New Clue Reopens Frank Prill Disappearance Mystery

Frank Prill article 18 Dec 1936 Carroll Daily Herald

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New Clue Reopens Frank Prill Disappearance Mystery - An Ideal Gift Is a 8m>- (scription to the Dally...
An Ideal Gift Is a 8m>- (scription to the Dally Herald. CARROLL BAIIY HERALD THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER IN AN INLAND EMPIRE OF EIGHT COUNTIES .Buy your Christmas! gifts i In Carroll and Save. 1 : EIGHT PAGES TODAY CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1936. VOL. LXVin. NUMBER 299. Carroll Boy Is Injured When Struck By Car Eugene Boyer, 9, Suffers Fractured Arm And Collar Bone Struck By Car In Back Of City Club Late Thursday Afternoon Eugene Boyer, 9-year-old son of ^Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boyer, suffered a fractured left arm and fractured collar bone when he was struck by an automobile said by patrolmen to have been driven by R. P. Wilkins, on Fourth street back of the City Club late Thursday afternoon; The arm is fractured above the elbow. He is getting along alright, hospital attendants said, but will be in. the hospital about a week. Another Plane Reported Lost In Western Area Northwest Airlines Reports One Of Its Ships Overdue Shift Search For Plane Missing With Seven Persons Aboard Assessors Get Instructions At ; Meeting Today Will Begin Taking Record After First Of The Year Only Three Changes In List Of Assessors For Next Year Spokane, {IP) —Northwest Airlines said today one of its transport ships carrying mail, pilot and co-pilot out of St. Paul had been missing since 3:19 a. m. Pacific time, 5:19 CST. They were last heard of at Elk River, Idaho, several miles off their course. Salt J.,ake City (IP) —A radical shift was made today in the win,try aerial search for the trans- ;J |Kfrt plane missing since Tuesday '•'Wvith 7 passengers, all believed dead. Policeman Kills Five Persons To Obtain 'Revenge' i Walks From House To House Slaying Former Friends Angry Because Of Accusations He Mistreated Little Girl WRECKAGE OF CAR IN WHICH TWO WERE KILLED —Here is what is left of a 1936 Ford coach in which two Newton men were killed early Wednesday morning when the car crashed into a Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul freight train at a grade crossing seven and one-half miles south of Mjarshalltown on highway 14. L. V. "Link" Thompson, who is believed to have been driving the car, and E. C. Laird, both of Newton, were instantly killed and the car was dragged half a mile along the railroad right-of-way. Workmen spent four hours extricating the wreckage from the carriage of the stock car into which it crashed. Thompson operated a grocery at Newton and had owned food stores in Marshalltown, Grinnell, Brooklyn, Tama and Toledo in recent years. The accident happened about 3 a. ID. —Iowa Daily Press Photo. May Separate British Church From The State Dispute Over Edward Is Causing Furor In Parliament Pittsburgh (IP) —District Attorney Andrew T. Park said today gray-haired Martin Sullivan, veteran patrolman of suburban Du quesne, confessed killing five per sons—three of them women—"for revenge." Park said the 65-year-old officer told him of stalking from house to house through dark yards and streets firing shots from his pitol at one time friends and neighbors. The district attorney said "it was simply a question of revenge" after Sullivan had been charged with mistreating a 12-year-old girl. Fear Continuation Of Controversy May Lead To Separation London (IP) —Separation of the Church of England and the state may have been brought nearer by the Archbishop of Canterbury's criticism of the friends of the former King Edward VIII last Sunday, seme observers said. Should there be controversy over the spread, the church might be severed from the state completely, thus losing government subsidies and position in the government. The ties binding the church and state have been loosened through the centuries and some of the ranking church officials are not opposed to being separated from the state entirely. Entry Blank For Christmas Lighting and Decorating Contest Name Street Address Spanish Vessel Fires Shell Near American Ship However, Officer Reports It Was Not Intentional Attack I intend to enter the annual Christmas decoration contest of the Daily Herald and Carroll Times in the following division and will abide by the decision of the judges, as final in a'l cases. Best Decorated Private Tree -Best Decorated Window. .Most Unique or Unusual Display Fill out the above blank and mail to Christmas Decoration Editor, care Carroll Newspapers. Mysterious Disappearance Glidden Man Recalled By Message To Family Arnold