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M F Fahey Obit 20 Dec 1909 - 10 BAD ROAD HALT MINE OPERATIONS Dominican...
10 BAD ROAD HALT MINE OPERATIONS Dominican Republic's Valuable Deposits Await Improvement of Country's Highways — Women \Vork Placer Claims and Secure Several Ouncesoi Gold Per Week Having received numerous inquiries regarding mining and^minerals in the Dominican republic. Consul . lialph J. Toften of Puerto Plata has prepared a general outline of the information ob- The most important of the useful minerals that have been found in modern modern times are gold, silver, iron ore, copper ore. lignite, salt and petroleum. Gold is the only mineral that has been work.-d to any extent. In the time of Columbus the Indians paid tribute tribute in Frold, and in the year 1496 the records show the following mines or placer workings: *La Vega, the C-ibao, thb 53an Cristobal and the Buenaventura. Buenaventura. A considerable quantity of gold is at the' present time washed from the sands of the Yaque. Verde. Bao. Jama and Map rivers and their tributaries by the country people with the most primitive apparatus. It is claimed that women often obtain two or three ounces of gold per week in this manner. L.odes and gold bearing quartz are mentioned in some of the old reports, but no record record can be found of any attempt to work these mines systematically. In fact, none of the mining men now in this country claims to have located quartz veins that would pay for the worthing. There are no doubt some gold deposits, deposits, not only in the river beds but also in the hills, that have never been worked, and there is probably considerable considerable gold remaining in the old workings workings that could be saved by modern machinery and dredges. The conditions conditions for working are good, there being abundant water and sufficient fall for drainage in most parts of the gold country. A great drawback is the extreme extreme difficulty encountered in getting machinery to the interior, on account of the entire lack of wagon roads. ALPINE MISADVENTURES COST 84 LIVES IN YEAR /''*-:-% -'->- Foolhardiness of Tourists Is Blamed for Many Casualties From October" 15, 190S, to' the same <lat<> of the present year, the deaths due to misadventure on tlie Alps (Swiss, French and Italian) were no fewrr than S4 — a Jijrure which, to the Lancet, seems to justify the Roman journalist in remarking remarking that what Sir Leslie Stephen called the "playground of Europe" might n»bre fitly_ be .styled its graveyard." graveyard." U"'ae greatest number of casualties casualties befell the Swiss and the Germans; next in order were, the English "speaking "speaking "Alpinisti," Ihert' the French, 'and linally the Italian. . Next to Monte Rosa, the Rangnokulm, Rangnokulm, in the.Valie Vigezzo, seems to have been the deadliest 'lure. On the Swiss side the Jungfrau still maintains her sinister priority in tempting climbers climbers to their doom— six casualties being registered this year to her account. In nearly every ; case, the false" economy which dispenses with an experienced R'Uide is primarily to blame, arid next to that the foolhardihood which attracts attracts the nature student to a rare Mower or mir.eralcgical specimens on the brink of an abyss. . Refuges such as those- in course, of erection by the Padunn Alpine club, on the Venetian ranges, are well inspired, I>ai ticularly when available on the sudden sudden descent of a mist; but nothing can '•xcuse the lack of precaution which l^sv.