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ROY WILMETH CO. - I utnr rvM ncnc I mnub .Sit... 1 T . LINCOLN DEALER as quickening humming as almost that been the projection higher year and established. Company, January February is a gain "I I V - ; SLOGAN prizes imiam Dodge Brothers Offer 708 Awards for Best Description Description of New Victory Six. A nation-wide nation-wide nation-wide contest to And the best slogan that describes the performance performance of the new Victory Six of Dodge Brothers, Inc., was launched last week through the organization of more than forty-five forty-five forty-five hundred direct direct and associate dealers of the company. company. A total of 70S prizes amount ing to $20,000 has been offered, the ! contest closing at midnight, March 31. j ong-j For the person who submits the ; 1 best slogan of ten words or less in 'length a cash prize of $1,000 will be w nnHc p,th.r. Th. .in. : gan must describe the performance car from impressions obtained ing or riding in the new Victory i The lower center of gravity of !' ... . . . v , i tne victory six, me powcnui nexime t, thl ... nt ririinp- ririinp- nH th 1 feeling of safety in the battleship i K-n K-n K-n n horlv rnn.truetinn nra The appointment of the Roy Wil-1 Wil-1 Wil-1 tures which may suggest the winning ; ? $.i00 Second Prize. A second prize of $500 is offered in i the contest, and in the event of a tie : the fu.l award wil. be given to each j tying contestant. There are two : third place prizes of $2o0 each; u KOY MII.MKTH. meth Company, 720 Nortel Meridian slogan, street, as exclusive Lincoln dealer in Indianapolis was announced yesterday yesterday by George J. Steinmetz, manager of the local branch of the Ford Motor Company. The AVilmeth organization i succeeds the Wangelin-Sharp Wangelin-Sharp Wangelin-Sharp Company, Company, which has sold Lincoln cars for several years. fourth place prizes of twentj Mr. Wilmeth announces that Wil-i""-"' Wil-i""-"' Wil-i""-"' Wil-i""-"' Wil-i""-"' Vnn i.Vh t.h,o nf i-n-,. i-n-,. i-n-,. i-n-,. liam Chestnut, who served s man-! man-! man-! each 1J?t&?JJZli.t'-n??r-" 1J?t&?JJZli.t'-n??r-" iter of the Lincoln deoar'mont of ; J?.1" ""u "1 ' " 'TiThlP for this Wangelln-Sharp. Wangelln-Sharp. Wangelln-Sharp. will continue In the i10,eh-L i10,eh-L i10,eh-L r i contest, except employes o uooge , rangement. Headquarters for Lin coln cars will be in the Wilmeth i building at 720 forth Meridian street ij,it- sama capacity unuer ine new ai-; ai-; ai-; .ui- .ui- j,.uri rvire new In and last Ha Enviable Record. The Wilmetli company has made an enviable sales record as a distributor distributor of Ford products. Not only has Mr. Wilmeth led the state in stations or the relatives of sucn em- em- j pioves. I According to the rules oi tne con- con- test, it is not necessary to be a car j owner to compete. The winning slo- slo- . gan must be submitted by a person dc-who has received a demonstration in ! de-a Victory Six. The contest is open ; ..u. iZ Vivpr-l Vivpr-l Vivpr-l vpr hut hP I ' owners of any make of car as ; , .... . ....... ---1,.,-n ---1,.,-n ---1,.,-n ---1,.,-n ---1,.,-n ---1,.,-n tn numari nf iiorfpff Krornprs cars. All that is necessary is iur is recognized as one or tne most successful dealers in the country. The same energy that has been ap-; ap-; ap-; person entering the contest to by . , F d "r8 is exre(.t(,a to de-;aPP'y de-;aPP'y de-;aPP'y to the nearest Dodge Brothers , r .... .i iiaa lor fnr fipmnnairfltion curu .i r aa low mf fl P mOIlS LI a L1UI1 B.I U i a larger number or lincoin : . . ; i i ii.:. ' wnirn rilllLflUia LUlllCiii, u ... , rec- rec- j 'J "t l" a ny number of slogans but all must I veloD f ! i when the branch discontinued sell- sell- be mailed to Contest Editor, Dodge ; Ung at retail and began the dealer Brothers, inc., Deiore miunigni plan in Indianapolis, he became as- as- J March 31. i Cars 'ociattd with one of the citv dealer.!. Judges of the contest are. E. G. , Cats ' J " he joined Walter Wilmer. president of Dodfre Brothers , kn . T?nrA Holer A f tpr ov- ov- ! Inc. t JOnn n. Re. fcminoi air last ! eral'vear, , a gae!,man of consist- consist- j manager, and H. J. New and W. M. is pnt Bucce8g Mr. AVilmeth became a Purves, assistant sales managers. ; are I partner of Mr. Olln under the namft ! The decision of the judges will be ; I of the Olin-Wilmeth Olin-Wilmeth Olin-Wilmeth Company. It ; final. 1 I was during this regime that thel ; Com-i Com-i spacious building was erected on i i In Febrtt-ary, Is North Meridian street. About three J where special tools and equipment in var icn Mr. Olin sold out his in- in- will enable trained workmen to turn ! it-rests it-rests it-rests in the Ford business to Mr. out work speedily and efficiently. ! Wtlmeth and the Roy Wilmeth Com- Com- j The paint shop and body department j pany was formed at that time will be equipped to take care of Lin-1 Lin-1 Lin-1 In discussing the appointment as! coin customers and men versed in exclusive Lincoln dealer, Mr. Mi meth stated that It will be his plan to institute the same wholesome policies policies that have characterized the Ford branch of the business. One entire floor of the large building will be devoted to Lincoln repair work, Lincoln cars will be on the service j station floor, which is easily acces sible by way of a driveway leading from Meridian street. The appointment of the Wilmeth company as Lincoln dealers is effective effective at once.

Clipped from The Indianapolis Star18 Mar 1928, SunPage 55

The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana)18 Mar 1928, SunPage 55
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