Mrs Mary Milligan obit has daughter who married William Pettyjohn

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Mrs Mary Milligan obit has daughter who married William Pettyjohn - HAPPENINGS AT LINCOLN WOMAN'S CLUB HOLDS...
HAPPENINGS AT LINCOLN WOMAN'S CLUB HOLDS MEETING Witt Mary McDowell, of Chicago, Maks Address Women Organize for the "Dry" Campaign, Llnroln, Jan. 28. (Special.) Miss Mary McDowell, of Chicago, gave a aplendld address this aftornoon before the members of the Woman's Club and other interested' people, using as her subject municipal housekeeping. The assembly hall was tilled, and previous to the address of the afternoon Wayne Calhoun sang thrfo numbers. Miss McDowell iemainedvin the city over night, a guest at the home of Mrs. Caroline Urton. Women Open Dry Campaign, The women of the city this afternoon at 1:30 o'clork opened their dry campaign In the First Baptist church, with Mrs. J. A. Lucas, matron of the Odd Kellows' Orphans' Home, In the chair. K. Scott MiHrlde, state superintendent of the AnU-Haloon League of Illinois, waa on the afternoon program, as was Rev. George W. Morrow, of Detroit. Mich. Dr. W. W. Houser waa elected president of the county league. ' Mrs. Alzina Alvey it Dead. Homer Alvey, the druggist, received word today that hla mother, Mrs. Al-gina Alvey, had died at her home In Portland Ore., at o'clock Tuesday evening, at the advanced age of 76 years. Mrs. Alvey had been ill for a long time, and death was not unexpected. Owing to the fact that It would require live days to make the trip. Mr. Alvey could not make preparations to attend his mother's funeral. Mrs. Alvey was born In Springfield, III., bu spent most of her life at Me-rhanlcsbu-ir. where two of her sons, Robert and Will, now live. One daughter. Nellie, lived with her mother at Tortland. while another. Mrs. Helen Hubbard, lives at Tacoma, Wash. The three sons and two daughters mentioned are her only surviving relative!. Entertains Guesti at Dinner, Mrs. Henry Hoyd, residing on Logan street, entertained four ladies from out of town, who spent Wednesday In the city to ar Miss Mary McDowell, at the Llncol i Woman's t'luh m'etlng. The guests were Mrs. Sutphin and Mrs. J. 11. Dearborn, of Mason City, and Mrs. Ijcev and Mrs. Lawrence fchulte Alien, of Havana. Mrs. Mary Bumcrott' Funeral Friday. The funrral of Mrs. Mnry Hunr rota, who died Monday morning, was held at the rsliehc. B:' North Hherman street. Kriilay tnornlng at 11 o'clock, ltev. Wiilard N. Tohle officiating. The pallbearers were: William Cooper, W. J. Duff. K.vuns. David Mitchell, Jr., Andrew Armstrong und Kd-ward Knnimueler. Interment was In t'nlon cemetery. McGough Funeral Friday, The funeral services for the late Hubert MrO.vuirh will be held Friday, Jan. 10, at II JD In the morning at St. Patrick's church, conducted by llev. J. T. Mulrrew. Circuit Court Notes. Judge Harris ronvebed circuit court si o'clock Ibis morning and with the jury c-ciniM'Mpd, the esse if Hor new vs. gen was resumed. During all of the morning wltne were exmn"'1 In tie case and dur ing a ran of the afternoon. Former