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19490814 CVG EAL Collision - THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER each, during Methods...
THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER each, during Methods staff and rather detailed says. He instructor "amount of to do and the every operation. also the to learn in responsi required safety fac would be values, are and points into or per the fore of the because are better that need how to on the his fellow and and how to along with con program training recalls that ESMWT and supervisors them. , - -cr -cr I US At" V ' . "j-i'i "j-i'i "j-i'i "TtTipvl A- A- w'l!f'' i-,-:v i-,-:v i-,-:v i-,-:v i-,-:v j uU ;-; ;-; ;-; paint black itrunk he College who will and College were an Allen C. manager. College; of the R. Day, Nettie Workers of the Nettie Flossie Fannie G. President. into a School of Workers' School of and Extension $8. It cost six cents received a the tax him it-1?. it-1?. it-1?. 1, ' fry.- fry.- - ACROBATICS AT 500 MILES AN HOUR. Acrojets of the 3525th Pilot Training Wing streak across the sky at more thaa 500 miles an hour in their famous diamond formation. These planes will appear in the air show August August 27 and 28 at the Greater Cincinnati Airport in Boone County, Kentucky. Air Lines Burned Up! Perfect Record Ruined By Stunt Pilot In Crash With Liner, Killing 15 Persons. BY MICHAEL MALONEY. The Air Transport Association of America and the scheduled airlines it represents are incensed over the tragic July 30 midair crash of Navy Grummann Hellcat and an Eastern Airlines DC-3 DC-3 DC-3 over Wrights town, N. J. Fifteen persons, including the Hellcat pilot, were killed when the stunting Navy plane smacked into the airliner, tearing off its wing. Up until the day of the crash, the scheduled airlines of the United States had gone 11 months without an accident involving a passenger fatality. The 36 scheduled airlines had flown nearly 6,000,000,000 passenger passenger miles during that period, Although the July 30 accident was one in which the airline involved was no way responsible, technically, the loss of life occasioned by the tragedy nullifies the perfect record, which Sen. Edwin C. Johnson, Colorado, Colorado, called, "the finest safety record ever established by any mode of travel." Regular airlines are perturbed also over the rash of unscheduled 'charter" plane accidents. In the last year, more than 160 lives have been lost in crashes of planes of the unscheduled type. The perturbation of the regular airlines can easily be understood. All commercial flying is being discredited discredited by the bad record of such charter" planes while the excel lent safety record of "time-table "time-table "time-table air lines" is overlooked. OFFICIALS OF the air show to be held at Greater Cincinnati Airport Airport August 27-28 27-28 27-28 have completed the official program and, they say. the attractions will make the air event one of the largest in the na tion. Robert M. Isenberg, Director, can make you believe that he has the best. He says the show will begin ONTO YOUR HATS!" at 2 p. m. each day, with more than 4 hours of acrobatic comedy and military flying, parachute jumps, exhibitions of jet formation flying and a 30-plane 30-plane 30-plane dive-bombing dive-bombing dive-bombing attack, The jets will be the main attractions. attractions. A Navy team will fly F-8 F-8 F-8 Bearcats, touted to be the fastest propeller-driven propeller-driven propeller-driven planes in the world. An Air Force exhibition group from Chandler Field, Ariz. is to fly in Lockheed F-80 F-80 F-80 Shooting Stars, while the "Florida Rockets' of the 153th Fighter Squadron, Air National Guard, are to perform in tricate tight formation maneuvers. Vice President Barkley will be the guest of honor Saturday, August 27, if Congress adjourns by that time, he has informed the committee. Gen. Hoyt S. Vanden-berg, Vanden-berg, Vanden-berg, U. S. Air Foroe Chief of Staff, is to attend the show Sunday, August 28. Bill Sweet, who covered the show at the Greater Cincinnati Airport last year, will do the announcing for the events, sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police. Advance ticket sales are being made at Macey's Jewelry Stores, 611 Madison Ave., Covington, and Eighth and Monmouth Sts., Newport. Newport. The official program follows: 1 Fleur De Lis, featurlnr Clem Honkamp, Ray Miller or National Air Shows and 16 F-51, F-51, F-51, the "Red scan," 155m Fighter Squadron. Squadron. 