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 - Page 2—B—Waco, Texas Sunday, March 17, 1957 ON...
Page 2—B—Waco, Texas Sunday, March 17, 1957 ON SECOND THOUGHT By DAVE CAMPBELL Triliunr-HertM Sport* Editor Doc Hayes, a man who had just been hit by a seven-foot steamroller, had pulled his tortured nerves together and now he was holding court for the newsmen amid the gloom of the Southern Methodist dressing room. This was a funeral service, prompted by the need to bury the Mustangs' fractured dreams of a national basketball title. Doc’s strained phrases were not stilted, although no one present would have complained if they had been. It would have been appropriate. because he had just been nosed out by the most fabulous stilt of them all. -.— The course of his analysis took Doc into the matter of his prepa- you'll ever see. Try to carry on ration for the Kansas showdown. a conversation with the sopho- “Well, Bob (Prewitt) saw them ... play and w, tried to lay our plana m0" AU *".« 1 ™- »hdf aland,n, accordingly, but we didn’t have at normal conversation distance a seven-foot giant to practice from him. and you wind up with against. It makes a di"erence.” a crick in your neck. That is no ; exaggeration. Doc was not in a strange bott. He simply is too tall for 95 per Few coaches anywhere have cent of his challengers and he is seven-foot wonder boys to prac- too talented for the 5 per cent tice against. Jayhawker Dick who can come close to matching Ha p is the exception. He can him in altitude. In short, he is a plan practices right through the gieat athlete with a great ath- next two seasons, confident the lete’s coordination, and he is play- towering figure of Wilt Chamber- ing a game in which his eye- lun will be around to comfort popping height gives him every his every pain. What basketball advantage. And he takes every coach could ask for anything one. more? Chamberlain has a number of Chamberlain has to be seen to shots in his arsenal but he really be believed. He is a colossus. He needs only one—the maneuver has reduced basketball to two which sees him grasp the ball games—one for himself and one in one enormous paw and cram for everyone else. His game is it through the basket. For him. ridiculously simple, and everyone it is not a difficult feet since his rise's—when he is around—is infi- chin is about on the same jevel nitely difficult. with the basket rim. Or so it He is the tallest seven-footer seems. But how do you stop him? Claim Russell Better on Defense The Mustangs, who have played shots, and it is a wonder his Jay- both, refused to put Chamberlain hawks ever lose. The reason they on a par with double All-America sometimes do (twice this year» is Bill Russell bom a defensive because his sup'Wting cast is standpoint, but even so he is tre- very ordinary. Except for Wilt, jncndously effective. SMU had by far the supe, ior! Part of it. undoubtedly, is psy- tpam *■*. Ktmas’ edge ¿»logical. The mere fact Uu.t he WM r»*or-thin, If they played was there seemed to worry SML’s *?a*n- Chamberlain probably j f»ne “big man,” Jim Krebs, no wou:d 811 individual honors little. But it wasn’t psychology aSain but the Mustangs still might that blocked »even Mustang shots Win’ by actual count, and it was some- They came within a whisker thing more tangible than psy- Friday night, in one of the gamest chology which twice swatted away c^orts 8 team could make. ^Und.S:!,U ¿I**’ H »'os. otwervers felt would fan a troublesome gnat. The Stilt was penalized for “goal- tending’’ on one of those occasions. He got away with the other. S Vi U Pounds St. Louis; Jay hawks Pomp, 81-61 DALLAS, March 16 (UP)- Big Jim Krebs poured 33 points through the nets Saturday night to lead Southern Methodist to a comparatively easy 78-68 victory over St. Louis for third place in the NCAA’s West regional s. 