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THE TRUE FACTS ABOUT THE CRISIS AT EPCC This advertisement is made necessary by the lack of responsible coverage of the situation at the community college by the El Paso newspapers. THE BOARD HAS NOT DONE YOUR COMMUNITY COLLEGE failed in the main duty of any board: They have failed to and Facilities for EPCC. This totally given up by the board Administration was left with these which they have, in fact, come a long Incidentally, Dr. Alfredo de Los directly responsible for bringing million into ES Paso during his term has failed to study and understand College philosophy, which involves nontradttionai approach to higher education therefore, has not been able to lead development. the college, the Board has merely accepted the recommendations President without contributing ideas During the period of Dr. Alfredo de. presidency the Board has accepted the President's recommendations the fact that President de los Santos to get the Board Members involved in affairs, they remained a "rubber until the recent crisis occurred. of their lack of understanding and concerning the college, based their the most unreliable and invalid without consulting the people who could them truthful information, which prevented the unhappy repercussions their unwise decisions. Over the last five years Tom has missed twenty-seven board Over the same period Mr. Karam has of these monthly meetings. Since normally meets only once a month, are very significant. 6. The Board members have traditionally appointed appointed business associates and friends to Board vacancies and other positions. 7. During the past 4V2 years the only time the Board has acted without the president's recommendations recommendations -- starting with the December 18 decisions on personnel matters, they created an atmosphere of great tension. Concerning their decisions, the Board ignored important issues and questions introduced by the general public, and they violated basic human rights in failing to give due process. They have yet to make an official public statement as to the reasons for the demotion and the forced resignations. 8. At least four of the Board Members are so closely involved with each other through their business transactions that it is unlikely that they could vote independently. Certainly they do not represent the community at large. 9. For 4V2 years the Board of Trustees' main contribution to the college was their passive attendance of Board meetings. Suddenly, when the college got 19.7 million dollars for two new campuses, they took an active interest in college affairs. 10. The Board members have failed to make public their land ownings and transactions near the new Valle Verde campus. Several of the Board members own a significant amount of land near Valle Verde. On December .18, 1975, the Trustees made some major personnel changes a1 on a "confideniial report" which was prepared college attorneys. The Board failed to the information or involve the administrators in making process. Their unwise decisions are to the chain of events which ended in the of De. Alfredo de los Santos and Mr. The following are some fads to show the used by the Board to make thier decisions. A found memo dated September 5, 1975, from Nelson to Ted Martinez indicates that it is the Equal Opportunity Officer presently the EPCC Board of Trustees, who proposed "reverse discrimination" policy. release given to the El Paso Heraid-Post on 1976, Mrs. Nelson stated that she was "ordered" establish a "system of priority files" at EPCC. stated, "I had recommended trie use of the term group applicants' to include all minorities and . as the appropriate file heading, but was a memorandum tram my immediate supervisor the term 'priority applicants' instead." dated September 5, 1975, sent by herself, does exist concerning this issue. Her follow: evaluated the above procedures (the old sysiem) and find it ineffective and much to (sic) -- and would welcome discussion regarding change in procedure. 1 recommend the following Applicants" or "protected Group Applicants" to include the following applicants for fulltime: 1. Spanish-Surnamed 2. Female 3. Any other minority group Pool" -- all other applicants for full- "Part-Time"--All applicants who wish to be considered for part-time employment." continues by stating "Correspondence interfiled in the appropriate folder." She states appropriate division chair/coordinator would then applications and "determine whether or not the meets minimum qualifications for the position." certainly is not the information which the Board the "confidential report" and based decisions above memo from Mrs. Nelson both recommends 'priority applicants' and recommends that hiring be conducted from this filing system. It must be that the college administrators were excluded from the Board's deliberations. Therefore, by taking the "confidential report" of December 18/1975, at face value without checking out its validity with the President and other knowledgeable EPCC staff members, the Board of Trustees employed as Equal Employment Opportunity Officer the person who may have been primarily responsible responsible for having recommended, initiated, and executed the alleged "reverse discrimination" employment procedures at EPCC. Secondly, Mark Berry, one of the attorneys for the Board of Trustees, wrote a letter to the U.S. Dept. of Labor (January 30, 1976) slating that faculty members on screening committees were instructed that it was proper to favor those