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Frank Prill article in Carroll Daily Herald 21 Dec 1936 front page - An Ideal Gift Is a Subscription Subscription to...
An Ideal Gift Is a Subscription Subscription to the Daily •crald. Buy your Christmas gifts in Carroll and Save. THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER IN AN INLAND EMPIRE OF EIGHT COUNTIES EIGHT PAGES TODAY CARROLL, IOWA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1936. VOL. LXVHL NUMBER 301. Likely To Resume Probe In Frank Prill Case Akers Is Named I Chief Of State Criminal Unit jSucceeds Glen Schmidt As Head Of Investigation Investigation Bureau Mitchell Says He Plans To Build Bureau On G Men Lines Fred Davis Won Job As Cameraman To Quins Because Of His Willingness To Help Dr. Dafoe By George Mills - v Fort Dodge (Iowa Daily Press Eureau)—Attorney General-elect John H. Mitchell today announced the appointment of W. W. Akers of Marshalltown as chief of the Iowa bureau of investigation under the new administration. Simultaneously Mitchell released a statement in which he said, he planned to build the state bureau along "G" men lines. The attorney general-elect also said Akers will have "almost complete right to choose the men of his department." The statement cited a desire "to make the department proof against the whims of politics if possible' and expressed a hope that the legislature legislature will provide some form of civil service for the bureau. WAS POLICE CHIEF Aker.r, former chief of police at Marshalltown, has headed the investigation investigation unit of the Iowa Liquor Control Commission since the commission commission began to function in May, 1934. He was police chief at Marshalltown Marshalltown for five years before taking the liquor commission job. He will succeed Glen Schmidt, chief of the bureau since the death of Park A. Findley in the spring of 1935. Mitchell said he would have no objection to retaining Schmidt should Akers decide to keep the present chief as an agent. There are seven state agents in the department department under Schmidt, in addition to two more assigned to the governor's governor's office. Appointment of Akers is the first by which Mitchell is expected •Sixer replace all, or nearly all, the members of me staff of retiring Attorney General E. L. O'Connor. The magic of picture-making is investigated by the Dionne quintuplets quintuplets while Photographer. Davis tries to get them posed for an outdoor portrait. As Davis picks up Marie to place her for the picture, Cecile bends down for a hasty look into the camera. Annette, at right, is interested too. Yvonne, at left, and Emilie arc standing by, awaiting developments. BY WILLIS THORNTON | with him, stowed in his car, some j Davis ripped the rumble seat NEA Service Staff Correspondent ( $175 worth of desperately needed out of his car, packed the incu- Ont-—C h r i s t m a s medical supplies. He had rushed bators, and immediately started Callander, comes a third time for the quin tuplets, and one of .the most hon- China Demands Quick Military Action In Coup ^ ,. j William Dafoe, noted baby special- ored guests at their' festal'.bbard j ist, and gotten a'list of what mjght is bound to be Fred Davis, needed. Then, without further whose unexcelled camera has por- j instructions, he had'-'dashed out, trayed the children for an eager j filled the bill, and packed trie sup- world, plies for the trip. They were a Many people wonder just why j vital help in Dr. Dafoe's fight Davis has had this exclusive priv-j By the fourth day, the news- ilege,—what justice there was in i paper crowd at Callander was ov- giving exclusively this cream of, erflowing every rentable room. In all camera assignments to just one, all the confusion, the desperate * * * House Rejects 6 Appointments By Gov. Herring Holds Acceptance Might Invalidate Laws Session Session Enacted Believe Action Taken Without Seating Appointees Appointees Is Valid Body Found On West Coast Is k NotGliddenMan Authorities Considering New Investigation Into Disappearance Murder Angle Still Is Being Being Given Attention Of Officials County and state authorities j Monday were considering launching launching a new inyestigation into the mysterious disappearance. of Frank Prill, former wealthy Glidden Glidden resident, after a heart attack victim in San Bernardino, Calif., failed to be the missing retired, farmer; v ' '^S • Spurred by the corona's report that the body held, in afSan • BerJ nardino morgue did notjtallywifch a description of Frank Prill, aX- Des Moines (jp) —The house credential committee rejected this afternoon appointments by Gov. Clyde L. Herring, of six representatives representatives to fill house vacancies vacancies for the special session of the though the last name oGthe dead legislature. j man was Prill, officials^dug back The report said there