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American Cancer Society Home? - jet by| wnen j), e "stopped here circuit --...
jet by| wnen j), e "stopped here circuit -- watches. to into the Notice i\ Hereby riven 10 tae public and all persons interested therein of a public heshra to be tieM by Ire Zonlr.r plan toj^^^»^^' u r S 7a; W Ap B -"''ft 1966 at 3:W P.m. in th* Common Cnun- NoHce Of Hearing Of The Zoning Board Of Appeals Of The City Of Bridgeport SC6 HAMILTON STREET. PeUHoa et Hit Motley. o»ner, lor a variant* ot Iparl ' el1 Chambers. City Hal!. -5 Ltfon Tei- ieaa-i rlrp Br jd, tw) n. Connecticut and that U copy o! this said Cernan in th * *?'««.°« lh ! is on necessary with correctly 8 began the minutes worked the him to lead- jets. changes Gemini S's which a bet- be- assured. John represen- resigned Council, his retail 75 High M. P Rose of the fout been filed . _ lh* City Clerk relative .,, ..i* followinz Wiltons m -.vhit-Ji the Zoninz Board ol Appeals is requested to ry (he applications ot thr Xonin2 Kez- itiont of ihe City of BndztDori as to · described properties in the follow- K pankiilars. The numbers prtwdinz the !PG»! ad- rttsements below represent ihe order which the petitions will be heard on e Board's asffida. ?61 BARNUM AVENUE NORTH- EST CORNER PARK STREET. Pet! ot nwe!!in«. Incorporated, owner, r a variance of the use and side yard iremtats of the zoning Regulations ..Brmit ihfr existing funeral ftom* lo- ted upon the above-described property a B And O RESIDENCE ZONE to bt averted into an oHice butldma. . 10-20 BOSTON AVENUE. Petition ol G. Tilden. Incorporated. Prospectivi ssee, to permit the conversion of the istine used car sales premises Into a rase tor auto brake lervfce and limilec pair* upon the above-described crony located in a BUSINESS SO. d IJGHT INDUSTRIAL ZONE and efcfns also under Section 14-54 of (he eneial Slatules a Certificate of Ao- roval of Location for a limited repair jicease. . 496-498 BREW5TER 5 T R E K T OimiEAFT CORNER BRITTEN' AVE UE. Petition of James and Helen En s. owners, for a Tarianre of the mini- um side and lot width and area re lirements of the Zoning Regulations to trmit thu coiixtruction of a frame sin e-famtty residence building i bovt-deseribed property locali RESinKNCR ZOXK, , 44 RROOKLAWS PLACE NORTH AST CORNER UNQUOVVA H I L.1 STREET. Pelhion ot Parents and Friend Mentally Retarded Children ridzeport. Inc.. owner, for a variance the USB requirements of the Zonin erulatinns to permit the existing rssid nee buitdini located upon tlie above escribed property in an A RESIDENCE ONE to be uitd as a Iwtrdfnt (ions r pirls. 7. 69 CARROLL AVENUE. Petltifln 0 "Yltz Benazzo and Paul Walker d/b/ r»recislon Welding Co., purchaser untie contract lor » special exception to th Zoning Riftilatlons to permit a chanR ram one noncfinforminr use to anolhe onamrormin* use upon tht above-de crtbei property located In a c RESID SCB ZONE by the use ot the eiistin ultd.nff us a weldinjf snap. 893 CLINTON AVENUE an« 235 ORTH AVENUE. Petition ot Brldgepoi ranch. Amerlctn Ctncer Society. Com Ivls.on. Inc., proposed purchaser, to special exception to the Zoning Ke latlons to permit the exlslinz re«idenc illdlnz located upon the nbov c .describe ronerty In an A RESIDENCE ZON o be used Tor the administrative office f an eleemosynary and charitable 1 titutlon. 6- 1069 CONNECTICUT AVENUE. . of American Fabrics Co- owner, fe Zoninz RfrulVioos to lefaliie tkt utrucuon of a one-story Irame rear nroom addition to the «xi$Un» BOp- formlnr residence building locatti »n the above-describeil property la * RESinE.VCE ZO.VE. 5) HARBOR\TEW PLACB. fttiUca Donald R, Laufer. owner, (or A varl- ce ot tha setback reQUlrcraea!* ·! tlw ninz Rezulatloru to peniUt ,th* can- ruction ot a Jront poreb. platform tddl- i to the (wo-family rc*Jdeact baJId: now under construction upom U*« ive-described property In am A KK9D- ICE ZONE. $·* MAIN STREBT. Petition o* c»r- ·Ua Petnicdano for a variance o* th« e requirements of the Zonin* RtSGlt- ns to permit the cstAUishmntt ol autr parlor In thi existing rttldenc* uildtne located upoa the abovmeaerlbH roperty in an A RESIDENCE ZONE. 3B39 MA1K STREET KORTHWEST . IRNER JEWETT AVEKUE, PtliHOB ot Joh Petreila. Lessee. lor a varlanw the setbic* reQuirtmeati ot ft* font: Regulation* to permit th* extension d enlargement of an existing nonctn* rmfflaT business bnlldiAJt 3oc*lnJ ipon e above-described property In a BUB* ESS NO. 3 ZONE by the «wstro«ti«li a one-stoty rear frann addition to e existing beauty parlor. . 549 NEWFIELD AVENDB NORflt- EST OOR.NEH WINTER STREET. F»- lon of Joseph Espcnito. lne* for ft riance of the iu» reaulremuits of tin mine Regulations to permit th* ejdil- t masonry carat* buildlne locatn jwn the above-detcribed proDcrty In a JSINESS KO. I and O RESTOKXCP ONE to be used u a meUl-platial op. , 192-194 NICHOLS WTEEET. P»8U«" John Scinto. owner, for * variant* ot use. setback, and fflinJmom d4a rd and parting area nonlrcments «i j Konin* Remlations ta pettnlt th* «- nslon and enlarstrnent of th* exmnf onconrormlnt elfhi-famlU reslaenc* fSss^'ta .""uom ^ssggJS: )NE by the construction ol a Iront- alrway addition havlni »o e*f-it«t*l 362 OLTVE'STREET. peHtion tf GU- twrt and Victoria Qtrda. owners, for A ariance of Ibe us* reffalrenwnta ol tl» Zenlnz RwilftHans to permit tht stor- ee of commercial vehicles nA eotttm upplles in the extitlnc accessor* ·tr- ee buildins located upon the r »---·**- crlbed properb- in ft " **" 3NE (o ne used ai a i J. ""'PARK AVEKUE WnOTK A! OUNDED BY BROAP STREET. ATLANTIC PTREET. IRANISWN, XVEKOT SD WALDEMERE AVEKtJE. PetltlOft I University of Brldaeport, owner, frr raritmw o( the us* rMuWmenU cl Zonln* RetulitionS to Mnnlt th* of the above-described prtmises Io- atcd in an A RESTOENCE ZONE tor ipetlnjr. houslntf and catertnff ot New ·ork Annual Conference (Methodutl ie e held June 14 through Juni 19. 1«* 3 C U 927 ' PARK AVENUE NORTHWEST CORNER STATE STREET. Petition « Fohn Mento to permit the transfer « wncrship of the etiiUntJictnu forjh*

Clipped from
  1. The Bridgeport Post,
  2. 03 Apr 1966, Sun,
  3. Page 93

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