Gov. Hadley and the Pope County Disturbances part 1

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Gov. Hadley and the Pope County Disturbances part 1 - represent- a -' ter- ben-ants of a to bun-et...
represent- a -' ter- ben-ants of a to bun-et whioh pledge to co-operate co-operate co-operate with the friends of civil government government and retonn throughout tho land in securing their election. Therefore, to the end that a tree people may be disenthralled from the uujost and unlawful burdens and calamities whioh arc imposed upon them, wo cordially invito all the frienda of free government, law, order and Justice to cooperate cooperate with ua id this fearful but deter mined con a ict which a -wronged -wronged and robbed people are waging against -corrupt -corrupt and despotic rulers under Greeley's rallying pry of "honest men for office, aad thieve to tho Tear." '- '- rSBeaMBje; -t. , 60Y. HAOLCY AND THE POPE COUNTY DISTURBANCES. The Republican charges that the Gazette, Gazette, by "willful misrepresentation and covert inuendoes, baa "endeavored to prejudice the people against tbe stale au thorities, and to create the Impression that Gov. Hadley 1 was professing one thing to the people and covertly advising advising another,'? and that '. we bavo done this "willfully and maliciously 1 for the purpose of provoking bloodshed, expect ion thereby to make political capital."; The Gazette i a all it baa published in regard to the Pope county troubles has been actuated by no such motives, and has no auoh purposes as those above ascribed by tbe Republican. On tbe contrary contrary wo lave misrepresented nothing, but related facts and drawn such deduc tions as the premises warranted, but with out malice, as it was our duty to do.' t If Gov. Hadley does not appear well in the showing, it is tbe result of bis own actions and tbe nature of bis connection with bis officers. 'The first two or three publications publications we made were details of the facta as reported to us by reputable citizens ' of the ounty, as good as there 'are In any country, unaccompanied with comments further than to deplore the unfortunate condition of affairs, i We expressed the sentiment that the officers of the .law should be supported in the proper dis charge tf tbeir duties, and should be held to rigid accountability for any abuse of their authority. The shooting to death of two defenseless prisoners by guard of i twenty j odd men, without second's notice, was surely good occasion for intimating that the conduct of the law offioers should be made the subject of legal investigation 1 In no other ' civil ised country on tbe globe would these of ficers , by whose command this brutal act was perpetrated, be permitted to walk freely upon tbe public streets of tbe cap ital city, confer freely with -the -the ex ecu live and return to the scene, of their bloody work, without molestation or ar rest, and then to go at large - backed by an armed mob, as a standing menace to the safety of the lives and property of aa orderly and peace loving community. sio word or criticism was said by us of the conduct of Gov. Hadley, until after tbe issuance of bis proclamation requiring the militia, to disband. The issuance of this proclamation was a vir tual acknowledgment that tbe militia band who said the arrests were called into service with the full knowledge of this governor, without whose order it could not legally have been called out. The dying declaration of young Hale, and tbe affidavits of old mn Hale and Perry West, the survivor, aa to tha, bar barity of the murders, . t and the suspicions r circumstances attending and preceding their perpetration evidences evidences elieited in ' a coroner's examination examination into ' tbe horrible affair-were affair-were affair-were certainly sofScient warrant for ua to bold SheriffDodaoa and his band as guilty of overriding their authority demanding a judicial investigation of their conduct, and fixing tbe responsibility where it belongs, belongs, upon Gov. Hadley, fur calling the militia men into service as Lis agents upon insufficient cause, unless be dis '

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette25 Jul 1872, ThuPage 2

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)25 Jul 1872, ThuPage 2
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  • Gov. Hadley and the Pope County Disturbances part 1

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