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Close up evening post 1845 - . TJ4K F.VFKne post ',. - at, ti n bo LaaVi: a...
. TJ4K F.VFKne post ',. - at, ti n bo LaaVi: a a u m . At -.. t PlMtml, NwXrlu . WILLIAM U. SS04.4.S. . BATE OF AWTEITOLW. , ALP QUARK. DAILr-oMMlM11 JLTtT rVwMiilu,Mt m; act W third lartv-ai, each 4 lsj tnM tmr, v a JTiV DAfLT-n h.M ri!r1iii: rinn iIiib.1I i j mint a4 wrd '"J'' xkomt; and IMnHtriwT sabaaqoeas, la-senaa. AjJVBRTUEMENTRaanmwBk-h tna aembar of tiaies fcr Uvamioa IH Not M AHtW1. ' AOVKtTlitMKNTkfitlMlHtArik psper an chargy) addlrtna.l artea. . TlABLY ABYEaTlbtaA leclrkeea, 40 ; wuhoal U.wrIUUiiH.kMmlIW n4 thaa u asoatas. Tata ETraim ft the rawa-trr, AT CB DOLLARS PER ANNUM. IHCW TWICE A WltL Taut ItwTark Weekly- Evening; Post, AT TWO DOLLAR Vti. AAJL'M fry- AH kl4' Prlatlac xecate -sank 4nkki tlse ss aaa teat atm toawat Issa arwvM l g Hand reuunakletcrnH. Ufa SHIPS "" .li-tv i TW Bail WarkiV-- . Bng gJMJ TOO A, J. B. BassU, muttr. .; " JfEtT JCRStT,B. T.Brmm,wtmtUr. "J ' " Ot0ROIAJfA,B-M,mmttm-. m MACOM, ,muun- - JYew Cat FOOf, . . Jmekmm, mutm. -" ,YUrL ouster. Taeabrrvs are aH am rim susuls of ahsnl stttVsMsnr-'" with hukMt it ii iiliiinn for rt Tim, and Mnaade4 by an experienced la Um farads. It is Intrnd-4 to despatch no every week, aad the tale of freight will always be regulated according a Um sians. All goads V asetad s the aaeau basa and at Savaaaab Ceo, will be for-wartled iota lb iaaulot, via Savannah rtver. tree of com-ralaskna. This line has beea established for the better eo-toaiaMidattoa of aserchaats, sad esasry serooa wiUaaaslda - tubus hsiti shippm snd nBaasiagsiB ,.. Por freight or passag., apply to t. M. litmLLlHI Front sheet, " .... . aad Hasan. L1PPITT At W EIGHT, hl3 Axeau at Saranaah. HTEAM BETWEEN KtW YORK ANU LIVEBPtXlL. The beat Wastara ( lltaaiaMhla -oaiiaT- Htaaa hlpe Uia iHfcAT WEdl LBN. 1700 ioae.i bone Uoeunaaisn; the CHEAT nwe. . hITAIV, J MO loam, lauu hutaa suwef, Uealeaaat Jajuea Uosaaa, a- n. ueaaaiaaoef , are lateaded lo saa as loiiows : CREAT WEUTEKN. Fran Liverpool. Fmea New York. amrdajT, Oct, II. I Thnnrtes, Nov.. . GREAT BRITAIN. r From Urcrpeoi. From-?few Yorlt. Satnraae, tpt. ti. I Katorrlay. Oct Ji. ' Fan perCreaWeteTa,"(((ll aad mewarda' Feea. Fare pmt Ureal Britain, tmm - tu I J1. (aad S Howard's foai aecor.Haf In the siae and ausltioo of the State Knnms. plana of which may he seea at ana of the Afanelea. Foe (reifht or pusafe. or other Infurmatioa, apply la Liverpool, to Cibhs, BrHrht at .; la Ooebae, Moatreal aad Kiacstna. to Maitlands, Trlea at Co. ; la Bostaa, to Curtis, Leavens It Co.; la Phllanetphia, In Jnha Betd at o. ; la staiuranrs, to Itiainel K. Uennre ; la Richmond, Va., to Jamas Herrtt : la L'hnrlestna.ta Jaasas Rohertsna ; la ftlavaanah. In Robert A. Iewis ; la Moot la, ta Ileal Wheal-f : la New Urleaas, to W. F. Mamllma : or here, to RICH'U IRVIN.W f root st. New Tnrt, th July. IM silS JOHN I1ERDMAN it CO-8 aiTfOld EaauUshad United Slalas and Grant M' MViiAiB nd Iralud Eaiixrant Omca. No. fil death strrel. New York. IIKRDMAN. KKF.NAN k. CO., Liverpool. Faasarn la aad frees Ureal Brilaia aad Irelaad, via Uver-ool aad Lnadiai. by the refular packet ships sailing on the 1st, 6th, 11th, lftlh, Slst and .lh of each ammth In and ftoai Liverpool ; aad to aad from Loadoe oa the 1st, 10th aad Kh of each moath. The Lkverpoul foiled I.lae Is cosnpnasd of saperlnr ships, which will sail aa follows, via : Captaina. Tons. Phips. Csptaina, Tom. -Allro V IM'Isr Nye WW ..AIWn I0 8 Whitnrf.Thompeiai.. rMI . .Msckeuir...!"" Yoikahira Rsimt ( ..Honlrr ' il ot We...W'lhoie.lla ..K...lnjM UrU Hlindsn.....('nia W ..Filrtier KM Cirl..JUiils.. ImWpen ssaa W'swrknu.. ras-lin... lloumetM (MTIUS.. f.urope. . AHiburma Ilwluid I's'.'k H.urr-l'siM S'l J.n R lkiddy.f Vimniaa Iliern 7i0 fiew York ( Wo ax) Oiloni Rslhbooe... 