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BPElRriSH. LAWRENCE COUNTY. SOUTH DAKOTA. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER tl. 1906. MATTHEWS OPERA HOUSE Tka Fnaal Pditia f Tak Haad-ui Haad-ui Haad-ui Btnwton imaged far Ortakar 11 i Brief Seacriptiea ef tha Fifty Tbea-mai Tbea-mai Tbea-mai Dollar Block laariag Oeapletiea. Barring unforeaeen delay, the new Matthewe opera bouae will be formally formally opened to toe public No. 12 by the Curtla Musical Comedy Co. In the play, "A Ten Thooiand Itallar Heao-ty." Heao-ty." Heao-ty." Thla company la one of the beat on the road at the preaent time, and Manairer Cooper la (really elated over the securing of a troupe of auch not for the formal dedication of the band-aoma band-aoma band-aoma new tfo.aoo opera bouae block nearlnc completion for the pleasure of the fipearflh public The Matthewa block (Including the part erected five year ago) liaa a front on Rlvth lreef of tSft fef. and I m feet In depth The iwrt erected this vear rovera a gmnnd par 7Sil0Q. I two atorlr In height, and la constructed of atone and concrete. concrete. A heaement la under the entire entire block. The lower part of the block la divided Into three erm modioli modioli atore rooma, making alt (tore room on the (round floor of the Matthew Matthew block. The entrance to the opera houne la on Slith atreet. The aacent la be a winding atalrway of three abort flight, and the landing I at the entrance to the opera bouse floor. There are two bo ofllrea one at tbe gronnd entrance, tha other on the opera floor. The opera home floor cover a (pace 80x70 feet The main floor will have a Heating capacity of MO, and the balcony will taaily aeat too. ! On entering the opera houae proper the flint object whlrh attract particular particular attention la the magnificent drop curtain, represent Ing ErkUlock mill, South Wale. The painting waa taken taken from a photograph of that historic old mill, and la a beautiful represen-tlon represen-tlon represen-tlon In color of an old stone mill, on the bank of a rushing river, Die bank lined with giant treea. It la an art lit Ic piece of work, and reflect great credit on the Twin Cltjr Scenic Co., which had the contract for the Interior decorating of thl model and modern play boue. The proecenlum arch I a delicate, I though maaalve, piece of work, aur-mounted aur-mounted aur-mounted by a aoundlng board cm which are painting of three j of the world'a greatest tragedl- tragedl- ana-Sbakeapeare, ana-Sbakeapeare, ana-Sbakeapeare, Booth and Jeffer-' Jeffer-' Jeffer-' greater population Ibaa any In thai on. Tboaa three painting, eloo atate, aoa opearBao naa gooo reaaoa to enat MOO. Ob either aid of the atag are boaea, four In all, decorated oa the eitertor with the prevailing color aebeaM of the opera bouae red. gold aod Ivory with Just a aattVlent tinge of blue to give a aoft and ei'iulelle effect. effect. The Interior of the boieaare plain blue. Tbe pmarenlom arch opening la about Cxia feet, and the atage haa a floor pare of about Jail feet. There are eight dreaming rooma feel proud of the anea who bar II peoded their roooej In a bulldlog of tola deacrlptkn purely tor tbe pleasure pleasure of thla community. On the aam floor with tha opera bouae there are aeveral omce rooaoa and a auite of bouaekeeplng room, the latter for Mr. aod Mr. T. W. Maltbewa. Knearttih waa honored laat Thunv at either aide of the atage. together d; tlt of IIuo. Robert who several cmsru. aoa in - j (;.mhi vmu4 Stale aenator. and lighted by 110 tncandencent light. There are M llghu lurroundlng the dome of the theater, and a total of Mfl llghu In lb bouae, all of which Hon. Co I. Crawford, republican candidal candidal for governor of South Dakota. Tbe geotlemeu wer accompanied by CtA. W. II. Parker, reoubllcan eandl- eandl- are fnailed, therebe giving a dellcaUi daUl fur r. . Crlmahaw and pleaalng effect to the Interior lnd g. c p,, ut tsdwoud. They color decorationa. The electric r- r- dr(T( OTtr froa, g.,,, rourcbe. at rangemenu are nvrfern In ever de-(Bnlcb de-(Bnlcb de-(Bnlcb ptee th,y beld , poiumi tall, the .tage being provided wltb a ; metting prefkjui e,eolng. On dimmer, whereby tbe light effect mar jUw(r 4rr,r, , Kpriuh th duUn. be changed from aunllght to monn- monn- BUuAwJ geoli,.luto .ere met by a ngni. or vice veraa. mv wi... ...c 0))1I)UU of prominent cltlxen and .wlchreim.rn.nllhrone.hlf tnrtmrd , , p,., nia vbwl.i hllirht or all If ncewrv. m.v I mhrn Mrfcr, 0amW, ,nd frf..rd turned ntt m nrr..lon W).ilrr. The mrn ntnlucH lo Ul, Khu0 and They were ttnwn about tbe arbool building, and all eipreaaed much tur-prlae tur-prlae tur-prlae and Intereat In learning that the Spearflab normal waa ao eitenalr an C. boiler of modern conttructlon: and there la both hot and cold water throughout the entire block. There are four eilta one through the buainea block to II ttreet, two to the main entrance on Kiitb treet, and one from the tage to the rear alley. alley. In cane of emergency the building building could be emptied Inside of ten minutea The orchestra pit la arranged arranged so a to not Interfere with the comfort of the audience. At the opening engagement the normal school orchestra, of which Mr. Hokan-aon Hokan-aon Hokan-aon la director, will furnish music Much In brief I a description of tbe new opera house for which Kpeartlsh has to thank the grnerueity and public public spirit of T. N. and T. W. Matthew of thla city. The architects and build-era build-era build-era were ftartlett & I'hllllpa of Lead, Mr. Ilartlett giving bis personal attention attention to the construction, and the Mall atatea on the authority of that gentleman that there I not a liner opera house in the state of South Dakota. Dakota. There may be larger onca, but from the standpoint of architectural beauty, Interior decorationa, color effects, effects, stage arrangement, etc., not one can be found In South Dakota that I uperlor to the Matthew. The heating, heating, lighting and ventilating arrangements arrangements are thoroughly modern. It I as nearly a tl reproof building a any In the state. The art decorationa are the best that money could buy. It would be a credit to many clt lea of Institution. Mr. Crawford, In blare- blare- mark before tbe acbool, volunteered the tatemeni that In bla official capacity capacity aa chief eiecutlve of the date of South Iakota It would be within hla power to do much for thla acbool, and that he would take great pleasure In so doing. After the Informal reception reception at the school the gentlemen were brought to the Spearosb hotel, where they took dinner In company with a number of Spearflab gentlemen, gentlemen, and at 1 o'clock departed via the Burlington for Lead, where they held a political meeting In tbe evening. Owing to the arrangement of their schedule for the Itlack llllla they were not able to remain In Spearflah as long aa they would olhewlae have dune, but both Mr. Gamble and Mr. Crawford eipreaaed their Intention of coming to the Hill ao toon aa railway connection Is made acroae the reaerva Hon, when they will devote more time to thla locality. Paaiare tat Mock. The undersigned haa a fine pasture with good feed, good water, and protection protection from storms. A limited number number of cattle or horses i horse preferred) preferred) will lie taken for the winter, (iood care Insured. VYm. Khurton. 707 of the Home telephone will catcb Smith the druggist.

Clipped from Queen City Mail31 Oct 1906, WedPage 1

Queen City Mail (Spearfish, South Dakota)31 Oct 1906, WedPage 1
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