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C. HERBERT POFF - News Gains DEATHS and F U N E R ^^etf. *· W....
News Gains DEATHS and F U N E R ^^etf. *· W. Herbert Poff, Prominent Sportsman, Dies Suddenly for the f u s t higher at 70% L u t h e r a n C h u r c h Q u r afternoon F u n e r a l s,ei vices for W H e i b e r l preMdencv p r e f e n i n g instead t Poff 59 w h o died suddenly a i ^ J L serve as c h a u m a n o( tht a n n u a earn-' 0 L i O ck W#dnfead-iv morning Apnl picmc a major e \ e n l in spo, U 19 4 7 vul) be held at St M a r k , circles In P e n n i v h a n u i a , no o c!o. J Prior to the organization of the r B i d J f o i d V, ng.i d i n t at Sh'ppepsburj State ^ .College and Dane R u t h h iie one biother Elmei fc. of \ o r r and the f o l o w i n Mi-, W l l d j d 5dn«iil of S v\ ill a . p e r t , Mrs Chaile* of Altoona Mr* Lester Bowei ijtodnng Springs-md Miss Mar Miller of Vliddleburj i u n t i a l senices Mil be Offit-iatint, 57 ,,, up w l u b e ' t h e Rev J Rav Houser ^^ ^ madg ln M o n t o u r 3 call 125 East Third f r o m 7 until oclock and at St M a r k s Church after 11 a m Saturday Mr Poff a prominent Wiiliams- i_.icrt-Li !«-, ' , , American To- P o l t business leader ana sporv- a div- ahead Consolidated Spoilsmen Mr J J »ff s ate College a' 10 oclock Friddv had served as president of the M , n mg w i t h f u r ' h f sei vices Lv coming C o u n t y Spoilsmen ^ u Idwood Chapel hre f Association lie was a member of t l n u u n the e x e c u t i v e bodid of the Con solldated Spoilsmen Expert Marksman About 20 years ago, Mr and Frederic A Poff Godcharles o' » T V W l d l , i.il!V,l J V , f c » l l i V * - ^ 1 1 wen and spent lost 5% to, month of March in t lorma Milton were instrumental in 01 ganizmg the Susquehanna Val the i e \ Trapshooteis League regu larlv scheduled shoots being con re- .,,,,,!,-,., ,«ih aftei news I operating He was stricken with unfavorable a heart attack portly alter m a list its inter-'night Tuesday and died twc.hours his home, 364 Oramjuan los- du- de- and Fourth 151 H ** ducted Mr Poff won ual title rew arded several times with many and w as beautiful irn mFottsylle and --·- s ^*- Mrs. H. R. Wood M i s H u s r h m a m e w i d o w o f l o i n W p d a t t h h o m e of hei sis'ei Mrs i - t 1- H a i g h t it Eedmes at 10 oclock Tuesday right, April 29 1917 She was uas a mem trophies for his marksmanship in In b v t e i l a n Churxh of that m u n i l v fauivivijHg sre d Q{ olenslde and t n e that and other competition which he entered He served for R?% %y w w ood of 3laten Is . many years as secretary of the y brothers .Thom_as West Branch Rod and Gun Club « Rpid of Sche , ecladj N Y ( local entrant in the league L u g h W ill.ams Mr Poff had been active for H many years in the affairs -of the I Hamilton Texas P "d Rln,-k House Club hav ' com-1 sons Robert M Mrs Hai rv Lewis Windber Funeral services will .be -held ' o m t h e Haight -n B d '42 "4. 34% 40% a 21 V 29% 55 50 H 36% movement, the West Branch Bov Scout Council several years aso presented him the Beaver award Y.M.C.A. Affiliation Joining the Y M C A , at the O f Grace Methodis 1 Church will age of 12, Mr Poff has a record -officiate Bunal will be made of 47 years of continuous mem-| t h c Presbyterian Cemetery at bership there He was elected to'poftsville -the -the Physical Department Com-j Friends may call at the home mittee in 1914 and had served a s | a f t e r 4 oclock this afternoon -rts eha}ra?«»-since 1330 On. MajpiUTM 1926, he was chosen a member off the association s board of direc Mis Sarah E Hayes, w i f e ., ., t The M ^' er - P ast0 .^ l / ^ V i t i * - / * i i W. HERBERT POFF tors and rarely missed a month!) meeting Rotary Club Member Mr Poff was a charter member of -We Wilhamsport Rotaiv Club addition tq^Jjis wife^pMrs and was chosen for the presidency Margaret Poff, a daughter, Mrs of the 1930-31 term Donald L Starr this city, and one I He was a member of _ St son, William H , now attending Mark's Lutheran Church and t h e Babson Institute, Babson Park,j Church -Council being a c t i v e also, ,, F n . f _ p r for vears in the Mens Brother- 1 daughters Mrs C H Fortner, hood" of St "Mark s - i Ulls aLy -* anr! - Itlrs c * Ehen Smith, Arthur S Hayes, of 1137 Isabella Street, died at h-erhome Wednesday Wednesday morning, AprTTJO 1947 She had been ill for a year Mrs Havei was a member the Calvary Meftodwt Church, of the Dames of Malta and the Daughters of America She leaves her husband two Mass ^survive Mr Poff was probably one of the best k i i u n n businessmen and sportsmen in Central Pennsylvania Pennsylvania and the state He became sole owner of the Harder Sp,ortmg Goods Store, 336 Pine Street, In 1919, after starting his emplov- 40"» ment