Part 1 of Liberty West's statement

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Part 1 of Liberty West's statement - r J. C Wabrex, Mayor of Dover. . STATEMENT OF...
r J. C Wabrex, Mayor of Dover. . STATEMENT OF il WEST , Oa Monday, thel8th day of July, 1872, I was at Scottviiie at work in my black smith shop. :; As I was returning from dinner I saw several men coming from a northerly direction, meeting me: the men were mounted and armed. I met them at the. well, near the store-house store-house store-house formerly occupied by W. C. M'Cune as a dry goods store. Alter the usual salutations salutations E. W. Dodson asked for a drink of water, and I drew a bucketful from the well and gave him some, when I discovered discovered If. J, Hale and his son William T. Hale were with them.. 'They told me that the were prisoners, but did not know what for. The company moved on toward D ver- ver- Mr. John Hickman P before they left. ! A'ter they left lIat Hale (son of is. J. 11 Ale) came HP, sod wnue ne wa (acre iiooa oox came Up and staled that airs. Jt.J. 11 ate was very much distressed and wanted some one logo to Dover and ascertain what was cotng to be done with her husband and son, snd see if they were to be given fair trial. I Said I Would g down for one, and as no other : person present had a horse to ride, I tld them ; that I would, go alone. Mat II tie told me to tell Mr. Djdaon if he would give him a trial at Djver he weald go ia and stand a IriaLbut he did not want to go out of the county for be did. not think he could get a fair trial. and he did not want his father and brother taken off for tbe same reason, aa he had heard that Williams said that they were ordered by tbe governor to shoot them and others down and, toe (tbe governor) would protect them and see that they were not ejuru l men came oowo to Dover snd found Dodson and hie cjtn nan v in the act of starting as they said to Dardanelles ' I saw Ddsoa - and : told of the distress of Mrs. Hale and son, snd asked what he would do with the prison ers, l'jdson told vie mat judge Mtr had ordered bim to arrest these men, and bring them before him for trial. I told him that I thought it would be best te waitiillmoTnirg, and they might ret the matter arranged so as to hate the trial at Dover. 1 tol l him that Mat llile would come ia if arm-ited arm-ited arm-ited of a fair trial. D-td D-td D-td son swore that he would not be bluffed ia that way, and srould Mak the prisoners to - Daidanelle. lie t,.wa k d . off toward County CleUc Hickox , end after a few 'moments conversation whh him. returned, and placing bis hand on me told me that I waa his prisoner, that ha would take me along too, ainoe 1 so d d smart. I told him all right. He ordered me to mount my horse instantly. and wa started in the direc ioa of DArda nelle. Thev had also arrested Mr. Joe Tucker, of Dover, making four prisoners with mvself. we were piacea near to gether in the .5 eMaBat and closely guarded. . Oa the way down I had a con versation with Ujdsoa, ana mm aim s release me. as I had harmed no one, and that if what I said had hurt his feelings 1 was sorry lor tr; mat a was as mucn ia .. .... i T favor of brioxine- brioxine- violators ol tits law to j sauce as he or any other man ; that my wite was unweii and wool a ne very macn troubled -if -if I did not get back that night. He said Uf God. 1 have been played oa on by your sort too much." He told me if be let me go I would tell a lot of men how many men he had and that he would be bushwhacked on the way I told . aim that 1 wouli do no bath a thing; that I 'was a law- law- stbiding eitissn, and in favor of the en freement of sivil taw, and added that did not think the Hales had anything to da with the shooting at Mr. W illtam had a belter opinion of them than that. Dodson then told me that it was not for tSeshootinar of John William, but for tha mnrder of Morris Williams, the heriff. that these men were arrested, and that tbey bad beea working for three jetn to fiad out who tUy were, ml now

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette26 Jul 1872, FriPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)26 Jul 1872, FriPage 1
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  • Part 1 of Liberty West's statement

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