vi"ve nothing to atty. more tu'au that I'm Innocent." ' " 1 ; ' ; t 'liief-Justiee Brown, the whole evidence shows you are not innocent. You were both quarrelsome and drunk, and the death of a. valuable police officer will lie t your doori and probably tho death of your comrade,' -Aho was tried yesterday.! Two livea, therefore way be said to be. sacrificed to your raiscomruet. 'The -Court see no reason at all for any. mitigation of your punishment, aiid you are acntemf d to one year's imrisoument in the Pc-iiteniinry'.! Tlie prisoner was tbea rcrnved. . .PaytutHt of VUnfSS(saix of the witnesses, all seafaring utea, in the case,' of the Pcopbi vs. .Clarke and Browne j imlicted tor murder, tnavo been in confinement since the 10th of July, in order to wcurc thtMr testimony for, the Peode. On motion of the District Attorney, the Court ordered them to be compensated as follows : Ilunibley, who had been second mate of a vessel at 430 per month, $75 ; Palmer, Sweeney, Doiwlly and Sutton, . seamen, $40 each : Galloway: nothing, as the District Attorney did lux think lie told the irutu. ( iuo. l;ourt then adjourned to Thursday. . ' ' : Oyf.r ' -and TeksIxee Thursday- Before Judge EDMONoasnd Aid. Kellv and C-JlArMAJf. Jt tit case of Michael Mvlrry The District Attorney said his witness was utilt sick, and therefore the caso must per- forre rnolf until Momiav. . i : n tlit case of Angtlo Sfuarze Tlie District AnorncyV said he was ready in thh case if his wJittese were ijij Court, but on calling the list only 0110 answered, and ar tachmcMs were granted against auttte absentees, returnable on Monday. Judge Edmonds said that an he should be ully engaged with the Stwcial Term of the Supreme Court on Sartuday-, it would not be worth while to take up any new trial before.' .Monday. The Court then adjourned to Monday. j , . i ; ' ,-; ' ".;.;.'.. a1'-; ' : " r:.:'"-'-.' : CiRt riT Covrt.- Befoire Jud;e Kivc .4 J. Barrrtt vs. E. Ji. Marti a. This n-as an action to recover $T50, being the amount of three weeks' salary of the plaintiff as an actress at the Broadway Theater, m February. 1550. On the part of tnordelcnso 4t waa set up that the lady was unable to perform in eonso- Snenee of an indulgenco in strong drinks, and which so lsgusted the atidience that many persons left the theater, and on this account the manager had refused to pay her clain. Several witnesses were examined to prove tho facta set up by tbo defense, and the ease went to tlie Jury; but alter a consultation of several hour' duration the jHry were unable to iitree ou ( a verdict, nd were discharged. ,,.... j ; .. . ;'.!. " ."Marixk Cor rt Before- Judge Lrxcn- -jrtanf tn Matter f YrtsrUJame Hunter, jr vs. Samuel P. Socage nnd .SaiHuri t sure: .-"-This was an action tried last week before the Judge to recover damages for ill treatment of the plaintiff,-w bile ou board tho Sklp Kalamazoo, from Liverpool to New-York, ia the capacity of Surgeon. The detlndants are the master and mate, and . it was in proof that they had put the Doctor in. irons aud confined him closely 10 his state-room from tlie 6th of Ausust to the 4th of September. The dctieneo set up was, that the Doctor w as very irritable in his manner, aud had given offcaco to the officers of theShip. This Thursday morning the Judge gave his decision, awarding tho plaintiff $400 as damsges. , - Two other cae ere- tried last Week aeatust the same -defendants, in wku-lt the plaiinhlsNwere passenserajn Uit Wtc fvttrt Vffi 1 1., a4 UiV v-i J , SEPTEMBER' 18, 1851. I - ' BROOKI?Vf.. FiNAi-ie. tiavc a full taternrnt of the accounts of Use Board of Scpervisr of Kings County, as rtntiered. at thtir meeting yesterday, but have not room 10 iHit tisa it tbi; ioovpiug: The receipt of this year amouu'td to $5.VJil9 ic. ; The balance in the Treasury nt!ie lf Ar.gust, ISjO, v $i7,-5 3.' The estimate for the year .ending July 31, li, i $1U3,0U l7. t; k s if (tot n t v A e Rict LTt RAt. Fajr. This Tair w hich in to he held at Jamaica on the 2d day of October Dext will be a most brilliant aflatr." The preinicms will bo awarded to the successful competitors in Money, Silver Cups aiid Books of the most recent and cheap editions. I Ion. "John A. Die will deliver the annual addresn inthe Dntch'Chbrrb, and the Choir of that Society will eing sn apjropriatc oIh on tho occasion. The fair will te held in a large ien,t, to be pitched opposite the Dutch ChurcliandwiU be surrounded by large shade trees. The RaUroaJ Company; intend reductag their prices for this occasion, and tve -predict that - large number of Long Isle.uders Will bo preent. --.'" 