'Die 6-8 Krebs wasn't the whole show by any means, however, as the SM J Mustangs showed complete recovery from the 73-63 defeat absorbed in an overtime game Friday night and pumped in goals from all corners of tneir home court with reckless abandon to forge into the lead early and stay there. NCAA PLAYOFFS Tar Heels Win; Wildcats Fall Fast Breaks Court is tendency to foul him and picked up 15 of his total at the cnarity line to run his three-year varsity total to 1,753 points. While both the Missouri Valley title-winning Billikens and SMU employed ¡tone defenses, the game still was one of fast breaks with SMU holding the edge. St. Lou*», beaten by Oklahoma City 73-66 Friday night, lost cen .J DALLAS, Tex., March 16 (UP) — Tremendous Wilt Chamberluin and a pair of his snort-statured teammates, Maurice King and Lew Johnson, sparked Kansas into the NCAA semifinals Saturday night with a last-hdf surge that buried Oklahoma City University 81-61. While Wilt the Stilt wound up the night with 30 points to run his two game total to 63, it was Johnson’s first half rebounding and King's speedy driving and )ong-range sharp shooting that turned a close game into a runaway. Oklahoma City, keeping Chamberlain fairly will bottled up in the first half when he got only Bawd on Wire Report« Unbeaten North Carolina and powerful Michigan State stormed into the NCAA basketball semifinals by capturing regional championships Saturday night. The Tarheels defeated Syracuse, 67-58, at Philadelphia for their 50th straight victory to set an all time one ......................................... „ But, while personal fouls were season collegiate record and the Spartans surprised favored Ken- nine points, trailed only 27-24 at responsible for being banished tuck.v, 80-68, at Lexington, Ky. halftime, but King picked up five from the Kansas game Friday They will go to Kansas City Friday semifinals in which North quick points to open the second night, he capitalized on a St. Lou- Carolina will meet Michigan State and Kansas will play last night's half and from thrn on it was all San Francisco-Califomia winner. ¡Kansas as Coach Dick Harp's A magnificent floor game by j jay hawks went into the champion- little “q uarte r ha ck" Tommy jhip tournament for the fifth time. Kearns sparked North Carolina, ^ ^d of 7.600 in SMU'» the nations No. 1 team. He led , new poijgpum was definitely anti- the Tarheels to a 37-28 halftime Kansas from the start of the final advantage with a terrific dnv- ■ t„t Md thp had to ^ mg play that baffled speedy Syr- t halu,d at onp time whllP an ajV acuse. Kearns scored 22 points, j WM mad(S for thp (,rowd m v - ln„HUnng a 4 ^ ImJ .01!1 ^ «top throwing trash onto the floor and passed and dribbled to per- „T ?. . lection. AII-Amcrica Lenny ¿os- "nd boo'"E ,hf °,Ilr!a,s OCU ( loach Takes Blast At Officiating D ALIKAS, March 16 ter A1 Scrkin and guard Harold Abe Lemons, whose Oklahoma enbluth scored 23 points for the But, tn the end the Jayhawk» Alcorn via the personal foul route City Chiefs lost the NCAA West- T ^ , J* r .¿2 , . were clearly the masters of the late in the last half, but despite em Regional Playoffs to Kansas 1 Syracuse Wlth «>- Doints situation and were beating Okla- A 1 corn’s 2 D-point contribution his 81-61 tonight, charged officials un ' , th,rd.n 1 ar«* rPctannaY name* boma City at iLs °*’n sPpod KamP- departure didn t affect the out- necessarily protected Kansas’ big Saturdav Pht ramslus con- OCU't Hub Reed, a 6H0 junior comc. ¡Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain. . quered Lafayette, 82-76 at Phila- who e*fectively kePt Chamher- Mimlitz Gets 17 Points "l cant understand it,” the delphia; Notre Dame edged Pitts- lai” ,ron?t hi* favorite coach said. "If you touch Cham- burgh. 86-85, at Lexington; and stuff-em shots in the first half, SMU led by as much as 15 berlain, it's a foul. But if he and Brigham Young nipped Ida- turned in a spectacular perform- pomts twice in the second half as touches you. it isn’t a foul. ! ho. 65-64, at Corvallis, Ore. ancP in 8 losinS cause "M* 26 guard Bobby Mills, a 16-point “Hf can go up in the air, dunk Greg Britz scored 25 points to P01^- 41 contributor, led the Mustang fast a shot and f^i over a little man lead Canisius; John McCarthy ”e teamed with Lyndon Lee to break into scoring territory. and it’s no foul. But if anybody sparked Notre Dame with 23. and bo’d Chamberlain to only eight Jake Mimlitz, the bespectacled brushed against him foul ” John Riser poured in 34 for Pitts- I ^*e*d Roal*. but in the process he