-s the skilled guide out of account <>i' which neglects the personal equation In the matter of bodily fitness for the rfimb. This latter condition is, as the Lancet and its contemporaries,' Swiss end Italian, have often pointed out. one "of viial importance to the mountain rtfrnber.', particularly when approaching approaching tlie meridian of a life passed In '"Tin years ago it was estimated that while, during the preceding half century, century, tlie British merchant tonnage had almost trebled,' the number of British seamen engaged in the mercantile mercantile marine had decreased by 23 p, r cent and the boys and young men by i,5 per cent. . Jt is understood that a . majority both of the Canadian and American commissioners of the international waterways commission will recommend recommend that a dam be built on tlie Niagara Niagara river, opposite Buffalo and- Fort Erie, for the purpose of raising the level of Lake Erie. '' ! Notable Deaths j T. Wi ETES, RETIEED BANKER— r»asa<l«-naV !)*•<\u25a0. lit. — T. W. Ejer. 57 years old. a l-ftired liankor of N«*rr York and fatber of Georiro W. i;jfr. a mem!x > r of the iianking firm of Eyi-r &.Co.. 37 Wall street. Sew York, died in a hospital bore today of diabetes. BIRIHS, MARRIAGES, DEATHS DEATHS AndtTKon, JUxm-lic .. 2." 'Kotsotas. Aprlis 33 Bahrtnbnrc. John .. s<j Lensch. Mary Ann .. 53 Barry. Ellen Jane. ZH \ Mazsiai. A. J 22 | Brady. E. Ualsy . .. — j MrrDennott. B. .!.... 70 Bramsta<lt. John H. 40 (M.-ycrs. I.lzzie M...3:l <£nm-n. I'flaKip .:. 53 jMorsan; James 48 Davis, I.iirV;:, — jllati^an. • Ann .....81 Hay. Georpe W.. .'. 45 | Ryan, rorndius ]'.... 'U Fahey, Michael F.. .*!" j.Seott. Hinily 64 Fuller. Franris . .. «9 iSoniii.-hseii^ \u25a0 JI ar - <;erKthaclj'M-. II' >sana <<.">[ pan-tlw- SS Iledler, Tlaos 73 IKoutliworth. l;. E 54 Uentojr. Catheriae.. tt |7V.r<lelll. Uafaelo ...•7- GlUopiey. Annie .V. 31 |Tryon. I'hiio N — Greoo. Julius 4JS J V««n Ikirneiuaun.Fred- Jr*i)R.m. H. A 22 1 crick 11. C. '. r>2 Kanary, OtlirrJno. — (Voks. John -.'. . «3» 1 Karoki. Martha . . . 2(i j \\'i<l;nan. 11. »; C!» Kiup. I'raukliii 11. . «!!» |Y«aiiis, Lillian 2S AICDERSON— In this rity, December IC. 1909. Blanche M.. dearly tioloved -wife cf Herbert I Anderson, loring mother of Melvin and Law- reuce Anderson, tlevot'-d daujrbier «if Maryand ttie late Cear^e F. Ilode, ami beloved "sis ter cf Mr«. F. Mli-heliioii. Mrs. C Merillion, Mrs. 1. Holland and Christopher, Mary, Kose and : Gwrga Rode, a native «>f Sau Francisco, Cal., • aped 25 fear* 4 months aud 14 daya. • Friends and aequaintaure* are reKp»'ctrul*ly in, ', rlied to attend the fuuf-ral today <ilonifay>. at f-:13 a. m.. from tlie partoty of 'll. F. Subr & Co.. 20IM Mission". street between Twenty- _ fifth and Twcntr-ulitb, tbenec to St. Iloni- fface'e cliurrh. where a rf-yuiem mass will be celebrated for tbe repos 1-'1 -' of lier soul, at 9 a.m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery. 7 S-HRENBITRG— In tliix . «-itr. Dicnsiber IS. r.Kfi>, Jf.hn. beloved husband of Katie Kahren- burg, devoted lather <;f Knimii and liertlia Hs.hrrnburjr. and broUier of Frederick Cahren- burg. « uallre of Bremen, <«eruuiuy. axed T»0 years ft mouths mid :> days. A '• member of Brewery Workers' unlou So. ". and Gambrinus vi-rein. ... Friends and aequaintanees are resj)erifully invltr-d to attend tlie fuueral Tomorrow (Tues- dayl, at 2 p. in., from the jiarlors of H. F. Suhr i- «.'«., 2319 . Mission street between Twenty -flfiij aud Twenty-sixth. Incineration \u25a0I. O. <>. F.' crematory. EAEHY— In Alameda. Cal., Deeeuiber IS, 3009. fcllen Jai;e, U-loved wife.qf Frederick IJarry. ujollht cf Arthur IC. Oorec C. an<l Fl»renee L. Barry, and sister of l^ucy'Dngan. a iiativ<- of San Kranfiseo. Cal.. ac»*<l S8 years. Friendti-and aequ-iiiitaruHis . «n» rcssx-ctfully invited to attend the funeral services to-, day (Monday). Heroin!* r 20. UWSJ.'-' *t -' 1 :30 o'clock p. iv., nt her lute, residence. S7l Lanrel - street, Alameda.': liittruient Moaatain View eiiDuury. . ' - - BRADY— In- lbH city,', December 17. 