7HU jnrpnol (-.Ulr, If.. . .1177 R.:hrter.... HrHKHs. 71 j hMm ( H4 t, tract Tr.k...... K6 f"-Tnsnnsh Wail 0J0 Huiismna..Xowber tea The CaaiaMrelal Line Is comprised of the following first due ships, which will be despatched from Liverpool throat hoal the year la regular eacceesioa, viz : nhlDa. nintalas. rthlna. Captalaa. .riwaros l pinry nminiua. . vier Tahata Hi Ueorga rtnatherner .... Rapnahaaaork. Kllnha IeniaoD r'htkspeara..., Clillon Liberty ..lllnnr latersoll .... .... .Norton ....Ueiibura rerrls Palmer Drnmrnond j.- LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKET, Packet ol JY& of the I Ith of November. The iplendid aew pack-''-etship WATERLX, W. H. Allen, muter, wlU aall as above, her ra.ular da v. tar freight or iasaen. ear accnemnodariocs beisr oniur- pessed ioc coaiaort aad alegenca, apply on board, at the foot ot aioea taae, or w as R.KEaUlT,No.7foutJi street B Price ol paa are 1100 The aew packet shin JOHN R, E KIDDY. Wot. Pklddv. master, will succeed the Waterloo, and sail oa the 11 th of Dccrmner, FOR LIVtUPOOU The New Une Regular citYS Packet or Silt of Nov. The superior fest soiling PM ship HOTTUHJUER, IU5U tooa, Capt ira Barsley will sail aa ahova, bar regulai diy. l ot Might or passaee. hairiaralerant andsuDerioraeeom- modationa. aoolv to the Otm. on hM.rd. at vreet side of Rnr- WOODHULL fc. MLNTURJJ, 67 Booth st Price of nuaa re R 1 no Ue packet shin LIVERPOOL. 1 ISO lone fctrrthen. Cant. John Ltdridra, will succeed the Hottinguer an.l sail oa her regaiaraay sisl Dec n4 - FOR LTVF.Rroal The fast sailine emm fui- rfftieiwd and coppered ship SOUTHERNER, J. D. It Palm, na,M Mill W. i mma im tm Hh rt. tr- V, Y'-T freigbt ar iismar o havtog excellent accoinmodatloBa. apply to toe Capt. on board at Koseveit sl wharf, or to tli WOODHUI.I, at MINTURN.n Booth st ki'rriltnowD fail sailing Br. bark ANN HARLEY, Rob't. Krirtt, niaater, 460 tons, daily eipecled wiil meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, having excellent aceommo nations, apply to otei wouuuLtL a ii.i l k.t.p, stonthst. THE EVENING EOST.vw Jrrr1:i"Z " " Till- ssa IfhiaitTh sin ' Saaaaa saiTth at, kawwaam UU ilea law aad s a" to pavhsg Sth avaaaja. (meg Siegga Bn as. ta VOL. XLI1X STEAM BOATS. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4. 1845. MORNING LLNE AT 7 O'CLOCK, lb ALBANY AND TROY, and Intermediate landings. . ' 1 he lew preasore ateamaoai twi, uwnw, will leave New York, from pier foot of Barclay street, nt seven o'clock, A. M-, every Tuaaday, Thursday and Samr rUramlaf . wni leave Troy, at sir o'clock, A. M and Albany aiseveao'clock, A. M-, every Monday, Wednesday aTaenw prermre steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. A. De" groot, will leave New York, from pr at the foot of Barclay street at seven o'clock A. M. every Munuay, W ednesday and Rtinrnhig, win leave Trey at air o'clock A. M- and Albany at eevea o'clock. A. M, every Taesday, Thursday and 'wPMiaure or Freight, apply on board the beau, 01 lo F. B. HALL, at the Office on the Wharf, foot of Barclay street. m . J".18 RAILROADS. VQ-0. NE w VOHK ASD HABLE-TI R-R, CO. WINTER ARRANGEMENT On - a--aand afte, Monday, Kovambar 3d, the cars will ruaasioiiows: Leave City HaU fcr Kaiiea 025th street.) Morrislana, rordham, Williams' Bridge, Hunt's Bridge, Underbill's r'?TkTJ?dt,noe. Hart's Comer, and White Plams-7.30 ad 100 A M, aad 1 and 3 JO P. M. ."j-" trains for YorkviUe, Hirlem, Mmrisiana, Ford h wo iiiDuna- isndge, leave S7th street 10 A. al. for wu-tuvms Bridge. Leave City Hall 9 A.M. (to Harlem only,) oa II.30, 9J0 ami 4 3D P.M. for Williams' Bridge. Leave White Plaint air City Hall 8.18 and 11.10 A.M, and 145 and 4. 10 P. M ieave Tochahoe for City Hall 8.20 and 11J20 A. M, and Lis aad 4.30 p. m Leave W Mi;. T,i.i r i... tt.ti - it oic .