applicants in the file labeled "priority applicants." applicants." Because "priority applicants" were used in this way, the Dept. of Labor replied that the system was illegal for use in hiring. But where did the lawyer get his information? Apparently not from fads available to the public. Dean Joe Hendrix (the Dean in charge of the Personnel Office) indicated in a 17 February 1976 memorandum to Dr. Alfredo de los Santos that he was no! aware of applicants being labeled "priority applicants" and that his instructions to faculty members were to employ the "best qualified individuals from the applicant pool." In a similar memorandum dated February 18, 1976, Dean Gilberto de los Santos said essentially the same thing. THE EPCC BOARD OF TRUSTEES ACTED ON INCOMPLETE INCOMPLETE AND FALSE INFORMATION, AND THEY DID NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE ADMINISTRATORS. Furthermore, the Board violated its own rules and the Texas Education code during their December 18, 1975 meeting by employing an Equal Opportunity Off icer (Mrs. Nancy Nelson) without advertising the, position and without without a recommendation from the President of EPCC. Section Section 1.2 of the EPCC Board of Trustees Policies and Procedures stales that the powers and duties of the Board of Trustees include, "To appoint, on the recommendation of the President, other members of the faculty and such other employees of the college as may be necessary, within the appropriations made therefore and in accordance accordance with the regulations of this Board and Slate Law, where applicable." The Texas Education Code Section 130.082 (d) on junior College Districts states that the functions of the Board of Trustees are ". . . to employ a President, dean or other administrative officer and upon the President's recommendation to employ faculty and other employees of the junior college." If the Board had followed its own procedures and those mandated by the Texas Education Code . . . If the Board had been willing to communicate with its President, administrators, administrators, faculty, staff and other community organizations, organizations, perhaps most of the turmoils and misunderstandings misunderstandings v/ould have been minimized. hcs refused requests to specify why Dr. Alfredo de los Santos and Mr. Don Shoemake were forced to resign fear a libel suit. Consider this: 1) The best protection against libel is the truth, 2) The Board4has the services of attorneys who ore paid by the taxpayers should they be sued, and 3) Were the Board to loose a libel suit, each covered against such suits for SI million by an insurance policy paid for by the taxpayers. WHY, then is the Board re/ease the facts" The only conclusion is that there are no sianificont facts to release. 0 * @ » e WHY NIGLIO, O'ROURKE; AND GONZALEZ ARE THE BEST QUALIFIED CANDIDATES FOR THE EPCC BOARD Daniel Gonzalez -- Position #7 Life long resident of El Paso -- knows the people and the community. Graduate of El Paso Community College -- is familiar with and supports the institutional goals. Member of "Goals of El Paso Program" -- actively involved in future planning for El Paso. Member of five community organizations -- is dedicated to equal educational and employment opportunity for all El Pasoans. Equal Employment Counselor -- is familiar with affirmative action and equal employment legislation. legislation. Manager by profession -- has demonstrated effective leadership and a thorough understanding of management practices. Member of P.T.A. -- is involved in education at elementary,-secondary, and post-secondary levels Mfcfc Niglio -- Position #5 Long-time resident of El Paso -- is aware of the community needs for quality education. Retired Army non-commissioned officer -- has ample time to devote to Board responsibilities. El Paso Community College .student and student senator -- is familiar with and supportive of institutional thrusts. Member of the Disabled American Veterans -- is concerned with the problems found by a large number of student veterans. Concerned citizen -- was instrumental in initiating the legal battle resulting in the servicemen's right to vote in El Paso. Member of the affirmation Action Advisory Committee that was recently summarily dissolved by the current Board of Trustees -- is intimately aware of affirmation action requirements. Active student -- was instrumental in gettina over $9.000 worth of donated books for the EPCC library p a | Q'^OUfke POSltiOtt #6 Lifelong resident of El Paso -- understands the people and the needs of the community. Business graduate of UTEP -- is familiar with business matters related to institutional management practices. Concerned citizen -- has made it a point to become intimately familiar with the goals and objectives of El Paso Community College. Independent businessman -- has close but independent ties with large segments of the business community. Graduate student in research and operational research at UCLA -- has in depth knowledge of Institutional financial and business activities. Has made a thorough study of the EPCC Financial Structure and knows future needs of the college. college. ' Has enough time to devote a great amount of personal attention to EPCC's problems. PRESENT BOARD -- A TANGLED OF INTERLOCKING CONECTIONS Seven people sit on the Boord of Trustees at El Paso Community College. These people are responsible tor the general supervision of college affairs. H is imperative for the Board to make decisions in an environment free of conflicting interests. The following fads in no way are meant to be construed as legal charges against any of the Board members. In fad, oil of the individuals who will be mentioned have respected talents and skills. The question is whether the Board members can exercise thsir talents as individuals given the following interrelationships. The evidence evidence indicates that they cannot and have not aded impartially and independently. 