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WFM - Inventor of 'Whip' j Never Rode on One Golden...
Inventor of 'Whip' j Never Rode on One Golden Wedding Nears William F. )Iangel, Veteran Maker of Amusement Amusement Devices, I ConTinced the Carrousel Carrousel Is Here to Stav to a Constitu-! Constitu-! Put- ' I to ; ' Br ALICE COG AN Life my t a merry-go-round, merry-go-round, merry-go-round, merry-go-round, merry-go-round, as the wise ones preach, t A tctz az. reist the beautiful bobbing horse with the I-,:rr,:r,cus I-,:rr,:r,cus lare-der lare-der lare-der eyes? P.erresibcr as a child, the Joyous thrill, when mother or b:g srrer. or daddy cr the r.uri-triAiS r.uri-triAiS r.uri-triAiS liftrl yoa up on a fierce animals are definitely out In all-abo-t all-abo-t Jour-year-olds ! as prir.rirj. gL.enzig steed with eyas and c2 you went pricr-g pricr-g pricr-g 10 a rv, v C2tt? F" ir coeEP aM fun nay ga, but tie carrxsset row around forever. forever. No xtse whaa she newest iais ft iters, tit aataaersefit par k or rrr-. rrr-. rrr-. a. &s not iut that ran 09 wrthact a earrocsei and trie har5 iuy 3aE.t!ar eyea. Trtona Ttfts Hatarr Ask tiie Tcscrac aserry-fo-roond aserry-fo-roond aserry-fo-roond aserry-fo-roond aserry-fo-roond maker. Tlaa F- F- Uacgela. afl years a bs&xess as Ccoey Kanrt. and in-vertar in-vertar in-vertar ci 3i aanarrwEl devices, ta-ehiixg ta-ehiixg ta-ehiixg lie w- w- tec Rotar Road t9 DunrTi,, Bea Est race and other heart-po.Tiriig heart-po.Tiriig heart-po.Tiriig 5rJ enexs. f -rs -rs oi ai ilr M aryeZa wtll cor- cor- reel ?oo 5x ra'lg a merry-go- merry-go- merry-go- merry-go- r9aaa- r9aaa- H - Of t5 fT ' J0' f3 Back a tie fay Ur o Louis XIV. Lhe French cscrt held jocacs witli real In becses. bcOa-tlT bcOa-tlT bcOa-tlT bedecked i to with XweX. Ttivrji and Car niks. It nt ccuy fur r:5i-iT. r:5i-iT. r:5i-iT. bus the commcffl ww-lii ww-lii ww-lii peek ttrousi the fear. Tie jrxjssi were called carrousel aad so fasaxs wer they became ti Kace ti Carroll and j ? .fa:. J?,: the apple of his eye. The rough, and tumble whip has the merry-go-round merry-go-round merry-go-round merry-go-round merry-go-round trade, the vet eraa carrousel man made it plain. Horses are back enjoying their rightful popularity. For every child, even in motor-minded motor-minded motor-minded days, yearns to ride a horse, and only a few mortals are big game hunters at heart. The fast pace of modern days and the depression have cut into the carrousel trade, but Mr. Mangels still turns them out in his Coney Island shop and exports them to countries all over the world. Only last month he exported 24 tons of amusement devices to Arubadwi in the Dutch West Indies and included Sa the shipment was a grand carrousel carrousel with a real organ. Ha Love For Carrousel While he may make ferns wheels for children, with boats wired lilce birdcages so an enthusiastic Johnny doesn't fall out waving to mama, and any one of his other famous amusement devices, Mr. Mangels still maintains an affection for the carrousel. He has given it a prominent prominent place in his book on the "History "History of Amusement Devices," scheduled scheduled for publication in the Fall. And he has a notable collection oi car- car- today tbere 3 it f aaoocs Are du Carratsei. wtjeit cisyaded tourists same coes rrreiate ior the Are de Trjatphe. Geimaa T hiIit ravestor Tbea asc cax a German soy-maker soy-maker soy-maker i,-tii i,-tii i,-tii ssvrsed tee first carrousel carrousel wtia ci:e teline torses," i Mr. Macpeis 5Ett "He earned Eisen-berg, is by out the r.arf:T;i," principles of the or.giT-a or.giT-a or.giT-a r-arronseA. r-arronseA. r-arronseA. wtxa were glis-tier. glis-tier. glis-tier. music, mroDc. and horses." As ir w-fs.i w-fs.i w-fs.i carrousels tm-cerweta tm-cerweta tm-cerweta marx cazisr some im-provenjectK. im-provenjectK. im-provenjectK. bin ajsaTS the funda- funda- e j mental priarrpufs were there. For instant. : Pricce and: Germany chiSre; rai act pts instead of bcursav la EariadL sfcer have giant roofters. iart enuugi for three saddles, in days pace by. there have bpfE isrea. csurises. kacga-rcios. kacga-rcios. kacga-rcios. ugws arj asier stnroge beasts mounid -be -be a plli:iacrii so give children children MZii aiiiti, wo are children at heart, rii-es rii-es rii-es tHii 'round and Tound. Lieu. Ttpm Are Oat iit iiacs tzsL irrs ti other earned many dollars for the gentle, mild-mannered mild-mannered mild-mannered amusement maker. It has been patented in many countries. countries. He has watched it from the sidelines, but laughingly confessed he never braved a ride. Invented Bobbing Horse But a carrousel that is a horse of another color. Heis the inventor of the horse that bobs up and down. He has built carrousels with five horses abreast, large enough to give 300 persons a ride at one time. Deep sorrow creeps into his dark brown eyes as he speaks of the organ business business that has gone to the dogs, because because it is so much easier to make modern mosic witha loud speaker and a phonograph. To collect material for his book, Mr. Mangels has spent weeks in the New York Public Library, more weeks in the big British Museum. He has traveled in Italy to see a carrousel motivated by fat little ponies, with bells