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REG buy Memphis club - Blli- of i in I, ir-ler ir-ler ')'.' is to...
Blli- of i in I, ir-ler ir-ler ')'.' is to fill. base-laif by Wash- to ST. LOUIS MILLIONAIRE BUYS MEMPHIS CLUB Russell E. Gardner Takes Over Holdings of President President Coleman. A STIFF PRICE IS PAID Retiring President Declares He Would Be Hoodoo to Best Club in World. M KM PUIS. Teiut.. .Mav 'J.- 'J.- (Sne-i-iiil.i- (Sne-i-iiil.i- (Sne-i-iiil.i- (Sne-i-iiil.i- (Sne-i-iiil.i- (Sne-i-iiil.i- The Memphis l-aselmll l-aselmll l-aselmll club wan sold Friday a I noon hi llu.sell -;. -;. Gardner, inillioiiaire clubman of St. Louis. Gardner will usHlllie active control control .lime I. 1'n-sulctiL 1'n-sulctiL 1'n-sulctiL Coleman refused (o furnish tiie figures on (he ileal, but H is known I !mt ( in nine) ha turned over n Ue;ii juice or ( ulennin would not have sold. Hie entry of Gardner as the local jires-ideut jires-ideut jires-ideut will not, mean Hie puiii" ot Mike l-'inn l-'inn l-'inn manager oi the club, as lh'' ( 'lt is .signed up to an ironclad agreement, Gardner has been after the local elub for years, but could never reach a satisfactory satisfactory agreement w it'll Cott'tnan. It was "cue rally understood that President Coleman wanted more for hi stock than Gardner was willing to pay, and as neither would give an inch, mutters mutters were dropped wit h a sickening1 thud. Huring the past, week, however. Coleman was broached and 'was found to be in n willing frame of mind. I Gardner was represented by Marl Ml j Speed, who turned the trick handily. peed and iianiuer are very ciosc friends. Mr. Coleman stated that he did not know whether the minority -loek!mld-ers -loek!mld-ers -loek!mld-ers -loek!mld-ers had sold their shares, 'but thought it. most likely that they had- had- Several of them slated Friday that they were willing willing to follow tlm'lejni of Coleman, mnl in this case, (hey must have sold out. The only one mit of the city is T. 1 McCullouirh. who controls H";" shares, and who onlv a year ago instituted a si:i;, against Mr. Coleman, claiming t li rt t fie viii not get t i tig money from his stock. WON" PFXXAXT IN 1 i04. The case was brought to court and McCullough lost out. lie is now in the J west somewhere. The last time Memphis: Memphis: won a pennant, was in 11(01, and since then thev have wandered about 1 with varying '.success. The past lour j years have been disastrous, and while; it appeared for a time that the worm j would turn this season, said worm re- re- ! fuses to stir, preferring to sulk in the! cellar a train. ' The following men own stock in the elub: President Frank I- I- Coleman. V-F. V-F. V-F. McCulluugh. Sim Itarinds. .1. J. Collins. Collins. A. J. On key, Ihnrv H. Jioyd- Jioyd- Coleman has considered himself a hoodoo that iiie b:-t b:-t b:-t hull team in the world could vat meremm, and if this is the ease, the entry of Gardner ought to bring about the (.csired results. ''I've done everythim: in my power to give Memphis' a winning baseball team," said Coleman, "but it just look" like they can't . have one ns long as I am contieeted with it. "Therefore, I am going to Hten. down and out and see what , will happen. J have told mv malingers' that they bad entire control of the elub and that th success of the club would depend en-tirelv. en-tirelv. en-tirelv. upon their efforts to bring about a w'iuiif r. In connection with this, J have always given them tree rein in the matter of purehasitiir players, but Mr. Gardner mav use his capital lav-j lav-j lav-j HKKNIIAKI) I'WILKn. Hill Benihard left Nashville to come to Memphis and win a pennant, hut 1 thn fnrinei V:m