Barren Island 2-2-16

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Barren Island 2-2-16 - tt - - of - - I i - of Is a to to an - re - 8 -...
tt - - of - - I i - of Is a to to an - re - 8 - on BARREH ISUSD. The Ilealtb Board of FlaUanaa TU Action A trains t the NaUnnca - oas Factory Ordersd to Close f'p frststlc Snrllt Cautioned The Coe Factory Vn Objectionable A New Method Resorted Resorted to A Queer Law 1'hat boa Baeta tnenrtbed. A mooting of the Canarsie Health Board to receive tha report ot the committee which had been arl - polntod at previous moeting to examine into the com. plaints mads by tbe Health Board of Graveaand sad Flatbuiih, by Messrs. Biggs, Churchill, Van Amm, Ryder, Hchmelk and Jfiller, on the pirt af the fiso mon ; by R, Cornell While, proprietor of the Roakaway float, and by tha Oyatorman'g ProtactlTe Asioclatlon, which alleged that nuisances existed on Barren Island detrimental to public health and destructive at that Ashing interests in Jamaica Bay, and requesting, thai tho nuisances be abated by the removal of the eatAb - llshnienta, wai held in Krier't Hotel, In Canartla' Village, Village, latt ovenlng. Supervl.or Ityder presided; Tharat was a large attendance of fisherman and others, and) additional fores wag given to the arguments which had been advanced against the rendering establishment, by tho fact that the town was filled with an almost intolerable intolerable odor, which had tht affect of driving Try ono.wltbln door.; and avsn tbara, with closed dooraaxUl windows, the odor wa. still perceptible, although ar ran Island was fully Qvo mile. away. THS COMMITTEB'b BBPOBT. The following report was tubmlttod by Justlcsa Ja - rett Bergen and William H - Thomas, Jr., the oomit - tee: Your committee appointed at the regular meeting of this beard, held on Maroh 8, beg loave to report that they made their official to Barren Island, on JFri - flav, Slarch 11, IU8I. Tbeir first inspection waa mads at iteld's factory, formerly Clark'., which they found! in a bad condition, as they were mixing their acids and other material, in open tuba. The odor arising Irons this process was terrible, aa they took no precaution tor condense the odors. The strong acid and stench which we get in our town arises from the said Hold's factory. The tar pond connected with the .aid factory brokei away, and the tar oovered everything around tho protn isoi. We next vtsitod White's factory, which we found in a fair condition, as their boilert ara all oovered. Thero i. no small that can ari.o from said premises, premises, excepting on the aide of their factory, wlrore there is a heap of vegetable matter, which in warm weathsr; will be injurious to the publlo health. We next' YUited Cos's factory, which wo found is good condition, as thoir mixing of acids and other factorials factorials is done by machinery, and their tanks are covered covered and connected with blower, and condensers, wbioh, wore in operation while we were thero, which prdoes&i allows no strong aoid nmella to escape, Tha tar pond 011 tbu west airto of the ifaetory Is the .am a as when to board made their official last February, and n part of its contents escaped. Tho superintendent of Coo', factory Informed us that he would fill in the saia pond as soon a. he could get ashes from the city, whlola will be in a few days, and that he would not let any moro tar or aoid run" Hi ponds, or upon the ground connected with their premises. The report wa. received. The cosMelUee then offered offered for adoption the following BESOLOnoNS : Resolved, That this Board of Health 00m pel tha ealft Mr. Reid to discontinue forthwith the mixing ol hist acids and othor raw materials in the open state wbioli ho is uow doing ft at his factory on Barron Island, aa It is iujurious to tho health of tho people of this town. ilesolvid. That the tar ponds connected with tho said factory be tilled In forthwith, and he allow no mors sludge acid or tar of any kind to run in ponds or upon the grounds connected with his premised. Jlewhed, That tbe pile of vegetable matter on Usa west aide of Mr. Whlto's factory bo removed or covered ovor forthwith, aa the same will be injurious to tho pub - lio health of this town. Ths resolutions were considered separately. They wore all adopted with tbe exception of the laBt, wrdch was amended to read, "That Mr. White' be notified that the vcgetablo heap la a nuisance and that ha bo given two weeks to remove it." A report from the Health officer somewhat slmifaa to tho report of tbe committee aud urgently - recor - mending the abolishing of tho tar pounds was received and placed on file. Sir. Fairchild, tho superintendent of Ooe'a factory, stated that the odor was not unhealthy. It waa alt - caused by tho crude manner in which the material waa boiled In Reid's factory. Tho firm with which ho (Fair - child) was connected, spent $20,000 last Summer in - pup - chacing the moat improved machinory used in tho buainess buainess and it was impossible to deteot any odor one hundred hundred yards from their faotory. They wero now having; boilers built ao that they oould utilize the tar for fuel. He waa of the firm opinion that all cause for oomplaint would be removed if Reid would lntroduoo the improved machinery. Tho committee was oontlnued to see that the resolutions resolutions which had boon adopted wore carried out. The meeting then adjourned. A number of prominent resident, of Canarsie aaj persons whose Unancial interests ate contorod in Rockv away Beach aud Coney Island have agreed upon tha following method of removing tho nuisance. It ia a printed document and explains itself : TH PLAN. To Sin Pursuant to the provisions ot an act of the Leg. inlature of tho State of New York, entitled "Au eet to provido for the more effectual protection of the public health," passed 4Iay 2, 1870, you are hereby notified. FirBt That there have beon deposited, cast and left, and there aro now kept on Barren Island, in Jamaica Bay, upon or noar a highway or route of publio travel, nol.omo and unwholesome .ub.tanoe. Becond That thore has been established and is near maintained, continued and oarried on, upon said island, island, and near a highway and route of publlo travel, a business, trade or - manufacture, which is noisome and detrimental to publie health. Third That I havo been informed and beliove, ana therefore charge that said Bubstaucea were deposfteeV cast and left upon said Island, by you, or that you caused the aamo to be deposited, cast and left thereon, and that the same are now kept or caused to be kepi thereon by yon - Fourth Thnt 1 uaTe boon Informed aad bolleve, and therefore charge that tho said oualnes. which wa BO established aud is now maintained, conunuea ana oarried on upon eaid island, was established and ia now maintained, oontiuued and carried on by you, or tlia you caused tho same to bo established and now causey the same tn be maintained, continued and oarried on. Fifth That I have felt and now do feel aggrieved by each and every of the acts hereinbefore In this notice; specified, and numberod first, second, third and fourtfx, and that they and eaoh of them aro in violation of tha provisions of the aforesaid act of Legislature, and that; unless immediately upon service of this notice upas yon, you remove or caused to be removed, the BUbstaa ces 90 deposited, cant, left or kept upon said Island, and discouttuuo and oease to carry on or maintain the buai - dens, trade or manufacture hereinbefore specified, you will forfeit and become liable to pay to me the sum of twenty - are dollars for aoch day's ncgloet bo to do, jina that I shall bring an action against you to recover tha same.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle16 Mar 1881, WedPage 1

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)16 Mar 1881, WedPage 1
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