there in 1905 as a clerk He 2 l % i a n d his brother, J Henry Poff, Fraternallv, Mr Poff was a of Havana, Cuba: (wo sons, member of Lodge 106, F AM A and I-red W bith of this city; and affiliated bodies of Williams- a n d f o u r s "t e rs, «rs J F Cal- port Consistory He also held a ^ o r t c l t VIrs E , / ,, ^l" 10 "' life membership in Williamsport Bethlehem Mrs 0 W Stembach- Lodge of Elks, No 173 ~ J " In deference to Mr Harder store ww m 81'TJ 32 12 "ttook over the fnanagement of the y e . a , r . c o s e at noon 5 ' ^ t e r a v an establishment in 1911, the brother wt " "main closed until Alonday ei Tovvanda anl Mrs Poff the ! Baker Rochester V Y "- 61th| .. , . Jane Minnie 115 44% 36 a -t 40% passing away in 1917 The store 1 morning has been at the same location for 47 years Hardei s, Earl H. Miller mecca of men and i Earl H MlHer 50 of state Col Mrs Jane Halstiad, of 559 Broad Street, JsSMer ShtiW, early .Wednesday morning, April 30 1947, at her home She -was native of SchujlMl County, . teams --of indoor and -outdoor-) Iegei fortner employe of the Bell Au S sports, was opened originally in TelsRhone Companv in Williams- S u r v i v i n g are three 1883 by Gecjtge- W HafffeF^* i poft,--%*ed in the Centre Countv Marlett and Clair Halstead, and talented gunsmith who came to I Hospital Tuesday night April 29 1 daughter Mrs Sira Sechnst this city from Tyrone w h e n the 1 1947i f o ii ow , lng a i on g illness , of Jersey Shore, 12 grandchildren lumber industry still was flour He was a past master of Lodge and three great grandchildren 15% 15" 29% 19% 14% 13% 26% 8% 16% 6% 23% 40% 20% 26% "4 51% 7% H 55% 7% 15% 53% 16V 29% 30 19% 15% 13% 26% 8% 16% 6% 24% 41% 20% 20% in fme~ fuearms Mr Haider's superb skill in turning out fine guns was* acclaimed quicklyTM anff *t, 24% 9% 31% 25% 39 52% 7% 23% 55% 24% 7% 18 H 30% 25 37 9H 32% 26 14%* 14"» 37% 34% 19% 30% 55 H 40% 67 33% the new venture became a profitable profitable one instantly The original store was on Pine Street, below Third Successive changes can be traced from that early site to the place now occupied occupied by the Village Tea Room, where the old Y M C A was located, located, on West Fourth Street from there to 335 West Fourth Street, and to its present location - Mr Poff entered the employ o f 1 the company when it was owned| and operatecT~By trie lare~ George F Erdman and W C Everet, also, deceased who had purchased the store from Mr Harder wh«n he was elected register and recorder in 1911 Sports Activities Having started to work at the age of 12 in the J. K Rishel Furniture Furniture Company, -"Herb ' Poff utilized spare time to develop an interest in sports that was to make him a leading and active flgUre_m the sports activities of Williamsport and t h e West member of Williamsport Consis i Charles Link, both of Williams tory, the State College Veterans port | of foreign """ ~ " ""'Post and-- the ^Cne funfflal wi!_be Brooks-Doll American L e g i o n North Main Streit Jersey Post Bellefonte ' at two o clock Friday afternoon Surviving are his wife, Beatrice I the Rev W R Fitzgerald, pasto 37%_j-B r anch- Valley up t« «« l u f f 47% 19% 42% 19 30% 97% 34% 20% 30% ' 55% 40% 67% 33% 59% 48 19% 43 19 30% 98 U this past Sunday, when he assisted assisted Consolidated Sportsmen of Lycaming County with additional clean-up preparations at their Recreation Center, on the Loyalsock Loyalsock . As a young sports enthusiast, he was active himself in many phases of sports as a competitor and organizer He was a prime mover in formation of the Susquehanna Susquehanna Canoe Club when boating boating was an extiemely popular pas- 2 . 44% 8 % 26% 22% 47 t 68% 17% 14 18% 24 11% 44% 61 39% 27% 11% 8 time on the river here and served tu uoiuiiiudore of the club foi 15 vears. He ;upprviseL_many of_In* 26 % I attractive r e g a t t a s conducted 22'" there and was active until about 47 H 15 years ago 70% 17% 14% 18% 24 12 44% 61% 39% 28% 11% 8 The old Trolley League, a baseball baseball organization prospered under his sponsorship in the 1910-1918 era and produced many of the outstanding baseball players who later were to win more acclaim in leagues of higher classification Independent, amateur baseball and later softball, plus the Sunday Sunday School Baseball leagues, all owe their existence in large measure to the vision and personal personal and financial assistance extended extended by Mr Poff Reddy KilowU says: ^ ^ UON'l I-LY HI IfcS NF4R F'PCTRIC WIRES DON'T USE Kilt SiHlNG THAT IS Wti USE RUE SIRING

Clipped from Williamsport Sun-Gazette30 Apr 1947, WedPage 25

Williamsport Sun-Gazette (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)30 Apr 1947, WedPage 25
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