-j A. M. aad 12.45, 4.15. 3.45, 4 45and 5.45 P. M. Leave Morrtsiana Inr City Hall 6.10, 9.10 and 10 A. ' ie- . 410. 5.10aad 6 10 P. M. treignt train will leave City Hall at 1145 P. M. and -r.a ,tws rv orrAMnniTo rfiUrubD uiiid - ........ . , "--..."" Mill nn.c iixidi . u. muu FOR ALBANY Daily, Bandaysexcepted T White Plains at 11.10 A. M. All freight must be at Throufh Direct, at 6 o'clock, P. M, fiom ? plHT Hall between the hours of 10J0 A. M. and 12.30 the Dier between Courtlandt and Liberty streeta. - ipte White Plains trains will stop after leaving ihe The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, tpt. a. nougnioa, 1 oniy at ine corner or Broome street and tae Bow ,Ti airf. u.aJu and Friday evenina.l "T.Vaoxhall Garden and 27th street. - I .. An extra car will precede each train. W minntee before The new steamboat H. HUDSON, Cap. R. GXJruttenden, I ,ne ume of starting from the City U all, and will take op trill imveaaTnetdav Thursday and Saturday evening, at "-""vers along the line. will iteave on Tuesday, inursuay The City Hail and 27th street line will ran every 6 ml- -u'ct irom JU A. M rTeigni laaen ai moneraie raws. muiuu steamboat -i . nit;MOXjA9,tApu Aiex.u.c;cnuiiz, All persons are torbid trusting any 01 me utnum uue, 1 win leave the foot of Duane-at. dally, (Sundays excepted) at c- run new UKLt,fi.g noimes une tteguiar rfTti packet for Thursday, 6th instant, and the first vessel -aat that will mil punctually The last sailing coppered ship MEMI'HId, I). H. Bunker, master, is now loading and will positively sail as above. r r rreighior passage, apply on board, at root of Maiden laue,or la n4 WM. NELSON. 858ooth street. No goods will be received after to-morrow eveninr. 5h I ww.rf losu The ship SULTANA . E. 8. Dennis, master, will nteeeed the Memphis, and sail Mth November. At 4 o'clock P. M. Landing at Intermediate Place. From the foot of Barclav street, n.. .. mouth AMKltll'A. Cast. R.H.Farv. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 4 o'clock ..,. ,r D j The steamboat SOUTH AJtnitA,vi. u will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday aitemooni at4o'e!ock. .. , , , Paasenrers taking either or the above tines wtu arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Traia of Cars for the East or West, fy The boats are new and substantial, are rnrni.hMl wiih nlw and eleeaat State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. ,A A d ai The Cirv UmII mr,A CriiU .. n .V., :n. will ... n .Dan minoies from 8 to 12 o'clock. "n oandays the trains will be regulated according to the te of the weather. o27 FALL ARRANGEMENT 1845. ;. VOHK Ac ERIE RAILKUAII LIHE FOR MlVDLBTOWN, UO&HEJf.AXD UfTRM- - . MATE PLJWKS. On and after Thursdav. Oct. IK1I1. the new. fast and com modious steamboat 8T. NICHOLAS, Capt. Alex. H. tiehnllz. arithnnt writtftn order from the Captains or Agents. For panaee or ftelrht, apply en board, or to r. dcbui ta arr. FOR N P W IR I .P A hM Ta ..Ll WI.UJ.. positively the 5th November. The splendid and very fastaailing packet shin WARSAW, will nosi- tlvely sail aa above. She has spleedid accommodations for aacoad cabin and steerage paasenrers. with stale rooms, at steeraca rates. For balance of freight ar passage. In either ot the above places, which will be taken lower than by any other vessel. appiy on ooaro, loot 01 it all street, or to B4 JOHN HERDMAN stCO.,r31 Soathstxeet. - FOR BALTIMORE Union Line Regular Day The fast sailine schr. TRAFFIC, A. Gardner, master. Is now ktadinr at Bier 12 East River. Old slin. and will sail as above. For freight which will be taken at the lowest rales, apply bj vj 4. at n. nn,ituB,u?ouin street. FOR PHILADELPHIA Tuesday Vat Delaware and Raritan Canal. The Merch ants' Canal Lines Iron steam propeller IRONSIDE.