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PEOV18IONAL GOVEENMBNT , AT BENBOW CITY. Insurgents Capture * Cily Hall add Deckr^ Bon bow; is Ont of Office. ' ' The , Benbo-w JCity village government fell, last' algln, before a peaceful revolution. , .1. A. OJroyd Is now dictator In of the laic dictator, A. ®. Benbow, and 'Benbow, like Castro, of, Venezuela, i» declared down and out and Olroyd, his rival, reigns In this stead. Bcubow was asleep when the village board meeting, was called to depose the power that was.' The-" meeting was called by . J. A. Olroyd, whose ballots B^n<bow refused to • count and m-hose claims that .the office of 'president was vat-ant Benbow declined to recognize. Olroyd says that -Is was Just a. case pf wfio could .put it over on the other and that he beat Benbow. tp; it. <: He summoned the village board at ; 8:30 p. m. TO meet at n:.iO: p. m., and Benbow was not notified.; The four nvcmbcrs who appeared were ^'the recently elected ones, W. A. Varney, Wm. O'Hearn and/Mike Bady, whose election was certified to, by Bor.bow and his fellow Judge, 'Wiley Ford. Joseph Biehler, whose/ election was not certified to, was present also. The two old trustees, John:,, Kirlin and Wiley Ford, refused.tp attend when served wjth .a notice to appear. When tho village board- met, although it was somewhat (irregular for . the newly elected officers to canvass the returns of their ovi'n-election, they did it. They claim that when Benbow refused to do his duty in that line they, had a right to perform it. The votes were .canvassed, Olroyd was BLA8T,OBSTRUCT8 BLUFF LINE It A ILK 0 A I) T1UCK. Tons oi Bocks Blown Down From BJoff by Big Series of Dynamite Charges. • .Thursday afternoon hundreds of tons -of rock was hurled down on the Bluff Line railroad track by a blast fired In the Lockyor stone, quarry near the water tank belong- jng to the railroad company, under ( t.he bluffs. A double row, of holes had been drilled and . charged with blasting powder« and' 1 dfruatnite, twenty In all, and they were fired at due time by tin electric- battery. There was * a terrific roar and n long continued crashing as the immense masses, of rock were lifted and thrown down on the main line of tho railroad track. The county road and the side-switches wen; buried deep with rock. .The main line traqk wag struck by the avalanche and was-:bent outward about forty feet, rendering it impassable. The rock was cleared off a switch and trains made their way over it after a delay of 20 minutes. Today work of clearing away the rock and straightening out the railroad track was resumed. The rock. happened to fall fortunately, as It went between the Bluff Line's pump house and Its water tank. If it had not gone .between it would have ruined wither the .tank of the pump, and perhaps both. ' . ]>EL!NQtlJ3NT TAX LIST. if AktdiKon County for the Yew 1809 Will lie PiiplSslKHl Next Week. On Tuesday next the Telegraph will publish the delinquent tax list •-,•---., --• - - .w pus e enquen ax s declared elected .village president, > for the comUy , pre pared by H, M. and the four .others were declared ( g anderSi Collnty Trea s U rer, nnd ex- duly elected Village trustees. The, offlclo Tax Co ,,£ ctor . It wlll maH e new village government took charge" ln the neighborhood^ four pages and President .Benbow, or rather ex-, o{ the ^ ventng Telegraph and will president as Olroyd persists in call-. be of In , erest lo nlany . ing him, was Declared down and out j Copleg of the llat can De ob6ained and Olroyd reigned in his stfead. j atter tlle day ot publication at the Olroxd stated .Thursday •night af- oflc ~ e of tne Te legraph, at r, cents ter the meeting that there is ho vll- p g r copy . lage treasurer , and '-'that one will be , appointed iin a few days and that an attempt will made to .get possess- B"ts Driven F,-om Severs. 'sion of whatever village funds are', Along the river front and as far back as Second street .great colonies has been acting as/treasurer.' It of rats are being driven froifi sewers , , , . , . ~ •• '~• . . «i ,, and are taking refuge in cellars. At is claimed the money Is.,In the Al- , , ,, ,." ,, •••> ' ,., .'«* "•'"- n ght time, the po ce report, great ton Banking & Trust,€!o., Olroyd also said that City Marshal, Clif Rtatheeny will be Invited to retain the portfolio of the police department, and that a polfcy of conciliation would be adopted, with.Benbow outside the plans for •peace. ' Thomas K.'Olroyd v is village clerk, and is in full sympathy with the revolutionists. This morning Benbow went to Edwardsvllle to consult his 'attorney and prepare to take action to protect himself in his claims that he is in fact the dictator of Benbow C'.ty and he will probably fight the fight to a finish. The insurgents have a strong backing and it Is said ' numbers of rats may be seen running Benbow's about on Second and Third streets In the down town district, ^where- over sewers extend out into the river. The rats are of Immense size. , ' Supt. W. T. Louden,* of the Alton bridge has bought froyn Okoly Edelin a CS-acre farm on which he will grow alfalfa. they have good legal advisors. It they win otit. it Is said, the way for annexing Benbow City to Wood River will be made easier and the name of Bejibow City, it is plannec will be wiped out.

Clipped from
  1. Alton Evening Telegraph,
  2. 23 Apr 1909, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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