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WFM AMPR - George Currie's BROOKIVN But that is not estate...
George Currie's BROOKIVN But that is not estate S fiscal j figure ON A on increase Most folks think that Coney Island is the home of the hot dog and the giant switchback and the barker now wired in fnr ennnH tn ,v, jn . . . . ior sound (and what sound!), and tremendous lams of jatuiuay anernoon ana a Sunday tthole truth. To be sure, Coney does claim to have invented the "red hot" and even celebrated its golden wedding to the finger roll on July 23, 1939. With a great rivie riemnn ;tra-isubm'ltoc' ;tra-isubm'ltoc' covT ktnr ;or it fwho started c" tohey "ion 1 invent tne trankiurter. Or, for that matter, the finger roll. Well it may have been, however, that some 1944-45 gastronomic genius of Surf Ave. arranged the immortal union of the one to the other. Tradition ascribes it to Grandfather Feltman. ia,n This idle reverie was engendered by a base report that:011 the Island was wondering if it might not help out the meat shortage by cutting the size of its tasty sizzling puppies in; half, for the Summer. Frenzied telephone inquiry occasioned only pitiful yelps of great pain. You might even call the rumor a foul canard, except that canard is also French for $13,818.-duck, and that would be carrying a pun too far. j But it served to remind me that not always is the ! ties Island devoted only to the collection of nickels and dimes and quarters, although don't let us jump to the conclusion lhe that it treats the little coins with any careless contempt. They are held in respectful esteem, down there. And have been, since long before "Hot Corn Ike." (By the way, whatever became of the hot corn salesmen?) jhave To return to our knitting, though, I would like to tell the you about a little place at the corner of W. 8th St. and the said-Sheepshead Bay Road, a site proffered by the Brooklyn Bor- Bor- ough Gas Co. through the good offices of Mary Dillon. It is off white in its simplicity, with diamond-shaped diamond-shaped diamond-shaped window, and panes. Most of the time it is under lock and key, but due! to no fault, of its own 25. of real In 1927, Mr. Mangels attended the National Convention: of Amusement Parks in Chicago and proposed the museum j Idea. By unanimous consent, it was deemed the project ff--aBTT; utui-should occupy some corner in Coney Island. But like many resolutions it was left mostly to the resolver to doi the digging, arrange for the housing and, more or less assume responsibility for the whole blooming idea. Mr. Mangels started out right nobly. Technically, it is called the American Museum of Public Recreation. More rightfully, it should be called the apple of the eye of William F. Mangels. Mr. Mangels, now in his late 70s, is a carrousel manufacturer, with a plant at 28G3 W. 8th St. In lay language, he builds merry-go-rounds. merry-go-rounds. merry-go-rounds. merry-go-rounds. merry-go-rounds. Mangels' carrousels are to the Midway cognoscenti what Tiffany's wares are to the wearers of diamond dog-collars dog-collars dog-collars and Duke Ellington's jive is to the tootsie itches of the bobby-soxers. bobby-soxers. bobby-soxers. The little museum houses, for instance, the original model of the death-defying death-defying death-defying Loop-the-Loop. Loop-the-Loop. Loop-the-Loop. Loop-the-Loop. Loop-the-Loop. Its technical technical name is "centrifugal railway." E. Prescott thought it up. For a while, it was a 19th century sensation. Alack and alas, however, some folks just simply had no sense. Mechanically it functioned just fine. It was not, on the other hand, a toy for women out to take a ride with a babe in arms or the jolly cut-ups cut-ups cut-ups of the day. And there Is the model of the LaMarcus A. Thompson a 11 11 ,(.n.rn.. " natantnH in Washintrtnn 1n KKM i-na i-na 1, Vu ' of r " Patpt ! after it had been running for four years at Coney. Patent No. 310,966 was a marvel OI ICS time, lor iair. ine muoeunuy has the original working car. YOU throw a SWltcn ana electricity starts the little model working, even now. It u fm, fur Tnninr npvt f!hri.5t.mas. Not thatl Mr. Mangels would ever let you put a hand upon it. Then, there is a steam-driven steam-driven steam-driven motorbike and ancient lions and horses whose gilt trappings are only a little austy onlv sliehtlv tarnished. And a barrel organ that Stephen Foster's music from perforated cardboard. Of pride and joy to Mr. Mangels is the collection of old amusement patents. It was assembled after much patient research, a labor of love that was not without some reward. For Mr. ' Mangels had to pore over, among others, many rurious Datents from the brains and boards of Robert Fulton nnri Thomas Alva Edison. The first amusement patent, of plays mo.-, mo.-, mo.-, a - , i virt miiefliim irnnw wns i.KMn 11 i . e .wer so iar Ho iiv iinu uic .w.v,.., - 1799 and 1847. It has been easier to classify them since then, Tn nil the W 8th St. Place has 164 under lock and key, to be displayed with proper reverence to the Coney intelligentsia. intelligentsia. The little museum is not yet geared for the rubberneck trade. A charter lurks in the background; but in 1929 came the smash and then arrived the depression and followed World War II. Still, there will come a day. "And you can say the museum has been collecting collecting remarkably little dust," said Mr. Marty Ehrman, who is, when you come down to it, practically Mr. Coney Island himself. to be ! Support the mighty! 7th WAR LOAN ROGERS PEET OPEN ALL DAY TOMORROW New British 14th Army

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle01 Jun 1945, FriPage 3

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)01 Jun 1945, FriPage 3
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