-1, will receive freight until 5 Appiy to WILLIAM ii. THOMSON. 9 West street, NEW YORK ALBANY AND TROY I LIVE FOR ALBANY AN I ECT, From the pier at the foot of Court landt St. . PttMcntrers laklnrtbls boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Trains ot Cars from Troy west to Bnflalo, and north to Saratoga and Lake Georre. The Law-Pressure steamboat EMPIRE. Capt. R. B. Maey, every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The steamboat nri-usim., t-apt. wm. n. rn, orory .1 I , 1 1 1... J &wAw ., B nUwb 1 - . . . , . -. 1 HtlOM m. AMm Ull .lnw.Bllv InftUinvlUMl mlh lha t-or D:issaee or treint. bddiv oa poaru. or 10 yj- inia, a.i - ... ... . --- .u.a . 1 ,1.1 r n..:A,t.. HihiHMimim. aiternoon line, to Rlonminirburc tvnrtaboro. Monticello Mt able terms. Freight must be put in charge of the Freight ant,BinghampuM,Owego, Port Jervis, Honesuale,Car nrth fomiYnnv win nor tie resDonsioie lor loss. no 1 '-' --. 6 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock P M. ordinary running time nonr. Returning, the cars will leave Middletown at 7 A.M. and 5 P.M.- 'bp Freirkt.A bam will leave every aflernoon at 5 0 clock, (Sundays excepted.) rretgnt will not he received after that hour. Shippers are hembv notified that the name of the con- signee and depot or station where goods are to be lelt must be distinctly marked upon each article, otherwise they will not be received. For further particulars, lnanlre of J. VAN RENSsELAER, agent, corner of Duane and West streets. H. C. SEYMOUR, Superlntendent. frel'rhl taken after five o'clock. 23 IICPIIM IIO lO tlONOI'OLY 1 EXPREi?& LINE FOR ALBAJi Y, with out landing This boat arrives In time for On Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays to DusdafT, Mont rose, Friendsville Lenox, Brooklyn, etc. ol5 o'clock. P. M I all the Hail roads east or west, and the fc tares and Packet Beau north. . The sulendid new steam Yacht RIP VAN WIN K LB, Cant. L. D. Abell, will leave the foot of Robinson t., (next above uarcinyi en 1 ttviiAY . trtutvotiAt snu 01 1 l nun 1 A FTEKNOONS. at 6 o'clock. For rjassare or freight applp on board, or to the in the onice on tne wnnrr. LONG ISLAND IT A II.-ItOAIk CO PA NY. CHANGE OF HOURS. loiiows, commencing on llonduy, liepL Trains run 15th. 1S15. Leave Brooklyn at Pi o'clock A. M.. Bostan Train for Greenport, daily, (Sundays excepted,) stopping at Farming- uaie ana Bt Georre s Manor. Leave Brooklvn at 94 A. M. for Farminrdale and Inter- REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE, at great bargains, the following Pro-perly In Williamsburgh A two story brick House, with Lot adinining fcl feet front 99 feet deen : km. St tret wide, well built and handsome ry situated. Price S3,0OT. Also,aeoUare built House, well finished, with kitehe. in the rear, S 1.600. Also, 2 Houses aad Lou at trj75 rju-h or both bigelhcr at 81300. Also, a good (louse ana Lot at gi.suo ; another beautiful cottage built House, with 3 lots attached, for 81.200 : 2 va cant Lou at 8750 ; together with about SO others, raaginr iKiwovuiiw, 111 i iwia vi we Tuiigc. cur particulars, enquire at the office of tUAKLLS a. HCHU.VALD ft CO, 023 No. 26 Piatt street, N. Y. XO BE LET OU LE.UEU-The first class Store. 29 Beaver street, next adjoining the oae to be occupied bv Messrs. H. W. ft H. Mali. It will be nnuhed about the fist November, and the interior can ha arranred to suit a tenant. Apply tn olO AYMAR ft CO, 33 and 34 Sooth st. TO LET The Lnfls and Cellar of the tour story brick store, 1S9 Water St. Apply on the prenu- aircs f. X TWO STORY FURNISHED HOUSE is ttri! wantd by a small family, without children. A cera-ii-JLforthle house, situated ia a respectable part of the city, and at a moderate rent, will find a first rate tenant by addressing H. box 14b7 Post Othee. au.' TO LET The lante Store and Cellar No. I Rn.lur m.