1000,. at her " late ' residence, : l.apuna " street, - B. v \u25a0 Daisy, beloved .daughter -of Edward, and the -: -late Mary E. 'Brady, and -loving" sUter of -Ed- ward and Elvera M.'-Drady,' a native of San Kraiylseo." ' : v ' r A requiem high mass is .to lie celebrated for the repose of. her. soil! at St.- Mary's cathe- dral, tomorrow '(Tuesday);/ December 21. 1909. <>»minrm < itif!*at !>:SO a."-.m. I'lease omit flowers. Intcriueut ifirivate. ' * BRAMSTADT— In San Pablo. Cal.. December 18. 19(JJ».-J<ilm 11.. ' lH>loved husband of Katherine A. BraiustatU. aud father \u25a0of J. «.. K«tb- erlno M.. Marie .l-::v Ha try L.and Andrew A. Eranistadt nud Mrs. G..C Bouannon of Berke- ley,- a .native of Germany, aged -}U' years. 10 months and 2 day*. ' : -- *-. Friend* and .acquaintance* .are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues- tdayi -. mnrnlug. December -"ai." 1900. at 10 o'clock, fTom l»i« late / home, 2433 \u25a0 San Pa bio avenue, Berkeley, thence to St. Joseph's church, corner of AtSMson and St. Jowph streets. wl»ere mass will be celebrated for, the rei>o»e of his soul at 10:30 o'clock. Interment St. v Mary's cemetery,. Oakland. \ . BROWN— In thN city. December 19. 1009. I'elafrle, dearly beloved wifetof Charles Brown, : f!cv(it'ed, ' mother -*f -Mrs. Jlarcus I^evy; Mrs. I^eopold Tllrsch aud Gaston- W. Brown, and . Kjyter of I^on. Maurice,- Jules and Eugene. \Vil- lard, a native of Linbelm. Lorraine, aged 53 years S months and 0. days. L Friends «nd a-:<jualntancps - arp respectfully invited .to attend tbe funeral services tomor- row iTuesday), at; ]0- n'clork a. m.. from her late residence, 2212 ;\u25a0 Devisadero street. Interment private. \u25a0 DAVIS— In this city, December 18. 1900,' Ln- eUa. bVloved wife of Milton M.' Davis, and m<illi*r of Dorothy and Milton M. Davis Jr., a native of VlrjriniaiCitjV Xev. .The funeral services will lw held ' todaj (Monday*, at 10 o'clock, 8. m.. from 1805 De- visodero street. Interment Hills of Eternity, cemetery, by ll'.ao a. m. .train from Third and /Townseud •streets.' ' DAY— In Sau Jose. Ca'l... December 18. ino9. (Jenrjze >Y. Day. lovinff son of Mary C. ' Day and (he late' Daniel Day. -and brother of Al- fred 11. and Daniel' J. Day., a native of San Jruse, Cal., aped 4$ -year*.- . - _ .< FAHEY— In this 'city. December 17.\ , 1009. . Michael F.. dearly beloved son of Walter aud the late .Julia Fahey,. and loving brother of John J.. Walter P.. William P.. -Martin E. 'and Tbonias J.* Fahey and Mrs. Mary- Welton, a native of Colma. Cal., aged 37 years.. - . Friends ahd .-acquaintances are \u25a0 respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral today (Mon- <lay). December 20, 1909. at S o'clock a.m., .from the fimeral parlors of Green.. Ryan & Donnboe. northeast corner tof Sistoenth and <iuerrero streets, thence to St.. Ann's chur.eh, Colma, wbero a reyuieni , bißli mass will be ccbdirated for the repose of his soul, coni- uienclns . at U:'M a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery. FIXGLER— In (his city. December 18. 1909, Francis Puglcr. belove<i: husband of Bessie Fugler. and beloved father, of , Arthnr .F. and Dr. Cicil A.'Fugler, a native of Xew .York, aged 80 years 9 months and 13 daya. Kemains at (he parlors of Gantner Broth- ers. 3400 Sixteenth street between Church and Sanchez streets, until *» p. m. today (Mon- day t . December 2i», IUO9, Interment Santa Muria, Santa Barbara county. Cal. GERSTBACHER— In this city. December 19. liMiO, at her late residence, 13(5 I>»xington ave- *ime. Bosona Gerstbacher. beloved wi£» of the laic August C. Gerstbacher, and mother of Mrs. Joseph L. Styler, John J. Gerstbacher. Mrs. John L. Fey of Ellzabetli, N. J.. and diaries A., Frederick T. and. Lillian M. . «.;erstbacncr. n native -of Ireland, aged tJS years 11 months and ' 24 days., (Elizabeth, >'. J.. i>:ii«^rs please, copy.) Friends and acquaintances are respectfully, invited to attend the'funeral tomorrow (Tues- day), December 21. 