'V". - Flatbusu iWoons our Fire. For several days back, the part ofthe woods Inowu as ValleyCrove, a sliort dista ice from the plank road, have been on tire, and It nOwJiaa reached within a few rods of Stelleu-werrs Prank'Road Hotel, i The Chief Engineer of this city was yeKerday notified of tlie fire, and the assistance ofthe Fire Companies requested to save 'Mr. Snediker's Hold, but upon repairing to the place,-it was thought impossible for the iire.t'o reach the hotel, as there j a wide road iirtcjveninjr besides, there is tiot any water in the vicitn'ty, jn' ease, of, necessity. , Thia fir was started by seme f-portsiiien, jnt first burning a shrubbery, but it now seems to burn the lop soil to p depth of a foot or more," prjiseiuing a solid mass of tire, two or three feet deep, which upturns i.htf trees without burning them, by destroy ing tho root. Fair in "5ii folk CocxTY.Thc Annual Fair and Cattle-Show of the'Suffolk County Agricultural So-' ciety , Is to be held on Thursday, the 25th of this month, ul.S'uiitktoihu I K is expected that some very,finc stock' will be there, and that the, farmers generally will not only be present themselves, but bring with them the products of their fields, orchard, gar dens and their dajries. . liinr fjvrt oLK. Thi$ favorite trotting mare has been sold by Mrs. Dav id Bry ant for the sum of $2,400. Mr. David It. Oould, proprietor ofthe dining saloon, No. 10 Fulton-st., P Y., waa the purchaser. Tutlady is at present in Rochester, and has been entered for two races' to come off during the' fair. Should she win "both of these, Mrs.. h i to receive $100. additional to Cm above sum. Mr. CJUarlcs S. EUia, to whose charge Mr. Bry an committed wr at his death, still takes care of ber. It is expected that she will make her anuearance on the ' t'nion Conrst during the autumn. ' Offickrs'. PARAtE.Tlie Officers of the 5th Brigade,--coimnihsioned, and Bon-comtniasioned, to the number of 50 or CO, turned out yesterday morning from the Am wry 1t undress and fatigue uniform for a Battal-lion and practice,' and proceeded to Bedford accompanied by the legitimate martial music of the drum and file. . . -.' : (. ' -. - '.".',- ... . '' t. " ' '" The ItKcfc.vx .tjTTEsiPf at Sricnrt:. We' were informed la.t evening by her attending physician, Dr. J. C. Ball, tlialwMiss Wchn, the young German ladv, who attempted fast week to commit suicide by cutting her throat with a. razor,, still continues to improve, and that there is now many hopes of her recovery.- The present ecol weather is considered highly favorable for her situation. , Dr.. At water, of this city, received a Setter from Hon. James W. Beck man, of Xew-York, yesterdav, in which lie generously ottered to pay the expenses of Miso WV)i a iu tlie Bloominsdale Asvlum for three mouth, and we undeiwland that she will be removed there so soon as she has aulhvietitly recovered to bear the fatigue. She still enniiifnes go: labor under a slight mental derangement, but the p'hysicians are of opinion that with proper medicat attention she will ulttUmtely recover. "We nndemand that arrangement will be made to send jbe young lady to her mother in France, as soon as she to undertake tho voy age, f , , Ace'inKvf,- Yffilerdav rtioulhtr7 a!out'"8 o'clock, a ly 1(1 years of age, by lite name of Michael Vuituellv, ftjl front the high BTuff in the rear of King's County Juil. He ivas taken up senseless and conveyed, by some se mlena; n p tssincst tye time, to his father . home iu Jcfesott's Hollow, where it wa ascertained ho had cantjiletely f.r ken ,his skull through on the back pari of hi iicad. The distance he , fell must have been about (HI fee, and his head striking a rock caused the contusion which it is lea red will prove iatat, . A cci dext to X j Cu ihu.r esterJay noon two lads wero wrestling in Myrtle-avenue, near Duttifield-, street, whenone of them, by the name of Moran, aged about 12 years, was thrown to, the sidewalk, breaking his arm by the tall, near the elbow. He was conveyed to his hovqti. , . H 11 t '- ' - .