Gruber Returned Here • - On Check Count New instructions to assessors and changes in the laws governing the talcing of the assessment records were' explained to Carroll county assessors by S. A. Green, representative of the state board of assessment and review, at a meeting in' the courthouse Friday afternoon. There will be only three changes, in assessors for next year. The rest will be the same as for 1936. Assessors will begin their work after Jan. 1. In addition to the personal record, the men will assess real estate this time. 29 ASSESSORS There are 29 assessors in Carroll county, 16 for townships and 13 for towns. In addition to obtaining instructions, the assessors received their supplies at the meeting Friday. The list of township assessors follows: John Wegner, Jasper; Chris Sorenson, Sheridan; Charles Neumayer, Kniest; Frank Polking, Wheatland; Ed Gerstner, Arcadia; Peter Juergens, Maple River; H. H. Hesslingh, Grant; J. W. Eaton, Glidden; William A. Slocum,_ Richland; Norbert Liewer, Pleasant Valley; John T. Songer- oth, Roselle; Grover Bartels, Washington; Ed. Friedericksen, Ewoldt; Frank Lutwitze, Eden; oseph Haubrich, Newton; eorge Smouse, Union; TOWNS AND CITIES Town and city assessors are: E. L. Dowling, Lanesboro; Elmer - Schleisman, Lidderdalef Louis Bruning, Breda; Peter Haufle, Arcadia; Henry Gnam, Carroll; Eugene Graves, Glidden; Henry Jordan, Ralston; Ben Plet- hette, Willey; John P. Schmitz Halbur; Charles E. Schmidt, Maning; Frank Domayer, Templeton; William Axman, Dedham; Ralph C. Bowman, Coon Rapids. The three new assessors are Mr. Haubrich in Newton township, Mr. Lutwitze in Eden township and Mr. Liewer in Pleasant Valley township. Wife Receives Telegram Stating Coroner In California May Have Information About Him Charged With Giving Worthless Checks To Oil Company Former Resident Of Coon Rapids Returned From Milwaukee, Wis. Arnold Gruber, former resident of Coon Rapids, was returned to Carroll Friday morning by Sheriff Frank Buchheit to face a bad check charge on which he was indicted recently by the grand jury. Gruber was taken into custody the disappearance of Frank Prill, former wealthy in wiiwaukee by authorities there m.i i iii i i at the request of Sheriff Buch- Ghdden resident, loomed today when word was received by relatives that the body of a man in San Bernardino, Cal., might be that of the long-missing Mr. Prill. Whether or not the body is that of Mr. Prill, the message recalls the strangest and most myster Reopening of the mysterious case surrounding High Officials Meet To Talk Of Peace Terms Chinese General May Be Freed If Government Accepts Plans LOSE RADIATOR CAP Wilberding Is Critically III At St. Anthony Charles Wilberding, who under went a major operation Monday at the St. Anthony nospital, is in a critical condition. He rested fairly well Tuesday but Thursday he suffered a relapse. His brothers, Ben Wilberding, of Lismore, Minn., and Henry and Frank Wilberding of Breda, came Friday morning to be -with him during his illness. Miss Helen Frandsen spent Wednesday afternoon with friends at Dunlap. MISSOURI VAIiliEY EDITOR IN CHARGE OF RHODES PROGRAM George Seiglc, resident publisher of the Missouri Valley Daily Times, will conduct the Rhodes broadcast over WHO at 5:30 o'clock Saturday night. Other Rhodes newspapers sponsoring the weekly news digest, are the Newton Daily News, Perry' Daily Chief and Carroll Daily Herald! The state department announced today that 1 of 2 shells fired by a Spanish cruiser into the government Port of Musel, Spain hit the water 500 yards from the U. S. battleship Erie, which was anchored there at the time. ' The gunboat suffered no damage and the commanding officer reporting the incident said there was nothing to indicate that the Erie was the object of the fire. The state department said the American council would take no action. DAIRY FEEDERS TO MEET WEDNESDAY A dairy feeder's meeting and school of instruction will be held at the city hall in Breda Wednesday afternoon. Floyd Johnson of Ames will conduct the meeting. Soldiers Enroute To Site Of Hideout To Storm The City Hall Nanking \IP) —High officials of the Chinese government were called into session today under the protection of armed guards to hear what was thought to be the terms of Chang Hseuh-Liang, as dictated, to end the civil -war and free Chiang Kai-Shek. The arrival of Gen. Chiang Ting- Wen from Sianfu focused the nationalist government's efforts of peaceful negotiations to release Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, while their crack forces toward Sianfu under terse orders to storm the city of all other means failed. Gen. Chiang Ting-Wen was freed by Marshall Chang Wednesday to carry his demands