Jury Discharged. . The litigation has to do with w shooting nffmy ar,i was tried In the fall term d the circuit court, t ut tbe Jury 'Waa unable to rr on a tcr-dirt, niiikm retrial necessary. Th il.Mkit w,i airiio mmi'il for. wvrd tb div consumed in the trlil. and as a result the case f 7.. T. Tavtor vs. ll.nrv V. Itreat will have the nrst rail on Thursday inorn-hi. riiviclei th prtsrnt trial la fin-ln!td by that tim. Prefcate Court Cat. In the rsUtt-nf Aurut II. 1'ergnn l. d.-cma. d, h-lt-r of a.lrulnletrntit.n gr.,-it.-. M.rv K. Ivtsnn le appointed adminuttratria. bond of Stood. In ip ,,nt of Herman ftols. cVt c.i ..1 V.mat.i ih St. .it appointed ad-miM"tair'.. bond l.1. Elood Flt at Miner' Meeting". t'liu'r wet ium ard blood flow- rd t tbf n.wtir.t; f the minors T , raat bi-al No. ::. Turd vy niht. fol-lowing an argument that reached fvrr heat. Tlire member werw arretted Immediately after the meeting t rt.k up in a riot. All gav t.onds for ppr.ctam Irfote Magistrate luawn-than Walter l.uta. August lngo and William tlai-rial wer rrtd and were taken to the pollr atallon where a short time laier bond furnished them. H-ver combatant br marks of the fray. Club Cleet. The director if th IJnroln Com-ttii-rtlal t'lup locv el'ctej nffxer t-T the organisation, during the cmilns ir. Iho rvtr Is; rrr'.-t,t- l.vnn It Parker. lr.pitldi tit- Nat l.n(laur. fn'Mlll -llrSB Mill. 1 rcaur-r Jatne K. Hut-Ill. she was married to Thomas C. MilU-gan at Bellefontaine, Ohio. She and her husband removed to Illinois, locating on a farm four miles east of Vv'eldon. Hero the family resided until 1901, when they removed to Clinton which has since been their home. Mrs. MUlisan was the mother of eight children, seven of'whom, ' with the husband, survive. One cliild died in Infancy. The children surviving are: Mrs. Daniel Boone, of this city; Mrs. William Pettyjohn, of Kenney; William, of near Weldon; Fred, of Fair-bury; Edward at home, Drew and Curtis, of Los Angeles, Cal. Ten grahdchlldren nnd three great grandchildren also survive. Mrs. Millieun had always been a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church taking an active interest In the various departments. The funeral services will be held from the late home on Friday, January 80, at 2 o'clock. Friends of the family are Invited to call between the hours of S to IV p. m. on 'Thursday for the purpose of viewing the remains. Interment will he in Woodlawn cemetery, x Will Attack Attachment. Attorneys for Carl Person will nt.iiear before the. circuit court on Friiluv for tne purp'-se nf attacking the attachment proceedings recently instituted against certain property alleged to be long to Person In aid of the anlt of Charles W. McKlnney. administrator of the estate of Uhw late Antone Miihaet for d.images caused) by the dVtuh of Mussrr at the hnnds of Person. It is said tlint the. attachment bond ta insuf ficlent and that the allegations upon which the attachment is pieriioateti can tr-H t siiBtalnod. Nnf.Joe has bt r. givn the nttoriVyn for the ad.nlniatra tor to be present in opposition to the attnehment