St. Louis forward whose 20 points ^ n to. burgh. «nd other Oklahoma City defend- f kept the Oklahoma City defeat o»mT th- In thp Far wpst Regional finals, delpbian so much that he got 22 Irom becoming a rout kicked in ■ amp n‘ 'p 8 amp ’be deipndjng ^CAA champion San s,K)ts from the foul line, sinking 1 T 2 2 f,. officials were so busy protecting rfr . * L. m.iuH another 17 points to the Bilbken WUt they dldn t watch tho othcr irancisco rolled to a 50-46 victory < °^hri^ ^ ST"I^ttPhul^d cause Saturday night. nlavers ,phn'inrts ,ri w,th 77 2, SMU hit 24 of 33 foul shots and T, ’ , , on.y 27 of 71 field goal efforts, , rougb-and- ’ tumble atfair with the fans throw- over California REBOUND BALLET—-Everyone gees up and no one comes down with the ball as St. Louts U and SMU fight for a rebound in the consolation gome at Dallas. Players, from left to right, are Harold Alcorn (background), Calvin Burnett and Alvin Serkin, oil of St. Louis, and SMU's Jim Krebs, goals and only 10 of the Mustangs !o‘t because of failure at one of their specialties—sinking free shots Twice in the late stages they missed the first attempt on the one-and-one. Com- both would Bruins Thrash Froggies, 16-6 Ropesville, Buna Grab State tin « Rebounding, he is as potent as tempt on the one-and-one. Com- Baylors bombastic Bears slugged 14 hits to wallop the TCU a lonely U mv s ^whisper His piete accuracy on both would Frogs 166. in a non-conference game Saturday afternoon on the lowest total in the backboard- have given them a six-point lead Baylor diamond that marked the 1957 home debut for Coach Jelly cleaning department this year has with just 3:20 left to go, a lead SoRelle s team, been 13. a figure many players sel- the clever Pomes surely could It was the third straight victory’ for the Bruins, who used a AUSTIN. March 16 (J>-Buna, j makers of basketball champions, added another trophy to its collection tonight as the Buna Cougar- ettes defeated Seagoville 69-31 for the Class AA championship of the ¡15 rebounds to go with 22 collect ed SMU last night. King would up with 13 points, while St. Louis tipped in 29 of 79 lu,1,u,r "“V im ‘fUK> 1,1«... cnniATTC 5on Lonoski Wlth » a«d Jobn 17 Jree i ?8 cushions^ and money on the jfllLLH M RIIN I 3 Parker with 10 to give Kansas *i •- -* “ four men in double figures. Reed collected 13 rebounds, but j the only scoring help lie could get ¡from any of his teammates was j a 19-pomt contribution by lee, | who played under a four-foul ten- ision much of the last half. KAXSA.H (ft!! oc t «n oft r. r t i Eistun f 2 I S « Holwy t 1 0-0 3 Lonwkl f S 8» It Wl 5 *»-12 I ! Cm brine 8 14-23 3« Rrrd r 12 1-3 JS Kinx 8 3 3-4 IS Brdsw g 0 0-0 (I 10 Mima g 2 Grfn f O Hilt f o ( ;rdnr g 4 Kell» g 0 Water f 0 Han.n t 2 manees. »311 H ET ST. I.4U IS (•F T » ... i 0-1 2 Alcorn . 10 0-0 20 Hervor , 4 4-414Mimhu . 45-4IT Krebs ... 9 13-U> 3J Tod.l . .. 4 2-311 Mills ... 4 3-5 l->Serkin .. 1 1-3 3 ' Dujk *ti . 4 «-0 k BurneU . ft 2-2 2 •M.-Gr Dr 3 0-3 4 r en V . .. 3 0-1 4 Lid's«- .. ft 0-0 ft Roger* . 1 0-0 2 Brown .. 0 0-0 0 Smith . .. ft 0-1 0 O'Kelley0 00 ft Fiona ... ft 0-00 MsnL-n . ft 0-00 Hake . .. 00-1 ft Bud ijrff 00-0 0Red’vw . 1 ft.fl T«ritti» . n s 4 33 n McCrtjr T»tul* 1 0-0 24 10 17 3 i 4>* ««Mi . .. ..... ....... . 42—23 M. lenti., .... .... ................. ,. r»4ft—«K BASKETBALL SCORES dom attain. He snared 22 rebounds floor in protest at some of the rulings of the officials. Once Lemons got into a heated argument with Coach Dick Harp of Kansas at the scorers' table. I The trouble came when the fans and Oklahoma City players protested when a foul was not called on Chamiierlain as he collided with Cecil Magna of Oklahoma City, knocking him sprawling Lemons told reporters afterward that Chamberlain stayed in the lane under the basket too ¡long. He said Kansas tried to draw fouls by getting in front of j Chamberlain, but said “Chamber-] 1 lain had plenty of time to stop.; I don’t see why a 7-foot plavei should be allowed 20 feet to stop in when a 5-2 player gets only 3:37.4 ‘MILE* MANCHESTER, England. March 16 (#v_Kor a brief moment last night Ken Wood was the miler of the age. His announced clocking of 3:37.4 made him an immortal with seconds to spare. Then somebody realized the runners on the indoor hanked track had miscounted their laps. Hours after the race there was still confusion on just how far Olympians Wood, Brian Hewson and Derek Ibbotson had raced. Ptrker « 4 2-2 L.Jhn.n glO-O Billing* r 0 0-0 Holingr g O O-fl D»tnr f 2 0-0 M Jhrwn g 0 0-0 Grwn g 0 0-0 Kindred g 0 2 2 1 0-0 3 M 0 0-1 0 0 2 0 0-0 0 Od 1 0-0 ' Tot*'. 