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EPCC, 1969 - -Section A--Page Sis. Seventh in a Series...
-Section A--Page Sis. Seventh in a Series Former UTEP President Endorses Junior College "Why does El Paso need a two-year community-junior college when we already have the University of Texas at El Paso?" State Sen. Joe Christie, chairman of the Junior College Steering Committee, says this is the most frequently posed question he has run into during his campaign to create a community-junior college for El Paso. THIS QUESTION was best answered by Dr. Milton Leech. who was acting president of U.T. El Paso at the time the junior college campaign was launched three weeks ago, and who is now serving in his permanent role as vice president of the university. Dr. Leech said: "I fully support Senator Christie's proposal for the establishment of a pablic junior college to be located in El Paso. A two-year community college could meet three important needs fay providing: (1) a progam of technial and vocational instruction geared to the needs of the area and the state; (2) lower division instruction for those who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree at a four-year institution; and (3) a program of continuing education for all those who wsh to improve their skills, expand their cultural and receational interests, and further exercise their economic potential. Studies conducted by the Coordinating Board. Texas College and University System, in other areas of the state indicate that the effect of the establishment of new junior colleges on existing institutions is not, as some might think, to relieve enrollment pressure at the senior institution; rather, it brings students into higher education who otherwise might not have begun their college careers." SENATOR CHRISTIE says that he is also asked why does U.T. El Paso not have two- year associate degree pro- gams in arts, sciences, and technology. He answers that it is not the role of a great university to offer two-year associate programs, and that certainly we intend for U.T. El Paso to become recognized as one of the country's great universities in the future. He stresses that the proposed El Paso Community- Junior College will aid U.T. El Paso in this direction. When Senator Christe made the application for election on creating this city's two-year college to ,the State Cordinatirig Board, lie was joined by Dr. Kenneth' Beasley.dean of U.T. El Paso's Graduate SchooJ. They told 'the Board that if El Paso votes in favor of creation of the community-junior college, then' they would be back asking the Board for approval Census Bureau Plans ,A E.P. Consumer Survey Mrs. Joy A. Rash will make a survey of consumer buying and home improvement expectations in El Paso, according to Diretor Francis H. Wilmer of the Census Bureau's region- Rep. Niland To Address Pilot Club Tom Niland. State Representative District 67, Place 5, will speak to members of the Pilot Club of El Paso at a l u n c h e o n Wednesday at t h e E m p i r e Club. Mr. Niland, a native El Pasoan, h a s chosen "Safety L e g i s lation" for his speech. Mr. Niland g r a d u a t e d f r o m Austin High School and the University of Texas at El Paso, with Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. After graduation from the University of Texas School of Law, he entered private practice with his father. Jack T. Niland. He was elected to the State House of Representatives in 1968 and was named to several subcommittees. al office in Denver. Mrs. Rash, who will do her survey in July, will ask householders whether they expect to buy a house, car or major appliances during the next year and whether they have made recent purchases of these items. HOMEOWNERS wil also be asked about home improvements and repairs made during the last three months and of any planned improvements for the future. All answers are kept confidential by the Census Bureau, and information obtained in the survey will be used only for statistical purposes. of the institution of additional graduate programs for the university and for funds to put these programs into operation. T H E COORDINATING Board agreed. Senator Christie also points out that there are already 40 public community-junior colleges in operation in Texas, and that scarcely one of them is geographically isolated from either a public or private senior four-year college or university. He says that in every case the junior college has aided rather than detracted from the senior institution. GOOD EXAMPLES are Dallas and Fort Worth. Both of these c o m m u n i t i e s have opened the doors of multi-campus community-junior colleges over the past several years, and while junior college enrollment in both cities is already in excess of 7000, enrollment in the senoir schools continues to burgeon. Dallas is the home of Southern Methodist University, and Texas Christian University is locted in Fort Worth. Lying squarely between these two major Texas cities, which are only 30 miles apart, is the University of Texas at Arlington. Senator · Christie maintains ·that these examples pose conclusive evidence that the community-junior . college does, indeed fill a broad void which exists between high school and the four-year college or university for an overwhelming majority of youngsters. HE SAYS THAT the thousands upon thousands of Texas young adults now attending community-junior colleges preparing to make more substantial contributions to their state and to themselves are students who would not have pursued their formal educational training beyond the high school level if the two-year colleges had not been available. Tha Coordinating Board for Texas Colleges and Universities agrees, and that's why that august body has urged the creation of such an institution in El Paso. They say El Paso is now the area in Texas in most critical need of a community-junior college with the minimum standards for creating one here being exceeded by over 4000 per cent. OPEN NEW BUILDING president of the Ins. Co., cuts the the El Paso East, at 8300 Montana the ceremony are, Wetter, County Judge Slater, Charles C. University Has The newly formed University of Juarez, Autonoma de Ciudad is offering language students, in Juarez Paso. Registration is conducted daily starting at the University yicente Guerrero nd Ramirez streets, blocks southwest of las Americas and September street. A C C O R Jaime Gomez, professor English at the classes in Spanish, Italian, and English 7 and will be held hours per course. All are conversation type courses- with being $10 a course. school ends August are no academic requirements, and- students in the course may credit recommended at the University of El Paso. "THE SUMMER great opportunity for on both sides of the get in on the ground the Juarez University operate in September coeducational institute studies in six fields," Professor Gomez. The University of an outgrowth of the Women's University (Universidad Femina de Ciudad Soytfern .Unfotfannoynces its Niland Con this.1969 Speed Queen .washer.with

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  1. El Paso Herald-Post,
  2. 23 Jun 1969, Mon,
  3. Page 6

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