Political support for movement and funding for experts

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Political support for movement and funding for experts - PROGRESSIVE CITIZENS PROMPTLY RESPOND TO THE...
PROGRESSIVE CITIZENS PROMPTLY RESPOND TO THE TELEGRAPH'S CALL FOR FUNDS. ALL IMRRISBURG. Councilman Vance IVlcCormick Employed an Expert at His Expense and Contributes to the Special Fund - Congress man Olmsted Writes a Letter Endorsing the Ftlovement - - Harrisburg People Are Ready for Better Things. Those doubting' citizens who think that the present boom for city improvements improvements is going to dissolve like a. morning - mi.st must revise their views. There is no longer any question question about the universal interest of our people in this movement for better better things for Harrisburg. Rich and poor are standing - together shoulder to shoulder and will aid in every way Hie efforts of those who are doing what they can to bring about the important important changes that are. so much needed. The suggestion of Mr. J. V. W. Reynders in last evening's "Telegraph" "Telegraph" to raise a fund for the employment employment of an expert engineer to investigate investigate and report on the best plans for the various improvements that have been considered was generally discussed last night, and to - day. It is regarded as a practical move and while many of those who have sub - , scribed to the fund believe it to be the. duty of the city to make these expenditures yel - they are willing for the good of Ila rrisburg' to make a public, contribution so that no time may be lost in getting under way. Before noon lo - day nearly $:.000 bad been subscribed, to the '"Telegraph" '"Telegraph" fund and other money is in bight. "With a fund of say $.",000 the services of an expert can be secured, and upon the basis of his report the people can vote intelligently when the question of a. loan for public improvements improvements is submitted to them at Ihe polls. It is fortunate in such a movement as this that - all interests are ready to co - operate in accomplishing - what, is now looked upon as a start toward a greater Karri.sburg - . ()1 her cities have been spending - money and they have reaped the fruits of their wise expenditures expenditures in largely increased industrial and manufacturing - plants and commercial commercial activity. P.usiness men of Harrisburg oug - ht to understand that they are more interested in these proposed proposed improvements 1han any other class of our citizens. All jealousies, if there are any, should be buried at such a time, and all our people should touch elbows in a grand forward movement.. "We haven't time in this stage of Ilarrisburg - 's development to bother with the pessimists who stand with their hands in their pockets, spitting - on the sidewalks and croaking croaking croaking - about those who are doing - everything everything possible to make of the city what it should be. It is gratifying to the "Telegra - ph" that the suggestion. made last Saturday lias had such sub stantial endorsement. Mr. Vance C. McCormick, a - member of Common Council, a nl one of the progressive young men of the city, has been quietly a I work for some weeks on a plan for 1he improvement of the water front and the abatement of the nuisance of Paxton Creek. Mr. McCormick has already expended two or three hundred dollars for ccrt advice, on how to eliminate (lie sew - ag - e problem along - Paxton ( reck and with City Fnginecr Cowden and Mr. T. T. Weirman, chief engineer of the Pennsylvania. Canal Company, has prepared for submission 1o Councils a report which will be Hie basis for an ordinance that is being drafted by City Solicitor Seitz at the request - of Mr. McCormick. Since iIk - abandonment abandonment of the Pennsylvania Canal, si sewers which now empty into the canal will have their outlet in Paxton Creek and as a. result certain property property holders threaten to bring suit for damages against I lie citv. It thcr.e fore becomes necessary for Harris burg - to take action - without delay Mr. Dcchant, of Heading, a noted civil engineer, was the expert employed by Mr. McCormick to investigate and report and his plan includes the mak ing of an open sewer in the channel of Paxton Creek', flushing - it from point above the city from the city mains. Mr. McCormick has thus done the, city a great service, and is ready to submit to Councils a practical plan for beginning work. fn the same connection it may be stated that Professor Harris, the farnus landscape architect of Prince ton university, and Mr. Meehan, of Meehan & Sons, of Philadelphia, who laid out the grounds at Lochiel. the summer home of ex - Senator Cameron, were both invited to prepare plans for the improvement of the river front and without each knowing anything about the other s plans they agreed upon the essential features of Ihe, improvement sugg - ested. Their idea is to extend the. sewers of the city. to a point in the river beyond a low wall which will prevent the sewage settling settling settling - along - the shore. When the sewer question shall have been determined the landscape and other ornamental