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i i TEACHING PHYSIOLOGY IN SCHOOLS MISS. J. L. EVERTS WHITES EXTEIITUXIXGLV OX LAWS GOVERNING HVCIEXIC. EDUCATION. Ed. "Sentlnel":-In 18S9 legislature of California eav us making It mandatory for Of OUr Duhlifi srhnnla w" teach all the pupils the effect in-alcohol upon the human system.1 law teachers This law is still on our statute books and if not enforced becomes a jeuer ana our children are the in of in of an I vtituivuv JL CHiO kill U J CUL, for tnat lg inot w tQ approacn jured ones Jn 1882 there was not a State educational temperance law in th3 United States. In 1902 every State and territory had passed temperance educational laws. Thirty States have a law, with a penalty attached, compelling teachers to teach the effects of alcohol as any other branch. In 1903 public attention in England , was called to popular Ignorance of the laws of health and the nature and effect of alcoholic drinks and other narcotics as a cause of the evil of intemperance. The royal commission of inquiry reported that more could be done to check degeneration resulting from drink by bringing home to men and women the future effect of alcohol on physical efficiency than "by-expatiating on the moral wickedness of drink. As a result, in 1904 a committee of thirty-one lead in sr RHtieh nw. w -- Q A J H J sicians was formed and issued a petition for the compulsory public school study of hygiene and temperance. Then they oegan the study of the different methods of instruction in this subject employed in America and other countries. At last they adopted the course of study proposed by 'Mrs. Mary Hunt for use in the United States. Sir Victor Horsley, F. R. S.. said. "We do not want nnv indirect treatment of this subject. one of the great subjects of the times". Can we afford to do less than our IBritish brothers in instructing our children? Professor Justin Grant of Zurich says, "The Americans by this instruction concerning alcohol have done their country a greater! service than they think. Such in-1 struction can not be imparted with out a foundation in laws of physiology, giving the idea that hu man life is based on definite laws" The transition from muscle man to nerve man begins with this instruction in earliest years. There are over 26,000,000 children of school age under temperance educa tional laws and every American citi zen snouia defend these laws as they would the flag itself, for the prosperity of our nation in the future depends upon our children of today The truth against strong drink and other narcotics lodged in the minds of the people is already becoming and destined to become more and more like the leaven "which the woman hid in three measures of meal until the whole was leavened" MRS. J. L. EVERTS. Santa Cruz. Jan. 24th

Clipped from
  1. Santa Cruz Sentinel,
  2. 26 Jan 1906, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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