keen, ransom see also c w denning 1896 nc delegates precinct no 1

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keen, ransom see also c w denning 1896 nc delegates precinct no 1 - which Sept. 2Ctb the Allianep lihh a. 4 luo....
which Sept. 2Ctb the Allianep lihh a. 4 luo. Democratic vofers Alternates J A iuau W. B. .1 A fnrnah a T A uv . icmocraiio vol era oil.. Grantham township met together ba8Ber Dlck at Grantham's Store. Sect. 10th. zdI. Gco " and snnointirxl fhn fnIlnMn A I W D Adams, for 1 I -V-..W -V-..W -V-..W -V-..W ..ii "tit" . . . wasm temporary PiU-pnt. PiU-pnt. PiU-pnt. cr. W. B Fort W. Denninjr, Ransom Keen was Aiin(.c r e-t. e-t. e-t. i iiiuiuoito u. ks. jjiornion. I .- .- uluui v Ueorco Koso, U. E. Grantham eornmnlpd r it b., ' "v Date. V gates to the county convention: an1 Lone for Precinct No. 1. nominated by Deleirates Charlev Edward. Tno 'oHowiig R. A. Whitfield, John Bizzell, C. nominated by nanuiy joun Mozinjro nominated r ii ' ,r ri n-T.' n-T.' n-T.' . ... nuuwovu puvi ax. v. XJiZZCH. 1 t 4 T o a iiiuv:t .y yJ, z. I "" Dclcffatcs-A. Dclcffatcs-A. Dclcffatcs-A. G. Jordan. Jm trcaurcrf whereupon Pike .I imi i. Pike th- th- to vote lor James sheriff and A T Smith, L C. McCullin. - I thanked the Alternates Geo. Joyner, IrvbIC0P,e OI 1118 Grantham, W. E. Blackman. nnd confidence in him to rmv I all Democratic voters that wish to rhown an(1 ted i i . ii . Inheriif Sinlt mcinn.1 - wutwiuui; ULCIB lUai WIPQ 10, I ' . Preeint No wero roonl in .Hnn.t on.t Sheriff Scott instead ..... . "UVA 1 Tl ... .me uonvcnuon . . . w iUKlw c "V"ruJ, tuoir pro raU sharoof tho vote. delfkra- delfkra- fj i n-:c, n-:c, n-:c, A , i I power i. L u T nm,nated for BDCKLEN'S . ' x collector, a W. Dennini? for . od niSb,eiWw Burch, ifenry C. Bizzell and O. M. Hriflnrprn lir rnises, oores, v."" '" - oi ttneum. fever. iiiairisirnioH. t adjourned. Ch'm. Con- Con- magistrates. Geo. M. Bridgers, See'y. fiAULSTO.V The followinjr dtlecati wrr elected from Saulston: Delegates-J. Delegates-J. Delegates-J. B. Smith, II. E. I R Y..1 chairman ped Bands, Chilblains, oam i.rupuons, ana Piles, or no pay mwcu uj zive nenect money refunded. Price THE DISCOVERY LIFE. Mr. G. CaillnupftA - w I ft! V.. teaversvuie, in., limiUl)l'l C- C- - , w..uu UMUU . i r . .aiuJ for tar rt.lU i.r ii p i?,.i,t ' I teaversville, chair, for constable, W. ll."wm Sn sJew Dovery W V .1 I w it xi-i?.. xi-i?.. xi-i?.. . . . I as iaK W. G Whitted. Ch'm. W R. Newsom, Sec'y. objectof thu ' WU1TF .. J business. t a ..,, ' m U at! .r?,1 ",e?t,n Ut, White to " Panct, Sept. 19, the fol- fol- Satardav ,0wng delegate wero elected: taken auu ineu an me mues aoout, dui or was given, up and not uve.- uve.- waving new uistovery m vn.n-ait"j vn.n-ait"j vn.n-ait"j eio viccuhi: wuhid Delesratc3 J M Rich. I f T? use &QI from the u rimes, t .alker.. Saturdav deie- deie- I Xt vi, w. I f , I - -" -" . vj . A can to fret better, Altcrnates-E Altcrnates-E Altcrnates-E M Head Atlas l0lhre? pottles was '

Clipped from Goldsboro Daily Argus22 Sep 1896, TuePage 4

Goldsboro Daily Argus (Goldsboro, North Carolina)22 Sep 1896, TuePage 4
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  • keen, ransom see also c w denning 1896 nc delegates precinct no 1

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