features will follow. follow. Residents along v'ront street have already stated ihat they will bear their full share of the expense and more, but it must not be forgotten forgotten that such improvements as are contemplated arc beneficial to all parts of the city. r Editor "Telegraph:" Mr. Reynders' suggestion of last. night is real progress progress towrad a clean and beautiful Harrisburg. I will cheerfully add $50 to the fund for employing a landscape architect of known ability to make, suggestions, and call attention to the notable letter of Mr. Warren H. Manning Manning Manning - , of Host on, addressed to Mr. H offer nearly two years ago and published published in the "Telegraph." J. Horace McFarland. Congressman M. K. Olmsted writes i me jcjegrjjpn : - j snaii no very glad to contribute a hundred dollars. There are no subjects more important important to the people of this city at the present, time, indeed to the whole State, than forestry and sewerage, and they are more, closely allied than many may think whov have not personally personally observed the, wholesale destruction destruction of our forests now taking j place. One mill alone on the head j waters of one of the branches of the J Susquehanna saws' up Ihe timber i from live thousand acres every year, I and there are plenty of other mills at work. A half dozen streams, with - in my personal knowledge, that, had a good supply of water continuously 1 a decade" ago now almost disappear for half the year. j If this thing continues there will not be water enough in the Susquehanna, Susquehanna, a. few years hence to carry o1T the sewage from 1 he cities along if,s banks. Indeed, there was trouble last year. The condition of our sewerage system at. the present time, is a constant constant menace, to the health of the cily and something should be done prompt ly to remedy it." Mr. W graph : " to offer U. Fleming - writes the. "Tele - "It gives me great; pleasure a subscription of one linii - drcd dolla s to such a fund as is nee - cssary to make preliminary surveys Own and engineering investigalions into the several pieces of public work for which our backward city stands in great need. "It, is bad enough 'to know that most values in real estate, and property property generally in Harrisburg" have steadily declined for years and enterprises enterprises depending - on local support are almost at a standstill, while all other cities are reaping the golden harvest of unprecedented prosperity; but when the health of those dearest to us is menaced by a - detestable sewerage sewerage condition and we are compelled daily to breathe air also fouled by the offal of unclean and uncleanable streets, it would appear to the most careless that duty as well as common business shrewdness should prompt a sharp turn in these affairs. "The relief is practical and at hand. The so - called burden of taxes will not be such when the results of these improvements improvements are operative. The. money for improvements being - spent among our own people will create an immediate immediate impetus to local merchants and business men, while the, increased valite of property will far exceed the. increase in taxes, which latter should with good city government decrea.so gradually in years to come. "These are the effects actually existing existing in other cities where the experiment. experiment. if it may be so called has been made." A telegi - am just received from Mr. David Fleming, who is temporarily out of the citv. states he will most gladly subscribe the sum of $100 toward the public improvement in vestigation pla n. Mr. Fie mi ng - has always always been interested in these matters matters and endorses the. pract ica bilit v of the plan as well as the nrp - cicv of its needs. We regret that his ab sence 1rom the city prevents the porf unity of receiving - g - eneral expression expression of his views on the subject, but his prompt subscription proves the warm interest he has in these matters. matters. Editor of "Telcj rra - ph": T am in city improvements "Telegraph" and subscribe $100 to - sympathy with the ug - gested by the would be clad to ward it it. tins is carried out. Truly yours, Mrs. James Fleminc Mr. Manning's letter made sugges tions for the. improvement, of the citv which w ill be published hereaft er. I Those who have contributed to the. "Telegraph" fund for securing an xpert on the proposed improvements ire as iollows: Daily Telegraph, . . $100 . . 100 . . 20 . . 100 J. V. W. Reynders, . Miss Dock, . . . H. F. Martin, . . . W. B. Hammond, . George A. Gorgas, Vance McCormick, . J. Horace McFarland, G. M. McCauley, . L. S. Hart, . . . . W. R. Fleming, . . M. E. Olmsted, . . . David Fleming, . . T. T. Weirman, . . Mrs. James Fleming, . James I. Chamberlin, . . 100 . . 25 . . 500 . . 50 . . 100 . . 100 . . 100 . . 100 . . 100 . . 100 . . 100 . . 100

Clipped from Harrisburg Telegraph04 May 1901, SatPage 1

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)04 May 1901, SatPage 1
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  • Political support for movement and funding for experts

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