Meeting for Improvements (continued)

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Meeting for Improvements (continued) - OUR BOARD OF TRADE FOR IMPROVEMENTS foiiiinued...
OUR BOARD OF TRADE FOR IMPROVEMENTS foiiiinued from First Page. provements come it will not U nece - ;, sary to go after manufactories, but that, they will come to us. The eye - of the pcoplo of the OmnniMUvea I' li arc on the movement for ii (ircater ll.irrislturg, as already rciiicts me lieing made for information regarding the llarri.sburg pains for a greater city from iill over the State. The press throughout IViinsy Ivanij haw taken up t.hc question and the people of llarrisburg ttau not atVord'to let this opportunity slip through their hands. Major .Tospph ". Smith made a most enthusiastic address calling attention to the fact, that he was a - ineiulver of the lialtimore Council when the public public JmprovonuMit. was started and that he was proud to be her" to take a hand lu this lijrht. He referred to the efforts of Senator Fox tohave a new Capitol here and sai.l that on the success success of that - measure, which is to pive this city a new Capitol worth $I..V)0, - OUO, the people of llarrisburg were pledged to do something in return. He . - aid 1'hose most "interested were the tenants, the working people, who would derive the beuetit - of streets cleaned and paved, parks, better water and healthier districts. The resolution was then adopted unanimously by a rising vote after which Hon. B. l' Meyers was called to preside, FrcsidenJ Eby being obliged obliged to retire. There was a still further desire for discussions on the improvement improvement question and 'the regular business business was se't aside. Mr. Haiiacker said others wanted to be heard and Mr. I'd ward Bailey said: The. improvements improvements were going through, but in order to accomplish this the members of the Board should not stand still. Money must - be spent for improvements improvements to attract investors and help to draw them here. What, would be paid out would be returned 'four.fakl in good results and in ten years taxable taxable property would be almost doubled in value. Hon. Robert Snodgrass, said the tenant was the person who would reap the benefit of these improvements, and the large real estate owners and manufacturers will have to carry the burden, if there be any. Sixty people, who paid the expenses for the experts, experts, represented 'and controlled institutions institutions against - which there were assessments ainoiint - iny to $3,000.0(10. Mr. Elias Z. Wallmver said the Board of Trade should be the body that furthered furthered and fathered the. improvements, improvements, for on their success depended the welfare of the board and of the city. "The members should not wait unil after the election in February to come out for the improvements, but. should do it new," he urged. "Make it a personal campaign of instruction instruction and show that, zeal aud enthusiasm enthusiasm which never fails to bring success. Advertising had its good effects. The Pennsylvania Railroad is spending millions of dollars in improvements. improvements. It is necessary to get ready for the future. This city was ready for better parks, cleaner sewers, .pure water, paved streets and more parks." 'Mr. Jerauld said the Board of Trade had unanimously voted for the im - 'provement.s and it was now the duty of every member to work hard for the suet - ess of the movement. The vital question was, "How is the voter to be converted'.'" By individual work. The Front street argument is to be overcame and to accomplish this every'member should do his level best to get. the question properly before the people. William M. llargest, Esq., .said the politician - should be imitated and that the members of the Board of Trade should talk face to face with the voter. The poll books should be used and a house - to - house canvass made. Mr. .1. S. SLble said he was more than pleased with the movement, for it was started at the right time and meant a great future for the city. Those who contend that th river improvements improvements would give the Front street people an opportunity to have steam yachts should not forget that the river is free to everybody. Mr. Meyers suggested that as Councils Councils had passed the publij works ordinance, ordinance, in order to bring about satisfaction satisfaction on the part of the voters, every citizen should see that good men are appointed on the board. 'Dr. .T. Walter Park said he was as - much impressed with the movement and wanted to know what answer to give those who said the parks would give an opportunity for some speculators speculators to buy up all the land near the city in order that they might speculate. speculate. Mr. Snodarr ass knocked that argument argument into a cocked hat with a statement that the laws gave a city the right to condemn land outside of the limits as well as in the city for park purposes and that no excessive charges could be made for land. Mr. Robert C. Xcal urged more libera libera contributions to the fund, as cash was needed to get the questions prop - erly bofore the people, The fallowing candidates were nom - inated and will be voted for at the annual meeting in February: President, J. P. Jerauld and Dr. George A. Gorgas. Secretary, YV. A. Hiester and H. B. Orr. Treasurer, TV. L. Gorgas. Trustees, five to be voted for, J. C. Harlacker. YV. R. Fleming, S. C. Gil - bert, David Tracy, C. A. Kunkel. YYil - liam Jennings, George Doehne, E. Z. Gross, YV. M. llargest, Esq., and Her - man Tausig. Auditors, three to be Toted for, Roy G. Cox, Arthur D. Bacon and H. C. Ross. It was decided to have a banquet at the annual meeting and the arrangements arrangements were loft to the Commit tee on Entertainment. Two questions from the question box were answered, one regarding aid from the Board of Trade in securing securing lodging accommodations for the German Baptists who will be here in May was followed by a resolution urging the citizens to give the committee committee now securing a list of places every encouragement. A rate of twenty - five cents a night lias been fixed. The other question was regarding the banquet which was decided upon. A poem found in the box was read and created considerable amusement. Mr. Alexander D. Sexton, of Boyd, tickney fc Company, and Mr. Charles II. 11:11. manager of ArmwsmHh's electrical establishment, were pro - nosed for membership, and Mr. Luther ! Williams, aent and superintendent of ! the llarrisburg Gas Company, was ! elected a member, i The death of Mr. Valentine Hum - ' mel, a member of the boarJ. was announced, announced, and Messrs. II. J. Bea - .ly. John F. Kerper and John W. German appo:n:ed a committee to draw up Mutatne resolutions. , . ' I

Clipped from Harrisburg Telegraph15 Jan 1902, WedPage 2

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)15 Jan 1902, WedPage 2
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