Lame Excuse part 2

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Lame Excuse  part 2 - dele-; he- eall-iag ' tornejr the priyileeeof...
dele-; he- eall-iag ' tornejr the priyileeeof practicing tig profession profession without coming in for a ahare of its dennnciation. i J can only add that I appeared here aa a private citizen, retained a a lawyer, with my duties clearly defined, and thai I worked in the interest of peace, bat for respectfallj withdraw from the case. In doing ao, I entertain the desire and 'moat txpremi the hope that when . the court meet in terra time, no obstacle will be again thrown in the way of a fall and fair trial of all concerned, and no means used to inflame the passions or stir up to Strife the citizens of the community.! ' j ' : " Respectfully submitted. I ' E. W-Gahtt. W-Gahtt. W-Gahtt. v;v-.'J v;v-.'J v;v-.'J ! ! 1 ' l I, as prosecuting attorney of the Sixth, circuit, have carefully examined the reasons reasons of E. W. Oantt, esq., foe his withdrawal withdrawal in the prosecution of the cases referred referred 4 o therein, and I do hereby most cordially indorse the action of said E. W. Gantt,' and declare myself now) aa I. have atways been, in favor of an independent judiciary. Yours, T. M.Gibson, " ' ; - 1 IrrosecuUng Attorney. We publish Gen. Gantt's excuse in full, that the people may have the benefit of posting-from posting-from posting-from all sides,1 It will be observed observed that he gives as reasons for withdrawing withdrawing from the eases that "it seems apparent apparent they 'he prisoners j would! not submit 'to orders of your honor, unless such orders should be entirely agreeable tp them.;" and because they were guarded by seventy or eighty' armed men. (This was by order of , the court.) ''In' bther words, Gen. Gantt would create the impression impression that the court was intimidated, and that civil jaw could not be enforced. As a aet-cif aet-cif aet-cif to this Judge May told Mr. Shinn and Mr. Howell, of Russellville, that such an idea never entered his head ; that the reason he did not proceed with his court was because of sickness, snt be-saase- be-saase- be-saase- be-saase- he was satisfied the investigation would only result in the acquittal of j the prisoners indeed, as ,he expressed . it, there was no evidence whatever against them.'"". - j '.. 'r'-i 'r'-i 'r'-i It ia something new to hear a Minstrel official say he favors "an independent judiciary," as Mr. Gibson states. Te take it aa a sign of better' times ' Really, the reasons assigned by Gen. Gantt ; look, very ; much j like an excuse - to : get out a of the ease, because VLe knewr.' as Judge May stated, there was no evidence against the prisoners, and because he must be satisfied satisfied of the guiltiness of Dodson, Ilickox & Co. The general ' evidently gave the , reasons above on the - suppositioa that a bad excuse was better than none. Now a few plain words to the food people of Pope county: The deliberate. cold-blooded cold-blooded cold-blooded murder of Hale and Tucker, and the release of the murderers oa straw bail, thus placing it in their1 power! to perpetrate perpetrate more outrages, of the Same char acter the determination tf the: administration administration to protect, the scoundrels, ! aa 'evidenced 'evidenced in the arming of tha Wilitisi im mediately after! the - murders, and J their subsequent release, we acknowledge are sufficient reasons to drive a people to the point of taking the law !int their own hands. This, we. have good! reason to believe, is the sole desire of the adminis tration, but e urge upon the people to keep quiet,' be orderly and law-abiding law-abiding law-abiding in every respect. Be more prudent than ever before. Let no unguarded words. which could possibly be construed against you, escape your lips. Let no imprudent act be committed. Be firml be; vigilant. be quiet, be orderly by alt means. We are now upon the eve of an election that must seal, for1 weal or woe the future destiny of the state. Remember hat any unguarded set would be taken advantage advantage of to injure the people of the hole state. - The time is coming 1 when the people will have it in their power to see that murderers do not I ero nn- nn- whipped of justice because of f their adherence to a particular party.! It ia not yet. f t f,: j :: , a

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette30 Jul 1872, TuePage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)30 Jul 1872, TuePage 1
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  • Lame Excuse part 2

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