-m1I .H.uiilil In t llrv flfMVil. nr .nil ISLlarge retail business, well lighted with plate glass wiodews and doors, shelving cases, fee Apply to an 19 J.ftC. BERRIAN.bOl Broadway. A FAK J1 of 100 acres, 30 miles from this city, for sale, or exchange for city projierty, improved or "vacant lots. Apply at 230 West 19th street. je!3 if FACTORY FOR SALE On Lt3d street, 'between 2d and 3d avenues ; three-lburths may remain en bond and morurage The buildings are of brick, cov ering the fronu of four loU, aay 100 feet, and conuin 100 Dorse steam power, with or without 5 or 6 lou 01 ground ad joining; well located for steam cotton mills, machine shops, aiundry, or otner works, in case a company snooid be formed for carrying oa any profitable manufacture, Ihe own ers, would be willing to invest the whole in the stock of such company at a lair valuation. Apply to II. M. SCHEFFLIN ft FOWLER, au20U 142 and 144 Front st. No. 14. in WARD SCHOOL HOUSE Greenwich street, near Rector st. Estimates will be received until Friday, Nov. 7th, for for nishingand fitting up said building with desks, stools, plat forms, furnaces, pipes for Croton water, ftc. The specifications Tmay be seen on application to C. E Warner. r.q., tne architect ol the building, ntfto. Vii Broad way, comer ot Cedar street, lrom 2 to 3 o'clock, daily. Estimates to be left with J. Cruiluhank, at No. 46 Greenwich street. New Yotk.Oct. 21, 1815. HENRY NICOLL, SAMUEL A. IR.APO, STEPHEN R. HARRIS, M.D.I o215w JAMES CRU1KSH ANK. CTEWARn PATENT RvTHIHER AND TO THE PITHLin W. th. o v., v . w,uinuiim, dcidk cnusen judges by the governtnent of Manachoseus Charitable Me- tuJW' Association, ia avwtup. aamnbM iu nk. ing stoves, ranees, furnaces, ftc, won Id inform the public' thai after tesUng all the Cooking Stoves that were put into the Fair lor exajbitsun. aad letline each n . hi. ""ve with the same kind of coal, tn order to ascertain " """' 00 tne same work wttn the least fuel, in the shortest time, and do it the best, we find that Stewart s ratent Summer and Winter Air-Tight Cookiac Stove, man utactured by the Patentee, of Troy. N. Y, to he the best, as j J1 j"" lhir!a minutes to boil two gallons of water, i m bcail in the same time, and broiled beefsteak, and all done in the best manner, with 7 lbs. of coal, in 30 minutes from the time the fire was put in the stove : to which we awarded the silver medaL . . J. 8. GOULD, I THOMAS MOULTOV, I WALTER CORNELL. ! Judges. JAMES PAIGE, f n. ' ' A" a WEBBER, J Boston, November 20, 1844. We will herentaietl,.! J7.c.u.i l , . m.j muwot miriwpii(,mill h.T ZlL aDa "oprovemeau oa the riewan ri loves, aid JZS .Vfj ,ow laed npua the public, and would tbeiefore, cauliru, ,hJ wishing a first rate Thi ''"IT for.."'5"''"l, Summer and Winter Air- f.i1?m "hteh b pateotea'a aaaie ....., .IH,un ,no I rent, and la Ik. Hi..n'. H.'. 'l-tal-uat principle, of lm,iuj r ",vc inient, ami eanaot be In- aUie, ,lo"ny"'"ve, excepting ander heavy pen-Si..",",,ne, Preh"" as u. the vender. The h, b,J. iK . , I ,a,u 'u' g'nal unaliiies. acd aeenDl.l,,B,,re', N" Y " " ..H'r c"'b uf IrOM n'irg the stove In New York may may be i Oil TTTOMPSON ft WNSELI vw . ,a . . .... ' i "'-lasrineninip nrrcu.lore esisiine between tlie -""r-""" nnoer tne nrm or urippm ft -i. In the Uiy of New York, and ol WM. CRlPPrf ft Co. in the tnal consent. Either of the undersigned (a folly authorized to setUe any ouuuadlnr buslne.. ' WILLIAM CRIPPS. ... , WILLIAM WRIGHT. ALFRED LARGE. WILLIAM LOT11MER. New York, Nov. 1, 1845. The business will be heretofore, by the nn-i!inn!' ,h UU" or W RIGHT. LARGE ft U)T-i .lV'.,','Iof Nbw Yu'. "d of LOTTTMLR. LARGE ft U the townofNoitinL'ham. F.ncian.l! l 1 -i , CO)! The Cotton martu ia oVTeaawd, tk beaaatraasi-actcd it limited, pncei have a downward tniemef. tad holders evident me at ease, show a doiie to teeer the correal rate, anal fa tarts their The tale of the week, ending- FrKUy. ohly amounted to30,0uO baJea, and limited at thai bul"c ia, il "wax even more rearruned yesterday, Wv" 00 more than 1300 10 ax baga changed heads. , A. variety ol cause may be adduced to aceoOBt lor the tsreaent M.m.tin. Vmwwi ia the railway madnra. Tr . .lln. .11 -I. ... .imI mhadc U I Ooasravred la. lta von.. . .a. . I. L 1 . ...4 kv swkleaa I sWaort sssrairiM that Eachse rntjV;:' jr".:.r.