might bej into the files of the three and one- \11 ready' Now stand still and smile--a big smile! The quintuplets are having their pictures taken in their new winter suits. Annette, $n the left, can't get her eyes off that newly cut Christmas tree on the toboggan. Next to her, Yvonne is having trouble with her helmet, which, has slipped down over one eye Next in line are Marie and Emilie, and they are perfect subjects, wearing their best smiles Cecile, at far right, is all attention, just like a little soldier. Davis watches the lineup, ready to catch the quins at their best to Dr. Dafoe's Toronto brother, again for North Bay. man. The answer, to anyone who knows well the Dionne story, is that anything less would be rank rivalry for pictures, Dr. Dafoe noted that one fellow seemed always always ready to help, even at the expense of his immediate chances At 10 o'clock at night he arrived arrived at Dr. Dafoe's house, his car three-parts a wreck. The next morning the incubators were delivered delivered at the Dionne house. They were a big factor in saving the babies' lives. "THE BABIES FIRST" On the 10th day, Davis figured out a new one. To avoid any disturbance of the babies and those inside the Dionne home, he made a splendid picture of the babies through the window of the I It* was Davis who made a check pictures, often for important peo- at 6 every morning, without wak-lple, when the pose asked, or the ening the Dionne household, by circumstances, might be injurious: driving past the house. If all was | Davis insisted on; and helped de- well, a nurse waved from the win- vise, the soft-filtered lights that dowy have always been used-^ to- avoid , Returning, Davis passed by Dr. possible eye-strain to the children "Dafoe's house. It was arranged from flashlights, that, should anything not be in HERO IN WORLD WAR good order, he would stop and awaken Dr. Dafoe. There were no telephones then. The arrangement helped Dr. Dafoe to get a little badly needed sleep before his own daily routine visits began. It was Davis who came slithering slithering into Dr. Dafoe's yard, and drove him back in record time to some question as to the legality of laws passed by the session if the house accepted the appointments. The senate, this morning, accepted accepted the senate vacancies without without any question. The house adopted the report by a vote of 90 to 6, thus limiting the membership of the house to 102. Rep. Gustave Alesch said the committee decided that any action taken without seating the governor's governor's appointees would be legal. "There was a big question, however," he said, "whether we might invalidate any legislation we passed by seating these appointees." appointees." House Squabble Delays Qpening Of "Legislature Except for brief intervals, such as when he was detached to fly hurriedly to cover Nova Scotia's dramatic mine entombment of last year, Davis has devoted all his waking hours to picturing the quintuplets and to their welfare. To see his gentle, patient man ner, you would not suspect that he fought all through the hell of A squabble in the house of representatives this morning morning delayed the first day's activities activities of the special session of the Iowa legislature, convened convened to enact social security legislation. Detail stories of the squabble, squabble, together with Gov. Herring's Herring's statement at the opening opening of the legislature, will be half-year-old case to refresh their memories. * "Murder," they said, "cold blooded murder." If only we could find the body." LONG INVESTIGATION At the time Mr. Prill disappeared disappeared in April, 1933, authorities suspected suspected several persons of murder in connection with the strange case, but months of careful search failed to produce a body. Evidence pointed conclusively to murder and today the murder angle is again in the spotlight as authorities plan strategy for a new attack in an effort to trap the men responsible for the disappearance disappearance of the man who carried carried at least ?500 in cash on his person and was reputedly worth ?200,000. NEW HOPES Authorities were confident they would solve the case eventually. New developments in the science of apprehending criminals long after after their crimes are committee encouraged encouraged officers to launch the new search. They have a definite plan of attack—rechecking attack—rechecking with modern scientific equipment and facilities the evidence presented originally -but are retaining to themselves the exact procedure which will be followed. 35 i i • • ill

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Carroll Daily Herald (Carroll, Iowa)21 Dec 1936, MonPage 1
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  • Frank Prill article in Carroll Daily Herald 21 Dec 1936 front page

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