- . ; Foixn Drowxkiv. 'JlicJeaJ Inxly of an unknown maa was found flOatutg'upon the surface of the water, in the East river, this morning, near Governor's Island, -it was taken to wharf on tho Brookly n side and made (hst to wait a Coroner'a inquest. ATTr.MPTF.n Ixcr.xniARisM. A' laroe wooden dwelling liimse on Van; Brunt-strectuear W'alcott, was net on tir about 1 o'clock yesterday morning. It wad discovered hi time to extinguish tho tlanics before any material danuge was down. ' - s - Fixed J A ui-gro' by the name of Hicks was-brought before Justice King yesterday morn in?, by oflieer Tcale, and ned $10 (br riotous conduct Tuesday evea-ing, in front of the African Church, High-street.- - lEiPERAXCE.' .Brooklyn Tent No. 10. 1. O. of Rcrhabires, will hold a public meet in s at the Carlton Atenue Mc E. Church, hear Myrtle, on Thursday evening, September 18, at 7j o'clock. Addresses will be delivered by Dr. Thomas. Schnebley. and Joint K. Oaklcv, Esq. The public are respectfully solicited to be preseiit. FINANCIAL. BROAIITTAY SAVI.VfiS BAXk, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANTHONY-ST. This Institution. bartered Ij the Legislature of the Stats of New-York, will commence nttMness ou w eunesday, the lht of Oct. next, from to S o'clock P. M,ia No.i Broadway, corner of Aotho. ny-st.t and Continue ooeu thereafter on Mosdats, Weose-Pats and SatirpaTs of each week, at the same hours. : Thia Institution is permitted to receive deposits from All classes of persons ; ami the public generally are invited to avail-themscfve of the advantage therebv aabrded of securely macnaT their surplus fun'Gi on Interest. Deposits of one dollar aial npwardf will be received. All monies receiv-ed vvdl 1 mresu-d in theucxt kind of Stocks. Securities, and Bond and Mori races onReal Eatate. worth donbln the a-, , mount ofthe loan, in putyunncc of the provision of the ohar-i tcr. k)ITHERs. ' I Prtylfnt..:. ;.i..;VILLIAMV.BHADY, . t lieeiVWfa. CWIL&ON . HUM. ; Vint jct PrmiTl.VHtsCfi A. PALMES. 1 ... ..Sccrttoru.. M. HOP FEB MOTX. Trvstees. ;, : William V. Bnuly, Schuromn Halsted, Wilson G. Hu'ul. , Robt. Morrit,. . ,1uo. Falconer. . . Francis P. SchouU, . SiiosCHertinff. : lllmuM. Wells, libbeos Jtf.-Ward. : I.uAiel H:i. 1 Waik B. Worrail,' Coraelhis Fraa. W . Ktuuouds, Francis A. Pauuer, J. A. WctrTJt, Benj. F. Camp, , John R. Lawrence, John T. Fisher. James S. J jbhc, ; PeteT Morris. John B. t'oraoil, David A. wood, : . M. Moypcr Mott. - - ls-2w BANK Tiz F3k" BTM RXT&T AT K fN EW-YOKK, A LOAM; Sept. li, laii. The BANK OK MALONK, Franklin Countc, has this tiny tiled in this office a notice ofthe appointment of the LN'ION BANK OF TROY as -urrut 'fur the redemption of its circulating? notn. agreeable t the act entitle. 1 " An aet to amend tlie several acts rrelathig tn Incorporatetf rtauks, HauUing Associatioas aud lndiVKliua BauKers. paj-cea April 17, U-tl. - .- s!8-t - DAMEL B. ;S'l'. JOHXSupesVendenf. . fANK nKP.iRTMKST- Aid. vi- if ' ,-, L iUeJN KW VUKK IKADtKS BANic.i.l Wajikiiun louoty, rorta (.raiivjlle, jia.sxhi dav filed 10-this ottie, tux tie ol the auooiiUnient of li. C- TANNEK. of the Citvof New-York, as strut for tha redemntion of its circulating iote. asreeable to the act vutitled An act' to amend the several act relu'injr to I ttcorporat ed Baaks, Bankiair Assao. clalioiLs aud Jiplividnal Bankers," passed April 17, Itiil. . : sl-tt . DaXIEL. B. Sf. JOH.V, Superiatenilent. : aW DEPARTMENT Aixt. Kept. IJ, 18J1.