2 Championship Light Plane Acrobatics, fea turing Gene Griffin 1949 winner Bill Sweet Polishing Pylon Trophy. 3 Coraedy-Battiks, Coraedy-Battiks, Coraedy-Battiks, featuring "Uncle Thud" bod Mccomb. 4 U. S. Air Force Exhibition Jet Team fly ing Lockheed F-80 F-80 F-80 "Shooting Stars." Leader capt. Howard w. Jenson. Rlsht Wing Capt. Jones E. Bolt. Left Wing Lt. Michael Smolen. Tall Position, Capt. Walter K. Sclenger. Alternates, Capt. Robert C. Tomlinson. 5 W.OOO-i-t. W.OOO-i-t. W.OOO-i-t. W.OOO-i-t. W.OOO-i-t. Uela"crl Umnln-r Umnln-r Umnln-r Punx-hutf Punx-hutf Punx-hutf Jump, featuring Jack Huber, the Human Comet of National Air Shows. 6 World's Smallest Airport Landing and Taking Off from Top of Speeding Car, featur ing National Air Shows. 7 Tennessee Air National Guard Exhibition Combat Flying Team, featuring 13 F-47 F-47 F-47 "Thunderbolts" 105th Fighter Squadron. 8 Smoke-Acro Smoke-Acro Smoke-Acro Antics, featuring Clem Honkamp Honkamp of National Air Shows. 9 U. S. Navy Official Flight Exhibition Team, "Blue Angels," flying F-8 F-8 F-8 "Bearcat, the fastest propeller driven aircraft in the world. Leader, Commander R. E. "Dusty" Rhodes. 10 Flight of Yester Year Old Curtlss Pusher Plane, featuring "Father Time," National Air Shows. 11450 Boeing Clipped Wing Special, featuring featuring Ray Miller of National Air Shows. 12 Rhapsody In Smoke: two Boeing Sky Rocket Specials, featuring Clem Honkamp and Kay Miner of National Air Shows. 13 "Florida Rockets" Exhibition Jet Team, Air National Guard, 159th Fighter Squadron. Leader. Lt. Col. Bill D. Havlland. 14 Dive Bombing Attack, featuring 30 Corsairs Corsairs and Hell Cat Navy-Marine Navy-Marine Navy-Marine Fighters, Columbus Columbus Naval Air station. 16 American Flag Parachute Jump, featuring featuring Jack Huber, Clem Honkamp. Ray Miller, U. S. Navy Fighters Aerial Bombs and Music. WHILE WE'RE on the subject of air shows, let's not overlook the Cleveland National Air Races September 3, 4, 5. We see that several hundred Marines are to make a tactical troop landing with their own air support at Municipal Airport as an opening day event. The troops, members of the Seventh Infantry Battalion, Cleve land's own Marine Reserve Unit, will be flown to Cleveland from Camp Lejeune, N. C, in 19 Marine transport planes. The Reserve Unit is to train at Camp Lejeune for two weeks prior to its tactical landing at Cleveland. CAPITAL AIRLINES' air-freight air-freight air-freight revenue during the first six months of 1949 increased 57 per cent over a comparable period last year. It was announced that air-freight air-freight air-freight poundage had jumped 24 per cent and at the same time ton miles were upped 57 per cent. CENTRAL AIRLINES INC. has purchased a fleet of eight new Beechcraft Bonanzas for its system of certificated feeder air routes in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. I-JURSUAIMUL I-JURSUAIMUL I-JURSUAIMUL OF all air lines servicing Cincinnati will stage their second annual combined air lines dance Wednesday night at Coney Island's Moonlite Gardens. W. E. First of Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc., is dance chairman. chairman. Other members of the com mittee on arrangements are Hank Messar, All American Airlines Ulenn Parnell and J. D. Pearsall, Delta; Jack Riley, American, and ttaipn Faimer, Trans world. are worth $3.50 off of the Combination All-Metal All-Metal All-Metal Self-Storing Self-Storing you buy. replace with a beautiful Rigid and Storm Door which is reinforced throughout to prevent sagging the regular price. ' A(-Metal A(-Metal A(-Metal Self-Storing Self-Storing Self-Storing Screen a screen or storm sash again.' 