finished so deep in the I mire that it annually took a Lick Ob- Ob- servat to locale his hen leu 1iu!k; when for a Hie season etuleo. The I'an.s cried J new leader, bluniih'' Itill lor the 1 rlli. Finn was secured and there was low lie .Mik joy ev nizcil iii."iiu; There stride the ci' uuile ry where mr the ( elt was vreo,- vreo,- j s' tiie peer of the in .ill at tuv- tuv- i , irst-el; irst-el; irst-el; teams. is no need of revamp li- li- the of Jic team to date. v. arc in i dlar. solidly, steadfastly and fori u period (if time to come-Vardtier come-Vardtier come-Vardtier mav ti-e ti-e ti-e fits capital lav-j lav-j lav-j md bring im to the top, but this , I'inaiiis in be dope. ' 1(. ishlv ever, as Coleman has said: " 1 In ho.uio' what 'I is now removed. Let a be done." Gh;!)s. V.'.L.P "f. ('Jul'--. ('Jul'--. ('Jul'--. ('Jul'--. W.T..rcl. ilalthiH, '... s 7 .T-- .T-- .T-- IhrtiHlo 1 l-i l-i l-i ? SI. Louis.... IS M dV I rmdilyn... I'i VI . Chicayn ir. i: Kan. Git v.. 11 17 A.-'Z A.-'Z A.-'Z Indianapolis II 11 I 111 sburfih. 1" 17 VKSTKllDA Y'S uySl'UTS. Hall liuore Glilcao Kansas ry . prooklvu 2. St. Coins Pittshui'.yh :i. Indlanaiiolis-IUirfalo. Indlanaiiolis-IUirfalo. Indlanaiiolis-IUirfalo. rain. W11KI1H TIlIiY I 'LA V TODAV. Kansas City at Brooklyn. Ht. Louis at Pittsburgh. Ghlcarfo at rJaHlinore. Indianapolts at Duffalo. Chifeds Losers. PAL'I I.MOKK, May L'2. Ilaltinmre made i' two strai);lu from (.'Idea go hy winning teday's game. S to In the second and seventh Innings Meyer ami Ihincan. re-sptctl re-sptctl re-sptctl !'ly. inii'le home runs, each sending sending two Baltimore runners in ahead. Score bv innings. 11.1-!. 11.1-!. 11.1-!. K. Halllmore a 0 ft n 0 :i (1 -S -S S 1 Chit ago 1'iOOM n 0-f 0-f 0-f -0 -0 3 i:atteries--Vilhelm i:atteries--Vilhelm i:atteries--Vilhelm i:atteries--Vilhelm aim llusscll; l,ange, risli and I'.rennan. Play Tie Game. PITTSBURGH. Mav 21'.-The 21'.-The 21'.-The game between between St. Louis an.l I'ittsoiugh was called at the. end of the ninth inning todav on account of rain with the score ;t to H. St. Louis scored all their runs in the fourth when Manager Gaiiep. play-inc; play-inc; play-inc; center field for Pittshurgli, allowed Crandall's single to get away from him. Score bv innings- innings- U. 11.10. Kt Louis l 0 0 :t i 0 0 0 n ;t r 2 T'ittshurgli 1 1 ft it 0 o 0 0 13 S 2 . (Gami called account of rain). Bat! erlfs Groom and Hartley; Knet-zer Knet-zer Knet-zer and Berry. Kawfeds Winners. Bill JOKLYN. May 22.- 22.- Byron Houck pitched his first gam-- gam-- gam-- in the Federal league today and lost it. The young twirler who jumped from organized baseball baseball when the Philadelphia Americans released him reeepllv. to the Baltimore Internationals wa wild in the opening Inning aualnst Kansas City today, and this and a iag;;ed defense hy his teammates, teammates, the Brooklyns. cost him the ga me. Score bv innings R.II.K. Kansas Citv 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0- 0- HI I Brooklyn 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 12 i 3 Batteries Adams and Kasteily; Houck and Land. COLLEGE BASEBALL o o At Chicago Northwestern, f; Purdue, 0. At swarthmore, Pa. Swarthmore, 6; Michigan. 5. Appalachian League W. L. I ' : W. L. pet. Morristown :: - Knoxville.. 2 3 .too Harrlman.. n 2 .w- .w- MMdh-shV MMdh-shV MMdh-shV 2 :i .Hi) At KnoxviIle-Knox KnoxviIle-Knox KnoxviIle-Knox ilh- ilh- 2, llariiman At Morristown Morristown 7, Middle j-boro j-boro j-boro 4. FEDERAL LEAGUE 0 , I

Clipped from The Tennessean23 May 1914, SatPage 9

The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee)23 May 1914, SatPage 9
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