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Sheriff Shibell1 - Not many moons ago, when Sheriff Shibell, a...
Not many moons ago, when Sheriff Shibell, a gailant Democrat, for whom a half-dozon San Simon cowboys cowboys voted 104 times, (very nearly re-electing him) was called upon to arrest a poor innocent stage-robber, ,ho called around him several faithful followers, armed them with double-barreled double-barreled shot-guns, and slipping up behind tho muili-injured road-agent unawares, filled him full of buckshot. buckshot. At that time tho ignorant people people wero not educated up to tho idea of extracting the fangs of the deadly rattlesnake or incarcerating robbers and murderers in the county jail until until they had time to recuperato, and then to be turned loose by an obliging obliging sheriff. No, tho humanitarian influence of tho Tombstono press had not yet been felt, a fid milk of all kinds especially of human kindness was a scarce article. And, strange to say, Sheriff Shibell and his gallant comrades were lionized for having done what would now be sovcrely condemned, namely, shooting a defenseless defenseless man in the back. But then Charley Shibell was a good Democrat, Democrat, and to that favored class of our society much allowance must be mado. Not a word roust be said against any act committed by a Democrat, Democrat, whether it bo robbing a stage, shooting a man in tho back or with his hands up, robbing tho people by adding ,ton per cont to an already 5f3eH?pnie tax, neglecting to summons grand-jurors who nre disposed disposed to think a democratic office-liuider office-liuider is not immaculate, stuffing bal- -iot-boxes, or anything else he may do. And it is for this reason, wo take it, that that stern old wheel-horse wheel-horse of democracy, James Reilly, has seen fit to throw the mantle of charity over tho frailties of his par-tiz'ans. par-tiz'ans. It is merely a question of political capital, and a part of the plan for the "ins" to keep in. If publio attention can be directed to some fancied grievance, tlio "gang" can continue to rob the peoplo at pleuute under tho cover of law, at the same time neglecting to oboy the mandates of the courts and allowing criminals to go scot free. Wo have too much respect for Judge Reilly to believe that ho is not honest in his opinions, but when he claims to bo opposed to any organization for any public purpose, not puroly philanthropic, philanthropic, he evidently forgots the time when his fellow-citizens organ-

Clipped from Tombstone Weekly Epitaph26 Dec 1881, MonPage 2

Tombstone Weekly Epitaph (Tombstone, Arizona)26 Dec 1881, MonPage 2
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