-, ..d an M dlaihet. aai aa AUCTION S A L E S. to""" :?ho ora.xauo- would -cm to I ppTm Waopeag Eghrya, -- vu. n we way cm trmptsuiuu, "-,rr' I earrea m. Rowing; under atimuiaucg draugnts, axw w- 1 uroxaaaee caaagW ssssasisn Ibt wail aad "I men conduct the renerai maaoeea. 1 street. NO. 25 PINE STREET. la favor of eoatlauiag eawer ta 8th wauedy aide of M avoaaa. vaaua. - . . . For aa amni laisat ot grade of 40th st. betwaaa Stb ew-SUaveanea. To Coasautu. amnT Saaas aa sa well aad pup la Thaty-fitM at, aaar ftth Apaaruoaaseatot'l taaisaBbkglla4kasa JOHN J. SWIFT. Auctioneer. BT SWIFT 4 MORGAN. . Store Na.9 Pmestreet. SWIFT MORGAN k... ,rr N.SlA XulflM street, fin floor. SWT FT ft MORn V 'l .1.. -- -- .ft lina ta salesof bamehold fnrriture and out .1r -aies teoersXj i aiteUi alesol F.irhsn--", TUESDAY. Not II. il.nrt pTnoi:ty thvpovMl of sr nrfrne set 1 Alll...k..rf.U -. -1- . - OlSPVTTVMnifK Thlwntf., L.u.k hniM "' Wreru. .'.warn Mft 7 ire fr-m ihemerir hoe of H'M . fbebiieJJftiiii.froot. m .levth aa the nocia luf ft. "r.anfir ajit, ,ssskii.( .5 rt.. ia toe rear z. ieets "ljr1 '5 ''""bo" 'lKit her!, I:ne 72rS irs. rrem or Ws. f am or the purrhiu mmrj ran it-wi.b na bond aad snort, gage, r or furloer prir irnUr snri'v to rre ..tctioosrn. . . , "'NESiiAYJJerie. - At Mn clock atthe .Merrlpinn' Eschenre. FyecTlfor'i 1 Sate of theftore srM !. as bB Pearl st-ihe lot m 21 R 10 ins front. IT ft 6 ins resr. wiiihirs.trlr fir I"j I .L tiorrheRKertv ,'Hr I VI ff nw,M. M u. - tk.. .... H theran.tNbnafitt.lwaiinrr. Imf S oivtes liirli ard luu ft .W-o. m Rumi ii c,wm innam. a rsrre poruoaar tneparcbaja BMI.IS7 caa remain cm the propertr t 6 per cant JIT vie ll' j rt v 4 1 r- Vsl.rabl- S'nra Pn-itv.i Water' Mreet, Peart. Winiana, Rea 5 aad Hos-asasara. aavav Mat, Caa paaawM AgaiTj, there is the fearful dehcieoev IB the potato I ProvMiagfora laaeW place) MssfalatssVlavhaatoaaa cro,i, arJ had graiB harve rircnmLanecsin lhrav I Biacsrwvll s liat. A osed. selvea appalling, aad andrr the inHueace of which the U aaialaaeeaaptoCaBg iena Aee- Cottoa markei may , ahnnk like scorched parch- - - , , Thea there I the rite in the rate oi iatereet J?JZS?r oxaaoa J 111 r la J. L Jl?rZ- WhK ''A: ras-evrhUs t, D C. Rissesh-d -4 CK. S-oilK-r Dreakrrs ahead, to a acarclly ol money, and the wok I Y f 1 j vxenargra, cooaequeat oaioe im faror of paying balaace Eaaue C. F. 1 rinn I !ns constantly leaving the country to I dish Coasnl Geaetmi. ftc Cisisnn ka. New York, Nov. 1, lr45. a? It K V tUIl IVhrni, $50 A New Invention for Ratiasnsrantl 1'tl 111 p luu out AVreckctt Ycisrls, THE undersigned, pmprielois of a method recently patented for this purpose, oiler to shipping merchanu, marine insurance companies, and others, to take contracts WILLIAM WRIGHT ALFRED LARGE. WILLIAM LOTTIMER. al lw Chariea Iloimea Perrv. a sailor, formerly of the rit. of km). In t.F'auu, m uii much as a passenger lrom ine port or l.iver pool, in or about the month of March, 1836, on board a vea sel called the Jane, belonging to Plytuuuth. in Eoglaml, to New York, in tha United Slates of America, and has not since been heard of by his friends, who reside in Ensl.mi: any information concerning him will be gratefully acknowledged, and should it lead t any final discovery of biin, either living or dead, the aliove reward will