29 31-4Î »1 Toi*!« 29 11-1* «1 Hâifîime »core: Kur**» IT, Oklahoma City 14 M U WESTERN Kbt.IO.V41 Elnul» have protected. total of 20 player The «iftending champion Frogs used 18 players ^r‘s easKODaii tournament. h*"» »» mt*Mm. ttty a five fpet » against SMU and the rest of the However, Doc Hayes pointed to during the three-hour struggle in which each club employed a trio Last week the Buna school’s mi i* m . ifl„t» <w “We probably could have had Jayhawkers combined could get the loss of his big man. Krebs, of pitchers. boys team won the title in Class M eastern regional me refereeing, and we still could but the same number. No one on with 5:08 left, as the turning Rud>' Rmtguhton. who twirled the the Mustang team was close, point. If true, that means the first four innings and departed __ Krebs got six. dawn for once came before mid* 8 lpad- was *he winning lor. Davis had a perfect four-for- teams. ] What it al] means is that Chanv night because just before Krebs pitcher. Waco sophomore Gerald four day and drove in four runs, beiiain is a three-way terror, at fouled out Mustang hopes had Johnson fimslied up with throe Mallctt had three hits in five •coring, rebounding and blocking i soared to their highest peak. AA. It was a repeat performance „ of last year s records for both Third Mustang Cold al Slart Jacky Dav To get the picture, let’s start court, they passed and passed and wielded the biggest bats for Bay at the beginning, SMU had been passed Suddenly Chamherlain ' unusually cold on its outside tni>utht hf «“„* chMW.St an si-ootinB in the early dueling, and ■ H*. *',d |)IT \\V RACES Kansas had jumped into a U-l !hl' 1 u. a rs-«.t.. ii.m, a .j mttae in two-pointer, giving the < .> «• * ■ * * Mustangs a 57-54 margin, and the MILL MrarvM ^ not have beaten them,” Lemons pi*«** ‘ continued. ‘‘They don’t need to ‘"^r « dwest reo ^ na T ^ Chamberlain all that protec- Eailier, Rope^viile came fr^m rinato behind in the last half *0 dovrn w ........*11 JnnjnSS *^1 tnps. inducting a three-run homer ^ ^ and the aasi >otrf( 1N|m# «« PUc* r,luburill 8J ficiating. Lemons said the offi- Baylor honored its outstanding athletes in six sports and put Bob Cullison allow eti one run and aiKl four RbU. A championship. w est regional c(als “protect him (Chamberlain) , the leadership of its 1957 football forces in the hands of a famed one hit during his two-inning stint. After TCU scored a run in tlie ^ . , ,, , , ., . iinsi . n the time That cr.ll last night passer and catcher Saturday night at the university's annual Allon Krebs, his last foul, was one Sports Banquet at Shrine Temple. m of the most ridiculous I eve? saw. j Named football co-captains for the highly promising ’57 cam- tion. Kentucky «8 Returning to his criticism of of- Traylor, Marcontell Bruin Co-Captains ( alllurnla 4* and Jerry Mallet, tanta., the Bear, retaltatcd K«»*«!, ol Lubbock joined: the a. r«*» with five runs. Mallett walked, G'ampionship cuite wttii a »10 an*h«m »aun. *•, i «* h * m. Davis singled, and Bobby Jones 'j‘c,or.v over Hawley for the Clas-s blasted a triple, Don Berry was ® crown. MT lead. Then Bobby Mills, Ned Duncan and Krebs found the range boom, boom, boom, like «JS u... «... ( l ., .