motion. Kr.kineer Shell nnd Flrr rnrn C of sister Miss ner, the Athens, Ell-bogen, ler, of York best Norman P.asch arrive The Conqueror Allison and has on 24, ceremony G. church, The have No Up parties r.. .inner, or mis Cliv, nnve Idcntirin -,, the bandits ho held up th Dmtnond 1(?ht ihU . .:M x7;. '"i : 'i "opes the stat of Missouri. The suspected I men are now In New Orleans nnd are Phil Tnbor, escat ed prisoner from tine Alalmma penitentiary, and Wililim J. th kill Growe, forrtier raMrond com'uctoxl "on running out of New means. The their identifl stlon of The two men wss I It tatilished in Springfield when Ditrc tlo T. J. Henley, of the Illinois Central rr.llroad, hrnuht plctifes of th two men nnd shewed them to the officers in that city. I ry prove lleve Tabor and Growe were attested near on New orle.ins a short lime alio for iiold- lng up ond robbing r Illinois tviitrtil passenger train nt P:itesvillc, Alt., cn the night of July t A short time i,f-.rr , ! . i fouii.ri. l-u.iric tram war ,,mt held near New orl.xiiis 81.d MOoJ h was tilten. It is said that Hie m-thoiK i,r,-.i n. ,.n of ih. i,..i... hl" " i , . , ,,, , Fnuinwr Khlt n.l .,,... m,ii-; wer omi.elled tn ran the ir,.ln f.,. w.inl d.-tarhed from the n-msenifr coaches, so thst tlv robbers nulit l-ur-1 'dies am- 'heir work unimpeded. I at FiVnc-f Kh. II :ini ' Fireman Mil'.er many wont to New iirlean filler .iskrd again C"ro-thut Crowe In- rvi.sked. na h- hal si- per com-avi raid thil he rool l d.utlfy th' posed mr.n even th he w.-te marked If he hold rnuH t ut 'e the tnun'a eyia. Milbr la the man ho ea'er.'d the car and I der.tnnted the -fe. r,ioe m auij to' tomor-te t'.e man h" ai.arda d the front in' row i.f the etr M1 Tsbcr wi rkej sn th'.lhe s;if.' and snt inv with a 'ery snmll is amount cf the morey. Tibor and tieul flt-OMr will be ploi-ed on eal In tel.- his ruerr. TnT the laws of Mirlv.irpt are it e.m'''etlon will -arrv a sentence i'f,t r.' 1i the p-cltint'siy. Tlir.e os )he Meggtn-snd nne imn hc saw the rien In ,,. tY wood hie ld?titieil the pr'sM.-j er.. T"!" Mentine at fie rruiirr 1 . moretlsn met ant'rlpJittnn. -The (ori rnw room IU he open the reuij..n.' r , ( f te wifk every mrnirg nrj f j te-r-K.n f-m s ' Tne room w",i.,r. ti-n rl,ed till T urlorU and th. n ,lJlt vill n-mi'n ..n till o.le. K. ,, Jnd.-e W. f V.l Mttumwa..; to-t -. rrrm.M-.l the errnrng. I Jude nje.m Muoh Pettsr. . I up T nm friond rf Judi-a liighsi:t -w;! deffly t.tna)- to learn r at ba nhv.l l:,m tnd ly h..ld not coroi. eraM hop. fr t IVrorn rttor.l . v.t. . v - i. f.. ' ." v.i . , r .., ih la art more hof tan St Snv rf. vlo'is im.ii ..It. P. ta F'er.d C t Fer.d K,.Mrd snrl ret' rn I t fcti.f i rr ti 'i TmiK.v here ? '' and bft fer Ht . I. i"r-luirc, an etli ml. d s'iy M". . ' n r rm I I m ii i d 1 1 m . f fl: n, '1 f r C. SrfOtn- t DAY'S EVENTS IN PEORIA FARMERS' SHORT COURSE OPENS NEWS NOTES OF CLINTON Mor Than 100 ttej Opng tea if 0te f Tav Wedding Annuncd. " U suet i.f tn will and I. t:.e t i.f Proru. Jan. :. - (Ppe. u -There wet more than a hundred furm.r a hand tbl morntti f -r tha opening of the flrat short course eier put n I'mila rmin'y. t'ouMy Ant Hn-y TruiH waa a bo and a happy man. l-r A T I'e'era. until recnrl r n- lierlxl Wi'h the slato il-l cf!mr.0 WOMEN ARC ENTHUSIASTIC. Mr Than 1.0CO S b" Lal Ontn Pifn Mr. M.llin I Dd Jus's Ingham Better. aarii .Itut a miti'tntun anil n iai,t!y itipoat I y ft l Ctara vf l a. orui, aa pe il ad laor In th esien. H to raiain trM i li bring Mrrd uon ly ti l'riin en hi farm, spoae .n 'Mm Hi trn ,Uay. o- W.