Puhi Camp Botulism Deaths

Puhi Camp Botulism Deaths - ,1 IlOVSEHOLl) TRAGEDY The tragedy of the...
,1 IlOVSEHOLl) TRAGEDY The tragedy of the family at Puhi camp thai was entirely wiped out last week by botulism brings home to us the rare and the precautions that are necessary in the use of canned goods and some other classes of food stuffs lhat are purchased even in the best stores. Last year a wave of botulism swept the country taking a heavy toll of lives. It was a long time before the doctors discovered lhat lite cause was improperly canned ripe olives. A little later another botulism epidemic became somewhat general. Canned spinach mid similar vegetables received the blame lhat time. The food specialists found by tests that the poisons or micro-organisms, whatever it is that does the damage, could have been entirely eliminated by the proper heating of the cgetablcs before serving. The spinach was always heated to the boiling point, of course, before it was served. That was sufficient to eliminate the. poisons on I lie outer mass of the foods, l.ut on the inside was a portion that was not healed as much as that on the outside. That si ill contained a deadly poison. The authorities that investigated the spinach cases said that boiling or heating the vegetables at least twenty minutes is sufficient to make them safe. The fact that many people ate of the same salmon eggs that caused the death of the Puhi family, and that no other family was affected leads one to think that probably ihere was something wrong in the way the unfortunate family handled their food. It is said that the bought it several days before they ute it and that they kept it in a tin utensil during that time. That may account for the poison. People have used canned goods long enough now so that most all know that as soon as they open a tin cau they should remove the contents. It's just as bad to buy other like foodstuffs and to keep them in tins of that description. It may not have been the tin that caused the poison at all. Hut 1he peculiar incident makes it enough of a probability so that it is a good. precaution not to leave easly decayed food stuffs in tins for any length of time.

Clipped from
  1. The Garden Island,
  2. 09 May 1922, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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