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John Conkle on Jury - fteventyfeTs;ht llostiiJflnaianii , Sent to the...
fteventyfeTs;ht llostiiJflnaianii , Sent to the Happy llnnt - f IngGronndfl: 4. 1 ",."T . ""' I' t ' Vw m'T,'!l r"Sk nuuuen ueam oi jux - x'wssnisuB - ter - enerarHorace maynard. pnglUh ;lref s JommeitA oh ft thftffewJleai In JKegard l to IreUndJ Uli - ft JUL Call leaned foiran Independent Hepnbllean' (yonventlon in Pennsylvania. r - r Youthful Would - be Murderer and Snlcfde at St. Paul, . Minnesota. Itevolntlon In ltallroadlng Condition of Ohio and Western Vrop. ' Pamell Congratulated by1 ihe Irish National League of America. Lexington Itaeeo lostofflce liobberynt Oberlln, Ohio. Tbe Inmate ot , a Boarding flouse Polaoned at Plttabnrg. natters) of General Interest irom all Pari of the World. SLAIN BY A SAILOR. Fatal . Fight on tinlpheard In New York Harbor. New York. May 3. A tragic lnoi dent occurred last night On board the British ship ureaila, which arrived in this port from Liverpool to day. Shortly before 12 o'clock last night the Orealla took a pilot on board about twenty miles off Bandy Hook The crew of tbe Orealla was not In a pleasant mood, owing to the amount of necessary extra work whlob they bad ben called upon to do as the shin was nearing this nort. When something like fifteen miles off shore an order was given to several of the crew to go aloft and furl the topgal lant sails. A sailor, named James lleogb, was among these sailors, an oi wpoiu were cqmpiaining nit; terlv that tlipv urtm Yelnir nrr worked. He shouted from the rigging to Michael Murphy, the boatswain, that tbe clew - line bad slipped, and demanded that he should haul it in. Murphy and tbe mate pulled at, thjp clew - line and found ft taut. Mur phy was angry at this and shouted his displeasure at neogn's conduct in trfflng - witlr - hlinr - Keoghresponded with a ' - Ha! bal hat" and this still further aggravated Murphy. The furling of the topgallant sail was soon accomplished and ICeogh descended to the deck. There Murnhv up braided blm for making sport of him berfore tbe crew, and said that he (Keogb) must not attempt to make a "fool" 6f him again. Keogb replied that be bad attempted attempted nothing of tbe kind, and Murphy, insisted that the contrary was true. At lengtn iveogn declared he, was "ready for anything," and a fight followed, during which Keogb. whipped bisjong - bladed knife from bis belt and slashed at the boatawat. stabbing him in toe left hip. Murphy irjeu to uraw nis own Kine but before before he could do so Keogh plunged at blm again, this time cutting blm.'on the cheek and making a frightful gash across the' back of 'the right wrist. Tbe blood spurted over both of the desperate men. The crew bad formed a ring about them, and,VM looking on unmoved by what they saw. Murphy at last grasped bis ownknlfe, and, springing upon Keogb, drove the blade up to the bilt In bieleft breast. Ktojh tottered through the ring rormea by tne crowd. - Tneu - ne ran off and fell to the deck. He was dead within ten minutes. The knife blade bad out through bis left, lung , The flphtwas begun and finished before the captain of tbe vessel" could Teach tbe scene. Murnhy was born in Sa lem, Maseachuietts, and has brothers and sisters living there. Keogh was ana was a na - twenty - two years old, i tlve ofulreland.i T ' '' .i i . DEFIANCE. 'Welssnsanatle Xr4r Trlad Brake - man jqnmaieat " BpMltl Tlf rtm. Defiance, Ohio, May 8. The case of Joseph Weleeumantle, who was Indicted Indicted by tbe grand J ory last January for murder in tbe first degree for the killing' of John, Miller op the 6th of December last, a synopsis of which was telegraphed tbe ' Gazette at tbe time, was called In the common pleas' court,. Judge .0fnpreeldlng,Utlila morning. tTbeclrcumstances, as near as can be learned, tend to show that the murder - was, not DremedltatetL For some time previous to tbe shooting shooting thWhad been 'a bad feeling exists Ing between Welseumantel ana Miller, but not until the night of December bad there been, any outward, signs of trouble'.! On. that evening the - parties stepped into the WAil - rdom, followed by Miller, who bad broken away frond ltichter, who .followed , clous to his; heels. As they entered the room together together ft shot was fired and Miller fell to the floor a corpse, the bullet having passed tbiough his heart.' Weiseumantle says the act was one of self - defense and vthat Miller had. threatened on several occasions to kill him. In his hearing before: Justice of the Peace Hunter he was bound over to court on a charge of manslaughter, but tbe grand jury brought in an indictment indictment for murder In Ihe first de - gree, Tbecaae is the general top'd'of conversation and opinions differ wide - ) ly as to the result and what tbe result should be. Many belleve"it to' be a, deliberate unprovoked