190!). .at 'B o'clock a. m., from the new funeral chapel of Charles H. J. Truman. : 1919 Mission street between Flf- Jeenth aud Sixteenth, thence to Mission Do- lores church, where a requiem mass will .he celebrated for the repose of her soul, com- mencing at U o'clock. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage. GILLOGLEY— In this city. December 10. 1909, Annie, dearly beloved wife of John P. Gil- logley. and loving mother of Jcannette. I,B w- rence aud Hasel- Gillogley, . a' native of San Francisco. Cal., aged 31 years. GREEN— In this city, D6cember 19,. 1909. \u25a0Julius Green (formerly of , Portland, Ore. t. dearly beloved husband of Eva Green, aged 48 years' 10 months and ."5 days. • Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited' to attend ihe funeral' tomorrow (Tiies- <lay). at 12 o'clock, at the chapel at Salem cemetery." San slateo county. \ HADLER— In Uedwood City, Cal., December 19. UKK>. Clans Hadler. husband of tbe late Anna Hadlcr. anil father of Elizabeth Hadler, a na- tive of Germany, aged 73 years. \u0084 -.; Friemls and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow- (Tues- day). December 21. from his late residence,' at 11 o'clock. Interment Mount Olivet ceme- tery, by train leaving Uedwood City at 12:14. HERZOG— I u this city. December IS, 1900, Cath- erine, beloved wife of Gwtavc A. Uerzog, and mother of Emll, Frederick . and- Augusta Ij. Herzog anil Mrs. Nellie Andrews, a native of Germany, aged W.i years 3' months- and 9 days.. . --. :\u25a0 The funeral services will be held tomorrow (Tuesday), at ;11 o'clock a.' m.," from the funeral parlors of. Bunker &' Luor, : 5606. Mis- sion Ktr«v.-t between Twenty-second and Twen- tj"-tliird (Mission Masouie temple). Inter- ment "private.' \u25a0 i. . JOHNSON— In this city. December 17. 1909, Harry Andrew Johnson, beloved son of Laura G. aud tbe Jate Andrew Johnson, and brother of -Edward A. Johnson of Hartford. la.; Anna t.T.. l.atiri (j.. Nora, Emma ().. Minnie and Maud Johnsoa- ami thy late Walter J. and George B. Johnson, a native of Chicago, III.; age«l 22 years 11 months and 18 days." (Chi- cago, 111.. p«;>ers please copy.> Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attcnJ the funeral services to- day -i Monday 1, . Dcertiiber 2ti. lUtift. at 10:30 o'clock a. m.,.at the' new funeral chapel of Charles 11. J". Truman. "1919 Mission street Iwtween Fifteenth and sixteenth. Interment Grcfolawn cemetery, by 11:30 train from Tvveiity-iiftb and Valencia streets. - KANARY— in this city. December IS, 1900. at her late residence. 37« Oak street, Catherine Kanary. a native of Ireland* The funeral will take place today (Mon- davi, at !> o'clock a. m., from Sacred Heart cliuicii. where a requiem mass will be cele- brated for the repose of ber soul. KARSKI— In tbis city, December 19. 1909, .Martha Karskl. dearly beloved daughter -of Hannah aud the late Gabriel Karskl, and be- • loved sister of A. C. Karski and tbe late Charles , Karski, a native, of Oakdale. Cat., aged 2ti years. A member of Deborah Benefi- cial society. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral today : (Mon- day ». December 20, at 10 o'clock a: nj.. from the parlor* of Theo. Dierks & Co.. 000 De- visatlero street cormr of McAllister* Interment " Hills of Eternity cemetery, by 11:30 o'clock traiu from Third and Townsend streets. ' KING— In this city. December 17. 1609. Frank- lin H. King, a native of .Obio.'aged 69 years. KOTSOTAS— In this city. December 17. J909. - A gel is Kotsotas, a native of Greece, aged 3.'* years. