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UVS uERE CCMttfcmd frsM Pace Oae) boy, showed the stuff out of which heroes are patterned, each carrying two children of Mrs. Williams to the street Their battle against the smoke and flames was a hard one. Mrs. Wil Hams and her three other children, including William, a one - legged boy, after a hard time of it managed to reach the street The cripple collapsed on the second floor landing, and Cole, who was returning to give more aidr helped him to the street, PERKINS TO THE RESCUE. Louis Harris, aged fifteen years, who had been carried from the second floor of 121 to the street, and Mrs. Williams, collapsed when the street was reached and were carried to the St Charles hotel.' Their collapsing gave John J.' Perkins, promotor of wrestlers, who in the world of wrestling is known as Sam Perkins, a chance to show the value of quick thinking. Everybody was giving advice on bow to revive the two and no one was ac cepting It when Perkins entered the room and swept the crowd into one corner. Then he used methods in Vogue in the prize ring and on - the wrestling mat to revive the two. Fill ing his mouth with water he sprayed the faces of tne unconscious one. Then while he had one or two of the crowd fan the woman and child vigorously witn towels, ne worked their arms badt and forth. When the ambulance from the State hospital arrived, Perkins had the woman and boy revived. Eight families comprising forty memoers occupied apartments on the second and third floors of tne Good man block and In the buildings ad Joining. With the exception of the Williams family on the top floor of - j, the families escaped before the flames and smoke had seriously threatened them. The Goodman block in which the fire broke out is a three - story brick building with a two - story brick building extending to Raymond court ie lat ter building was used for a wnoiesaie dry goods department. At til the company had a gent's furnishing ctore and at 123 was its millinery department The flames broke out in the basement under the latter part and quickly reached up into the first floor. Here, Easter nnery gave rresn rue) to the fiames and sent them licking their way up to the apartments on the second and third floors, occupied by a Chinese restaurant and Cninese club. In 121 the Williams family occupied the third floor and in the same part lived Soo Hoo Doo, keeper of the Chinese restaurant, and his white wife. Harris, Murray and Pontee roomed in these apartments and there were several other roomers on the second floor'. ' COLE WAS A HERO. The flames after reaching the second floor over the millinery department broke through the wall and over Into 121. Back in a dark corner of the hall at 123, where he could not be discovered unless some one walked on him, crept Cole, the colored boy late last night He had no place to sleep and upon finding the door of that building opened he sneaked quietly upstairs, picked out his spot and went to sleep. The flames in reaching the second floor came through the floor almost at bis feet The heat and sound of the blaze eating its way through the floor and wall awakened the boy. Thoroughly frightened he started from the building, forgetting the occupants for the instant. When he realized their danger he started the enactment of the hero's role. . North of the Goodman block is the clothing and shot store oi jacoo Nogli. Eugene Meyers and three chil dren, the Purvis family, Mr. ana Mrs. Jacob Shiftman and rour cniiaren, ir, nnri Mrs. Barney Mittleman and one child and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Levy They got out of th - building without any trouble. Except for water and smoke this building was not very reriouslv damaged. On the 60utb side ofthe burned block Is the locksmith store of George Fel ton which runs hack to Raymond court Several families also live over this store and they escaped withou much difficulty. This store was dam aeed bv water and smoke but the flames did not reach it After gutting the main building of the Empire company tne names swept to the brick addition in the back, causing part of the roof to collapse and destroying tne large stock oi roods. When the Central city nre compan ies reached the scene, the smoke and flames were pouring from almost every part of the Goodman building. A second alarm was at once turned in and in a few minutes later the third alarm was sounded. The firemen had a hard fight of it and it was not until a.ter an hour and a half of the most desperate sort of battling that the flames were conquered The damage to the Goodman store and block is estimated at JoO.OOO and the entire loss will go high above this figure. Tbe origin of the fire has not been discovered yet J. to is In

Clipped from
  1. The Scranton Truth,
  2. 22 Mar 1910, Tue,
  3. Page 9

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