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WILKES-BARRE WILKES-BARRE WILKES-BARRE RECORD, RUDDY PICTURES SCENE V At GALLAGHER'S HOME 1 . 1 ; ' Cemetery Worker Finds Lehman Staggering; Goes to Pick Up Gallagher and Finds Him Dead Michael J. ' Gallagher, Hanover Township School director and caretaker of St Mary's Cemetery the last 30 years, was blown to pieces by the infernal machine shortly after he returned home after a business business trip to the city and a visit with his son, Dr. Charles M. Gallagher Gallagher of Hazle Street, Hanover Township. Clinton Lehman, 38, Mr. Gallagher's Gallagher's son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law and a teacher in Hanoyer Township Memorial Senior Senior High School, who helped Mr. Gallagher open the bomb, was severely injured by the explosion and serious impairment of both eyes was regarded as probable by physicians. v Mr. Gallagher was' killed and his son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law was Injured in the second second of. yesterday's explosions of bombs sent . through the mails. About two hours earlier Thomas Maloney, who was president of defunct defunct United Anthracite Miners , of Pennsylvania, his son and daughter were severely Injured in the explosion explosion of another bomb. ;' Mr. Gallagher, with Clark Eckhart Eckhart of 1437 South Main Street, Hanover Township, an employe of St Mary's .Cemetery, came to the central nart of the city on business yesterday morning and on the way back stopped at home of Dr. Gal lagher m tne JNewiown secuon. 'They reached the rear of the Gallagher Gallagher home on Middle Road, Hanover Hanover Township, postal address Box 347, .R. D. 1, about 12:15. vEckhart Aid Gallaeher told him to so home and get something to eat before re-, re-, re-, turning for the afternoon work and that Gallagher entered the base ment kitchen of the home. Lehman. Eckhart said, was In the kitchen of t the Gallagher residence while Lehman's children, Charles and Donald, were playing about the premises. .- .- Shortly after Gallagher joined Lehman In the kitchen, Lehman's on Charles, 7, -entered -entered and gave to his father a package which he found In the mail box along the' road in front of the Gallagher home, William Ruddy of 16 East Liberty Street, Hanover Township, another Cemetery worker, reported. Ruddy, who was eating his lunch In a shanty about 60 yards from the rear of the Gallagher home, said the explosion occurred several minutes after Gallagher left Eckhart Eckhart and entered the basement kitchen. Finds Lehman Staggering . When he heard the noise, Ruddy said, he ran to the rear of the home and said he found Dftiman staggering around In the boiler room across a small hall from the kitchen, where toe had been blown by the force of the explosion. He said Lehman's head, face and chest were bleeding and that the victim was crying as to the whereabouts whereabouts of his children, Charles and Donald. Ruddy said he helped Lehman to the outside; that Lehman Lehman wanted him to wipe the blood from his face and eyes and that he ' mfiifted to An on because- because- of the possibility of causing further injury. injury. Mercy hospital attaches said last might "It will' be 48 hours' before ( physicians will be able to deter- deter- - mine the extent of eye Injuries suffered suffered by Lehman and whether or not his eight will be impaired. When he entered the kitchen, . Ruddy said, he saw Mr. Gallagher, badly mutilated, lying In a corner. Thinking he was only injured Ruddy said he attempted to pick , him up, but found that be was , dead. - Running to the gasoline station of Bert Lewis at Middle Road and 6t. Mary's Cross Road, Ruddy ob-talned ob-talned ob-talned an automobile, returned and ' took Lehman to Mercy HosDital. In the meantime, Clark Eckhart ana another cemetery employe, Thomas McDade, arrived at the Gallagher home and learned Mr. Gallagher was dead. Dr. Charles Gallagher, the son, heard of the explosion at hi fa- fa- , tiler's home and on his way to Middle Middle Road met a hicrhwav natrol- natrol- TYl ATI n St. "Mnrv'a frci T?at anjj d-Tbey;.tloU8dHe d-Tbey;.tloU8dHe d-Tbey;.tloU8dHe Connolly of Hanover TownshlDwa Greet. the first to arrive and he was sub- sub- seauently joined by State troopers and county . detectives, i ney sent the Lehman children to the home of another son-in-law, son-in-law, son-in-law, son-in-law, son-in-law, Martin Bris- Bris- ltn of South Main Street Lee Park. Lehman's Boy Finds Package Ruddy said that on the way to Mercy Hospital Lehman told him that Charles Lehman. 