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the fum-ral services today lMouda>». December 20, IKO9, at 1 o'clock p. m., at the Greek church, /Huss and Har- rison streets. Interment Mount Olivet ceme- tery, by carriage. Remains at (he new funeral c!iapel of Charles H. J. Truman. 1919 Mission street between Fiftwnth and 'Sixteenth. LENSCH— In IVtaluma, Cal.. December 18,- 1909, Miiry Ann. beloved wife of Albert P. Lensch, aud mother of Mrs. Hattie Le Kose. Mr*. Lena Howie, Mrs. Eva - Dannals and M.' H. Whipple, and sister of Mrs. B. K. Albertsou. a native of Springfield. 111., ag«l ."3 years. '(Victoria, . B. C. papers please copy.) Frauds and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services today (Monday), December 20. \ 1909. at 2 o'clock p. m., at the parlors of CarCw & English, 161S Geary strceti. Cremation I. O. O. F. ceme- tery. MAZZINI— In Stockton. Cal., December 18. l»09. Alplionse J., dearly beloved brother of Achilles J. Mazzinl, and loving nephew of Mrs. J. Na- varre and Mrs. C. Sousa, a native of San Francisco. Cal., aged 22 years and 9 months. McDERMOTT— In this city. December 17, 1909," Bernard J., dearly beloved htssband of Mary ilcDermott, and father of Mary J. McDer- mo'.t, a native of County Uiwcnmmon, Ireland, aged 70 years. Friends and acquaintances , are respectfully invited to . attend the funeral today (Mon- day). December 20. at 9:15' a. m., from his late residence, 1233 Florida street, thence to St. Peter's church, where a requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of bis soul, cT)mm»-nclng at 9:4j o'clock a. m. Interment \u25a0 Holy Cross cemetery. MEYERS— In lurs city,,. December IS, 1909. Lizzie M.. dearly Iwloved wife of Henry Mey- * ers, daughter of Henry Cuzens. and Hattie Hfftl, aud sister •of Mrs. . Lottie L. Brown, Hattie G. Hefti and William Cuzens, a na- tive of Altamont. San Jouquin valley, Cal.; • aged 33 years 9. mouths and 20 days. . Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited tu. attend tlie funeral tomorrow (Tues- day), at 10:45 -a.'.. m.\ from tbe parlors of H. F. Suhr & Co.', 2!>19 Mission street between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth. Interment Cy- press Lawn cemetery, by 11:30 a. m. \u25a0 train frvii Twenty-flfth and * Valencia streets.'* - MORGAN— in this [ city. December • 10. 1900, James, belovcil husband of JVlargaret Morgan, a native of, the parish of Mullagli, County Cavan.; Ireland, aged 4S- years. , Notice of funeral ' hereafter. Remains at .the' parlors of McAvoy & O'Hara, 2224 Market street near Hfteentb. RATIGAN— In I'rjjitvale. Cal.'. December 17. . l'.Kli*. Ann KatlgaD. l>eloved sister \u25a0of Patrick Uatigan and tbe late Mrs. " Bridget Brooks, a native, of County Kascommon; Ireland, aged 81 jx-ars. |Bl|H | *®|@sBseK^vv \u25a0 \u25a0'• .f -.-?--•.,\u25a0 - Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in\Tted to attend the' fnnernl today. (Mon- day*. Deeeml>er 20/ 10U9, at » o'clock a. m:. MOUNT OLIVET A NON-SECTARIAN • C E ME TER V Office; Grant Bldg., Market & Vth Sts. I BAR CARPET DYEING DRESS EMPLO - ..-.\u25a0••;.• FEMALE FLATB FLATS FLATS FLATS- FOR \u25a0.'.-, FURS. GLASS HOUSEB iO LEGAL LOST . MALE MINES MONEY. :•:•;.; OFFICES PATENT REAL, " REAL „ REAL REAL AEAL REAL ROOMS' ROOMS ROOMS ROOMS ROOMS SEWING UNPAID from where - for RYAN— nelius son Mrs. 'and . f ncle . \u25a0 Scott, S Bush : ' • I . •street : . , scu,- a, Mrs. wcrd ' of of- , j la., r . & and tend the F. ..and 7 1 ' - . day), from j; -,- YON city, • yon-, ' Marie ing gust A ply. •7 < , vited ;7day),'. late VOSS— .' Fred j ete^n. . 14 day) 155 : , 'My \u25a0 ' man. \u0084 and. . '.'l^ina a ; I day), from : ' \u25a0 -tery,-. -late • . bama " . a , '9. Main and "•\u25a0 .'* v -

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