to the Nanking government. Lose a radiator cap? Then see the chief of police. Chief Clark found himself with two new radiator caps on his hands and no claimants Friday morning. A North Side resident turned the caps in to the chief, explain ing they had been found on his terrace. Iowan Hanged For Murder Of State Trooper Widow Sees Man Executed For Slaying Of Her Husband Mrs. M. H. Barr has concluded a visit of more than two weeks with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Pierce and with Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Pascoe at Rockwell City. She left Tuesday for her home at Wells, j Minn. Vote $25,000 Salary To John D. M. Hamilton Republican Chairman Is Put On Full-Time Salary Basis Chicago (ip) —Members of the executive committee of the republican national committee disclosed today that John Hamilton has been voted a salary of ?25,000 a year to devote full time to party rehabilitation. It is the first time the chair man has been put on a full-time salary basis in the interim between presidential campaigns. Breda 4-H Club ! Meets This Evening Members of the Breda 4-H club will have a meeting at the G, VonGlan home tonight. Gov. Herring Receives Confession From Fort Madison Prison Inmate, Which, If True, Would Clear Another Convict Of Murder For Which He Is Sentenced To Die Signer Of Note Says He Helped Frame Man Who Is To Die Des Moines (IP) —Gov. Herring received today from a Fort Madison prison convict a, confession which, if true, would clear Tony Thompson, St. Louis, Mo., factory worker, of the murder for which he is sentenced to die. The confession was signed Eddie Tallent, who is serving a life sentence for his part in- the torture robbery murder of Martin Wolz, Oakville, la., farmer, for which Thompson- is sentenced to die. heit. Gruber probably will be taken before Judge Hutchison in district court when court reconvenes Monday afternoon. KAN GAS STATION Charges against Gruber resulted from the alleged giving of ious unsolved disappearance case in the history of rSSl^^KS Carroll county. chased gasoline and oil while he * r , 0 » I V ,-, . „ . ., „, operated a filling station. AbOUt 8 O ClOCk the morning Of April 20, 1933, The penalty for the charges Mr. Prill and Edgar DeWeese, also of Glidden, went may be upt0 one year in a coun " for a ride to talk about business matters. ty jail or up to seven years in the It Was re- state penitentiary. ported at that time that DeWeese paid Prill $500 on ^^S^cSSL^ a note and that after they finished their business, taling approximately $175. Prill got ouf of the DeWeese car, entered another ^^V^r^T,^- Car With tWO Other men and drove away. kee, where he was employed when Says She Feels Justice Has Been Done In The Execution Fulton, Mo. (.3P)-—George McKeever, 36, Burlington, la., was hanged here today for the murder of Ben Booth, sergeant of the state highway patrol. Booth and Sheriff Roger Wilson were slain June 14„ 1933, when they stopped McKeever and Francis McNeiley, 25-year-old Allerton, la., farmer to question them about a bank robbery. McNeiley confessed that he killed Wilson and received a life sentence. He testified against McKeever. The trap was sprung at 7:34 a. m., and he was pronounced dead 11 % minutes later. Mrs. Alice Booth of Columbia, widow of the trooper, appeared unshaken as she saw the execution. "I feel justice has been served,' she said. "He just the same as admitted his guilt." He has not been heard of since. No trace ever has been uncovered as to his whereabouts. Authorities investigating the foul play angle were unable to find any body and for moreithan three years the case has remained a deep, unsolved mystery. Then, Wednesday Mrs. Prill received a telegram, sent in care of the First National bank of Glidden, in which Prill was interested financially, stating that she should get in touch with the coroner in San Bernardino, Cal., because he might be able to give her information about her long lost husband. The telegram bore the signature of "D. F. Cook." Authorities investigating the case and members of the Prill family said they had no idea who sent the telegram. They said they knew of no one by that name, although there are many persons by the name of Cook living in the vicinity of Glidden, or who formerly lived there and are familiar with the case. Mrs. Prill immediately sent the coroner at San Bernardino a full description of Mr. Prill and a request for further details pertaining to the clue given in the tele- taken into custody. Gruber is the third of five persons indicted by the grand jury to be taken into custody. LATE WIRE Mr. And Mrs. Dinges Return From Funeral Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Dinges returned