be given. Aiuresaof ippiylo ABRAHAM BELL ft SON, "2 117 Fulion st., N. Y. A FEW F Tllli I sEli I C I RIOTS, ii. AND INGENIOUS ARTICLES, fur I,v JOHN invest M coatiBeatal raiiwav. ir.nIlv thera the proepectt otthe nvw crop ia the U at led Statea, rejecting which there ta bat liuie aanety iell noih- m in noon, at au uaeiy to act aa a counlcTpoise to the prevailing desfoariency. The causes at which we have g'anced are each ia dieir war mora or less potent their camhind inrlii- euce oa the price oi Use tupie aad the proauccu of 1 lie anarkrt ta deadraing. iial every evil baa some drawback. The present ataie of Uungs will give a powtrlul impettta 10 tire 1 crime; m lavoui ol tree ... . .. mmmih . ar . . , W .re mwaUm Brd'wt,d,'U'i!c!"rvWu' Uue' au. con.ecttiret, nroUahly, but atrawa bo how the wind AandI..Tee.,trr-o.;-rtT.riey. Fahrw Bar 1 hiowit thai reeL ere long, anil throw opea tue poru, ejav, V. arren. C!..mher. Whi:-. Wslker. Spnnr. Hm-re, I and thaa aatlclpale the lamiaewhich wouid appear to be inpwad:n over irelaau, ana wiuta caiuiot be uuitt in kjiciand. Thet mt1 at trmli im iKl" m.n if SClUT 1DX du-mrtSL doti not cenainly give an indication of the existing Ice.uut ia the Cotton roaikeL Ihe trade is Irea t.r.-k than it has beea. bat it can be accounted for wuuoi-t relerrace to tne circucistaaces at wbichave have rlanccd, and exttsirre5tciive of them. The Vara market is especially dulL Large quanuuesbad beta pnrchaaed lor etanaUoa to terruany, en the aautnuon thai the Zolivereia would have tmpueed a htglier d-iry on cottoa twist; but tha Cocgrt-as waa brothtlil to a close without that step. The parties, then-lore, who anticitcd aox-h a coarse, and spe-cul acd upon it, will rather suUer than gam by their premature activity. The market for goods ia" Maa cin-ver and the netghborheod, n also lea active, and I prices have receded a Utile they are " easier" in the parlance of the trade. The Woollen trade ia ine Yrhire districts baa abo diminished eome-wii.u iu activity, but still aiainuuaa a healthy apvear-ance. The American Provision trade tlotvufaea. The atoa rt lieei. Pork, and Cheese, is light ; aad the rfnt rt thing in lrrlaad will hate a tendency act 0:1. y 10 improve price, but to leroea cooiiartitioa. it riasaa aa as Balaace afsilsls al Laanas Wswaaaa. The retolntna aoaccamat ta graaOac aissaetna of time ia K. G. Edgar la isdasl canaia pnaany. Ta Gam. oa Fawsea. Ib rawr oi allowiag Coasaal mt Carsoranaa tha asansist gives an has pudacassrsr br dart htra. t asramtav ranaitcnr Dorothea FluasaBl aa liajnn las ssaaaias of Bar ana- Ciaii nasi ia. Aecrptiag the raaigaatloa of Oertrasa Crsr!raas tor of esretsoa ta nas fc-arth shanaet Uth W ars. Cs Pnnee. tlmiskio. tarerne, Wonqer. Perrr. H.imawaMl Rar.k III.-etrr., 4' h H. V. an-rly i' P:.-e.t MarVl Plic. I a biveve Place, Iji a, 8ta, lot. Uth. lh, Mia. Ijta. luh. an.1 Wb ureeu. etc. He. f X'lft to I -own nt bond wnd rs"ir sre. rlliOAR jLN K livi'.'Auc noi,evr. It V KIf,AH JENK1?Y. Store No. 6 Wall i.. oppmne New a ..M oear Broadsrar. THURSDAY. Nov 6. At ISo'ckrck attar Mrrrhanu F.srhanc. I.rsnemr.l urret Th. t w. Cocr haarmrnt sad i't Imr-k botw sn.l l.a N'.r M ltienard itnse.aa the su.tb.rig ae. 17 Irs inaa I . r. k " Ta kK aJbfrM fnwt sod rear br 4r 1 lUf-u, an. panr walls on rarii .ni.: the t' aa'ef a inlntflncr, r:h rnf..ft.,ideralk newly nagred. Tne baas rents fur aao. Trr.i. at sale. Siimrat Sale ol Valaati properlf in the las ward Usluug-in-a. U.WJa'ri Johua Miaea dee'd. SCI ,Th.t eenain piece of land on X1H ar.. ei.pi.pai. in e-theritr.olUbiark brtaeen 83d ami sstb straets. 4UU lart at bf ly InaaTlh ai-antie.!g&u Iraifia uW u-lji .