„ j c,„- - .. Victory was almost theirs. Less that... and SMU was back in the . l •»« partisan crowd raised the roof. game. Kansas pulled away again to 24-16 but Mills, playing like a ten«* ntatoit ptc^nnljy pulted tht b b| ^ ■ Kpebs his mates back up. In that burst ___ ... .u_ than 30 seconds later Krebs picked up his fifth personal foul and was all through. That was Bobby was a whirlwind, next to Chamberlain the best man on the court. After the game. Kansas later was to bitterly protest the call. *T thought we would win in th^t Coach Harp was to label him the ,as* {ivp minutes,“ Doe said. “We best back court man he has seen had w,np * ^ tfrs vear our poise and confidence. They By the time Mills had worked were in trouble If it j his heroics and the Mustangs had had b*fn Ftyvid<?nc*‘ for Krebs e*ieiully executed a half-ending to kta>' m* * *fimk we wou*d ‘ two-point play. Kansas led by w't*1 , CHICAGO, March 16-AP- Ron Delaney, of Villanova by way of Ireland, set a Chicago Daily News Relays mile run record tonight of 4:03.8 before 16,000 cheering fans. The time was only two tenths of a second off the American indoor record. The victory kept Delany. th" Olympic 1 500-meter champion. without defeat in 17 straight races, including 14 at the mile. Dekutey heid Wek in the UUUI «»■ imiciu iiuslucs ana cDr;nM nulled awav in the third nav.»*. Joe Selman singled. Charles Quick P j Jf lnP Hnwn N'h -,nlrh v Don Carter led the hitting with my mind « m - « w.^, ^ ^. r; ctejfc hud a perfe*T fhf*e.fef »hroc dav __ producing de,.ihi* <n the eighth, --a nice awards. Honored for their out- Chambcrlain said “Just a game «tanding contributions to the game to plav.” team rffert were Bill O!»«« HP1) _____________________ Del Shofner (football), Jerry Mal- ------- ,, „ , ,, And I’ll bet the films won't show Pa‘Rn were all-conference end Jerry' Marcontell and the courageous, x.TJT Ohi* « v^H^r. a foul.” hard-luck quarterback. Doyle Traylor. safe on an error, Don O’Neal sin- Six Class AA team records fell w Jim Kreb*. SMU center, wen* Thp,t' selection won a rousing ovation from the hundreds of gled, and Lee Harrington was safe ** Buna breezed through and s\ out on fouls in the ttrs: round and Traylor, who —- .........-■ — on another error as three more around the Seagoville team The '•**«*■■ *i e *»**» ni m He insisted later he was jus’ has *>ecn °ut ^ire<* stra'ild sfa- )<*tt <basketballi Jackv Davts runs scored. new marks included high team M,,,' eRorEsaioNAL ‘ * * standing beside Chamberlain ^ons W1’h hr°ken hones brought (baseball), Clyde Hart (track) The Bears added a run in the scoring for a two-game series, '«• '-»*•*• hi rlTuSKaSL ’il whpn thp w'hlstI<’ bIpA’ and bls n use Wlth thf obspr‘ Ed White (tennia and Ronnie second inning when Mallett sin- high team score in h chamoion- ,n““'!L___ *.”.".......___ fifth foul was called. It automatic- va,Vxn Honeycutt (golf). gled and Davis doubled and got ship game and the most field goals An &-^-v removed him from the game. *nrnds out af Hillcrest Ravlor coach Sam Bovd and three mtiro ui the third as Rough- by a team in one game. .illlslailjf .Mllri V\ Ills ‘*»U Regarding his argument with ^ Proufl oi nie now.” University vice president Dr. Paul ton singled, Doyle Traylor and The Cougarettes were paced by DALLAS, March 16 <fv-Left- Harp, Lemons said “I wasn’t hoi It was just one of the better Gt>rfn wprp 0 f(icjaj|y piesentPd Fred Marberry both walked. Mai- Joan Smith who pushed in 23 bander Don Presley pitched one- luring at him. I was hollering a) fau£bfl 10 an e';e'|'mg oi "Jany the trophy won by Bovd’s forces lett singled in a run, and Davis po.nts, Jan Fowler tossed in 20 bit ba!1 and struck r "11 14 ,oday the ref. Harp began hollering at ,aUkhs. as famed humorist Mor- in New Orleans on New Year’s singled in two more. j0r Seagoville The game was as SMU knocked off Centenary me. He hollered ‘shut up'. I hoi j ns Frank, the toastmaster, kidded Day jjy pauj ppgianp prcsjdt»nt TCU got four ruas in the fourth close after the opening minutes 4<>- If red back for him to shut me everyone in sight. Morris was at oi thp Sugar Bowl, mainly on Baylor errors. Willie and Buna led 31-15 at the half. SMU backe<i Presley with a up. Then he hollered back, daring bls f*81- wb,ch 18 very K0041- DeBlnnc praised Bavlor. and Maxwell and Fred Childs were North Hookm* of Sulnhur fivp*hit a,ta,k 0n two Centenary me to shut him up. And I was dpfd- .Boyd’* Bears highly. “The Sugar both safe on infield miscues and „uibd j»« m the ihnri t_wirlp,_* Mustang first »acker «.bout ready to. But I changed _.** ._«* -®°t -.*!^ Bowl is very grateful to Baylor for one of the finest, if not the finest, games that we’ve ever had J... it would give the Sugar Bnwl

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