Friday from Odebolt where they had attended the funeral services for Mrs. Valentine Henrichs, an aunt of Mr. Dinges. Rites were held Thursday morning. gram. A daughter of Mrs. Prill, Lillian, now is enroute to California with friends for a visit. If it de velops that the coroner can give any information or clues in the mystery, the daughter may be contacted and informed of the message so that she can go to San- Bernardino to aid in the case. Mrs. Prill and another daughter, Mrs. Woody Sapp, live in Glidden. Mr. Frill, retired farmer, was carrying at least $500 in cash in his pockets at the time of his disappearance, according to reports and- information uncovered at that time. DeWeese was believed to be the last man to see him around Glidden. Mr. Prill was 70 years old at the time he disappeared. (Continued on Page 2) Tucson, Ariz. (/P)—Federal grand jurors today investigating the June Robles kidnaping of 1934 reported to Judge Alber M. Sames "we do not feel the facts disclosed by the evidence sufficient to warrant indictment of any person or persons." Five Perish As Fire Sweeps New York Apartment Four Overcome By Smoke On Fourth Floor Of Rooming House One Man Jumps To His Death From Third Story Window New York (IP) —Five persons I were killed at dawn when fire swept through a rooming house on west 73rd street. Four were burned to death in a four story stone building and one man jumped to his death from the third floor window when the fire cut off his escape down the stairs. The man who jumped was August Frank, 43. The four who perished on the top floor when overcome by smoke were Elinor Duffield, 32, j and her eight weeks old son, Henry. I Nancy Green, 25, a sales clerk, ' and her sister, Margaret, a book| keeper. Boston (fl>)—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., son of President Roosevelt underwent a successful operation for correction of a sinus infection at Massachusetts general hospital today. Physicians said the operation was successful and condition was "perfect." |May Build 2 New Ships For American Navy I President To Discuss Proposal With Cabinet Today Washington (iP)—P resident Roosevelt plans to discuss with his cabinet today the question of whether two new battleships will be built for the United States navy next year. He made the disclosure in his first White House press conference in more than a month. There was an unusually large number of reporters crowded about his desk. The naval question was one of the first he discussed . Washington (IP) —Farmers and livestock producers of the country were reported by the department of agriculture to have a gross income of $9,530,000,000 this year from production of crops, livestock and livestock products including government loans. The 1935 gross income was $8,508,000,000. Jack Moehn will arrive this Miss Iiois Hillenieyer, an in- weekend from Omaha, where he structor in the high school at Dav- attends Creighton university, to enport, will arrive this weekend be with his parents, Mr. and Mrs to spend the holidays with her fa- R. M. Moehn, through the hoi! ther, Dr. F. H. Hillemeyer. days. Tallent said "Thompson did not have anything to do with the Wolz murder" and . that he and Paul Hake, former Oakville, la., farmhand, also serving a life sentence for his .part in the slaying, "framed'-' Thompson because Thompson had discharged them for stealing from the factory; in. which they worked at St. Loins. VISITING IN MUSCATINE Mrs. W. J. Barloon, who recently underwent an operation at Excelsior Springs, Mo., is convalescing - at the apartment of her daughter, Miss Patricia Barloon, at 207 East Sixth street, Muscatine. Mrs. Barloon will also spend a short' time with' her son and daughter-in-law; -Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. -Barloon and family, at •Davenport. :•• ; - - Folks Who Heard Minnie, Singing Mouse, Agree They Could Not Tell Her From Bird If She Had Wings! Only Question Is What Kind Of Bird She Reminds Them Of Chicago (IP) — Folks who heard the radio debut of Minnie the singing mouse agreed today that= if Minnie had wings, they could not tell her from a bird. The only question before those who heard her over, the network's microphone was as to what bird you couldn't tell Minnie from. Some said- the chirps and trills resembled the robins' spring song and others likened them to that of the canary. The meadow lark was also mentioned. IOWA— Mostly cloudy, possibly snow in the extreme east portion Saturday. Generally fair, somewhat colder in the northwest portion. _Weather A Year Ago _ It was mostly clear a year ago today. The temperature at 7 a. m. was five below- - and s high- for -the day was 19.

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