in their harnesses, Mr. and Mrs. Max Polonsky of 371 Monroe St., who will celebrate on Aug. 19 the anniversary ot their marriage in Russia 50 years ago. Mr. Polonsky is chief trustee of the Congregation Gates of Prayer, Van Buren St. and Sumner Ave.; an organizer and former president of the Agudath Achim Anche Smiela; an organizer of the Van Buren St. Talmud and one of the oldest members of the Borough of Brooklyn Lodge, Inc. The couple will be honored by their children and grandchildren at a dinner party Sunday night, Aug. 16. Moses Offers Screen Rikers Island Would Plant Foliage to Hide Garbage Dumps From Visitors to Fair A preliminary plan for landscaping landscaping unsightly Rikers Island by using follagi to screen the refuse dumps from World's Fair visitors was mads public today by Park Commissioner Robert Moses. Copies of the plan, which calls for an estimated expenditure of about $184,000, were forwarded to Mayor LaGuardla, Controller Frank J. Taylor, AWermanlc President Timothy J. Sullivan and the World's Fair Committee of the Board of Estimate. "With the completion of the Tri-borough Tri-borough Tri-borough Bridge and the Grand Central Parkway and the approach of a great World's Fair," Commissioner Commissioner Moses wrote, "it is incon ceivable that the City of New York can tolerate the unsightly and unsavory unsavory nuisance of Rikers Island. Offense to Visitors "New York City cannot afford to offend World's Fair visitors with going round and round in the center. center. He has a rare photograph of a carrousel in th '60s that had man power. Two men pushed it around, while two others beat a drum and played a trumpet to make merry music. Patents Fill Books The walls of his office in the W. 8th St. shop are lined with heavy regally-bound regally-bound regally-bound books containing all the patents on amusement devices. The Winter is the busy season for fun-making fun-making fun-making devices, but the men in the factory are busy now with motors, models, screws and repairs. Coney Island gets about 5 percent percent of his business. He has sent carrousels to New Zealand and to Asbury Park, to Australia and to Alaska. He has invented shooting galleries that are safe enough for hotel lawns. He is that rare combination combination of dreamer and executive the business man and the inventor. And always his heart will thrill at the mention of the sarrousel. They are made in two distinct types the portable and the permanent. Traveling carnival companies must have carrousels that can be put up in two hours and moved on another two hours notice. Lou can't put elaborate details into portables. But the permanent carrousel is a thing of beauty, a Joy forever. Mr. Mangels Mangels still loves to look at his handiwork handiwork at Feltman's a carrousel that he put up years ago. Carved Ovt of Wooe The horse with the lavendar eyes that thrilled you as a child is hand-constructed hand-constructed hand-constructed of a fine grain lumber, white wood or basswood. The art is to produce a good figure and for can qualify. Mr. Mangels can walk into his factory, where an old -merry-go-round -merry-go-round -merry-go-round -merry-go-round -merry-go-round -merry-go-round has been sent for repairs, glance at a horse and tell who carved it. He speaks of wood carvers who start their craft in fashioning the body, graduate to the legs and work up to the head. "When a man carves a good head, he knows he has done something," he said. "In the old days I would look at a man at work, see he was fumbling with a head and put him back on legs." Crate For Gold Manea Once there was a craze for gold manes. It was a gaudy fad and fortunately glittered Itself out. But every now and then a whole collection collection of gilt-maned gilt-maned gilt-maned horses will pile back into the Mangels factory. itTUl ID 'Ul! : 63 ED ABRAHAM f tn the burnings of refuse on Island in connection with an obsolete system of garbage and disposal. The Commissioner aoinu out the Department of Sanitation ruled that dumptnf on ths must continue up to tht opening the Fair and after its closing. In view of this circumstance, proposes that the refua be according to a systematic plan beautify the topograph; of island and to mako it possible screen tht offending refuse publio view. Would Cast S117.5M Four million eublc Tarda of material is dumped annually on Island. Commissioner Moses' calls for grading to cost inu0 and planting to cost WJbOQ. He recommends the planting rapid-crowing rapid-crowing rapid-crowing and drought-resistant drought-resistant trees and cites as black locust, alianthus, gray poplar, Russian olive, box and catalpa. Such trees, in the 8pring of 1938, should an effective screen from IS feet high by the opening of Fair, he says. Mrs. Thomas McDonnell of Beverly Road, and her Miss Rita Mai McDonnell spending their vacation at Jamesport. where they have Miss Geraldine McDonnell and McDonnell's mother, Mrs. E. Cal-ruy who are spending the there. They will return some in the early part of September. Rogers Peel Suit

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle09 Aug 1936, SunPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)09 Aug 1936, SunPage 4
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