--JViotice liaviu beeu'liieii purtuaCTlo law, bv J. C. Dunn, President and Proprietor of the CITIZKNS' BAN K, Yater-town, that the said Bsnxer lias changed his residence; public: lin'ormal km is hereby Riven that the ssid Banker reides 111 thevilitf f Otoii9burjr!t. in the CfMintr of St. Law. mice, at which place the bosiuees of aauf CI I JJC luSS' BAM K wiil hereafter be eondneted. Csla-bt - DANIF.L B. ST. JOHN. Su peri ate atienl. . GRECIAN AIR TIGHT COOKING STOVE FOR WOOD AND COAL. This tu-sr . COOKINf tii'OVK, niaanfootuied in the iut beautititt and aalistaaV tial masner. is oflercd to the public with the iitosmt assurance of civinir perfect satisfaction, beina-constructed oa approved principles, and embracmg quahlications aot before applied to Clnokiiut Sttnas. having a decided ininrorement in the emtstrsctioa 01 ths niies, waick are ao iorumi as to retain the licat pauiuY under the oven ix ttmr ltvr taaa the Cookinj Moves now la pse, and at the same thus in-creasuic tl e di-at't.-- - I -. . 1 lus sim is 110 sr ia suceeskfnl onera'ioa in thousands of families Ibroohuiil the . INew Knerlaod Staler." aiid meets Willi ent huniiiMic unprurat, It oKiibmn ew.nomv W luel. siniplicity ia operation, is quick ami even ia its tonkins-, and contains a upacioUs oven, TnnuiiWtnrod fnia beat quality of iron, free from iainertect plate, and ea:h plate iuala to tit ' ita pmjter cioseaess, a qualiacaUoa tiutt is burs to make the stove operate aluttps altk. : -. Thebeautv of worknainsbip, aiwl smooth surface of the plait s, (ii;aue thick and durable.) the care be-dowe.d iq poV-tnur the StoCe loseiher, mke rt with its other qualiiicat ins, ire-emiitiv superior, aud atands nurvulied atuou all the iwn patterns ollored to lie nimimil v. or ale. w h'deaale and retail. JiABTLF. fr. BENT B bON, . I-1W 1 No. tii Water atreet. ti. V. ' "TiTeott oiui J. YOL NO LADIFS Rev, (.OKIMM D. AbHOTT. PfuicinaJ, Sprimtler tatitiito, Vmrn Park The Autonu besaiou will coainieace Wcdueislav, Sept. 17. Puptls are re-ftimtH to bs anetitallr present, at the nwnim: kre-y-ws. at 'tiOCk,-i tW-kMk. J. A-- MS-ifn PRIcSlOE CENT. :---j...h1 XEW-YORKCITY. :li I ' ' :' " ' " , ,, I it' '. !j I . : fvThe weather .was tho: t!beme upon which we hinrvd fa item for our morning edition, but we havo teen forced to forgo tho infliction of it upon i-tbo public, by the proceedings of the Boston Jubilee,- wbich odr spo-cial corresFl'ndent has forwarded its, ver mind, tho PrtsiUetit cinoot always be lionising through tho country, and as mon as he returns liotne, we shall endeavor to do this important subject full justice. ' ; - . ; , . ' " ", . . - ' ! - ; :. ---'.. ' Death or Baptist MmsiojfARY. Ve regrctto announce the death of Rev.. Wja..j BiODLEy of this city, who depart d this life yesterday morning, at the hoe of Rev. John DowUur, D. D.,! where ho was making a ten-' perary bona?, in anUcipatios of his earty departure tbg his field of abor jn-Brrmah, at of iacar the station lately occupied , by Rev. Dr Judsoa. The intelligence of Mr. Biddle's death will be received with deep regret by a1 wide circle of friends, who were looking to his future career' with large hopes, warranted by the; honor wiih which bo acquitted himself at Hamilton University, where ho has just graduated.- He waa married but a few .weeks since, and in a few days was to hate sailed ior hisfutore home in India, j rTbe funeral exercises were held at the Berean Baptist Cliiirctv cor. of Bedford atnj Downing streets, and were attended by a large and deeply aSectsd audience. The body I is to bo taken, this ntomuig,. mf. Brook(rjJdti t orin, tas residence or his tatner, Kev. yi. niddTv, wbem clewing exercises w ill bo held prsvious to in'termsng. - - : v ' ' "r ' Jii ' - 1 ' i ElECHTIOJ? OF THE TWO CjONnEJtXED McSDtK tr.s, Be.tiyf en the hours of 10 ahd 1 1 o'clock to-morrow momiug. korou Stookey and Hetry Carnal tbo French man, are, o undergo the penalty of death fajr the murder or two leuovv beings. ' esterday allernoon, each Culprit seemed jtSeatry troubled in mind, ahd they appeared to dread the jawful fate that awaits them. The' gallows will be erected jn the City Prison, yard, this afternoon, by direction of Sheriff Carnley, who, wo underataisl, will hang tho culprits simultaneously. : The evi denes of guilt was clearly proved against these murderers at the time of their trials, and, if any, very brief confessions will be made respecting their perpetrating the horrible deeds for which they are to suffer the extreme penalty of the law. ' i" a ; -.. . - ; s 1 "( j Tie Board of Snperv jsors met yesterday, Mr. DsiAXATEa, of the XVIth Ward, in; the Chair. Eleven ntcmbcrs were f present,! bint neither the ayor nor the Recorder. