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1920117OrinocoBldg - NEW BUILDINGS FOR PL ANT HERE Orinoco Furniture...
NEW BUILDINGS FOR PL ANT HERE Orinoco Furniture Company to Have Modern Dry Kiln and Will Be Finished Soon. STOCK SALE S HEAVY ' , OVER $33,000 IN PREFERRED 18 Stir T1KFN BV NOON TODAY MERCHANTS AND FARM- FARM- ' ERS HEAVY BUYERS. Wllh stock In the expanded Orinoco Furniture' Company seUftig even be yond exnectations today .1 officials of the company closed a contract with 1871 the liege 4 Co, for the erection or two of dry kiln buildings on the site near the present plant. The new buildings onIy Wi! appIOX,r?ate,lMl!,) IttLl will be made of re n'0 J; brick, steel and hollow tile, will be wllh mot "'"ZYn fhf'JS LJT he pomplated. according to the contract. oroof tin In forty working days. The -contract -contract ors on the building next Monday. With the slgnd contract to produce 15.000 of the Sonora phonograph .cab- .cab- Mlatlon of making specially designed ablnet. a. they may be ordered, a tet prosperous year and future races the -" -" Orinoco company ana promises mucnir for a greater Columbus. Many skilled iem mechanlcs will be required to work on "tailed the new cabinets which will bring -more -more families to this city. . Deen Stcok Sale Heavy. ,. iem The sale of the 1100.000 of pre f erred stock of the company was go- go- me ing rapidly today both at the Cham-Ciuaing Cham-Ciuaing brr of Commerce and at the various jiar tmntra In PnlnmhilB mnA U la aMmat.l : ed that $33,000 In stock had Jteen sold bv the noon hour. The greatest por- por- system tlon of the issue was taken by mer-lbe mer-lbe mer-lbe chants and farmers although many Ing working men purchased shares- shares- Blocks the of atock were ranging from $100 to $5,- $5,- of 000. sired The officers of the company are to-1 to-1 to-1 the day and will be tonight at the Cham- Cham- oer oi wojnincrcB wncre mey wui per- per- 1 ..11- ..11- . V. . 1. t- t- I . - buuuv win um io ujc u iu ea all persona Interested. They will, also of be at the Chamber of Commerce next ed wctth urn.! iuo imjisi ioduw im wiu.m just on tne eve or tne opening oi , . ... . . v . . . a . m I - - ' BUDsenpuons ior ine xuu.uvu preier-i preier-i preier-i I.., tnr tha onmnanw TStl . -wv -wv ' 1 Dies rnnrrn received tnia mnrninr let-1 let-1 let-1 7. ter from the Sonora rcr-ttlon. rcr-ttlon. rcr-ttlon. la which. .they, tlon of cabinet designs for phonograph PhTorSph Coi !l ey nlacffffilS to ? cabinets to sell as high as $6 000 each. Llnealn M.ks. tUtt , PwWh w tr t nsO.. in 4 i. v . r- r- ... ... '-"'" '-"'" '-"'" " ifr wun a rrpreaemBuve oi idii pi- pi- per this morning- morning- made the following tle community Interest and pride for our citizens to learn that In addition to fJe the contracts already booked, we are now asked by the Sonora Phonograph Corporation to design specially for 2Sfn them cabinets of very unusual Quality and in all probability these cablneu v" ' m k. -i.k-.. -i.k-.. -i.k-.. -i.k-.. w, be tlfUl as. well, as hUber priced than the : cabinets of any other phonograph cor-Ku cor-Ku cor-Ku oy poratlon In America, ( "In a letter to or company. dated January 14, 1920,. the Sonora Phonograph Phonograph Corporation has asked us to - nubmit designs of special cabinets to be worked out In an exceptionally fine manner and ruggrsts that the de signs to be submitted shall be for cabinets which will command a retail nelUng price of $3,000 to $6,000 each, and we have therefore begun the work of designing cabinets which Wll un doubtedly be the finest examples of the cabinet makers' art made by any factory m the world. vs. tt i ii .v. cult W I' i iu uminii uiuv M4t Ul I Tv finer period model cabinets to be 1""" maria frnm ' i ui. .hi.). B alMM V a VU VU w WO If) UO W UJV11 I have been submitted for the approval of the Sonora corporation, have been Immediately aocepted and we now have contracts for a considerable .numbe rof cabinets In the gothlc. Ital lan and Jacobean school of design These flneK cabinets are to be made almost entirely of American black wal auu tnat nut and the finish i to b in Italian polychrome colors. City Is Benefited. - "Work Is 1 V ' alreadv under way for thm nroductlnh of the., flnen mrvtl. ',and It Is clear that the enviable position position In the furniture world occupied bv our company la appreciated by the Sonora corporation and they are cer tainly showing' a disposition to use th exceptional manufacturing facilities of our two factories here In the pro duction of a line of phonograph cab I nets which will be a source of very valuable advertising to our city because because of the world-wide world-wide world-wide .distribution of this product. ' . v -It -It Is gratifying to the officers of our company that, there la already an apparent Interest tn the . preferred stock offering which went on sale to- to- in v I . day. The number of Inquiries we have J already received with reference to this ,u stock with quite a number of vervl substantial subscriptions, would indl- indl- - eate that the coronanv's first desire that this stock be distributed as large- large- wl ly as possible tn our own community, Is to be accomplished.. n faai that rather than place this investment I J opportunity In the hands of outside brokers to be sold in foreign markets, they would much prefer that the citizens citizens of Columbus and Bartholomew county own the Investment and by reason of their financial holdings, have a greater Interest in the success and future growth of the company's business. . 4- 4-

Clipped from The Republic17 Jan 1920, SatPage 1

The Republic (Columbus, Indiana)17 Jan 1920, SatPage 1
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