Gov. Hadley and the Pope County Disturbances part 2

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Gov. Hadley and the Pope County Disturbances  part 2 - exaeties- if aceounta- oncour- state-house f of...
exaeties- if aceounta- oncour- state-house f of eham- to in to to If bis as of the be to the of claimed their act-,,Jjtl act-,,Jjtl act-,,Jjtl wag "industrious, in probing tho affair to the bottom by a r'TJ-tn r'TJ-tn r'TJ-tn vttiaijon. It is a maxim of tb lav that tbe agent's act ia thai of his prin cipal. Gov. IIadly actien In this mat ter at ems to lean to tbe side of bis subordinate subordinate cf5cer, Bnd if each is tbe case, Lis bands fcre as red w Mi the rtiiU of this horrid crime jta .thooe of the bloodj per petnior. The Republican mjs : r i When Gov. Hadley left Pom onntt be ordered that tbe militia return to tbei homes and let the law take its eonrnev faiDce that time be has issued no order putting the militia in; the field, and if, in point of fact, any militia is in the field, it is there without 1 his knowledge or su thority.' The ; sendice of arms to. the miliua of Pope, or any other county in tbe elate, is a matter1 wholly in tbe dis cretion of tbe: governor, and one which be and every other governor ia the unios has exercised from time immemorial. We are glad to hear that Got. Hadlet disclaims any knowledge that any militia are in tbe field with ! his authority. We had - information ' j from. undoubted authority that Dodson and : hi party were la earn near Dover when we penned tbe paragraph upon which the Republican comment. . If the gov ernor will enforce his proclamation orderf g them to their ho men,: and will arrest those i of - them encaged in the Sbilob affair, we shall think that then bis purpose is what tbe Republican sars it is.' Touching tbe matter of the gov ernor's right of sending arms to the mi- mi- litis, we do not doubt it, as a matter of law. We only deplore the weakness of Judgment that in the exercise of his tint doubted '.'discretion " permitted him to-do, to-do, to-do, at so critical a time, so foolish a thing; if his motive was right. So foolish that we were compelled to bclitve that, de spile bis fair professions, bis purpose anl motive was, in sending . those arms to Pope county, to uphold,! in the face of law and to the affright of the community this band or assassins: and plunderers. Every good citizen! was satisfied with tbe conduct of Govi Hadley when he visited Pope county, and with the promise he made to enforce the laws; more psry tiularly were they gratified at the order disbanding ; the 1 militia. But. fads are stubborn ; thing,; -and -and ; seemed to us to show that the 1 governor was not acting in good faith when be ixnued that order. The militia did of dieband. Ah soon as the governor returned to the city be sent to Williams' company forty stand of arms. Williams, with bis com pan V, met these arms at the end of the railroad, thereby showing concert of action, and parceled them out to his company, and he, with Hickox, Dodson and others, who refused to be arrested, then marched into camp at a . point six miles east oi Dover. These facts eotne to us from un doubted sources, and !if they do not tabliab that while Gov. Hadley was pro fessing one thing he was covertly carry. ing out a contrary policy, we do not nn- nn- Tbe editor of tbe Repubb'can, who also chief justice -of -of the supreme court of Arkansas, in tbet heated article tb wbicb we ; reply, rises ' many degrees above the top of hia thermometer, and concludes in this chaste style So far aa rising upi under the leader ship of Mr. Brooks is concerned, all that we have to say is, rise: and be damned. We are in favoa of peace, and deprecate strife and bloodshed shut if the Gazette and its frienda 1. want to "rise up" under the leadership of Mr. Brooks, or any other man, and Bet the state authorities at defiance, our rallying cry under such circumstances will be, ' Woe to the con quered. ' We are as ardent, in favor of peace and as anxiously deprecate strife and bloodshed as the Republican ; all that we have said was with that, aim and to that point. We! -want -want the parties who shot at Williams arrested, tried and cos victed. if found guilty ; we : want the as sassins of Tucker and Hale arrested, tried and convicted, if found guilty;. we want the militia disbanded in pursuance of the governor's proclamation, or pr V e an a I W tM ciaimea as outlaws 11 tney ao not band ; "and we want the governpxfo dis continue tne employment of such arga- arga- ments in favor of peace, as the sending of muskets to men charged with grave crimes, who are iia camp contrary to bis Order,' and whose armed presence in the disturbed country terrifies tbe people and bodes no good. The. grinding to tbe earth a people who have the right to ae free is what we complain of, and persist ence in this policy of force, if it is to be Gov. Hadley's policy, can result only in driving the people td their last resort in self-defense. self-defense. self-defense. That tie people want peace is proved by their patience under long suffering. It would be as easy for them in tbeir muliitade to put down these o pres " . a 4 a siona asu wouia ie 10 shovel so many horse-balU horse-balU horse-balU into : the Arkansas river. Tbeir 4 very .' endurance of so matrjr wrongs proves their peaceful disposition. I a was not of all our in led is bis no

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette25 Jul 1872, ThuPage 2

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)25 Jul 1872, ThuPage 2
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  • Gov. Hadley and the Pope County Disturbances part 2

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