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SanAntonioExpress-TX-Oct-23-1975 - The October issue of FAMI LY CIRCLE contained...
The October issue of FAMI LY CIRCLE contained ecu fs-offcannons worth 75t Redeem this find out how Liquid Eta wash, even greasy oily Only 35< a copy NOVEMBER ISSUE NOW ON SALE Famliy, CilCtO Top value from the world's largest-selling woman's magazine. ( cimary CûûhBûûh 'Captain and Tennille’ iU JOHN \ BIJNN HOLLYWOOD Their big loves of life are oath other. Iheir music ami ... . . their bulldogs. Kli/abel h 1 uni icnnilu' Ulld lier and Broderick (named lor husband. Darvl Dra- a«-tor Broderick < 'raw ford). cun. br!ti*r known to them tans as "Captain and Tennille," are gentle gentle tree spirits! Bot h l)i a lions a re ve.qc- tariaiis. Bars 1 for he.» 11h reasons, Tom for humanitarian. humanitarian. They 1 1 \* in what the\ describe as a "I my butterMotch castle." tucked eat for nutrition away in Chatsworth. in the San Fernando Valley. Fven their doji's are se- mi-\egotarians. with healthy appetites for fruit as well as for their daily kib­ ble! “They are terribly happy it they gel just love and a banana every day,“ said Toni, a slender, pretty tilonde. The couple talked here in the otfiee ol A&M Records, where they had just been presented with a platinum record of their single. “Love W ill Keep t s Together.” \ w a n I Their delieht in the award was plain, and they laid their prize, ever so carefully carefully . on a nearby table before they talked. "We probably eat like people did a hundred years ago. We like plenty of fresh v< c'tables, fruits and v\ hole crams; we gel protein from eggs and dairy products. We don't eat the heart of ; anything but an artichoke!" j lie quipped They liav e e\ en d lete<i fisti and poultry i from their diet South Toni's switch to vogetar- I iantsin is even more surprising surprising than Daryl's, since she crew u|) on the rich Southern cooking of Alabama. Alabama. “We had it all — fried eliiekeii. pecan pies and biscuits biscuits so hj'ht they could float off the table. It was delicious, delicious, but that food had no real nutrition!" In addition to that way of thinkini». Toni has become so sensitive to \ iolence she can t even bear to kill ants! 1 gave up eating meat from baby anil lals like veal or lamb long ago. but it was a New Knglatid lobster dinner dinner that really brought the whole thing to a head. "1 was used to the impersonal impersonal kind — the lobster tails you have in California. When they brought in the whole lobster w ith the claws, even the head and eyes. 1 couldn't cat a bite, and 1 FINALLY, TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE.” haven't eaten any kind of meat since!” The young couple likes steamed or sauteed vegetables vegetables and huge salads, well sprinkled with protein-rich sunflower and pumpkin seeds. “Our food at home is very simple. One of our mainstays mainstays is a brown rice casserole. casserole. ! make it with both long- and short-grain types, because Daryl likes the short type and I prefer the long-grain variety ! “I flavor the rice with herbs, place cooked broccoli mi the top and use hunks of cheese mi top of that. We love raw-milk eheddar cheese. “That casserole makes a wonderful meal for us. When I have the time, I really enjoy enjoy making whole-gram bread." When they cat out, they like to go to the Golden Temple in Cos Angeles. “We used to go to The Source <a well-known restaurant frequented frequented by health food hulls), but the prices are a little crazy now.” Felet'els At the Golden Temple, they often have felafels, made from pita bread filled with a mixture of mashed chick-peas and cheese, French-fried and topped vv ith lettuce, tomato and dressing. “That's delicious and very filling,” Toni said. At home, they entertain only close friends and family. family. A frequent offering is Toni’s vegetarian spaghetti, something their nonvege­ tarian friends enjoy. "They never miss the meat because 1 use a ton of mushrooms to give the spaghetti a nice, meaty taste." Her pasta favorite is made with a sauteed vegetable sauce, mozzarella cheese, browned mushrooms and soya or vvholc-wheat spaghetti. spaghetti. “I can see what I'll be liav ing for dinner tonight,” Daryl said, laughing. He was famished, since he had eaten only an apple for lunch! Music Daryl and Toni were initially initially attracted by each other’s music. Tony says she can only write from her own experience. The pair shelled out their own money ($250) to record the current hit love song she wrote for Daryl, "The Way 1 W ant to Touch You,” and personally delivered delivered it to disc jockeys. Daryl is the son of composer-conductor composer-conductor Carmen Dragon. He approaches music music somewhat as an artist approaches a painting. I look on music as color. I used to write music thinking of colors, and I'd think everyone would be able to hear the colors, but it didn't work out like that. “You have to put the color-- color-- into the recording. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that!" Daryl is a keyboard freak, who plays the ARP synthesizer. synthesizer. mini mug, Hammond organ, electric organ, ela- v met, harp, guitar and bass keyboard. imprisoned in an old body,” Toni said. The vegetarian delight from Captain and Tennille follows: Captain and Tennille’s \ circtarian Spaghetti 4 tbsps. margarine or butter butter 2 tbsps. olive oil I 1/2 cups chopped onion 1 1/2 cups diced celery I 1/2 cups diced green pepper 1/2 cup diced carrot 1 tbsp. minced garlic 2 1/2 lbs. fresh tomatoes, peeled and mashed 1 bay leaf 2 Dps sea salt 1 tsp. oregano leaves, crushed 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black popper 1 lb. fresh mushrooms 1 good pinch cayenne 4 tbsps. chopped fresh parsley 2 tsps. basil leaves, crumbled crumbled I pkg. (8 oz.) mozzarella cheese, cubed 8 ozs. hot cooked whole­ wheat or soy noodles Melt 2 tbsps. margarine or butter and oil in large saucepan. Add onion, celery, green pepper, carrots and garlic; saute over moderate heat ID minutes. Add tomatoes, bay leaf, salt, oregano and black pepper. pepper. Cover, cook over moderate moderate heat 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, rinse, pat-dry and slice mushrooms. Sprinkle mushrooms generously with cayenne. Saute mushrooms separately separately in remaining butter 5 minutes. Add mushrooms to sauce along with parsley and basil. Simmer 10 minutes longer. Stir in cheese, spoon over cooked hot spaghetti. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. Serv es B. AFTKRTHOUGHTS: Vegetarian Vegetarian spaghetti is wonderful. wonderful. too, made with green noodles mixed with soy noodles! noodles! If desired, serve spaghetti in casserole topped with mushrooms. Mushrooms are best cooked separately and added at the end or just before serving. Si i / m 4920 BSA AND IT’S 10« OFF! 10« off on 1 lb. of Chiffon Soft Stick or 11b. of Chiffon Soft Margarine LIMI I ONE COUCUN eiR PURCHAU m The successful pair have unique ideas about what “success" really means. “Success is being able to do exactly what I've always wanted to do," Daryl says thoughtfully. “It's liav ing access to the best tools of your profession — which we now have — but it \ a lot more too. “Someday. i'd like to have a home for older people, where they could live and be self-sustaining, a place where they could maintain their own businesses and not have to live off the state. “When i was a little boy. it seemed like most people, from 3U to 41), were concerned concerned only about their own careers. It was the older people who had time to talk to me, and who showed me their real feelings.” “What kicked this idea off for me was my grandmother. grandmother. She broke her hip and had to go to live in one of those nursing homes," Toni added. “She was a real pioneer type lady of Texan stock, vigorous and sharp-witted. Now she has become a wasted wasted resource — there’s nothing nothing for her to do! I remember remember so well a TV special on old people, filmed in Fngland by Lord Snowdon a few years ago. “One old man said, so sadly, Being old is difficult because your brain is still young. Your body cannot do what your brain tells it to do.’ Old age must be like being a young personality Introducing ( '.hition’s New Sott Stick Margarine. With a w»ft, creamv texture that makes ( hidork Soti '•ticks easy spreading when used at the table...and quick melting mux>king and baking. Tr\ l hitlon s New Soft Socks. Once you taste Chiilon’x delicious butter-like flavor, you’ll stick w ith ’em. A 12 Is r j Check your local store ! 10^ 4920 bsa

Clipped from San Antonio Express23 Oct 1975, ThuPage 66

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas)23 Oct 1975, ThuPage 66
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