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Several; petitions for the correction: of taxes were referred, but no othtr business transacted. The Board adjourned to Wednesday next. ; Fire fx Ht'Dsox-STRiKT.-4-At anrcarly; hour on Tuesday evening, a fire was. discovered. inthe tapper part of. a dwelling bouse at No. 1$9 Hudson-st., occupied by Stuart F. Randolph, Esq., which originated from the Soot in tho chimney taking fire, ; and before it could bo put out, ' the chimney 4 burst, and set fire to the wood work of the 'attic rooms. Hose-, Company No. 24 and other companies of the fife departmentwere promptly on the ground, bat before they Cquld arrest tho progress' ofthe flames, tho building was Inundated with water, which dapiaged the furniture about $500. ? '.' . ! . . ' ;: 4 ' .":(' (-ti-i v ... f .' '-I -' -; . Fire-ix SrRixc-8TBEKT.-At half-past 12 o' clock yesterday afternoon, . a fire Was discovered in tho Cabinet shop of Mr. George Boy d, at No. 151 Spring-street, which tiriglnated from a quantity of sparks that were blown from an adjoiriing blacksmith's shop. The firemen were promptly on the .ground, and the fire was speedily extinguished, before any material damage Ri v over'by an Ice Ciit,T.- Vcsterday aftcr- noon, about 3 o dock, a you nj man by the name of George Fuller was thrown Irotw an ice cart, in Spring-St., tho wheels of which passed over ius body and severely injured him. Capt. Tunitmll, of jibo 8th patrol district, had the injured man conyeyed to jie N. Y. Hospital. VL-lier flA riMTn1 mAtieat .ir ' 1! '' ' . DlSTCRBAXCE BETWEEN ! RlVAL BLACKSMITH S.' - For some weeks past, a feeling- of jealoos-y has existed between a numoer or -wontrnen einpmjTro ur tnr ninnti shop of Messrs. Marshall & Towisend, Stage Proprietors and others in the employ of tneoth-aventte Omnibus line, whoth the former parties charged, with (way raying (hem in the night time '. for .no good; purposii On Tuesday nighA several of tliesc rival ntecltanics ifict at the corner of Tth-av.und 2-2il-st ., and angry; word4 .passed, which, no doubt would have- resulted n a desperate and feat ful , conflictj had not a posse of the lpth ward Police reached the scene pf disturbance,;in a fcjy minutes' after, the gangs had assembled, i Throe of. the. workmen (eni ployed by Messrs. M. 4;.T.;nimed JAhrf Careen, Bernard Daly', and John Davie, inadc'complaintsjagainst seven of J their opponents, by" the names of Bernard Matthews, : Henry M alloy, Mania Kehoe, ; Patrick.' McCourt, John Mathews, Hugh Matthews, and! Dennis Brodcrkk, all of ' w horn were immediately arrested, conveyed before JUs- . tice Blakely, and conimitted to! brison upon charges o. ' assaults with intent to kilL' The latter prjsouer waa arm- ed with two large knives, and j a deadly; weapon, known as a slung shot ,and he, was Occordiaaly couuuittd for " lllony. ; ITt? It lias been ftatl h4t Seiator Douglass; was too ilLto fullil his'engagemcuti to deliver the ' oratioii at he State Tair. i We understand that he has; p far recovered froni his ndi3xtwtion, that hej left for Rochester last evenin? . H . '. i Death in a -.i Celi.. At -m Hate hoar on.; .Tuesday-night, policeman Coaltqr, of the Fourth Patrol District, found an enknown fernaJe, aeied 33 years, lying ; in Madison-st laboring under the-effects of delcrium' treDieas, and apparently lifeless.; A dray was procured,;, and the poor, woman Was conyeyed to he Station-house,: where she seemed to soihewht revive, but waajyet undefihe influence of strong drink, and was accordingly placed; in a cell in the female department, w here she was' 'found a corpse in about two hours after. Yesterday. momfng the Coroner held an inquest on the remains, and toe jury rendered a vcrdictj of "Death by aa-apo plectii fit." , ; j I ; j.:' : j- '-. ,; . .f . . 1 False Alabv. The: Hall tl rang an(alana at 9 o'clock last evening for the SLxfa District, bat Out item gatherer failed to discover: the first spark of a fire. : Asxtme About S o'clock there was sn alarmjux tho Second Districl but the fire wai not .Tisihle. 