-i. fti lev a 10 on the MMjth .ide, 6r ft 4 m an the east iiile, aud 66 ft im no IB" am si.i.tlannf. AKis. arart Thar two kas tormarlg belancsne Is Samuel iar r a .derate, known asd iji.tii.suald i:n s map nuuie tr Smilli. eitr ur,';or. N..r !, r.y toe .Va 13 hi1 14.,-iitr nttrnrl on rti.r 50ft. m iIm M-.iOr Ml u r, '""'' on Ui.e4 arta 33 ll I uach. loaher wHb ae I b"'r ine OM in Ir.Akof sa.,1 AhiL xiiiel I h.c5 I,.',, ,r Int.l kru.n m a part of the HsrV-iB .".1-,'in.- mil .1 'J ...... II . ma,. t . I 1 1V4. ir the ..a 42i 4:., A'j. A,t ax i. .. lj. beiri, ll fr.,.4 .nn rear l.y II 0 It in dei. log4h-ff withlli ou b 1 ' iba assiioe. and areei. frontmr Ibsieoa. AkH ban mm, 4h s'k! cih kwcoes I'biaa Iwii I.'. I now a an e Plp l'l '.TmroHH k, Ik. k',.lud SHI a A.h aim f.lli aad Hh al Hkh ,ir... .-h l..i rr. k. hn ..! .er.nhfehsll the.ireer. nfrnwihrrcd Pnrhid paru w.ees adrcnisefiiasturnMl H P V. ...... ..k ..,i.,u tru'or. . FRIDAY. Nov 7. At 10 ti t-Ifse-k atf tlkf U. . V..fJ-ll-a rf IsirCand (rim, tthIlnMbt mihnand Variie. aawkstasatliei. hill leirtiuemj fcnj pir( w.iif, rxnpnw:tix ,mm oi the PnFt tsfn-itilul npr tmi-rtrtcti. -fix: Urrrn4-rH mn4 u-iirm iui. iaMit. wipfk: ikii r. ni,lct- 4 wtirk USrf h fil rftniaM. rrifin ii4.wib r-iirH.pleijUidrabirfvU, terj te vutu nx9, trr rt7T, n' tU iint rnt. ba-kcnnmi-Ki lvl,a, roa, t rti-r-rh. s.mal wnrk httci .toil Km po?$l.'ci lr lcitM?iT-J. cr-alrc itxbk, rxbir auvtad ciies men wi A! -. iritrr nrl iv4tn ! in i.I'pi Uu ! nik,'al ament Saase as to iraigaarioa of tVJoeaoa Eeassssslt Msastrk 11th ward. " ii s ii at Timti H. BlaanaQ sth drscrict sasas ward. k?emnf aruuoa tareaaoval af pssaap us mm af Bjaarsarp sa brarawira stsart, to Aleasasaa mmm BMUtof the wasa, aad etrest Lnaimiasina m tssxrarred In. Peraittieg John A.Tardf as lis s.s isassias af I Coacarrad ss. the pluoa far rvgb'twg W. TCih fas-so Cumsaiuee oa Lassps aast (Ms, with pi i Sasiih. as Pesssituag A. B. Hasapsoa as I Beat. Coacamst at. Aerrpoe ts rasWaatioa mt Js rlrrUaa 1st llatnct, 5Us Ward. aavoaT. fCcaasalttea ca Polira. ft. ka tavar as sracs a pvasuB at rsasa ssaraec asaavas setMtwsth sat. Caa naisJii afass tarsrawsf 'Bis, By Wr. Aibiiiwia Of A, t, tt WaaaWI asal etaasa. as asvs si ta Boo ana saaasss. astwaaa 4th Avaoae east 1 lagdaje road paved. Ta Ctssiuai a Ituasts. raa ae 1 1 a. 1 t. Ia fcswr of ssutdasg bua haasl across Cuasataaa ftc Coacarred aa. Same as toexaraBg paw M ef Barrsana . la avrar of urasUii.g Jannb tV. Cifl.s as bsrUL al awa expeasa, a ar asiwaaa tsassrt aaa each 1 Coacsrraa la. la savaret prsalnte Jaa SI ana Laoaard ss aaaios eg hat ansae aa t. (if tha Cvaaasiateo aa 1 s.s. aad PAaos 1 aa adoptlua of the Ordiaeare a AU ap lew aad saaaaa sci ui. a amijular aaomaly in tuts branch ot trade, I rroaTd sncadWd by I lib ssd lh streets aad Asanas c aad mat, me aeairrs are eonstaoiiy cooiiaaining ci the sm-jlnras cd their Hocks, and cd the dilhctilty which they rxterience ia ciecuting the. orders which pour in ujk)u them. 'ilie price of Corn is rutins rapiiily ; aad on ibis hciS we need do little more than refer to the auipae details in oor market returus. The weatDrr lately has been nto-4. wn-tcbed, and even at the pr-nt moment large patches of uncut gtaia are rx,-o-ri 10 lite peltin of :he elemcalsm the north ol England and in Scotland, while, aa we have su-ted 1 the position of mailers ia Irehmd ia ri-a worse." liamp cum enhances ine value ol DryDnckat. Laid aa Iba Taaks. rarrriea. By Mr. Gilbert sf Isaac P. Mania, Ibt cotrautas af deaas. To Ccsunittee oa Laws. The Board thaa adjoaraad. lYuaa tha anaalaa. O. & BARTLBS, CVsak. ! I RY-Il the Graat Waaasra JMEPH II. BAT'i n laforso hat enstosaers sad taavilaav that he has leo-ived two lane lavotoseof Hosiery, by Use esasaa. er direct rrnea tha naaalactarars. annag ef a fall aaserv rs ol tha b4owkeg scarce aad aaslnibls gnnds. vis : Boys super sneruso asder shirts, toag . leaves, all sAssaa,

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