7, had taken the ' package from' the roadside mailbox where mail is deposited because Mr. (ialiagher. lives on a rural, route; . !..,.-. !..,.-. !..,.-. The son gave the package to this father, but' When Lehman saw it was addressed to Mr. Gallagher he handed it to the caretaker of the cemetery, Ruddy reported. : When Lehman saw his father-in-law father-in-law father-in-law father-in-law father-in-law . was encountering . trouble in ' opening the package he went over to a table to help him, according to Kuddy, ed mall at several addresses, such as co St. Mary's Cemetery, R.I D. and Hanover Township, tie added that he remembered that when he picked up the package from the truck he knew from the name it was intended for the caretaker caretaker of the cemetery and that he placed .it in the box alongside, tne road. The explosion -shattered -shattered all win dows of the Gallagher basement and smashed practically everything everything in the room. The stove was broken Into plecees and chair, ta bles and other articles were reduced to firewood. Mrs. Gallagher, wife of the ceme tery caretaker, Mrs. Lehman, wife of Clinton Lehman, and Mary GaJlaeher. daughter of Michael J. Gallagher, were not at home when the explosion occurred, xney naa left during the morning to attend Good Friday cnurcn services.-. services.-. services.-. Florence Munson of Sugar Notch, employed at the Gallagher $ome, was on ths third floor when the bomb exploded. She collapsed, It was reported, when sne discovered the body of Mr. Gallagher and when she attempted to call help found the telephone had been blown from the wall. While Mr, Ruddy went to the gasoline station some distance away she went to the State Highway in front of the house to summon neip. . Friends of Mr, Gallagher said they knew 'of no enemies i. who might have been responsible for the sending of the death package He had taken an active part In Hanover Township politics for many years and on two occasions Sheriff Hunts For Explb sives Courthouse Is Thoroughly Combed After News of f v MaiUBombinga ! Although, all courthouse offices were closed because of Good Fri day, Sheriff William R. Thomas hurried there shortly after noon on learning that bombs had been sent to Judge Benjamin R. Jones and former Sheriff Kniffen. With watchmen and several deputies, the high peace officer of the county h was a candidate for commissioner commissioner from the Seventh Ward. Last fall he was elected a school director bv ft larze majority. Mr. Gallagher was a member of St. Aloysius's Church and of various societies. In addition to bis wife he leaves the following children: Dr. Charles Gallagher, James. Mrs. Clinton Lehman, Mrs. Martin Brislin and Mary Gallagher. He also Is survived by a brother, ReV. Charles Gallagher, two sisters, Mrs. Thomas McHugh of East End and Mrs.Noyve of Luzerne. . As the lid of the clsrar box. open ed the bomb exploded. Authorities think Mr. Gallagher was holding it at about a level with nis waist since the explosion tpre most of the upper pan or nis oodv away, ine Lehman children had gone from the kitchen to the outside before the bomb exploded, Ruddy said. ; Package Delivered at 11:45 a. m. The deadly package was deposited deposited in the Gallagher mailbox, yesterday yesterday morning at 11:46, it was announced announced by Roy Kichner, 38, of 390 Chestnut Street, Kingston, carrier carrier on R. D. 1. 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Clipped from The Wilkes-Barre Record11 Apr 1936, SatPage 4

The Wilkes-Barre Record (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)11 Apr 1936, SatPage 4
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