7 ;! j . tj ' .; 1 1 i ' '3 1 ;,' y I Steamers. -The AfrVpxv Capt. Berry, ar Mved from Charleston, yesterday! nwrhiiiy.' She has txj, lerienced heavy northeaslcriy gtdc durin tie passage, and Consumed all her fuel when f thirteen-- day s from the Delaware Breakwater, at whicfa placo she waa obliged to put hi for a supply.! The .Jtfrtn brings $30,000 in specie. ; The Alabama, Cspt. LrLo"v,ffoia SiTaiinah, arrired on Tuesday evening. '" . j T ;.- ' ; The WiitfieU Scott, Capt. Cot ft. l. Alto, sailed for Newt Orltuns at 3 o'clock yesterday ntlcruoou. '- ; - : ' ' . . '.J L ;They CotE.M Six yerpels i arrived, at this port on Tuesday, bringing' g' addition of 1,300 to our ;.i...! . ; . '. i I . ' 1 . i ' .1 - . Bip rtajan. irom iivcrpooi. ... . t ' . -. - tsbis liucncHss a vrteana. tromiiavrs .;..... d..... n.v .Ship Philadelphia, from Liverpool. tlrk lann from firemen . . k.-v. ; ni.:i.i.i..ik:. o.AA I t 4 1 , . i 0Ht If I II Bark Scotland, from NeTrporLj VYaka' BrigJLulea, trutu Uottenburg ... bit Total ....... j TitF The packet-ship .4;nmVr Congress, sall ed from this port, for Ladon,!ytsterjl9y, t She took oat $100,00010 specie. ' ':' j '-j ' ' :; " ; A Sad and Fatal: Accipevt. Ahout 9 oVlock yesterday morning, a brick layer named Patrick llalligan, residing at No. 27 Vest l7th-tt.,ioet Will sal and tutal accident, while at work upon the fourth story of a new brick building.-' ih tha course of erection is 4tb-t, near the fith-av. It appears that the uiifortn-nate man waa engaged in placing a row of bricks on tlie ' outside Wall, and in couaequeatca of, miaanij his footing, hew as precipitated lo the gruuad asd instantly killed.-Ilis body was removed to the resiJ;uce of hi fauuiylo await a coroners inquest, j g i - i '- , I, -I IArrkst op an EscAet PaisosFRj On the 29th of July last, a inaa by tlie natoei of William Clark, made his escape from a cell in the City Prison, w here he was confined upon a charge of CrsflJ Larceny, in stealing a gold watch and several eliains frotn a jewelry store at No. 4 Maiden-iane, for wnctt tie Was sulisei'Aeiit!y i;v-dified. iV'othinsi was heard of tlie am-used until yei-'r-ditr;, when a telerraa'iiic dispatch wss receivfil from tie bsr of Police at "w-OriMis, t.a-. by Mr. Williaiu Ed Htomlx, the eftlcient Keeper oi tie l'risi to t'einnr-t.,' which conveyed the uitciiiiT' iieO of i'lars'a arrect in . that City. ' Mr. EdtnonrU iminedixtcly teie;raii?i-d to the amtioriiies of New-Orleans, requt-kirig tio m to det.Vu t lark io cttstody, imtil such tins; tts a requsitinu could be obtained Iroiii (ovenior limit ai?J f..msrded to t'ai by one of our I'otiee oraccrsWho'ill bring bun bacio ihaCny. - -; i ; . ; " 1 ! ACCIDKXT TO JX OxMHrsrDsiTKR.A fst.'f- damomins the driver of alBroaifcvay oisuibas. natoed Liili, ialilmrv tva.1 aorf-relv- mum-:! bv lillliil? Ir t ie topofdiis vehicle and lt; b'-aJ u'"" tone, raasing a dangerous fiei"n ft tlwsskuil ail er serHsm Injuries to tn 1 ' , cviveycl - ! the N. t . iforii(ii,'bv a ccr o ekili' J turjec i thrjr eisnsPur TSrpiir, i f prr i. u p la irivcu ovtt by the i (ir er wo srs crr, cd hr ths . !:'. t I "-..if w. ,r t r i - ill Citd a full t.-otd of thnr vti f T.avcs, ml a ft ill be iJuLh!eJ U 1 vosau .. -,;. , . . . ! l3"Tlic Fountain in AYjwhin-'on t- 1 . .;rr on inwards e,nik tioa with mc.h mto xj-cj ;., ; vef)-large circular basin, with a central j-t a.d ,. vt aid jets. , The excavabioa is niade, tUc w a j aj-o-i.i . butiler Of tliet-aain la irejtrfy dwtie, anj t?ij wvr';.r.-wete yesterday iayuif 4 bottotu vf h ..r J j-rtt. 'i fountain will be a very line one, and w;J inrr?ae t ly the at:raj ria of ftua beautilal park.' : jjS'sw iSteaxboat Ijxe. TLe atauiKh ii;amer,'the',t, .Banutt,. has Wn pi.vcd t ; Efct River, to run between this city aiJ H ' toHchiijir at Astoria and Stratlonjuirt, ly Utr. ; tae?, ti e cmpn?irf proprietor of the lsvr .Tlic tkrc. lias been reduced to oue sKi'.ll-..";, s Isjat is to male two trips csich way a day, ; be' a pernianent arrangement. Y hail v . . . . sure eTery new enterrise - that will bind t'..o ;.: jadis aul the quiet aiid beauU'i'ul rural illt ' k clcicr contact -J",r ' i - ': '. IEATH FROM i CONTCLSIOXS. TTlC (V held an inquest yesterday, at the Bclltvyie 1 .