1. One of the major consultants to Garland and Hillis, the architeds for the Valle Verde campus-, is the Peinado, Peinado, and Navarro Co. THOMAS A. PRENDERGAST, EPCC Trustee, is married io Mary Alice Peinado, cousin to the Peinado partners. 2. TOM PRENDERGAST is connected with TED KARAM, EPCC Trustee, in thai both are on the Board of Diredors of the Springer Corp. in New Mexico. 3. TOM PRENDERGAST is Chairman of the Board of Billy the Kid, Inc. JOE FOSTER, Chairman of the EPCC Board of Trustees, is one of the Directors of Billy the Kid. Another Director of Billy the Kid is Bruce Hallmark, with whom JOE FOSTER has had several land traraadions. Hallmark is a law partner in the Goodman, Hallmark, Ackard low firm. This Goodman is the brother -in-Iaw of ELEANOR GOODMAN, EPCC Trustee. 4. TOM PRENDERGAST is a Diredor of the Tony Lama Co. Teresa Lama Bean is an officer of that company. Angelina Lama's husband, Bruce Faulkner, is one of the owners of the JOURNAL. Carmen Lama's husband, AJ. Caruso, is another owner of the Journal. Teresa Lama's husband, WOODROW BEAN, is yet another owner. WOODROW BEAN's partner in the ownership of the office building at 1551 Montana is RAY SALAZAR, acting President President of EPCC ond another part owner of the Journal. It should be noted that the Journal published an article on March 24th which implied that Mexican-Americans were "thieves," "monsters," and "deranged dingbats." 5. RAY SALAZAR is the Vice President of La Tapatia. The President of La Tapatia is Gus Rallis. Mr. Gus Rallis is also one of the original incorporators of the New Buffalo which is located on a piece of real estate owned by Malcolm McGregor and JOE FOSTER. 6. This very same New Buffalo was designed by the architectural firm of Garland and Hillis and is built with railroad ties which came from the land which used to be Price's Dairy and will be the EPCC Valle Verde campus. 7. JOE FOSTER'S business accountants, Nelan, Belk, Brasfield Co., are the same accountants who performed the most recent audit of the Community College. This audit recommended no firings nor did it reveal any major problem areas concerning the college finances. 8. The father of Bales Belk (of thaf some accounting firm) is one of three trustees for the R.N. Farah Trust. The other two trustees are TOM PRENDERGAST and William J. Conroy. Mr. Conroy is also a Director of the State National Bank wherein are deposited the $19.7 million from the EPCC bond eledion as well as Ihe regular operating funds of the colleg. 9. One of the Diredors of the State National Bonk is Leonard A. Goodman, the husband of EL?'.NOR GOODMAN, EPCC Trustee. Glen Jordan, another key executive at the State National Bank, was recently involved involved in the sale of Hortex to TOM PRENDERGAST. 10. When MARGARET LANGFORD was on the EPCC Board of Trustees, the architedural firm of Fouls, Langford, Langford, Gomez, and Moore did remodeling work for EPCC at Logan Heights and at the Rio Grande Center at no cost. James Longford, a partner in the firm, is Mrs. Longford's husband. Mrs. Longford resigned from the EPCC Board on 20 May 1975. On 25 June 1975 the Board of Trustees voted to consider the proposals from four architedural firms for the design of the Valle Verde campus. One of these firms was Fouls, Longford, Gomez, and Moore, which was offered 40% of the contract; they declined the_. o f f e r . 11. CAROL CONKL1N GORDON, recently appointed ading Dean of Administration, is married to William T. Gordon who unsuccessfully applied for the position of Associate Dean of Administration at EPCC last summer. In order "to learn the status of his application," MR. GORDON GORDON contacted his attorney, WOODROW BEAN, who in turn contacted JOE FOSTER, who in turn contraded Dr. Alfredo de los Santos about Mr. Gordon's application. CAROL GORDON'S brother is James Conklin, who was Vice President of TED KARAM's KD Construdion Company. Company. 12. JOE FOSTER, TOM PRENDERGAST, AND TED KARAM all own a significant amount of land near the Valle Verde car.ipus. 13. MR. SALAZAR'S business associate, Bill Dwyer, is actively supporting TOM PRENDERGAST, TED KARAM ond ARTURO LIGHTBOURN. Before drawing any conclusion, two additional things should be noted. First, all the connedions have no means been mentioned. Second, several of the Board members have not been mentioned; however, virtually all of the Board's decisions have been passed unanimously. IN CONCLUSION, these fads indicate that the Board has not and cannot act impartially and independently. How can the people of El Paso exped to be represented by a group that is so inbred, interwoven and self-serving? We cannot. Therefore, we, the people of El Paso, intend to elect Nick Niglio, Pat O'Rourke, and Daniel Gonzalez to represent the interests of the community on the EPCC Board. VOTE ON APRI1 3rd FOR JDMIDK GONZALEZ This advertisement is paid for by the Political Action Committee for Government, Adrian Armijo, Treasurer.

Clipped from El Paso Herald-Post02 Apr 1976, FriPage 25

El Paso Herald-Post (El Paso, Texas)02 Apr 1976, FriPage 25
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