murder, While others think ft Justifiable. ' i Tbe day has been entirely devoted to drawing a Jury. Of tbe thlrty' - elx called on the first venire but eleven were retained. The court then1 Issued a special venire for fifteen, and at six o'clock the Jury was completed. O. D. Partee.'Jobn a. Bteever, Robert Klpler, Andrew Bcott, M. B. Porter, John II. Conkle, Henry White, Phillip Phillip Young, Henry Amaden, George Green, George Ury and J. M. Saunders Saunders are the twelve men Who axe chosen to decide the fate of Mr. Weiseumantle. Weiseumantle. IIBAKIMAN INJURED. Abrakeman on the Rilllmore & Ohio railroad, by the name of Jamea O'Oonner, while attempting to get on a moving Irelght train at Stanley. Just east of here, slipped and fell un der tne wneeis or the train. When taken out it was found that his right leg was cut Off Just below the knee, and his left arm ho badly crushed that It will probably have to be taken oft. He was brought here, where bis parents live, and all that medical ' skill can do was resorted to. The doctors entertain serious doubts as to his recovery should a second amputation be necessary. o ..... Lexington Uaoaa. Lexington, Mav 8. The Kentucky association continued their meeting to - day. The attendance was large and the weather warm and cloudy and the track in good condition but dusty. The first race, for all ages, waswon by Brambaietta by a scant length Mary Corbett, second; Pope Leo, third: Burlington, fourth; Frenchy Shy, last. Time, 1:44. The second race, for 2 - year olds, half mile, was won by Punster by two lengths x Vera, secon J ; Ebony, third ; Fostern, fourth; Cardinal MoCloekey, fifth; Vanguard, sixth; Ciepsltta "cantered" In: Time, 6V - The third race, selllugrace, lmlle, Lenare won by four lengths; Lutestring, Lutestring, second; Pathfinder, third; Edison, Edison, fourth; .Nancy List, last. Time, 2:10. The last mile waa run in 1:46. ' . i ii i . AnBrsnt Celebrated. Cincinnati, May 8, The twenty - fifth anniversary of the elevation of Bishop Elder.coadlutor to Archbishop i I the office of bishop, was Celebrated to - day at the Cathedral with Interesting ceremonies. Bishop Elder wore beautiful vestments prepared prepared for Archbishop Pureed and celebrated celebrated high mats, assisted by Father QUInb, Father Dulton, Vicar General OtteJalr and Fathers, Mueller and Welhsey, Among the' presents received received was an Episcopal vestment presented by the clergymen or tne j diocese and valued at $1,000, and lour 1 voumes4fJ3revlartes - Tonlgbtahe - JL hrnthartirwul rf H Xflohnnl rtrruvntnil '.V him a swinging silver pitcher and goblet. A. large number or the clergy were present. YoDthfnl tronld - eo mnrderer and nlelde, St. Paul,MV 8 Alfred Drake, sixteen years old, a pupil in tbe publlo publlo school here, has cberlsbed a boyish boyish attachment for some time for a fellow pupil name Jennie Faulkner. Tbe girl's parents lately Interfered to cbecK the intimacy. The ooy sougut an interview with tbe girl to - day to urge a secret marriage and an elopement. elopement. ...When she refused he,, became frantic "and fired three shots , of ...4 li. wttV, r txr mvaIvav v i onei j i of i, which "'"made 'a flesh 'wound 'wound In her shoulder. The shooting - occurred on tbe sidewalk; and the girl ran into a house. Tne boy ran down tbe street) pursued by bystanders a short distance. He then put tbe revolver revolver ;tuf bis head 'ana. fired, killing himself Instantly. i m i sn I I, Inmates' of a Beardlns !! Pol - Pittsbcko, May 8 - Nine inmate of a boarding house were poisoned to - day. Last evening Nelton Fry, a boarder at., the 'bouse of Mrs. Mary Robinson, purchased tbe polsen and gave it to Julia Watklns, a domestic, with instructions to mix .it in, dough. To - day when tbe Inmates partook of fresh bread all became deathly sick and the physicians say that one or two " may nofN - stu - vlve. The persons poisoned are Addison and George Lennox and Dalney Mappln, boarders ; Ada Wilson, Jane Simpson and Mrs. Reynolds and three children. Julia Watklns has been arrested. She debtee debtee having anything to do with tbe poisoning. Fry has fed. ' .Western crese. Chicago.. May 8. The Tribune save: Our cron dlsoaiohes this morn ing contain renortafrom nolnta In Ne braska, Minnesota, Dakota, Wiscon sin, i.innois,ivaasas ana outer states. Generally soeakinir. the outlook in all Hbese Is very promising In spite of the cold and backward spring, which has retarded farming operations in many localities. . - t f J DlNVBB.'Mav. S. - rThe Jlenubnnan'a speolal from' Santa 'Fe, - May g, lays: Tbe following dispatch was received uere av miumgwt r a column or Mexican Mexican troops to - day. undes the com - II

Clipped from Fort Wayne Daily Gazette04 May 1882, ThuPage 2

Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)04 May 1882, ThuPage 2
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