- upon the body cf a young -woman named, SurtV C. bojca in New-York, and aged 21, years,. wt t pears, wa admitted into thej above inatitm'i ; i r J5tfa ium a Cl of convtUaitsis, and after L .- frw hours, died from the effects of the same., ... w g? rendered in acscrdance with the forec; . ...:. 1 .- - itS-V Bloomer Costume made its p'-r,rx.-i in fcixth-aveuue day before yesterday.. A crtl if' " CouservatiTea" mauifestcd "their hostility to lLs pr'ol. gresstve movement by dcriaion. - Now idea are coi&i lcd to wasw fierce battle in this world before they Tain recognition and aver. Two Bloomers apr ar4 .a llmailwax snd tv.-o in Washlnrton anunre trti r.' i .. 1 t jBllOOKLYN. I'BtlOAUK NsPECTlOX AND lltCVIKW.--TJtC ajuv nssl narade and review of the Fiilh Ttrlrade- flri 11 c Duryea," eowprisin the thirteenth reglmer.t, L . Abd Smith, and fourteenth' regiment, Col. TBrl p is. i Crook, located in Kinc County, will take place t.Erook- . tjli on Mouday, the Wth inat. The artillery and esva"ry .will parade on the east side of Hchry-st, right ea P-ino i annle-it. the in flint rv of the 13th minwnt An trnl 4 st right on Hicks-st. ; the infantry ofthe 14th recuiicnt ou I rauberry-st., right on UicLs-st. . Theresantpcsviil ' be formed at $ o'clock, A. precisely j and punctuality strictly required, so that ths march may taken tin at toe nour 01 v o ctoca, a. m., precisely. .Va;or C"ei . eiral Aaron Ward and staff will bo present at tiis Fw-i-' Biir. - i no iignt anuiery companies oj uaptaillU Uiacy. - (Brooklyn City Cuard,) Graham, (Ringgold n6rse3Gd4rd i. and Taft, Wililauiaburg Artillery,) will . parads :witUi ! ; their Batteries. Capt," Neely's Dragoons (AVaslcngtoa Horse Gnardlovill act aa an escort to the nrie,! eral. The companies of Capt. John WUlsa ani "frenrj .'illss wllldo duty as Light Infantry and foot RliesJ L 'f addition to (he companies abovs naoied there; are; as- j -Uched to this brigade the Pier sou Light Guard, j: apt. R ! B. CUrk ; Putnam Continentals, Capt. J. II. Morgan j -Washington Life Guard, Capt. Sharps ; 1st Ctntncn s: tals, Capt. B. F. Hoagland: lat Sarsfleld Guard. fi..t. . 1 ; 8d Sarsfleld Guard. Capt. . . ... j Vnion IFItie. i Cant. Burnett : National Guard. Cant. Snnrr.t, ' rv,-i- tin Guard, t'apC Baldwin ; Steuben Guard, Capt. Schaf-i trti Emmet Guard, Capt. Dodge ; Shields Guard; Capt. '". ;- Kfilitb i Killrl PfllintT T rnmi. Cinl Eni'.M .' three or four companies frotn Williamsburgh. It la an- . ticipated that this will be the finest parade err r WitV '. bessed Ir Brooklyn, and preparations are ma Van- to give -much eclat to the occaaion. Thia oujut to be the- best disciplined brigade in the State, j ' ' i ; v ,i v ' ' - - 1 - - - j m ' ! " - - ; - ' -v - r' f, m r . ' ' 1 . ! t . .... - . - tMif gallant militia mtn are.brushina- ua richr! imianitf ! 'for training. We see that 'orders hare been issued to' the offlrera and non-commissioned officers VTa. A: h jSrigade to assemble in Fatignoireas, white trowrsers, Tarmed and equipped for Battalion drill. and prattle, at the City Armory, in Ilenry-street,. on yesterday the-lTth inst., and Wednesday, tho S 1th lnst at a o'clock J A; M , on foot. -Gen. Duryeafc the worthy District At-; ;torny of , Brigade. - ! Loxo Kiiig county, is the eommnndcr of tV- - -. . w : .-,'.. t i . e i .i.t ; IsXAXD Vektables. Tho' 3tai cf Lone Island is some en tomatoes. We were 13,0 wn tbei R other day, a tomat raised by Mr. Frederick Rowland of , iieiiii:ao, wic ui ftiiuov rcutuies wmrn mccurcvl ' inches' around it,nd weighed poundi aj 'oaaceii ; Who can beat it 1 ' t "x ;-i'i j: !l: A Very 'Large JCewspaptrfor the Count ry. :-- EDITED BY HENRY RAY-MONdJ I FJl ce, ?2 a year; 10 Copies for $15; 20 Copies, fE2X ' -!