5575 TO PAY 1st OF CINCINNATI INC. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN CINCINNATI (AUGUST 14, 1929) It was announced that Taxicabs of Cincinnati, Inc., a merger of the Zumstein-Town Zumstein-Town Zumstein-Town Taxi interest, had taken over the De Luxe Cab Co., 11 E. Central Parkway, thereby bringing the three oldest standard companies together, in line with plans made public by the . taxicab group at the time of its formation. The three companies were to be operated from the Zumstein Cab headquarters, 521 Sycamore St. . Papers were filed with the Secretary Secretary of State for Cincinnati Auto, Inc., by Howard F. Duncan, Carl W. Ulrich and Albert E. Savey, with capital of $30,000 and 100 shares at no par. FIFTY YEARS AGO (AUGUST 14, 1899) W. H. Morgan, who had served as Superintendent of Schools since May, 1889, submitted his resignation, resignation, effective September 15. He had been associated with the public schools of Cincinnati for 54 years as pupil, teacher, member of the School Board, member of the Board of Examiners, Principal and Superintendent. Superintendent. The automobile question was being being fully discussed among bankers and financiers of the city. At least a half-dozen half-dozen half-dozen prominent bankers and brokers, who - had been East during the summer and had tried automobiles on level roads, made a careful investigation of one that a local carriage factory had placed on exhibition , here. They agreed that if the local manufacturer could conclusively establish the ability of their machine to climb the hills, they could readily sell them. W. T. Irwin, broker, said the new machine was boilnd to be popular if it could overcome the hills, but that those he had tried in the East had made a very poor showing in this respect. That Cincinnati was becoming a great center for the manufacture of cheroots (a kind of cigar, truncated truncated at both ends) was demonstrated demonstrated when Roth, Brenner 4 Feist, of this city, made a shipment of 1,000,000 to points in the South over the Cincinnati Southern and "SI0T" KICKS PLAYER. Johnstown, Pa., Au?. 13 (UP) A one-arm one-arm one-arm bandit kicked hark n hard that its unwary ylayer had to be taken to a hospital. Instead of a clattering jackpot, the player got contusions of the right arm. The lever of the machine had struck him. HANDICAPPED There's no longer ony need for itl You can have normally set eyes new. The soft "Reconstruction Method" often successful in one dayl Over 9,000 treated, all ages. I with lull informa tion en this Non-profit Non-profit Non-profit Institution. Writ CROSS IYE FOUNDATION 703 Community tank Bldj., Pontlae, Mich. 30 W. at Invites You To NEW EASY SPINDRIER FILTER FOR WHITFST $1 00.95 EASY'S Exclusive, new "Cleanflow" filters rust and other staining from water before washing and clothes. Assures you of the brightest washes on record. NEW AUTOMATIC SPIN-RINSE SPIN-RINSE SPIN-RINSE needle-spravs needle-spravs needle-spravs load of clothes whiter, brighter in 3 ... with 3 gallons of warm water. No Just turn a tap. Spina clothes damp-dry. damp-dry. damp-dry. No set tubs needed. NEW NANDY SWING FAUCETS make EASY'S famous "One Hour Washday" Washday" more convenient than ever. Faucets (ill tub, return hot suds for re-use, re-use, re-use, rinse clothes, empty water. COME IN 911 E. McMillan St. TWENTY-NINE TWENTY-NINE TWENTY-NINE YEARS Open Friday

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer14 Aug 1949, SunPage 45

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)14 Aug 1949, SunPage 45
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