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obp carousel lease - . Ha fi I read as i a reat-jin reat-jin three...
. Ha fi I read as i a reat-jin reat-jin three or) Int. No. 43. AUTHORIZING CITY MANAGER AND PURCHASING AGENT TO EXECUTE LEASE OF MERRY-GO-ROUND MERRY-GO-ROUND MERRY-GO-ROUND MERRY-GO-ROUND MERRY-GO-ROUND AND PRIVILEGE. IN ONTARIO BEACH FARK TO LLOYD J. O LOUGHLIN. Be it ordained by the Council of take the City of Rochester a roilows : Section 1. The City Manager ml Com-' Com-' Com-' Purchasing Agent are. hereby au'i. jor-.ied jor-.ied jor-.ied to make and execute on :- :- jhalf of the City of Rochester !M t following lease with Lloyd J. jO'Loughan: I l-ea l-ea l-ea e. made the day of . 19j. between The City ol Ko nes".r. or all of are provided; house, does not included con- con- of a municipal corporation, having in n- n- offices in the City lia.l. Rochester. Legislature j New York, hereinafter called tr Samuel pjrty of the first part, and LI" I City of j. n Ioughltn f lUw hester. Ne v enact, Ulk hereinafter oa!ied the party if Senate ts. aecond part. :SO. entitled Monroe th. f-e.a f-e.a f-e.a fCt r-n r-n r-n ir .acn. No lie:. w.tnesaeth : In consideration the rents and coenxnl bere:r.af -e -e expressed, the party of the first part has leased and hereby does le.. ur.to the party of the second p't tre right and privilege tn mainta i and operate the mer r y-go y-go y-go round r-n r-n r-n Ibe site selected by the strty of th- th- f .rst part in OntaMo Ilea, h Park :n lne City of Rochester. N. Y.. for ai ouring the term commencing tfe first day of April. ltTS. which tef- tef- w:!l end on the thirt v-f v-f v-f irst day ..' 1 . ...... ... . . . . 'V ,,' L lamed or expressed the same ahu.l ' ' "V, deemed to he . forfe.ture of 1,1 . enact . , ,h .,. ,.f th. 1 r.t ..... In Senate '7' Th,. y il. .1 ..J. P. v ...... . o cancel Ibis leas, upon . concurs In of the Samuel It part to perform any of the con-li-tior.it con-li-tior.it con-li-tior.it con-li-tior.it con-li-tior.it and .igreementa herein r.n- r.n- No 5o day. noti. a to the party of t .i- .i- .nlillrH-" An A.l "i. r.no.e on .oe I ' . .1 foe Ih 1 "e pari 01 ine Iirc pari 10 re. of tne nw or terminate this lease bef f. and " P''ftn shall not .pera. t- t- Monroe. extend the lease. the hoard Thf Prtv r.f the aecond part Roches- Roches- cenxenanta and agrees to pay to : . that a d forty of the f.rst part for tr.a th. facta tights and privileges heremhefo-. heremhefo-. heremhefo-. . pi. term of th. existing leas, for 111-j- 111-j- 111-j- 111-j- enact t be r.d.r.g pome-, pome-, pome-, l.xing rtding horse' . , . fc a , -l -l forth the sum of s.x bundr-t bundr-t bundr-t srventv-nv. srventv-nv. srventv-nv. (frfi?5ii annuals- annuals- to ... 'payable t:.)i Juiy first and 7J .August first of ea h respeetive f dur:ng the rootinuanc of this lease, j It is understood and agreed by ins 'parties hereto that the lessee ina.i. of the during th continuance of this eae. concurs in r:a' ln' right and option of aecur- aecur- . . .. at anv time from th. l..aoe . iiiw . ' - aoiuei . . --- --- --- ...... - - ... , .. N' .V.7t . Cntario Reach Pork ur-n ur-n ur-n o-v- o-v- o-v- o-v- No W n-.nt n-.nt n-.nt of the annual sum of "An Act lor the leas. ..I each or .1.-1 .1.-1 .1.-1 city r( rn!rgrs ..f maintaining and th. office opemtint within said oar liv.-..r liv.-..r liv.-..r the city riding pomea. living riding hres. rr and trans-iother trans-iother trans-iother rides or merry-ro-rounds. merry-ro-rounds. merry-ro-rounds. merry-ro-rounds. merry-ro-rounds. f une- une- i Tha party of the aeeond part and pnvi- pnvi- further igrees tfwtt he vtil not the citv let. sell. assign or transfer declare, interest in or privilege, under th-, th-, th-, recite. I.ase without the mrt'ten consent necessity, of th. party of lh first oart an-t an-t an-t n the event party of the second pa--. pa--. pa--. pa--. asked that does so sublet sell, assign or trai also re- re- fer without sjeh consent, this lea . Committee mar at tne option of nartv of vote to first port, be canceled and term.. tne fore- fore- na'ed Com was sus CounriTmn Lambiase. Said party of th second part ennvenant, and agree, i indemn fv ad save harmless the party of ?n. f rat part. it. officer., agents ml sett.xn:.. and each and eery o-. o-. o-. ot them against ail sits and actior., of every name and description ., . rr-ugnt rr-ugnt rr-ugnt aga-nst aga-nst aga-nst it or any of th ...s-.-n ...s-.-n ...s-.-n ...s-.-n ...s-.-n irom ah damage, or costs ti which It nxiy or any of them be p,t .by reason of any injury to person or person, or property of any o"J', i resulting from any accident, nn -gence -gence or carelessness in the rann.rr TO J ', mrrrv -g -g around Said part: c-or c-or c-or . second part further i;r"e COR- COR- th f,.r ttnml jud.n, and ex- ex- Bl'S pirati" of tim- tim- to appeal :.: GEN- GEN- City by rn of the afore. i.t ZSX'li Council of Ju'1m,n'- Ju'1m,n'- . . . . follows; . t"r rni4y i tr t-a t-a t-a , rrapting of th. aforesaid lea... th. C:'y nrets and prtviiege. to tha aa 1 to in party of th. second part, t-a t-a t-a si 1 to op- op- TT,V pf ,h. aec. n4 r.irt furt-r furt-r furt-r to and in aree tn give a bond or a tt- tt- S'reet tne fo:;ow-in. fo:;ow-in. Metros. wrt on -n -n s. . f ,w. oart mav Wellington ' . . .fc- .fc- . thence ' V"' 1 , demnitv insurance policy tt sum of flfti.m fr the protection a! indemn,t- indemn,t- of the sa-d sa-d sa-d party of t"- t"- 'rsf part ;i.n.t any and all run or iinic') oe expense. ,hif I .,d nark jihshi --- --- --- thence, lasttaaed rage Win

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle17 Mar 1939, FriPage 13

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)17 Mar 1939, FriPage 13
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