-. : s . , j. On SATURDAY, September 27, the subscribers wUI i the first number of a NEW WEEKLY NEWSP.tPKK. the city of New-York, to be called the NEW-YOR?C iWEEKLY TIMES, to be.prinicd upon a very Utge cuartp ' sheet of' eirht paees aqd FOBTY-KIGHT COL15INS, in t clove, clear tvpe and hi tha handsomest possible style. The NEW-YORK WEEKLY TlilES will be printed 1m . THURSDAY of each week, and will present Ilia NEWS t -OF THE DAY, in all dcpartanjnls snd from ail juart era :s COBRESPOJSDENCE from aU parts of Europe, from Cad-fomia, Btexico and South-America, ond from all tections of -tlie United States, written expressly for The TlMXii by intcl r ligeift gentlemeai penrJVnciitly eiduted ut itasupport: t'VLl BFPORTS of Congressional and Legislative Pro:er?iiir ; ' of Public Meetings, Political aud Religions j Tr.iuv:tns Of" Agricultural, Scirutific and Mechanical Assoctionf ; and generally f ht?'ver may have iutenvt oruniH.rtiii-ce iur any conaideratde portxm of tle community i I. fT i.U IK Y REVIEWS AND INTELLIGENCE, prcparr JTt compe '"'. tent persons anO. firing a elear, impartiul and c.-jsfj.ctory view of the Ctrrnnit literature of tbo day; CEinC5.iIS I of Mttsic, the'Di ami, Painting aud of a tiatcvrr, l r.y dp. s part me nt of ART may merit r eri?u atteniioa i m-A j'D'L. ' TORIAL ARTICLES upoa everything of iuterir or ia.por- - i tiinee that may occur ia any department Political Kocud. 1 Rcl:gkTis, Literary, Scientific or Personal, writ'. ea with all the ability, care and knowledge which the abundant iutl at the disposal of the subscribers will enabis tin s:i to cous-tnaod. " I' . THE WEEKLY TIMES will be under the Edi!on:i!ijiaiw -agemeni and control of HENRY J. RAYMOND: dlH;u;r a ; wjll naiatiJa firnily and aealonsly thote principles mha h 'h may deem essential to the public rood, and luck are U-iJ ty the great Whis party of the United EuUea BWrs neai Uias by any other political organization, iw columns w.ubcfree ; iroiu bigoted devotion to harrow mteresiti. tiid wJ beeprn ; within necessary limitations, ts communications c. d every subject of public importance. - ! In its Political and Social discussions. The TiMfs wrj r-ek' ; to be CoxsERyATit E, in such a way as ;,..;! t; j r. te ; needful Befosm. It will esdeavor to perpctuiU-UM yo.J, " , tad to avoid the evil, which the Past Las devef'jped. WVle jt will strive to cliecli all rash innovai.on, and t C i-.tx s.'J schemes for debtroying established and bt-nem"t .,l j;.- ..:a-tsaa, its best sympathies and eo-opemtioa will Jtse t , ta to every just effort to reform society, to iaue kit 'utr menu of T.ell-being into oar political and social orrrji.. t .l to iaibrovs the condition and the character 'Jour. !r-t .i. Itsiu&in reliance for all unprovemert, penrt, political, Vill be Upon Christianity and Ki ps:.. -Will seek', thereore, st all times, the adranccu.i-; and ths prescrvalioaortlieotln r. It v .: to.tite X'nioa and the Couit:!uti-i. i ' c ' ' ealus love of that personal l r: . J L. ' ' tutnsis and lavis are uvule Um p-rerve. V, .... e .. aad eserr aether!.; id irec'y'-s eve-y? - -interest, H wiil notenintenanrr any i,-;--...K r' the part ef tke people of out KxjjJ.iv-, v. .it: ... even the prcju'.jce,f an y otbec Itw-:"ise to than excite, agitation : extend in-' "r.t- tirtuei lo fucourae r,S aJiance L.. ...... i :- Economy, concord and jntice ia n.n- r ;-t. jv try: to elevate awl - ciilihtri po: -i n ' itilw.tjt'.!te rea-'ou for prejuutet.-, a Cul .i i ' meat for passa-a, in all pi-tlx : n.i uin-lu public affairs. ' " . ; - The subscribers i:if-ti.l to niuke T;'". T : -'f . BE.T tut. the CIIIArtsT Vi y i '-.. -. . :- . Vmtei Statu. They Lave a! u . ' r ' maud, and ire disposed t- I u i r t e : that rod. 'fhe degree of v., ,. l,. efforts, will be left to tlie pi.l,';cj . ,-. VOLUNTARY COT fir 'T ' c aissis, is rrsoer fu!!?- s!.'-ii'",l f- - :" s : THE WEEKLY IlMI-i "-: i-c re iis the followins rates ' , , Single copies . - -- 'I eii copies l. tsi.e u-. , - ftftlt! CO'tiVS to :. i'i- ' Pia4oaeters throi., ..-ut tl t '-t"d -t aud hivited to a '. ivi;n' t.-'-- L' '. ly intcs. s . ti:i: xciv.ic: r i ' Will lie p'llei-iv.l at t ' e - t . atiX E YKXlMl, .an. iit U ;.li. - : of t'ift i'tntfd S'-i;-S t I" !";" 'i ' a it sr. ; : . t -rt IS a' a . c t . or r 1 i ii- T-J , i r i-! -ill tr. ktuMie as aihuur. ; aj,..l y-Ti, ca wii it (ViiitrtWU.-e;! !.. f -1 r.t -fiAl tb-;r- ,?M-cd to LKM.-V J- RAYMOND, i: Fee Ti..s . tti-rsn-t .: ,--s i.r i. It tV:H U, JONl-S ki (t) .Fi'.u, J l.J.'j.-l fif Y,tV ,Y-!-,--t I S'.i n. vhi vc-i V pt f'- fi ' ..( 1 it m thir tti t&rmi cit-uu.. .-.v. , r. e VUKLTiMtJ i J T - ... hi ! ' 'yI. i ': ' ''

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