-.Iru a.l'amH tie farmer I the iliy n. tuvfatwr? Wll'1 Kn ; cacu-l.r.o.trt grcvtinr fr..m tha Irorla A a- I pi-d lotion of inmerre W.)itun lv. j lev ac- ka an 'H arM.lil II.m Ha. a. o Ina" anj Ihia .t traa waa folio act by grberal illa.uaal.-n Vng Man In Msjawlt. " Th thins It. a 1 lr.(.hl ..ul th moat r.inimrril wa th fa. t ttiat no 'at of tboa atlei'lil ll al )our. lively Int.reat In all th work. 1 ho cf ul and afilh-1a cf t'eatm.nt rmi and in'era.tli. Tha ulna p'a I followed In thla Im that ua4 at th national In l ie. i.n I.a fall. Ttla afine.wo tt, wa oelf cn I.. I f. That was . I of i W .1. I lint. .iv. Jjn. t tcll -Th Ouanl t iliiali!p leau which I in anlaato 11 of WvUitn vt thi (Ky 1 Ih lufthrtii of ail 4u"t'oo fur Ih laiiefit cf Clinton vtbich n 1 r.irneta Th mi ar taaln t on I i sri'd by tbe iecicat ol lb t.t, not lb. ftrftioun at b ..i.. t. ..f Mis. Ur !. A ul avritv.iv, wfa i-iaewitl na paperalrcl "t ' f'"'. I.pteaai.t-Ii a I've pre. 11.. 1 of It"" luwn.i. p In.trui ioo th in In how to vote n4 In what maul., r I In. ik Ilia l:i"la. 'lb vkalcm.n I ... t.i.uut ir.-iii't twr..a tolai k( .ol Iwnna ' ii to fttltlon It at lb a leii.l .i, I. Ull-l.- o I.icil.4) I cia 1 at ilatioo wti .i.l tue cal..i.a ! !' ,r.lo.1a, .ia latl.e II. ft. !f Ih II'1 f''o.t. lla. t K l..wle. cf lb aeennd. Via I,, vat 1,. T M.l.rf cf tl. third. ir t K.ta. u. H f". 'h nd M' IM.iwi I (ti. cf t'e l.fS ni. I J,f. tt. .ihe,n. Kb i. ...-'.t in iitii I 1 her lane I.. . lh, 1 1, c ..aiiMtt. and . loan a il '.'ii ' Vu. M.non Oaad. !a Mtir A Villain c1'd at t.r I.e.. laat . I t l 01 lu k . lu il.l It In? . Ih huahaioJ M, I c) lrth Ut taioin- t 1 on .r th l.wr' nice VV ' 1 .01 a... I Vl.t, I. l ' ' l icet ..! I.rmtrg- Th I t-.c , aa Lt th. boat,. nie. I n tl i,iH era th it., (liter M 1 '"' 2 -lirf m.n anttwa ... - -t -r Of th Icait of dirceior. SI which a ltiitit- i.f . Important rhan In Ih it at..itic-nt of ih county tura w el da. uar4 ' yy.ll Me,ld fw. I. Calnrtai -ptt,,r. c n..w In It. rtikhlog foe th waltln nf ia lt.l, kt h. .l.iiH.l erf Xte ai .1 Mi M 1 I'aerh. Ittanville, lllinn a. and lea Volt'wf, oil ami of Mr t alia Hltlltm II VV u.r 1 1 a n air-rl. which Will I. a plat t a net, Tu.lar Mi tetou.ry a 1 n tha rtl d .tn of th Itiaw M . I wen b't'l. li''r t r'i,,f j l 1tt. inter, of tr. lane 1 1 I In oth V airti will ..f. iii'i v ri it f et t t aid I'". t. I ' I m at ot 1 tiincohtia. Ju.v S. HU. Odoicn t. lit. 1 1 11 V la Il ia, k l.a : . b r n 4 I ti. I

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  • Mrs Mary Milligan obit has daughter who married William Pettyjohn

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