Hugh Cameron love letters part 3

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Hugh Cameron love letters part 3 - jing: "You will undoubtedly be surprised...
jing: "You will undoubtedly be surprised surprised at the reception of a letter from me." The reverse happens to !be the case. I was surprised at the j non-reception, non-reception, non-reception, supposing that you had intentionally withheld such favors. favors. - - -- -- . - - - On the 24th of October, 1864, I sought to restore relations which 1 seemed to be impaired and prepared !a renewal of our correspondence, to j which I thought you then very kindly gave your consent. At that time my situation was peculiar. I had been snubbed in the faithful and conscientious conscientious discharge of sworn duty several times by a soft, luxurious eommand-(ing eommand-(ing eommand-(ing officer jvhose corrupted morals and fickle mind has invited the volupt ous and designing to usurp command, and on this particular occasion I was compelled to realize the potency of envy, weakness and factional patriotism. patriotism. All this, perhaps, would not have disturbed my equanimity very much had I not also been compelled to believe that my friends had given up the contest had withdrawn their con fidenee in me and were ready to withhold withhold their friendship. I think you remember what transpired at tht I time referred to. The conflict came and truth was vindicated. I left you : believing that your intimacy, with my enemies must have put you in possession possession of the facts of the attempt to humiliate and disgrace me. How far brother directed to Williard unless it, was one sent about the time I arrived here. Remember me kindly to your mother, sister and the -Colonel, -Colonel, -Colonel, and also the governor. Again I thank you for your generous letter of the twenty-first twenty-first twenty-first and for the enclosure, enclosure, and assure you that I am as ever, your devoted. - - iiught Good night. The Girl Weds Another Here the series suddenly ends with Cameron the accepted love of the beautiful Southern girl, and if there were but' the letters to draw upon, the reader would - say ' the con-vential"And con-vential"And con-vential"And they, lived happily ever afterwards.'' But Mrs. Smith is able to tell the anale of this story. Hugh Cameron goes into business in Washington, full of hope for the future, having saved $4,000 in his three years in the army to make a home for his sweetheart. sweetheart. But" the heroine weds another. She sends the love letters back to Cameron and . drops forever from this romantic tragedy. Mrs. Smith believes she moved to Portland, Ore., with her husband. In the very year Mary Phelps was . wedded Cameron's Cameron's health broke down and he returned returned to his- his- Kansas home to live apart from men. Love Cherished Through Life Time Huffh Cameron never forgot this this belief was without foundation Ijlove as is evidenced by the preser my original hope you ever, HUGH. is a writing Cameron's Mary of his of alludes mj'sterious breach reproaches her. have never known. I returned still smarting from my hurts (hurts not inflicted by an armed and honorable foe upon the battle- battle- j field) and mad that my success in ! consequence of being hindered had ;been so slight. The greeting I received received from you I did not properly 'appreciate It seemed like mockery, jl then resolved that I never would visit you again, but soon I knew the t folly of such an angry resolve. Then came our final parting, which might have been either more or less but it was enough to convince me at that time that a continuance of our correspondence correspondence was not desired by you having escaped as it were without letting me know where a letter would reach you. The detention of the let ters now before me did not refute refute this belief, while the protracted delay of our answers to the partial reply I made to them on the twenty-second twenty-second twenty-second of June last is of the same place, all like you, withholding a definite proposal I made you more than a year ago, lead to .the same conclusion that our etipid is not blind and directs his arrows artfully on purpose. You have here a partial statement of the cause which resulted in a year a partial silence. You also have a partial answer to your letters. I must reserve a portion of them unanswered unanswered as 1 may have to write to them again. fj My love for you has not by silence ur auacucc uccu luipa utu. x uuiu that there is no record which shows that I am not your accepted lover and until I receive your plain negative negative or an official notice of your marriage to another I must subscribe mvself your devoted. HUGH, He is Accepted Lover The last letter of the six that have been preserved through the decades since this little drama was enacted in life, was written from Washington and is one of the happiest of the series. Cameron has made his peace jwith Mary and she writes him a let ter full of love and tenderness, enclosing enclosing a picture of herself, and reproaching reproaching him for not having made some effort to see her. In this missive missive Cameron overflows with an exuberance exuberance of love and passion. Washington, D. C, Nov. 28, 1865. Dear Mary: Your angel's visit of the twentv- twentv- firsf instant, enclosing a picture of my pet is just received, for which accept accept ten thousand thanks. I will not try to tell you how I enjoy the silent messenger and the enclosure, nor of the happiness I have of possessing them. I desire to reassure you of an undivided and v?undeviating love that I hold the man a criminal who is guilty of intentional neglect and infidelity to his truth. I can not write in vindication of my conduct now nor seek to justify what I have done and left unlone, for while I grant forgiveness I ask to be forgiven. forgiven. Allow me, dear Mary, to assure you that I would have been more happy happy to have met you in New York, to have been with you at St. Louis and Springfield, but doubtful of the manner manner in which you might receive me I did not meet you. You know how much I would have suffered had you still an inclination to "wound" my "generous nature." I hope you will blame for vation of the letters through the many years of his lonely life. Three times he was completely burned out and practically everything he possessed possessed , destroyed, . yet the letters were preserved and when the snows of but a single winter had fallen upon the final resting place of the Kansas Hermit perhaps his spirit had flown to meet his Ma-y Ma-y Ma-y in that other ' world they come to light to tell the storv of his life's tragedy. FOR Easy Way - It it the easiest to rid the house of cockroaches, waterbugs, old reliable Stearns' Roach Paste which market for thirty It is ready mixed is in paste form, to blow away and See that every signature of J. J. you will get the guaranteed one where your When you buy you get the dependable sonable price, that years and always Col. R. F. Glass trip to Baldwin I ? TT PICKED UP ON THE STREETS. The ordeal through she looks forward of motherhood. of child-birth child-birth child-birth can renders piiaoie assisting nature By its aid women have crisis in safety. book of Information to THE BRADFIELD Atlanta, Lawrence is included on the rout ing of the big Star auto run which j will be pulled off the middle of next; month. The street car people will have a payroll this evening of more than $1600. In spite of the strike on Monday they have average more than 125 men a day on the gang and the last of the week have had 150. A. L. Carey returned Thursday from Las Animos, Colorado. He, together together with a number of North Lawrence Lawrence men have taken up claims in Colorado. Mr. Carey expects to move to Colorado sometime in the next year. According to the state bulletin of the board of health, Lawrence and Douglas county people were unusually unusually healthy during the past month. Four cases of tuberculosis were reported reported and two deaths from it, one diphtheria case, three scarlet fever and thirty measles, the wind np of the epidemic which raged over the county all spring. W. T. Wellman, the architect, is visiting in Kentucky, leaving last night to join his wife there. He expects expects to be gone for about two weeks. Dr. W. A. Powell will leave Monday Monday for Toledo, Ohio, and will return the first of September with his family. family. Dr. Powell is the new pastor of the Presbyterian church. For Rent 3 unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping; 3 short blocks from Mass. street. Parties without children preferred. For full particulars call Bell 1910. Don't try t cook these hot days, but enjoy the excellent meals served daily at the Lawrence house. When you want best fresh meat at low price try the Windmill grocery. Both phones. Prompt delivery is assured. We are prepared to do your work of hanging paper, painting or framing framing pictures. 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Clipped from Lawrence Daily World07 Aug 1909, SatPage 3

Lawrence Daily World (Lawrence, Kansas)07 Aug 1909, SatPage 3
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